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  1. Nopiano


    Erm, I don’t have a piano...
  2. Nopiano

    High-end 70s Tuners

    But the question was which one to keep, not what would you choose if starting with nothing!
  3. Nopiano

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    A bit like speaker cables then? No real objective data but lots of different opinions!
  4. A Sony S570ES tuner for sale, all proceeds to the Dogs Trust
  5. Nopiano

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    Yes, that’s what I’ve read. It may account for the variability of the opinions expressed too? If one bit of kit (say, an amplifier) in a system is unusually sensitive to noise of the type generated by a particular power supply then when swapping a difference might be heard. And an otherwise identical system with a different amp might yield no difference!
  6. Nopiano

    TT Speed, What's an acceptable variation

    Do you mean short-term variation, like wow and flutter, or absolute pitch errors?
  7. Nopiano

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    Regarding using an alternative power supply to the one RME provides, might any differences heard in practice be explained like this? That the RME itself doesn’t change its sound, but the impact of the artefacts produced by the RME supply on the rest of the system changes when the power supply is changed.
  8. Nopiano

    Bristol Show Feb 22-24 2019

    Yes, I try to escape before then! I think the show is 10am to 5pm, so you maybe need to allow thirty minutes for walking both ways. (But it isn’t £12 for 4 hours!)
  9. Nopiano

    Bristol Show Feb 22-24 2019

    This is the Cabot Circus one, which is a short walk, with several coffee shops to pass if you’ve had a drive! Access from near the city end of the M32.
  10. Thank you. (I didn’t even realise it had output transformers!)
  11. Wasn’t there a thread on the old Linn Forum suggesting that the original Klimax DS suffered from some type of peak level distortion? Now I’m not sure if that is the same gubbins as a Renew 0 or not, but that’s what I remember. Happy to be corrected if that’s an inadvertent misrepresentation on my part.
  12. Nopiano

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    If you’re interested in an integrated amp, I’m selling my Krell KAV-300i and am bringing it to Kegworth next month. One owner, twenty careful years driving Sonus faber speakers mostly. 45 amps peak current should be plenty for your speakers!
  13. Nopiano

    Krell kid iPod preamplifier

    I don’t know anyone local to you, but I’d suggest it’s worth checking with the importers. They probably know them better than any. (They serviced my Krell CD player very well a few years ago).
  14. Nopiano

    High-end 70s Tuners

    I’d be tempted by the Accuphase too, because it would probably hold its value better. That said, the Pioneer was pretty special iirc. I did once borrow an Accuphase tuner, can’t recall which model, but it didn’t sound better than my Hitachi FT-5500, though it looked stunning. I always wanted a Yamaha CT7000 but those days have passed!
  15. Nopiano

    John Darko appreciation thread

    Yes, I thought the same thing - the mineral content analysis etc. They’re quite revealing tests when I looked a while back. These days I usually drink Welsh Water’s finest, straight from the tap.