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  1. Gato PRD-3S PreAmplifier - Walnut - £1,995 - RRP: £2,890 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/gato-prd-3s-preamplifier-walnut Gato has been designing and building amplifiers for over 10 Years in Denmark and blends Danish style with killer sound: Gato PRD-3S - Pre-Amplifier - Walnut - £1995, RRP - £2890 This is the latest model in the preferred and new 'S' specification "S" is for Super – the PRD-3S is anything else than the subtle makeover of the standard PRD-3. It is a highly improved and extremely high performing preamplifier designed and optimized to work with Gato's brand new PWR-222 monoblocks, or indeed any high-quality power amp you wish to use. It now even features an aptX Bluetooth receiver circuit that enables streaming from a computer, phone or tablet in high quality. Gato changed and improved the electrical circuits and layouts in more than twenty ways, the most significant being: Optimized mains filter Improved general and local power supplies New input stage Improved line stage New analogue stages in the D/A converter Improved digital signal routing Updated firmware Improved connectors Incorporated aptX Bluetooth module Don't miss the opportunity to give this preamplifier a listen – we are certain that it will impress with clean, smooth and detailed pre-amplification that does not only offer built-in D/A converter and aptX Bluetooth – but also the ability to bring out the best in your setup. Smooth analogue music The analogue input stage is where everything begins. It not only connects external inputs and the built-in D/A converter with the output stage, it adapts impedances, adjusts levels and switches signals. A super-gentle embrace of the delicate analogue signals is important for the total performance of the preamplifier. At Gato Audio we have utilized our many years of experience in "voicing" analogue amplifiers to make this particular stage perform at its very best. We tuned the input stage to perform with a natural and lifelike sound, affecting the original signal as little as possible. More than just a Preamp The built-in D/A converter offers real high-end performance, enabled by the use of a dedicated power supply, a balanced-drive Burr-Brown PCM1794 D/A converter, an optimized high bandwidth I/V converter, and an analogue stage with low-Q, low pass filters. All digital inputs are upsampled to 24bit/192kHz. This D/A converter will upgrade any digital source - such as wired or wireless streaming from your computer or CD drive - to a high-end level of detail and musical performance. Ex-Display unit In 'as new' condition. Original box and packing along with all accessories. Full manufacturers warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  2. Vertex AQ Aneto DC Blocker Silver Model - £449 - RRP: £630 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/vertex-aq-aneto-dc-blocker-silver-model
  3. Elite Audio

    SOtM sPS-500

    SOtM sPS-500 - £399 - RRP: £550 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/sotm-sps-500 Often, we are asked by clients 'what's the best PSU for my SOtM units?' Well, the answer is here: SOtM sPS-500 - £399, RRP - £550 The resolution, textures, transparency and expression of sound is greatly affected by how, and what, power is supplied to your audio device. A power supply unit affects the quality of the entire audio system, and should never be considered as “just a power supply unit.” The sPS-500 is an audio power supply designed specifically for high performance audio. It is built to eliminate noise generated by powered devices as well as to simply remove noise coming from an AC power source. Using SOtM’s unique technologies for noise cancellation and sound enhancement, and high quality audio components that are already proven in sound quality, you will hear superior sound improvement with the well-designed sPS-500. The sPS-500 can easily cope with a wide range of AC power input – the output voltage can change to 7Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc or 19Vdc depending on the power specification of your audio equipment – and the 50W output is flexible enough to be applied to various audio systems. It is also designed to provide more stable power through the input, output, overcurrent and overheat protection circuits. The rich texture and detailed, luxurious sound created with the technology of the new sPS-500 will create a new listening experience with your audio system. A unique and impressive exterior design also makes the sPS-500 stand out from the crowd. The sPS-500 will help bring your audio system up to the next level. In great condition. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  4. Elite Audio

    Auralic Aries Mini - Black

    Auralic Aries Mini - Black - £349 - RRP: £450 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/auralic-aries-mini-black This represents a unique opportunity to acquire a digital front end for streaming that redefines what is possible from a wireless streaming signal: The Auralic Aries Mini. Black - £349 Compact and lightweight, the ARIES MINI packs all the functionality of the award-winning ARIES Streaming Bridge into a space-saving and affordable package, with the addition of a High-End internal DAC for analog output to your system. Whether you’re looking to outfit your Hi-Fi with streaming capabilities for the first time, or to provide the missing link between multiple listening environments, the ARIES MINI is the perfect combination of connectivity, features and sound to discover what High-Resolution streaming is all about. ''All in all the Aries Mini is a fine device that’s blessed with an attractive and largely intuitive control app. Its analogue outputs deliver a musical and engaging sound but the digital outputs have the potential to compete with streamers at twice the price'' - Jason Kennedy The Ear In great condition. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  5. Elite Audio

