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  1. I agree with the principle, though I’ve found little to substantiate it. I used both a Squeezebox Touch and a Chromecast Audio wirelessly with very few interruptions over a period of about four years in two different properties. This year I bought a used Linn Sneaky DS and hard wired it, but the odd drop out is at least as - if not more - frequent! I suspect this is probably as location dependent as kit dependent. I’ve not got into auditioning CAT cables nor router switches - some believe the latter are essential!
  2. Nopiano

    one word daily

  3. Nopiano


    I hope you get some help, unless you’re a retired Mr Universe! I found that manhandling mine was only possible with care and practice. (I’d had demo ones first). You chose the best finish I think!
  4. Nopiano

    Amp recommendation for Boenicke please?

    Yes, that was my point too. And the point about secondhand was inability to audition with your speakers, where the sound character is probably much more important than the wattage per se.
  5. Nopiano

    PrimaLuna Owners Club

    I see you didn’t get a reply here. What I can say is to check out the spec and reviews carefully, because the high output impedance means the frequency response will ‘track’ your speaker’s impedance curve. The results will therefore be quite different from a typical solid state amp. If you like the changes you will think it’s a great attribute of valves, but it’s really more like tweaking tone controls.
  6. Nopiano


    Re the Concept 500, I read recently that they’ve introduced a black or white finish, for about £500 less than the launch duo-tone finishes. I suspect the originals may not have suited conventional tastes, and the price cut is rare these days. I hope there is some take up for these, because brand snobbery can be evident, despite the results. Also looking forward to a review from John in due course!
  7. Have you by any chance auditioned the new Qobuz Studio level, or Sublime, with HiRes streams? I’m pondering an upgrade.
  8. Nopiano

    Amp recommendation for Boenicke please?

    That’s quite a tight budget, Ian, for a potentially demanding and premium small speaker. I suspect it would be quite revealing of upstream components, which isn’t very compatible with buying secondhand. Nothing regularly available for under a grand springs to my mind as being in the sort of class you need. Of those in that price range that I’d consider if I had to, and currently on eBay, would be a Roksan Caspian M2 or an Arcam A39. Neither is more powerful than your current amp, though without knowing your room or musical tastes, I'm not sure you necessarily need that much. Elite Audio might be able to offer some suggestions as they import the speakers and also part exchange quite a bit of used gear.
  9. Nopiano

    Electronic room treatment - where do I start?

    I got a nice used Sneaky DS within warranty period for £400. They aren’t all thousands! The Space Optimisation software is free.
  10. Welcome, Paul! I eventually read most of your thread on the Linn forum a few months ago. Wouldn’t claim I grasped it all, but it was very interesting. I hope you soon settle in here.
  11. Nopiano

    Qobuz Studio - hi-res pay monthly

    You’ve probably seen in my details now. I’ve a Sneaky DS. Used to use a Chromecast Audio, but started on my DS journey earlier this year. Keep seeing secondhand Akurates and working out how much the Katalyst upgrade costs. Then checking my Premium Bonds!
  12. Nopiano

    Qobuz Studio - hi-res pay monthly

    Thanks, John. Will probably try it, as there’s nothing like hearing for oneself. Which model DS do you have? PS. Welcome! I’m guessing you might have come from the Linn forum?
  13. Thank you! Seems like that’s slipped in quietly, or maybe slipped out is more truthful!
  14. Nopiano

    Electronic room treatment - where do I start?

    I don’t know the Behringer myself, but from the review linked above it seems to have balanced in and out (XLR). That would be ideal to connect to your Gato, assuming the input is currently available. Just wondering how you connect all your kit as it is - the last thing you need is another box!
  15. Great! Let us know how it sounds for you.