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  1. Tom Evans MasterGroove - £4599 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/tom-evans-mastergroove-mkii-uk In great condition. UK RRP £12500. No original box or packing and all accessories as shown in the pictures. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  2. SOtM sMS-200 Mini Network Player - £250 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/sotm-sms-200-mini-network-player-4 The sMS-200 is a new generation of mini network player with built-in ‘Media Player Board’ developed by SOtM's own technology. - £250.00 The brilliance of the sMS-200 comes from the dedicated ARM processor board developed for only audio purposes, it is definitely not similar to those kinds of ready-made processor boards in the market offered with a dazzling low price but not having that much of high sound quality. Most other audio product manufacturers experience deterioration of sound and are forced to use unnecessary features from the ready-made boards, but not so with the sMS-200. SOtM developed the product just for audio sound performance, getting rid of all unnecessary features concentrating on the high-quality sound tone at a reasonable price. sMS-200 is specially designed to provide the best sound quality based on SOtM's own unique technologies accumulated to date since those days of media players, and it is probably the only one capable product exceeding the current network players on the market in terms of functionalities. As to the player software, Roon Ready, MPD, DLNA, SqueezeLite and others are available. And the music files from an external USB storage device, network shared folders and streaming services are also available. As well, the more functions can be easily added via a software upgrade. Plus, the simple and nice looking animated Web GUI allows users to choose the desired audio function, setup and control playing music file through Apps on users’ smart devices. sMS-200 is the one and only network player in the kind of price range and does deliver high fidelity together with impressive sound. It does make people freely imagine the close to real scene where the original sound is generated from. Simply experience the difference and surprise with sMS-200 developed by SOtM. In great condition. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  3. Elite Audio

    Naim NAC 152 XS Pre-Amplifier

    Naim NAC 152 XS Pre-Amplifier - £399 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/naim-nac-152-xs-pre-amplifier In good condition. Original box and packing. No manual. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  4. Elite Audio

    PS Audio Nema Mains Cable 6m

    PS Audio Nema Mains Cable 6m - £195 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/ps-audio-nema-mains-cable-6m In good condition. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  5. Elite Audio