    Vovox Vocalis USB Cable - 1m

    Vovox Vocalis USB Cable - 1m - £129 - RRP:£129 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/vovox-vocalis-usb-cable-1m This is an opportunity to purchase pre-loved Vovox Vocalis USB Cable - 1m - £129, RRP - £224 VOVOX® sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. The cables, including the solder, are lead-free Next Shielded USB 2.0 cable To produce a USB cable from VOVOX solid core conductors and organic fibres is not a trivial task. We are happy, that we managed it. The basis for perfect sound quality. solid-core copper conductors shielded cable coating with natural fibres optimized cable design for digital signals Connectors for VOVOX® vocalis IC digital USB Our USB connectors are manually soldered on the cable and afterwards shapely injection-moulded. An ideal combination of careful manufacture with professional cable production. The plastic used consisting of polyurethane is extremely robust and handy. Made in Switzerland VOVOX® sound conductors are hand-assembled in Switzerland. The cables, including the solder, are lead-free. Can you hear a digital cable? Is it possible that cables have an audible influence on the transmission of digital signals? One is one and zero is zero. The question is justified, the argumentation is correct. There is only one problem: practical tests show that even digital cables are indeed audible and neither we can offer any proven explanation for this phenomenon. However, what we can offer are cables that in our opinion yield optimal tonal results. Our digital cables are based on the same solid-core concept and materials that we use for our analogue cables. Moreover, the influence on sound quality is similar to the analogue cables: higher resolution, more detailed spacial depth, more natural sound - in short, more musical enjoyment. Minimized Boundary Surfaces Cables have many surfaces, or more precisely expressed, boundary surfaces, like the grain boundaries in copper, or the boundary between the conductor surface and the insulation. Each boundary is a source of imperfection. VOVOX® sound conductors are made of single solid core conductors. Using this construction, the total boundary surface is reduced by up to 90% compared to stranded wires. Cable coating with natural fibres The contact surface between the conductor and the dielectric medium must accommodate complex interactions. Thanks to the tried-and-tested solid-core concept, these effects can be efficiently reduced. VOVOX® textura fortis, textura and vocalis are further improved by a fine meshwork of natural fibres that form a protective wrapping around the conductor. Triboelectric phenomena are no longer possible. The difference is audible: tranquillity instead of disturbance, an incredibly tidy stage, perfect transparency. Care for your cables: listen to music extensively At the first-time operation VOVOX® vocalis sound conductors require a bit of time to fully unfold their potential. Connect your cables with your audio system and use them as always. After about 20 hours of playing music, the sound conductors will have reached their optimal condition and are “run-in“ permanently. In excellent condition. Original box (which has a few scratches). 12-month warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  6. Acoustic Signature Wow XL - Turntable - Black Top + Tonearm + Cartridge - £2,595 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/acoustic-signature-wow-xl-turntable-black-top-tonearm-cartridge This represents a unique opportunity to acquire a piece of the finest German engineering, that sounds as good as it is built: Acoustic Signature Wow XL - Turntable - Black Top - £2,595 WOW XL is the father to the family of Acoustic Signature german precision-engineered turntables of the WOW-Series. WOW XL offers a stunning design with stainless steel buttons perfectly arranged on a 10 mm massive aluminium plate all together bonded to a 25 mm high gloss wooden-plinth. The WOW XL comes with a precisely manufactured 6,5 kg aluminum platter. Being produced out of a solid piece of soft aluminum to lower his resonance behavior. The platter is additionally coated on the back side with a high damping material to get great results. This high weight in combination with the smooth running Tidorfolon-bearing is one unique reason of the great music experience the WOW XL provides. The Tidorfolon platter bearing is the heart of every turntable and ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE has invented this bearing with the ideal performance characteristics of exact fit, extremely low noise, very low friction and long term stability. The engine system is absolute stable in rotation speed and also easy to use and reliable. The WOW XL has exchangeable arm boards. So the mounting of nearly every 9 inch arm is no problem. TA-700 Arm, Upgrade Leather Mat and Soundsmith Otello Cartridge In great condition. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  7. Elite Audio

