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  1. sq225917

    Rip Off Audio

    Scattered laser light, of FFS if the drive can deal with the light coming straight back at it that isn't intended signal then it shouldn't have any trouble with the gazillionth as much that may eventually bounce back into the optics once it's been around the inside of the case. if it's not enough to turn a pit read into a land, or smear the transition between the two then it's not worth worrying about. If they could show a reduction of a single unrecoverable sample, or a reduction in jitter I'd be all over this, everyone would. But they can't, because it can't. Interestingly, I have seen a cd player with the laser replaced with an LED, there really is bugger all light scatter.
  2. sq225917

    Pass Whammy Headphone amp

    Nice teflons, I'd be into those 6 caps on the psu as well, bigger and lower ESR, whatever FM or FC you can squeeze in there. But before all that, get rid of that damn awful Blue Beauty and fit a decent step that at least tracks properly.
  3. sq225917

    Where we have been and where we are going

    Lager, harumph....
  4. sq225917

    Where we have been and where we are going

    I like building stuff, satisfaction of a job well done, not sure there's much ego involved, maybe some. I don't know what I'm striving for in terms of how I want it to sound, better I guess, which is subjective ultimately. Though I get there through better measurements typically. Ultimately we can dress it up with whatever tags we like, lay claim to fidelity to the source and all that jazz. But honestly I'm just building my HiFi to keep busy and learn stuff, that I occasionally move it forward acoustically is just a bonus when it happens.
  5. Get an amp that's unconditionally stable and cables have little effect, use an amp with a finickity output stage, low impedance, and cable effects show up more. You have to look at both ends of any cable, source and terminating component. That's why there are so many opinions on cables.
  6. sq225917

    Where we have been and where we are going

    There's way more competition for our time these days any tv, sport or film you desire on demand, computer games and sporting pursuits. The HiFi industry was slow to adapt, they didn't want to move from big boxes to on the go music playback. I think the growth in personal audio shows the demand for music hasn't changed, just how it's delivered and consumed. I'm all about the diy these days. It's a steady market, good value products still exist. In truth there's never been a better time to be a serious music lover. But it would appear that the days of big box brands is coming to a close. Nice to see you here Richard.
  7. sq225917

    Can trade do a bake-off

    I attended the last mcru/Yorkshire club bake off. It was the height of equanimity, utterly without product push or any bias. A very decent show all round with some incredible kit to hear. Highly recommended
  8. sq225917

    Intersample Overs in CD Recordings

    I used to have a M2Tech Young, the 1st version, that was friggin awful with overs, it would give you a super brief full level output for every one, really annoying when you had more than a couple in succession. They never did fix it even though they applied a level correction in firmware. Strangely enough I've never had any f_kon like that with my vinyl.
  9. I use a graphite loaded silicon oil in my LP12 bearing (Kuzma modded deck). Can't say I noticed any loss of dynamics when i switched it up from the standard Linn oil... FFS
  10. If part of what makes an amp sound more dynamic is its ability to go from the quietest of sounds to the loudest in an instant then a low noise floor has to define the quietest sounds possible and hence plays a significant part. I'd suggest that what some may perceive as dynamic ability might be a combination of frequency response and the distribution of harmonic distortion products that can give the sound an 'edge'.
  11. sq225917

    Epos es14 x-over cap Q.

    i replaced the bennic electrolytic in mine with a Mundorf silver/gold oil cap. Sounded different but then i didn't match the esr which probably needed half an ohm or suchlike throwing in there.
  12. "You cannot prove anything unless measured, so you're talking nonsense and you pay credence to lunatics, so I've no respect for you". Which bit of this are people having an issue with, that Serge is science lead, doesn't suffer fools parroting marketing rubbish, or that he doesn't respect people who follow lunatics? Nothing to see here surely. if you're too precious to be criticised under the light of critical reasoning then maybe the web's not the place to be?
  13. sq225917

    "Last" mc phonostage recommendations - up to £2k

    If you're mc only I could build you a Paradise... That 0.15mV should be no problem.
  14. sq225917

    Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    I haven't the 5000 but live with a pair of 1000's with RAAL tweeters replacing the Yamaha tweeters. Their stereo image is as good as anything when correctly positioned and in a suitable room. Similarly stage depth is all about position and space behind the speakers and to the sides. Sure the bass isn't subterranean but they are far from sounding mechanical. The mids are ruthlessly revealing. Play them with low noise distortion sources and suitable power amps and they give you most of the truth. I run mine with chip amps for gawd sake so it's all down to matching. (They are 110w are 0.0053% thd + noise at full belt, so not run of the mill chippers).
  15. sq225917

    Phase inversion

    There's an increasing weight of evidence to show that phase does matter as compression and rarifaction of sound from a speaker driver is not symmetrical.