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  1. Nopiano

    What magazines (paper ones)...

    I get Gramophone, HiFi News, HiFi Choice, Car, and Auto Express. We also subscribe to Which? The other half has various country and home magazines, and we get Wales and Borders magazine. I have a digital sub to Stereophile.
  2. I’m sure you’re right about the importance of loudness in determining quality. I think it’s also conceivable that a particular component might highlight a detail due to an aberration - such as a speaker or cabinet resonance, or some coloration in the capsule of a headphone. Once you hear something it can be harder to ‘unhear’ it, however!
  3. Nopiano

    Accuphase Owners Club

    If you need more rotation of the volume to control it properly then the lower gain on the preamp, or one of the minus settings on the power amp should achieve that. I’ve no specific knowledge of the product but that’s what I’d expect their function to be. As long as you makes any changes with the volume at zero, there’s no risk in trying various permutations. Then start turning the volume up carefully to gauge the effect on a known recording. I’d be aiming for about half the available volume rotation for your normal loudest requirements, as a rough guide. Apologies if I’m teaching you to suck eggs!
  4. Nopiano

    Accuphase Owners Club

    My fingers are crossed for you, Mac!
  5. Nopiano

    Bi Wire V Jumpers ?

    Agreed it looks nicer! This is the 4mm OFC stuff.
  6. Nopiano

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    Just seen this news about an extended warranty from Elite Audio:- Good news of today! Get up to 5 years of warranty on your Gato Audio product. If you fill in the product registration form on our website, we will extend your factory warranty with up to 3 years - even if your product was not born yesterday :-) Learn more about the registration program here:
  7. Nopiano

    This proves I'm not an audiophile.

    Sorry I missed the connection!
  8. Nopiano

    This proves I'm not an audiophile.

    Nightingale was a speaker brand made in Eastbourne, UK. It was the brainchild of John Jeffries who ran a Hifi shop there. I recall his inspiration was the Dalhquist DQ10.
  9. Nopiano

    ATC Owners Club

    It’s on page 40 here... I’m not sure I understand the pass through comment, however, as I’ve never tried such a setup. The other possibility is that the wrong pins are wired at the xlr end. Have you ever used the cables before?
  10. Nopiano

    Stupid question: What's the difference...

    If there’s any chance you could borrow one, I’ll happily help you out by trying it here!
  11. Nopiano

    ATC Owners Club

    There may we’ll be a setting to activate the ‘pre out’ sockets. Do you have the manual?
  12. Nopiano

    Stupid question: What's the difference...

    They’ve already done the new super deck, haven’t they?
  13. Nopiano

    Hi sensitivity speakers

    Not my specialist subject, but would Klipsch be up your street? Cornwall models are 15” and over 95dB, but over five grand! How about these?
  14. Nopiano

    ATC Owners Club

    I believe each drive unit is soak tested at full blast before assembly so I wouldn’t worry about running them in! I am sure you won’t regret your decision. But if you do, I’ll have first refusal! Looking forward to your more considered views in a few days or weeks.
  15. Nopiano

    Free play.. Technics SL1500C

    Just saw this rave review!