    SOtM sMS-200Ultra

    SOtM sMS-200Ultra - £795 - RRP: £1,200 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/sotm-sms-200ultra The sMS-200ultra is an upgraded network player equipped with a dedicated media player board and a high-performance audio clock, born from SOtM’s years of experience. Improving upon the great reviews and user feedback on the sMS-200, the sMS-200ultra has been designed to include the sCLK-EX clock — the heart of this superior digital audio equipment. This new combination brings dramatic sound improvement. If you’ve been enjoying the great performance of the sMS-200, the addition of the sCLK-EX will enhance your experience beyond the usual sound limitations of traditional small source devices. Use the master clock connector option to sync the sMS-200ultra with an external master clock device such as a Rubidium clock. This feature has the potential to redefine your perception of sound from small network players. The sMS-200ultra is a digital technology device but, because it is based on SOtM’s deep understanding of analogue technology, it can be defined as one of the few high-performance digital audio devices that perform superior analogue sound. With cutting-edge technology providing the newly adapted heart to the sMS-200, the sMS-200ultra is born. Impress yourself with truly beautiful music. Hi-Fi World gave this unit 5 Globes - Outstanding! The SoTM sMS-200ultra does exactly what it says on the tin (well, box) - send a pure, clean signal to the DAC of your choice. The better the digital-to-analogue converter the better it will sound. It’s a smart way to add music streaming capability to an existing system In great condition. Original box and packing. Contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  8. Elite Audio

