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  1. fuse technology

    Excellent point, you could make milloins with that!
  2. fuse technology

    The beeswax filled ones are much better ; <)
  3. Do you trust magazine reviews

    I would call myself a measureist because I like to see measurements and also make some myself but George is correct, some can be useful indicators but they don't necessarily tell you what something is going to sound like unless there is some gross problem with performance.
  4. Do you trust magazine reviews

    "Was" mainly because I dumped it as soon as I could afford a replacement, it sounded poor compared to friends systems. Other problems included, a big thump whenever it was turned on, noisy volume control and clicks whenever you operated one of the switches.
  5. Do you trust magazine reviews

    I had an Amstrad IC2000 Mk II and it was absolute shite!
  6. Classe closing down

    Are we really loosing Classe, anyone know if this is true?
  7. Cataloguing your music collection on a Mac.

    I use Music Collector, it's cross platform between OSX, Windows, iOS and Android.
  8. Amplifiers and the End of Science

    How do you expect people to take your opinions seriously when you are so ready to dismiss the opinions of a leading light in amplifier design such as Pass?
  9. Amplifiers and the End of Science

    Nelson Pass doesn't consider it a myth and many would agree with him. His point about measurements is absolutely correct, we need to be reevaluate what needs to be measured in terms of technique and magnitude and consider the measurement process as a whole rather than in isolation.
  10. Amplifiers and the End of Science

    This is a more interesting quote: "Clearly, there are some amplifiers that measure great with "standard" measurements but don't sound so good, and there are examples of good-sounding/bad-measuring as well. The discrepancies are interesting because they point to either things that have not been measured—more likely, misinterpreted—or aspects of perception and taste that don't correlate to measured flaws. Or both"
  11. Natural or Not?

    Never impressed me either, a real shame because she does have a great voice. No doubt they'll release a 24/96 version sometime, I'll make sure to avoid that one!
  12. KK v's ........?

    Just because a design choice does not conform to your philosophy or you consider it unnecessary does not make it a bad design. Fortunately, there are plenty of good designers out there who are not so blinkered.
  13. KK v's ........?

    We are not talking about an external device. The input bias current of modern devices is so low it does not cause any such problems. Any decent design does not have large DC offsets. Electronic components are cheap, why compromise a design with mediocre design choices?
  14. KK v's ........?

    You block any DC going into the divider not after.
  15. KK v's ........?

    That is simply not true, the input to the buffer would not charge because the divider itself forms a path to ground. Any half decent engineer would buffer a divider, why not, it forms effectively zero load on the divider and isolates it from any load.