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  1. Alex 54

    Spray Electrical Contact Cleaner

    They used to be freon based but that changed following the ozone bans, not sure of the concoction used now. The electrolube products work well but make sure you get one that's pure cleaner and doesn't have oil or grease added which will make a lovely mess inside your amp!
  2. Alex 54

    Happy musicians

    If you knew a musicians style very intimately then I can accept you may be able to hear a difference in their playing between recordings when they are happy or sad but the same recording through different amps? I don't think so...
  3. Alex 54

    Happy musicians

    Apparently when playing a particular piece of music, with the right amp you can hear the musicians are happy playing it. Anyone ever experience this? 😉 Serge, I know you'll say if you can't measure it you can't hear it so no need for you to pitch in!
  4. Alex 54

    Post rate

    But did they have the wedding on the big screen?
  5. Alex 54

    Post rate

    You could be right, we have a bunch of sun worshipers!
  6. Alex 54

    Post rate

    I did notice the post rate to the forum dropped to virtually zero during the royal wedding, what does that tell us about the membership?
  7. Alex 54

    Maglev turntable on gadget show

    That also worries me, an inhomogeneous magnetic field rotating close to what is effectively a very sensitive magnetic field detector.
  8. Alex 54

    Maglev turntable on gadget show

    Agreed, but lots of happy users say it brings great improvements? Great sales pitch, who wouldn't believe it, everyone knows mag lev has to be a much smoother ride?
  9. Alex 54

    Maglev turntable on gadget show

    There is the Tiger Paw Tranquility device you can add to a Linn LP12 to convert the bearing to mag lev:
  10. Alex 54

    Townshend Rock and Rega RB300 Issues

    I believe it's fixed on to the shaft with an anaerobic adhesive, heat from a hot air blower should soften the adhesive enough to allow it to be moved or you can get a miniature pinion puller from a model shop to remove it completely.
  11. Alex 54

    Townshend Rock and Rega RB300 Issues

    You could try moving the pulley on the motor shaft?
  12. Alex 54

    Townshend Rock Belt Dimensions?

    May be worth phoning Max at Townshend Audio, he's very helpful: 020 8979 2155
  13. Alex 54

    Bye bye Oppo.

    But they are, in Sainsbury's yesterday I had a look at the BluRay chart shelf and at least 4 of the titles were also available in 4k.
  14. Alex 54

    Bye bye Oppo.

    Agreed. I have a 65Mbps connection which is well in excess of the recommended 25Mbps required for 4k streaming but the quality is still not up to that of a 4k BD player.
  15. Alex 54

    Bye bye Oppo.

    I've been streaming the Ultra HD content on Netflix for 3 years now and it is very good but falls short of the 4k performance of my Oppo 205. I started streaming before getting the Oppo but it was the Oppo that really showed me how good 4k movies can be.