    SOtM tx-USBUltra

    SOtM tx-USBUltra - £795 - RRP: £990 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/sotm-tx-usbultra The tX-USB Ultra is designed to reach the goal which improves sound quality. It works as a hub by receiving and distributing USB audio signals, but regenerating the USB AUDIO signal by the high-performance super clock module, sCLK-EX, installed inside, so that sound could be superior to any other USB audio product available. The mid-low range sounds very deep, detailed and earnest, the high range does not distract, but remains extremely delicate and open. The very low range has a transparency you have never heard before and got you a very natural sound with a solid texture of performance. The sound improvements with tX-USB Ultra are obvious even in the ultra high-end audio system, it can be simply judged as one of the best USB audio devices to date. At the heart of this product is the built-in super clock, sCLK-EX, which has been developed over the years, allowing you to experience a whole new range of sound and introduce you to an experience beyond the sound. In excellent condition. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  9. Audio Physic Virgo 25+ Loudspeakers in High Gloss White - £4,895 - RRP: £11,152 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/audio-physic-virgo-25-loudspeakers-in-high-gloss-white Opportunities like this do not arrive often. Here we have a pair of Virgo 25+ loudspeakers from legendary manufacturer Audio Physic. Finished in high-gloss white, they look as stunning as they sound. Land a bargain at just £4895 Part exchange possible - please contact us for more information. The 25plus+ Features 1. In the woofer chamber, a high-strength, open-cell Ceramic foam with a pore proportion of more than 85% replaces the previous damping material = more control, more precision and more deep bass 2. Optimised frequency dependent damping in the midrange driver chamber = higher resolution, better spatial imaging and increased homogeneity 3. Revised crossovers with selective measures against micro-vibrations = much higher resolution, better spatial imaging and increased homogeneity 4. New internal wiring, integrated with the refined adjustment = improved tonal balance 5. Terminal with plus+ signature Technical data: Height 1055 mm / 41.5" Width 230 mm / 9.1" Depth 400 mm / 15.7" Required Space Width x Depth 370x470 mm / 14,7x18.5" Weight ~ 32 kg Recommended amplifier power 30-180 W Impedance 4 Ohm Frequency range 30 Hz - 40 kHz Sensitivity 89 dB Ex-Manufacturer Demo Pair In excellent, 'as new' condition. Original boxes and packing. Full manufacturer warranty. Will be shipped on a pallet to ensure they arrive safely. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  10. Audio Physic Virgo 25 - Loudspeakers - High Gloss Black - £3,295 - RRP: £11,152 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/audio-physic-virgo-25-loudspeakers-high-gloss-black Opportunities like this do not arrive often. Here we have a pair of Virgo 25 loudspeakers from legendary manufacturer Audio Physic. Finished in high-gloss black , they look as stunning as they sound. Land a bargain at just £3295 Making something outstanding even better – this was both an incentive and a challenge on the occasion of Audio Physic company anniversary. In the case of the Virgo 25, this aim was inspired by the driver and crossover technology of their top model, the Cardeas. The midrange drivers and tweeters are identical, while the tweeter additionally boasts the groundbreaking SSC decoupling from the loudspeaker cabinet. This means that there is no way that even the slightest resonances of the cabinet can impair the fine and delicate work of the tweeter. Timeless elegance and a highly refined sound quality combine in the Virgo 25 to produce a pair of top class loudspeakers. ''The Audio Physic Virgo 25 is an impressive speaker, and I have no doubt that it’s easily worth $13,990/pair. It’s made with care, integrity, and pride, and is finished to an extremely high standard. If you really want to hear what’s going on in your music, and you want a pair of speakers that look stunning and that you can be proud of, I suggest you give the Virgo 25s a listen'' - Jason Thorpe Soundstage Technical data Height 1045 mm / 41.1" Width 230 mm / 9.1" Depth 400 mm / 15.7" Required Space Width x Depth 330x470 mm / 13x18.5" Weight 30 kg Recommended amplifier power 30-180 W Impedance 4 Ohm Frequency range 30 Hz - 40 kHz Sensitivity 89 dB In great condition. Original boxes and packing. 12-month warranty provided. Will be shipped on a pallet to ensure they arrive safely. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  11. Perreaux Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier - £1,495 - RRP: £2595 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/perreaux-audiant-80i-integrated-amplifier-1 Welcome to a unique opportunity to purchase a true bargain in high-end Hi Fi - The Perreaux Audiant 80i - Integrated Amplifier - £1495 Perreaux are a New Zealand based designer and manufacturer of highest quality audio equipment. Their mission is "the perfect re-creation of a musical event". This is achieved by, skillfully combining their unique design and manufacturing techniques, with a shared vision and ongoing commitment to excellence. The Perreaux product offering is of uniformly high quality. Hallmarks of the brand feature sophisticated circuitry, designed to outperform the competition and rock-solid construction that is