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  1. I'm selling a Mark Levinson No 585 Integrated Amplifier HiFi Stereo original package in excellent condition, This is a really incredible sounding 200 watt per channel, its lightly used, it includes all original package, remote control, power cables, manual etc. Asking for $4000 shipped
  2. Offering a very highly desirable Linn Akurate DSM/1 streamer/preamd in excellent condition. the firmware has been updated to the latest Davaar firmware, the Akurate DSM a music streamer of amazing sound quality it is also a stunning preamplifier which includes an internal phono stage. This can be easily set to either Moving Coil, Moving Magnet or as an extra line level input. By using Linn config the setting of sensible input names is very easy to do, the system can be controlled by your phone. Asking for $3000.
  3. I'm selling a pair of speaker, i bought it brand new last year and i used it for just a few times, ever since the it has been sitting on its box, The SCM 16A ATC is characterized by a merciless truthfulness , allows absolute control over recording and mixing . The two-day session mixture showed us impressive how good these speakers has actually impressed the imaging , which are found only very rarely in a compact near field . The sculptural , three-dimensional presentation that ' conspicuously inconspicuous ' heights , the extraordinary transient response , precise localization and highlighting fine signal details have made experts fans of this speaker. Asking for $1900 shipped. Pm me if interested.