    Quad 44 Pre-Amplifier

    Quad 44 Pre-Amplifier - £395 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/quad-44-pre-amplifier In good condition. A few marks and scratches. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  6. Atlas Ascent Ultra Marvos SP/DiF Digital Cable - 75cm - £145 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/atlas-ascent-ultra-marvos-sp-dif-digital-cable-75cm In excellent condition. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  7. Atlas Ascent 3.5 Speaker Cable Pair - 6m - £495 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/atlas-ascent-3-5-speaker-cable-pair-6m If you're seeking a new pair of cables, and want one of the best and well-regarded cables, look no further: Atlas Ascent 3.5 Speaker Cable Pair - 6m A Sophisticated speaker cable offering a true taste of ‘high-end ’ performance for discerning audiophiles. Ascent is the first speaker cable in our product hierarchy to use OCC (Ohno Continous Casting) copper connectors with a total 3.5mm² diameter. The increased conductor cross-section gives a superior low-frequency performance in comparison to Ascent 2.0. These ultra high purity ‘6N’ (99.99997% purity) conductors are extremely transparent to the signal being passed, their mono-crystal structure ensuring a minimum signal loss. For the dielectric, we use a high-efficiency PTFE (Teflon™) which again imposes virtually no signal degradation. In conjunction with our cold-weld, wideband Transpose connectors, which give a superior connection to conventional solder or screw fixing, the result is a cable with little discernable character which allows your system to convey a level of detail, speed and dynamics which might well surprise you. ''The imaging is superb and the sound is open and transparent. There is no sibilance to high frequencies and low-level detail is clear. Recommended even at the high price'' Hi-Fi Choice In great condition. Original box. 12-month warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  8. Tannoy TD8 Loudspeakers - Cherry - £1,595 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/tannoy-td8-loudspeakers-cherry This is an opportunity to purchase an outstanding pair of pre-loved speakers: Tannoy TD8 Loudspeakers - Cherry These are finished in cherry and feature the Tannoy Wideband Technology. Working to resolve fine detail and offering a listening experience that's airy, natural and with impact. Placement of instruments in the soundstage easily identifiable. Specifications: Supertweeter: 25mm, 25-micron titanium dome magnet Dual Concentric Driver Enclosure: Dual Chamber Coupled Reflex Construction: 18mm high-density birch-ply, internally cross-braced with 30mm front baffle Dimensions: 943 x 299 x 305 In great condition. Original boxes and packing. One owner from new. 12-month warranty provided. Will be shipped on a pallet to ensure they arrive safely. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  9. Audience AU24 SX AES-EBU - Audio Cable - 1m - £495 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/audience-au24-sx-aes-ebu-audio-cable-1m If you're using a digital AES-EBU Cable then you owe it to yourself and system to try this: Audience AU24 SX AES-EBU - Audio Cable - 1m RRP £1195.00 Au24 SX audio cables represent the biggest transformation in cable performance ever achieved by Audience. ALL of the SX cables are notably more transparent, dynamic, more resolved and have greater weight and authority, immediately noticeable. Everyone who has tried them thus far has been very impressed with the advancements we have achieved through the use of purer OCC copper (now six nines) and higher quality XLPE dielectric insulation as well as tweaking of geometry as compared to the historic lines of Au24 cables. Audience double cryogenically treats all SX cables in their in-house cryo lab. Each component part of the cable is individually treated, then, after the cables are assembled and tested, we cryo the completed cable. This is process is called CRYO². Au24 SX cables, like all previous Au24 cables, are low mass and low eddy current resistance designs with minimal jacketing materials. They retain natural timing and timbre thus recreating original sound fields like no other cables. In excellent condition. Original box. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  10. AudioValve Sunilda Phono Pre-Amplifier - £2,977 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/audiovalve-sunilda-phono-pre-amplifier-3 Welcome to a pre-loved listing for an ex-display AudioValve Sunilda Phono Pre-Amplifier RRP £4250.00 Sundila is a three-stage phono-preamplifier, based on 6922 (ECC88) and 12AX7 (ECC83) frame grid tubes, suitable for two MM- and MC-cartridges at the same time. Independently for the two phono inputs, impedance and capacitive load can be set separately and 'on-the-fly' while listening. Thus the user can easily configure the unit to match the features of the cartridge by selecting the optimal input resistance and capacitance for each input separately! Switches in front are found for: MM/MC mode for each input; input 1 or 2; selectors are used to select different resistor and capacitive input loads. In MM mode the gain will be 23 dB lower than MC and at a fixed input-impedance of 47 K. In MC mode the preamp will have 20 dB higher gain and switchable input resistors and condensers. The RIAA de-emphasis is passive and split between the first and second stage. Dividing the RIAA network over two amplification stages lowers the insertion losses of the passive network dramatically. Furthermore, the design holds a total absence of feedback, thus increasing the overall dynamics. Power supplies are solid state regulated. This is the best way to obtain a low noise and supply line with a very low impedance that will increase the performance in the lower frequency range. The power transformer is housed in a separate aluminium case. Ex-display unit. In excellent condition. Original box and packing. Full manufacturers warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  11. Metrum Acoustics Jade DAC - £1,990 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/metrum-acoustics-jade-dac Welcome to a pre-loved, ex-display listing for a Metrum Acoustics Jade - DAC The new RRP is £2670.00 What more can you do after launching one of the best DAC's and Digital (Pre) Amplifiers available today? Metrum are aware that their current flagship products Pavane, Adagio and Forte are hard to beat but at least one idea was not realized yet. The idea of having similar high end sound like the ADAGIO but in an affordable version! Introducing JADE by Metrum Acoustics, a powerful Digital Pre Amplifier which in sound comes close to their ADAGIO, The biggest difference between the ADAGIO and JADE is the fact that the JADE uses two DAC chips per channel, whereas the ADAGIO uses 4 Chips per channel. Both ADAGIO and JADE use Forward Correction Technology and are following the working principle of being a Balanced Digital Pre Amplifier. Needless to say that we use Non-Oversampling as that is our “Forte”. Our own designed and engineered DAC chips will guarantee a unique listening experience! Like our ADAGIO, “forward correction” techniques are used to drive both mono DAC boards. The result of this process is an extremely high linearity, right down to -140 dB, which gives the JADE a realistic 24-bit dynamic range. The JADE is a step forward as it omits a preamplifier. It is musical, honours the Non-oversampling principle and simultaneously