built to last a lifetime. This ensures that only highest quality, hand selected components are used throughout. Whilst Perreaux products have always featured cutting edge technology, their most recent generation of products has taken the philosophy a step further. By incorporating future-proof designs, they have indefinitely extended product life cycle and further increased customer satisfaction. Producing highest quality audio componentry is very much a team approach at Perreaux. Each member of the organisation is highly skilled and is relied upon to perform a unique yet interdependent function. In this way there is a greater realisation and awareness of individual contribution. On account of the reason that they have a unique bond within our team, we enjoy a fun and friendly working environment, resulting in higher levels of staff morale, job satisfaction, superior products and ultimately more satisfied customers. After all, what's life all about if you're not enjoying it? The results speak for themselves - but it's only when you listen to Perreaux products, do we consider our mission has been fully accomplished The Audiant: The Audiant 80i is a stereo integrated amplifier equipped with an asynchronous USB DAC and is capable of delivering 80W of pure, distortion free power per channel. Audiant 80i features eight stereo inputs, including asynchronous USB, coaxial & optical digital inputs, along with a MM phono input for a turntable and a selectable home theatre loop. Incorporating an upsampling 24-bit/96kHz digital to analogue converter (DAC), Audiant 80i uses ESS Technology's Reference Sabre ES9006 DAC for accurate sound reproduction of all your digital sources. With listening, Perreaux realised that Audiant 80i was proof positive that our core philosophy is correct. Form and function combines to create a hugely satisfying amplifier. The appearance is aesthetically forward-thinking while the sound continues the tradition of previous Perreaux pieces – engaging, purposeful and controlled. Since 1974 Perreaux have been manufacturing high fidelity components of exceptional quality in New Zealand. Audiant proves again, that commitment and passion can triumph over geography and high expectations. The elegant implementation of MOSFET output devices and Class-A signal stages give Audiant 80i a potent, dynamic and sophisticated sonic signature. 2012 The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award In great condition, with a few very minor marks. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  12. Synergistic Research Black Fuse - 2A - £69 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/synergistic-research-black-fuse-2a Welcome to a unique opportunity to purchase a great low-cost upgrade for your system - Synergistic Research Black Fuse - 2A - £69 SR Black Fuses encompass the latest understanding of passive Quantum Inductive Coupling and are their most powerful fuses to date. In addition to a proprietary conditioning process followed by a 1,000,000 volt signal we call Quantum Tunneling that alters conductive pathways within the burn wire, we add a Quantum Inductive Surface that includes Graphene to stabilize the electrical wave feeding your system for a dramatic improvement in system performance over standard and audio-grade fuses How fuses alter the sound of your system: For over one hundred years people believed electrons flowed like water through a pipe and that once ‘contaminated’ by miles of wire, there was little or nothing that could be done to ‘clean’ the electricity feeding your components. Consider this: the electricity feeding your system’s components first propagates through a single fuse. This is why significant gains in sound quality are possible when you insert an SR Black or Blue Fuses into each of your components. Today physicists understand electrons don’t flow at all but rather propagate in a wave of energy that moves along a conductor with a multitude of factors that alters this wave at the quantum level. To understand how electricity travels without electrons ever leaving their respective atoms it is helpful to consider the spectator ‘wave’ at a football match. Even though you can clearly see a wave pattern moving from spectator to spectator as fans raise and then lower their hands (without hands jumping from one person to the next), so too does electricity ‘move’ without electrons ever leaving their atoms. At Synergistic Research they’ve isolated key factors that affect how electricity propagates by changing the behavior of electrons through Inductive Quantum Coupling methods they collectively call UEF Tech. In fact, UEF Tech is so powerful even an electrical chain several miles long is fundamentally improved with nothing more than a single fuse engineered with our patented UEF Technology. Reviews "The more the fuses burned in the more the soundstage increased, harmonics grew denser, and grip in the bass became tighter. All of these attributes allowed this listener to become much more emotionally involved with the music." - Stereophile "There is an improvement in focus, as well as an improvement in transparency. There also is more perceptible decay to notes from un-amplified instruments (think piano), and a smoother sustain and extended decay to notes from amplified instruments (think electric guitar and synthesizer). Overall, the music has more purity." - Enjoy the Music In excellent condition. Original box and packing. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  13. Elite Audio

