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  1. Hi Matt, if possible send me a pm with the total price including the DAC, regarding vitamin D, a tin of sardines on toast, preferably in olive oil, a lovely treat and absolutely full of vitamin D, also cheap as chips cheers Steve
  2. Hello Matt, wishing you all of the best with your problems, we have a friend with almost identical issues who has found great relief , she now has essentially a normal life for the majority of the time, simply by taking Tumeric as discussed on the Australian turmeric user group, well worth a look. Regarding the Amp, is it the DAC version Cheers Steve
  3. thank you chaps, ATC also offered a nice reply, again suggesting rugs and other ways to mediate the effects of the room. They actually said because of the treble issue that I described that spikes, etc probably wouldn`t offer any benefit as they mainly solve mid and bass issues. a little furniture moving and I`ll see how it goes Just played the original Tubular Bells, and now I finally understand where the bells part of the name comes from, its been tubular blurs for the last 40 years before ATC, remarkable
  4. hi cnoevil and thanks for the reply, the spikes question was really because the treble gets a little shriek- glassy on bad recordings and I wondered if it was emphasized by vibration through the ceramic tiles. I`ll move the sofas in a little closer and drag a big wool rug in front to soften it or simply stop playing badly recorded stuff Thanks for the idea cheers Steve
  5. Hi everyone, delighted after a long hard search to find the right speakers to finally be able to join this forum Many thanks to hifiwigwam and its members for endless help and advice, and especially Bob77777 who went far beyond the call of duty to help me to purchase his speakers and help with the delivery of these `monsters` to my new home in Portugal. Now the proud and delighted owner of a pair of ATC SCM50 ASLT in cherry wood. First impressions - Love them, they really are what I`ve been looking for, for so many years. I owned some good stuff over the years , I really won`t bore you with the details but these better almost everything, cohesive from top to bottom, they produce `all the right notes, in all of the right order` , I hear even more detail from them than I did through some very revealing nuforce v9 class d amps. The only negative is a smaller , but I have to say perfect sound stage, and I am happy to live with that. 20 minutes to warm up and that makes a great difference to the musicality, unlike some previous `hi-fi` that took an hour plus and provided central heating. So far running them for 12 hours plus barely gets them warm. But the music, PRAT, funny way to describe anything, but what these do like no others is get you head shaking, toe tapping, involved with everything you play. I have very diverse musical taste , but Joan Sutherland , Bob Marley, Chinese harps, 17th century nuns, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong . Snow Patrol, Bach, Beethoven , Bowie Roxy Music, Krall, Kraus, Baez, 2019 Beach party and 100 other real musicians and especially anything live sound simply fantastic. Only issue is that they don`t make crap recordings sound good, but how could they, but they do even improve a few I`ve found hard to listen to in the past. Love the huge pile of other now obsolete equipment and cables that are now destined to become a second system, what crazy shit was I doing with all of this stuff over the years when I could have bought ATC actives instead , big plus from my good lady as well. Couple of questions please. 1. Tried a few pre`s so far and with the exception of a conrad Johnson tube that made it sound a little woolly everything works well, what do other active owners use. 2. My `tower` speakers are on ceramic tiled floor, does anyone use anything underneath. Thanks in advance Steve
  6. thanks for the reply, what pre amps do you use I have a conrad Johnson tube , a nuforce v9 and an oppo 105 - I`ll try this direct and through a pre` that I will test to begin with curious to know what effect warming the sound with tubes will have so far I`ve enjoyed the speakers for their clarity , detail, control and pace
  7. Thanks for all of your replies. I`m testing a pair of ATC SCM50ASL this week with the new tweeters I`ve reduced my preference to those and the 40A based on both listening preference and price Does anyone have a view on the maximum room size for either , or because of the potential very loud undistorted volume they are both capable of is this not an issue my listening room will be 9x5 metres , partly double height, they can go on either wall
  8. thanks Nopiano, very happy to check it out I`ve already listened to several pairs of ATC`s , 50 100 and 40 active with a few different pre-amps, enjoyed them all That's why I`ve decided to move across, I also like the idea that with a very strong following for ATC if they didn`t work out for me I could probably sell on without too big a loss
  9. thanks , never heard of them, but now I`ve decided on active I`m happy to think about other brands, I tried genelec , but they were too clinical for home use, they look interesting, but class d and active monitor might be a bit like sharpening a razor blade
  10. Hi, I would like to buy a pair of ATC active speakers preferably ATC SCM40A, but happy to consider 50 100 150 ASL active versions in good condition at an appropriate price relating to age Also happy to hear opinions from people who have owned these please pm any for sale Many thanks for looking
  11. cyrus iii, I bought it new many years ago, 20 plus, very happy to use it with mission speakers for many years nice well balanced sound and surprising loud with the right speakers I also used it for a while as a very nice pre-amp very under rated amp for its price point and a great size , the wife factor scores highly , easy to live with. Runs warm a-b, not hot , so easy to position original packaging Blew a fuse once , apart from that no problems. it did not work with sonus faber monitors , they are buggers to drive , not enough oomph, , i was told a psxr would have fixed the issue but didn`t try it, so has sat unused for a few years if its of interest pm with an offer good luck Steve
  12. bump for one of the coolest names for a speaker I`ve ever encountered gauder akustik isophone corvara, very star trek , cool colour too
  13. Hi, my daughter lives in Leicester but would need this to be boxed up in some realistic way so she could forward it on to me. I am very interested , would any form of packaging be possible Regards Steve
  14. Hi thanks I will try that looking for good amp, amps to drive a pair of floor standing SF Cremonas , they do well with a hint of sweetness so I hoped these might fit the bill
  15. Hi, very interested to discuss, are they still available Regards