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  1. Well, I know you can add ATC to those mentioned already. They guarantee everything* for six years, electronics and speakers. It transfers with the product too, not only for the first owner. And they repair much older kit too. I had not appreciated how valuable long-term backup was until my system purchased in 1997 needed repairs in 2011. No problem! (That was a Krell CD player, fully serviced with return postage for £180). I’m saving up to get my Nakamichi cassette deck - from the mid-80s - serviced now! Leema’s reply above is appalling. Definitely not one I’ll ever consider now. * I think there’s an exception for a laser transport which is just two years.
  2. They’d surely be way more than you need, as they will be suitable for integrated and power amps, both of which pull far more current than your two Linn items. Do be clear with your terminology though, as I’m sure there is no voltage difference, given they’re both mains powered. For example, if you’re in the UK, then they will both be 230/240 volts.
  3. Ha, yes, I saw that too! I believe it’s sometimes a tactic used by traders as a placeholder when an item is out of stock. I was pretty surprised to see bidding over £40 for used CCAs too!
  4. Yes, it’s certainly not that obvious, and I’d fortunately read about it in advance of buying mine a few years ago. It’s remarkably good, and I’m surprised it was discontinued, unless it was a bit too good, like the Squeezebox Touch in its day?!
  5. These aren’t cheap, but RA might well lend you something, or in any event you can return for a full refund. Plenty of options.
  6. It is, actually. It was the first setting I tweaked when I got mine!
  7. It has a built in DAC already, by none other than AKM, so unless the OP wants to upgrade it, he just needs a stereo 3.5mm to two RCA phonos and it’s ‘job done’. It’s perfectly serviceable like that, though obviously can be enhanced with an external DAC if required. PS. They are discontinued, but still readily available, albeit for more that the original RRP, which indicates its popularity.
  8. Hi Nick, I eventually got around to listening. I played each version though once in full. Then I played the first forty seconds of each, until just after the first line of the vocals. Switching between them, knowing which was which, I thought the tonality was pretty much indistinguishable, but the HD version seemed more ‘relaxed’ with perhaps a bit more space around the sound. I couldn’t say the bass definition seemed noticeably different, though I guess the relaxed sound I perceived meant the HD version was a bit clearer. Sorry not awfully conclusive, but a slight improvement nonetheless.
  9. You might be interested in the replies I had to a similar question in another part of the Wam.
  10. My old Sonus fabers liked to be sharply toed-in, and it was that designer’s recommendation at the time (the late 1990s). They imaged very well. The design was two-way plus an ABR. The picture is seven years ago, which I think shows the position fairly well. The wall behind the listener was about 16 feet from the front wall.
  11. Are you aiming them straight down the room, or toed-in towards your listening spot? As they have a rising top-end output to add ‘openness’, they are a bit ‘hot’ unless you’re off axis. Firing past your ears rather than toeing in achieves this.
  12. @Fourlegs I’ve found the two versions on Qobuz so I’ll try them later, all being well. So, I’ll only be comparing the streamed versions.
  13. Nopiano


    It has been touched on, but not stressed especially, that headphone listening is binaural - completely different to stereo speakers, where you hear something from each speaker in both ears. I am not much of a headphone fan these days, probably as I no longer have any hair as padding for the band! But the illusion with regular stereo recordings is a bit random, albeit we soon seem to acclimatise and hear the sound from beyond the head. Have you ever heard a binaural recording on headphones, as they are quite an experience? On the original point, I’m not personally so surprised at stereo’s depth illusion, extraordinary though it is. Surely, it’s no different in many ways to seeing depth with two eyes? Nobody ever said we really need four eyes, or 5.1 or whatever, to perceive the world accurately!
  14. The cantilever itself has no significant load as long as you’re not exceeding the recommended tracking force, as the work is done by the suspension. In any case, that’s only relevant with warps and ripples, where the cartridge ‘rides’ the peaks and troughs. With flat LPs that won’t be a factor. On warps you may notice more ‘cone flap’ on your woofers, if you play them with grilles removed. Based on your description of the arm and cartridge mass, I’d be pretty sure you’re closer to ideal now. You definitely want the counterweight near to the pivot, and the greater moving mass will lower the frequency response. So it’ll probably sound more like a thud than a ‘plop’, if you get my drift!