    Chord Qutest DAC

    Chord Qutest DAC - £1049 - RRP: £1100 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/chord-qutest-dac This represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of Hi Fi equipment that is revered by it's peers , the Chord Qutest DAC - £1049 Qutest is Chord's ‘pure’ DAC (it does not contain headphone amplification or rechargeable batteries like some of its range stablemates) and is designed to improve sound quality in the home. It is the latest evolution of their most affordable standalone DAC, the multi-award-winning 2Qute, which it directly replaces. Qutest, which is a What Hi-Fi? Star of CES 2018, is based on award-winning proprietary FPGA technology developed for the class-leading Hugo 2 DAC/headphone amp, giving it proven class-leading technical and sonic performance. Perfectly equipped to bring the benefits our digital technology to a wide range of connected devices, it features a galvanically isolated USB-B, optical and coaxial digital input, giving an instant performance upgrade, plus the ability to modernise ageing digital source components. The Qutest chassis is all-new, too. It has significantly greater mass than its predecessor and has been precision-machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminium billet. The Qutest PCB nestles within a shallow cavity in the solid aluminium chassis, giving the circuit board greater protection within the casework and additional isolation from external vibration compared to previous designs. Qutest offers Hugo 2’s proprietary user-selectable frequency-shaping filters and input selection controls, available via two fascia-mounted spheres, introducing useful flexibility. It also features RCA analogue outputs for connection to integrated amplifiers, preamps and headphone amps, plus high-resolution dual-data digital inputs for connection to future Chord Electronics products. A further new feature is a user-selectable output voltage available in 1, 2 and 3V RMS outputs for flexible connectivity with a wide range of partnering devices. Only a few weeks old. In 'as new' condition. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  14. Nordost Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable - 1m - £395 - RRP: £575 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/nordost-heimdall-2-ethernet-cable-1m This represents a great chance to pick up what is now becoming the most upgraded cable in networked audio - the ethernet cable, and this is one of the best available: Nordost Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable - 1m - £395, RRP - £575 The Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable allows hifi enthusiasts to integrate Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and music streaming into their hifi systems, while simultaneously improving the sound quality. Nordost has developed a unique design that allows its cable to surpass industry standards. The Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable consists of eight 23 AWG polymer insulated conductors, arranged in four individually shielded, twisted pairs, which are then wrapped in braided, silver-plated copper shielding, and encased within a high-density polymer insulation. This fully shielded cable construction virtually eliminates the crosstalk and electromagnetic interference (EMI) that has always afflicted previous network cables. To additionally enhance the performance of their new Ethernet Cable, Nordost has implemented mechanical tuning in order to reduce internal microphony and high frequency resonance. The precise cut of each conductor also ensures the uniform arrival of all signals, dramatically reducing timing errors. The resulting cable can support frequencies of 1000MHz and transmission speeds of up to 40Gbits/second, offering far more bandwidth than is needed for the typical data demands of today. To complete its excellent build, the Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable is terminated with a completely shielded and ruggedized 8P8C/RJ45 connector designed to further resist EMI and Electro Static Discharge (ESD). The Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable is designed, manufactured, and terminated in the USA. Each cable is constructed with the quality of fabrication, precision and consistency needed to ensure a guaranteed improvement over standard issue, mass-produced, low precision Ethernet cables SPECIFICATIONS Insulation: High-Density Polymer Construction: Mechanically tuned length, Screened Foiled Twisted Pair Design (s/ftp) Conductors: 8 x 23 AWG Material: Solid core copper conductors Overall Shield Coverage: Fully Shielded Dual Braid Termination: Shielded, Ruggedized 8P8C/RJ45 connectors In excellent condition. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  15. Heed Audio Enigma 5 Loudspeakers - £1,195 - RRP: £2,500 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/heed-audio-enigma-5-loudspeakers Looking for something different in your next loudspeaker? Look no further than the Heed Audio Enigma 5 Loudspeakers - £1195, RRP - £2500 The Heed Enigma delivers an almost uncanny sense of “being there” with the musicians and instruments. It seems to transform the domestic listening space into the concert hall, or jazz club, where the music is fully present wherever you might be sitting. Tonality is natural and balanced all around the room, with fewer of the peaks and dips that occur when a speaker has to aim its output directly at the listener. The radical approach of this unique loudspeaker, however, only begins with non-directionality… The cabinet design of the Enigma looks simple, but is actually very sophisticated on the inside: hidden behind its understated façade it employs a unique solution ― the TMR™ loading of its bass-driver. TMR™ combines two normally ‘either/or’ loading principles: transmission line (‘TM’) and bass-reflex (‘R’), resulting in an exceptional bass response which defies the compact physical size of the Enigma 5 and successfully unites the exceptionally deep and voluminous bass of a ‘quarter-wave’ labyrinth with the remarkably fast and dynamic bottom-line drive of a correct bass-reflex tuning. The custom-made 6-inch damped polymer composite woofer and the Acuflex™ hand coated soft-dome tweeter from Morel, both with extremely robust Hexatech™ aluminum voice coil formers and wires ensure an exceptional response capability of short peak (10ms) transients up to 1000W. Carefully selected high-grade crossover components, inner wiring and connection terminals complete this sophisticated design. It is all combined to create a loudspeaker that reproduces music with a resolution, soundstage and almost palpable physical presence that is just astounding, especially in light of its very real-world price. Like all Heed products, the Enigma far outperforms its price class and challenges speakers costing several times as much. In some respects, possibly all directional speakers… John Darko sums them up very well...... The Enigma 5 is a loudspeaker that digs deep for sonic spirituality. There’s no shouting (or preaching) about what it unearths. There’s no collar grab. You go to it. Imagine watching a football match: the Enigma listening experience doesn’t put you pitch side for in-yer-face sweat and swearing. They put you up in the stands for a broader view of musical turf and instrumental game play. Delicate handlers of detail. A high-quality floorstanding meal with a portion size that’s just so. Brandies all round! Sit back and soak it up with friends. These are speakers for social gatherings. Opt for pretty much any listening position in front of the speaker plane and you’ll enjoy understated humility and enchantment In great condition. In their original shipping boxes and packaging. Provided with a 12-month warranty. Will be shipped on a pallet to ensure they arrive safely. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com