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  1. Mr Cat

    Effects of eBay on second hand market

    I used to get some bargain old local history books for a couple of back about 5 years ago, but due to that many scammers (buys and sellers - who'd often be 1 step ahead of ebay) eBay's CEO decided it wasn't worth the hassle of having the likes of you and I selling bit of second hand stuff... so, they priced us out by raising the selling costs and only want ebay to be an online Mall... I rarely use it these days...maybe buy some cheap new stuff from online shops there and that's about it... but there's no bargains there now either..
  2. Mr Cat

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    and people who go into nandos are the kind of people who go to eat in macdonalds and think they're going for a posh meal..
  3. Mr Cat

    What are your favourite Ads - Ever

    I saw an advert on ebay - and the seller had scribbled down his description on a bit of paper and took a photo of it..!
  4. Mr Cat

    Poll : My next big topic

    indeed...this guy has some interesting videos
  5. Mr Cat

    Goodbye fella

    very sad
  6. Mr Cat

    Poll : My next big topic

    that's the bottom line I think - lots of traditional academia are afraid of having their grants and funding etc taken away from them (not to mention, their books, work, and history will be torn to pieces) so they tow the official line as it were... there are lots of theory's (or conspiracies according to some) about the origins - and there are lots of other structures round the world that were built long before a lot of people claim and as you imply - they were poorly added to by later civilisations... there's a guy who lives there called Robert forester, and does some interesting videos on youtube..
  7. Mr Cat

    Poll : My next big topic

    yes, I'm also intrigued about the Egyptians and early civilisation...I mean who really thinks Giza was built by a load of slaves who built it with 2.3 million blocks around 3000bc?
  8. Mr Cat

    Whats your tipple?

    I quite like rum... and I bought 6 litres of Poncha from Madeira a while back but that's long gone..
  9. Mr Cat

    Where would you sit.RAH.

    depends on the music in some ways, as there's a band who I've followed for a few years and they tend to do acoustic sets and getting up and person with them was spot on (in the first row) - but then I saw them at the newcastle city hall - and bagged a first row seat towards the left, they then decided to do a big sounding and all we heard were the sounds from the left speakers and it sounded dreadful.. wish I'd been towards the back middle for that gig..
  10. Mr Cat

    Reverse Flounce

    welcome back - all flouncers should announce their return, as 99% of them come back anyway..
  11. Mr Cat

    Jokes, old or new

    you can still take it back..
  12. Mr Cat

    Women know your limits .

    he must be a millennial..
  13. Mr Cat

    Jokes, old or new

    I went into Greggs before and I pointed to a cake and said - "Is that a cake or a meringue" the women replied saying "you're correct, it is indeed a cake.."
  14. Mr Cat

    Hello - Any other WHF refugees out there?

    my avatar on PFM is - and on here I don't have any specs... not sure why haha..
  15. Mr Cat

    Hello - Any other WHF refugees out there?

    yes, we're back and ready to take over again, but I seem to have mislaid my specs..