incorporating the technological progress that has been made over the years while developing our products. Ex-Display unit. In excellent, as new, condition. Original box and packing. Full manufacturers warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  12. AudioValve Eclipse Pre-Amplifier - £2,990 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/audiovalve-eclipse-pre-amplifier-2 Welcome to a pre-loved listing for an ex-display AudioValve Eclipse Pre-Amplifier RRP - £4450.00 AUDIOVALVE`s Eclipse comes equipped with high-quality ALPS motor volume control flawlessly installed onto its wired PC board. Specially designed in steel bracket provide extra support for the controls, which are linked to a volume control rod using a special universal joint. All parts are matched between the left and right channels to perfection (resistors and caps). The output stage is capable of driving any load at any ohmage. The faceplate features sleek, custom-made brass anodized knobs. Added to the front panel are more colour LED displays, which change colour in different modes. The AUDIOVALVE´s Eclipse features a striking faceplate stroked with easy-to-read gold lettering. The back panel and the bottom plate of the chassis are made of 4 mm rugged steel polished in a smooth black finish. The Eclipse is generous in input and output, 20 in all. All gold plated and soldered directly to the I/O board. Among the connectors: seven line inputs, one complete tape loop (I/O), and two pre-amp outputs. Added to the unit are two high-quality rotary switches. They are warranted and tested for 25,000 rotations. Additionally, the switches are sealed, keeping dust and corrosion to a minimum. Screws are used to attach the switches to a specially designed I/O board. Again, no wires are used, resulting in shorter signal paths and less noise. All parts were carefully matched for the most exacting tolerances. Condensers are of the highest quality and the total is completed by the use of classic NOS resistors. The ECLIPSE is versatile, as well. Its solid and slightly projecting rear has both balanced and single-ended outputs as well as a full array of single-ended input connections. The beauty and elegance of the ECLIPSE`s design and construction mirror the purity and vibrancy of its musical presentation. Music is freed from the boundaries of the speakers. The ECLIPSE was created to pay a special homage to all musicians and the music they create. ''This really does tread the right path between solid-state and valve sound. If you like the characteristics of both Audiovalve's pre-amp is a hard product to Eclipse'' - Alan Sircom Hi-Fi+ Can be set for US or UK voltage - Please specify when ordering Ex-Display unit. In excellent, 'as new' condition. Original box and packing. Full manufacturers warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  13. Quad QC Twenty Four Pre-Amplifier - £495 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/quad-qc-twenty-four-pre-amplifier Welcome to a pre-loved listing for a Quad QC Twenty Four Pre-Amplifier. For the QC Twenty Four preamp, Quad's designers scoured the globe for the very finest components, with possibly the best example of this being the new 'old stock' 6111WA double triode. With transformers designed by one of the world's leading authorities and relay input switching the musical signal is preserved in its purest form - pursuant to the philosophy of the theoretical perfect amplifier which Peter Walker himself stated is, 'a straight wire with gain'. The QC Twenty Four has 2 main outputs, 2 Tape Play and Record connections and inputs for CD, Tuner, Aux 1, Aux 2 and an optional Phono port. In good condition & Serviced in 2016. A few marks and scratches. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty provided. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  14. SOtM sMS-200Ultra - 12v - £795 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/sotm-sms-200ultra-12v Welcome to a pre-loved listing for a SOtM sMS-200 Ultra Network Player 12v - £1200 rrp bargain at just £795.00 The sMS-200ultra is an upgraded network player equipped with a dedicated media player board and a high-performance audio clock, born from SOtM’s years of experience. Improving upon the great reviews and user feedback on the sMS-200, the sMS-200ultra has been designed to include the sCLK-EX clock — the heart of this superior digital audio equipment. This new combination brings dramatic sound improvement. If you’ve been enjoying the great performance of the sMS-200, the addition of the sCLK-EX will enhance your experience beyond the usual sound limitations of traditional small source devices. Use the master clock connector option to sync the sMS-200ultra with an external master clock device such as a Rubidium clock. This feature has the potential to redefine your perception of sound from small network players. The sMS-200ultra is a digital technology device but, because it is based on SOtM’s deep understanding of analogue technology, it can be defined as one of the few high-performance digital audio devices that performs superior analogue sound. With cutting-edge technology providing the newly adapted heart to the sMS-200, the sMS-200ultra is born. Impress yourself with truly beautiful music. Hi-Fi World gave this unit 5 Globes - Outstanding! The SoTM sMS-200ultra does exactly what it says on the tin (well, box) - send a pure, clean signal to the DAC of your choice. The better the digital-to-analogue converter the better it will sound. It’s a smart way to add music streaming capability to an existing system In great condition. Original box and packing. 12-month warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com
  15. Vertex AQ Taga Distribution Block - £595 https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/vertex-aq-taga-distribution-block This represents a unique opportunity to acquire one of the best mains distribution solutions available - The Vertex AQ Taga Distribution Block. RRP £1095.00 Standard 6-way distribution block fitted with silver plus Jaya shunt mains filter and Roraima acoustic absorption. The Standard Taga is one of the best selling products in the Vertex range. As customers start on the Systematic Approach upgrade path, their dealers discuss and advise about the use and benefits of the Standard Taga as a key element in that upgrade strategy. So, many customers try the Standard Taga, and not many of them get sent back. The immediate effects of the reduction in RFI and microphony down 6 lines in a systems mains loom is usually very profound. The two problematic issues to consider with conventional distribution blocks is that they're great at sharing RFI noise and mechanical vibration. The Taga is designed to be an effective hub to deal with those two problems also. Rather than RFI noise being left free to travel say down the mains lead from a digital component and up another mains lead to an analogue pre-amp, it is met by the shunt filter module inside the Taga. This module in effect acts as a drain to all the mains leads plugged into it, preventing a lot of that RFI sharing from happening. IEC mains inlet, 6 x output sockets (UK13A, Schuko or US). SPOFC wiring, 1 x internal acoustic module, 1 x internal high-speed shunt filter module. Dimensions 360mm x 132mm x 120mm (LWH), silver anodised finish. In good condition. A few marks and scratches. Original box and packing and certificate. 12-month warranty. Please contact us for more information: 01334 570 666 info@eliteaudiouk.com