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  1. Alex 54

    Linn go class D

    The Linn website says it's "bespoke Linn-designed". I guess in time we will find out how unique?
  2. Alex 54

    Linn go class D

    With the release of the new Linn streamer models some have integrated class D power amps! For some time Linn have held the view that class D was an immature technology and not suitable for use in their amplifiers, so they must clearly think class D has come of age?
  3. Alex 54

    Linn new product launch

    When Linn introduced Katalyst DAC technology to the Akurate range it bumped up the prices considerably leaving a big hole in their product range between Accurate and Majik, this looks like an attempt to plug that gap. Also just spotted the one with integrated power amp is class D!
  4. Alex 54

    Room measurement and equalisation

    The SO calculated result always seems to overestimate the room modes and this sucks all the life out of the music, in fact it doesn't always get the mode frequencies right. I suspect the calculation produces a result for a perfect room where in reality no one actually has that perfect room. The best way of setting up SO I've found is to use a microphone to measure the room modes and then adjust the filter settings manually to give the desired effect.
  5. Alex 54

    Is this knob too big?

    My system has been completely knob free since 2010 and all the better for it!
  6. PM me your address and I'll send you a dozen 10k MRS25's FOC.
  7. Alex 54

    Rip Off Audio

    A couple of years ago I had a custom housing CNC'd from solid billets, it was 350mm x 150mm x 50mm with PCB morning lugs and a variety of circular and rectangular holes for both PCB and chassis mounted connectors. The one-off cost was in excess of £500 but I had 7 made for a total price of £850 including black anodising.
  8. Alex 54

    Rip Off Audio

    I don't buy into the fancy box argument, I've commissioned a local CNC engineering company on a number of occasions to produce complex items from aluminium billets. A lot of time and effort goes into the programming in the first instance so the one-off costs are very high but when you get up to ten-off and higher quantities the unit costs really plummet!
  9. Alex 54

    Speaker cable user review thread

    That's one of my favorite albums, play it at least once a day!
  10. OK, you go for it then, but bear in mind what Richard Feynman, one of the truly great physics educators, said when he found he couldn't satisfactorily explain quantum physics to university freshmen: "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics."
  11. It's a simple "classical" explanation that most people can understand.
  12. An electromagnetic wave propagates through copper at roughly 2/3 the speed of light but the electrons that actually do the work propagate so slowly due to innumerable collisions with atoms in the lattice structure of the copper.
  13. Alex 54

    Linn Katalyst

    Exactly, but you would be spending a big chunk of dosh so go to a dealer and get a decent demo before deciding, they owe you that for you custom!
  14. Alex 54

    Linn Katalyst

    There are many on this forum who would say spending £1800 on a DAC is a waste of time let alone just an upgrade but IMHO it is the best DAC chip on the market and the Linn implementation is superb. Take your Accurate to a dealer and get a demo!
  15. Alex 54

    Spray Electrical Contact Cleaner

    They used to be freon based but that changed following the ozone bans, not sure of the concoction used now. The electrolube products work well but make sure you get one that's pure cleaner and doesn't have oil or grease added which will make a lovely mess inside your amp!