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  1. Nopiano

    Cartridge impedance matching

    Surprised to read that about DIP switches as they are so common nowadays. Can the problem be avoided by switching regularly or do you consider they are fatally flawed?
  2. Nopiano

    Speaker cable user review thread

    I’m sure you can’t go wrong with van Damme. I use their 4mm but in the clear covered OFC variety. They do measure subtly different, with the blue fractionally lower resistance.
  3. Nopiano

    Facts vs Myths

    Thanks for that, Ric. It’s a few years since I’d seen John Boyk’s name too! Amazed at the very high frequencies he recorded. Unfortunately I don’t hear HF that reliably these days, and I’m sure I’d no longer hear line scan whistle, for example. I used to prefer wide bandwidth amps to those that rolled off, and similarly MC cartridges to MM. That may well have been more about the relevance to phase accuracy mentioned above, however. I have personally never been so bothered about low bass, perhaps because for a few years I had to live where larger speakers or deep bass wasn’t feasible. Also, never found myself drawn to sub woofers because of the bad ones I’ve heard. But I do have several Kingsway Hall records with accompanying underground trains, and few others with random deep noises off. Certainly anything with a significant acoustic setting like a cathedral really sorts out the good gear from the rest.
  4. Nopiano

    WTD: MC Cartridge

    It was a super cartridge, but surely not a MC. ADC only made higher output magnetic types, didn't they?
  5. Nopiano

    Facts vs Myths

    That’s good going within less than 24 hours! I find the first point perhaps the most interesting, as it’s quite widely believed and yet not especially explainable. Come to think of it, that’s why debates get heated, because they invariably boil down to beliefs, based upon auditioning. Does anyone remember when it was postulated that we ‘hear’ through our eyes at very high frequencies, so that specs wearers like myself should listen with them removed?
  6. Nopiano

    Ortofon Cadenza Black sudden death

    Definitely know ESC, they’ve been around for decades. Never had to use them, though. Also, I understand that Goldring repair other makes, as well as their own. They were great to deal with when I ran an Eroica LZ in the 80s. Worth a call, at the very least
  7. Ha, ha! I wouldn’t have guessed that!
  8. Nopiano

    Forum old wives tales

    That looks like it should be your new signature!
  9. Is that at Stone Audio by any chance? Not many sell Linn and ML. His place sounded the best but there’s lots of glass, metal and tiling that we don’t have at home.
  10. Have you restarted the phone too? No idea if it’ll work but worth a try!
  11. Nopiano

    Forum old wives tales

    So do we agree there’s more to it than capacitance alone, but to say that capacitance isn’t a factor is misleading?
  12. Wow that’s a big change then! I had wanted electrostatics on and off for years. Last year I had a week with the ‘budget ‘ ElectroMotion models at home but ultimately couldn’t get them working to my satisfaction. They can sound great but ime a well furnished room was too dampening for the treble. ML’s handbook is very helpful if you’ve not already seen it - download from their website. I wish you more luck! (If you want any more background by all means PM me)
  13. Nopiano

    Ortofon Cadenza Black sudden death

    Sorry for your loss! I can imagine your disappointment. Nude diamonds are the preferred design iirc for high end cartridges. Embedding them in a shank or similar methods adds mass, and that’s the enemy of detail and low wear. But doubtless more rugged. Did Henley offer anything else, perhaps a trade in deal?
  14. Which is the ML s9? Do you mean the ESL9?
  15. Thanks for posting the graphs. It’s the first visual I’ve seen that supports the previous ‘general conclusion’ that SO1 was too deep in its cuts, and roughly halving the dips was more listenable. The fly in the ointment is that you’re not keen on the result! Key point - is the SO1 graph you posted above with the revised left speaker location, or your original settings?