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  1. Nopiano

    'Don't Skip'

    And I’m sure if we take a look over many decades that’s even more the case. The idea of an album being a thing is surely from the 1960s onwards, with The Beatles, Pink Floyd et al, when LPs became mainstream. I don’t know, but would assume that the Sinatra generation and before made money from appearances. I wonder if there is anything that would confirm?
  2. Aside from the Chromecast Audio that I already mentioned - which actually isn’t so much underrated as amazing value - I reckon my Michell Tecnodec is very underrated. It’s never mentioned when Rega and Pro-ject bring out new permutations every month or so. But it’s still a great design, almost a Gyrodec without suspension! All for under a grand, and easily upgradeable with a Tecnoarm too.
  3. Yes, the 150 is class A/B I believe.
  4. Fair enough, I know nothing about the unfortunately named Mani 2. The long-established dealer I bought my original Rega from said you needed to spend £400 plus to better it. I’ve since bought the v2, which isn’t clearly better, just a bit smoother in a nicer box. I’ve not heard a v3 (which I why I suggested the 2). Obviously, you’ll find all manner of views on the interweb, but unless you can sure of an improvement then buying a used product, that isn’t susceptible to wear, is a safe way forward. Regarding the cartridge, as you like the fuller balance then you’ve made a good choice. Nagaoka are fine products, though have got a bit expensive lately. An upgrade would be further up their range, as funds allow.
  5. You can’t go far wrong with any of the Rega Fono series. My mini was about £90 new and I sold it earlier in the year for under £50. It should outperform your Audiolab if that is below average (I don’t know). If you buy a Fono 2 secondhand as I did, you can budget around £100. The benefit is that if it doesn’t give you the results you yearn for then it’s easily resold at little loss, unlike a brand new one. Without meaning to cast aspersions, the Nag isn’t the highest resolution pickup, so if you’re after more detail the money might be better spent on a nice Audio Technica.
  6. Ah, yes a Uniti, or Unitiqute. They paired well with PMCs in my experience. The NDX is a pretty swanky source! Crown and JBL is indeed completely different! :-)
  7. Or you could try a Gato, Primare, or Marantz PM-10 which all successfully deploy the latest technology. Or a Mola Mola if you win the lottery!
  8. It’s not an amplifier, but a streamer, so I don’t follow your point about very low power. Were you thinking of something else?
  9. I suspect many of us would struggle with any brand. We all have a certain disposition towards some designs, makers and so on, and these beliefs are hard to shake. It’s years since I listened blind, but it’s easy to fool oneself, I’m sure of that!
  10. It’s a really interesting subject and something I wish I knew more about. This is a good starting place.
  11. Ironically I was also thinking of the two discontinued streamers, Chromecast Audio and Squeezebox Touch. But actually I often think that budget bookshelf speakers are amazing, and with a bit of care can give terrific results for the money. I also think Grado cartridges are underrated, but I’m wary of recommending them because some folks seem to find them susceptible to hum. Their midrange is beautiful though.
  12. Actually it is - I heard one last week. But not in this league sound-wise, obviously.
  13. By the way, they look great in your room! Congratulations on your buy.
  14. Simple spike shoes come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and will definitely protect your floor. It can still be a bit awkward to move speakers though, and you risk spearing your hand in the process! Are you moving them to fine tune as a new purchase, or to regularly move them? If the former, you can do that without spikes, then mark the location for final spiking.