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  1. sq225917

    Activated Charcoal as damping material

    KEF used it in a charcoal impregnated foam. It was in the Kef REF 203 I had, dunno if it did owt. The bass sounded good, tight for ported speakers.
  2. sq225917

    Anyone going to try the upcoming Okto dac8 ??

    I've just bought parts for a rather OTT diy RPi dac build so I'm not in the market but that Okto DAC does look very good, and measures incredibly well. It's one on only two ESS based dacs that does away with the ESS IMD hump. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-okto-dac8-8ch-dac-amp.7064/ If I was looking for built dacs it would be the Okto or the Denafrips Terminator.
  3. sq225917

    My first external cross over is complete!

    @vintage axeman. Maggies aren't electrostatics, they are planars. no external power, just what the amplifier presents. A placcy box will be fine No need to worry about outer foil direction in a XO, there is no ground, no net shielding effect to be wasted.
  4. sq225917

    Has anyone taken apart a pair of Linn Sara 9 Speakers

    They're stuck in place with sealant. It's a messy job. Ask Andrew popley on PFM, he's done it.
  5. sq225917

    New multi channel ncore amplifier

    'Fault sensing' surely. Nice video
  6. Some people really are want to believe all sorts of fantastical stuff when it comes to audio. The idea that a cat8 cable can sound 'more detailed' than another cable similarly capable of transmitting data 1000's of times faster than ever required for even the highest res audio files does make me chuckle.
  7. sq225917

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    He's a fantasist, or a liar, we can choose to believe whichever we prefer. But given that bits are bits and that hash checks prove this, he's either hearing stuff that simply does not exist, lying about it to support a sale or Melco somehow tag files from their own rippers and degrade the sound upon playback of files which aren't tagged as being ripped by them... Bit of a vipers nest that. I would suggest that the manufacturer would wish to distance themselves from obviously false claims that are so easy to debunk.
  8. sq225917

    My new speaker stands taking shape Dutch&Dutch 8c

    One for my listen in list for Sunday
  9. sq225917

    Bass boom ..could be the dac too

    I used to own the AMR integrated, the big dick one, it was crap, wooly, flaccid and rolled off at the top. Actually the worst amp I've owned by quite a margin.
  10. sq225917

    Krell ksa 100 mk 2

    Lovely amp, looks like it couldn't with a wash and brush up though. I used to have a KSA 200 mk1 great little amp- all 96lbs of it.
  11. sq225917

    Computer USB +5V Power Noise

    Thats what they said about async usb. From my own experience firewire has been the best connection, Weiss 202.
  12. sq225917

    Computer USB +5V Power Noise

    That's a step too far, all it says in that different laptops (servers ) have different amounts of noise on the USB line. That doesn't mean the noise is audible at the output of the dac, conversely it doesn't mean it isn't either. I can hear my mouse scroll through my dac, interestingly though its via the switch mode psu for my laptop, unplug that there's no noise. If we understand one thing, it's that we don't understand a thing.
  13. sq225917

    Computer ‘transports’ can they make a difference?

    To answer the question, "yes they 'can' make a difference, but usually not unless you've chosen a dac with poor input noise rejection on its inputs". Fitting the best power supply you can muster to the analogue and digital stages in the dac, yup that's likely to be a sound investment unless you're at the cutting edge.
  14. sq225917

    DIY Turntable?

    I use a Maxon motor in my current deck. I've had two previous decks with DC motors, one Maxon, one not. I have nothing against the brand at all that would warrant your Simon vs Maxon comment. Simon vs none compensated speed controllers, yup fair enough.
  15. sq225917

    DIY Turntable?

    I didn't state that it did, hence the electrical feedback part. it could even be simply current compensated, it's still feedback. The point was that DC motors need a control loop.