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  1. sq225917

    Krell ksa 100 mk 2

    Lovely amp, looks like it couldn't with a wash and brush up though. I used to have a KSA 200 mk1 great little amp- all 96lbs of it.
  2. sq225917

    Computer USB +5V Power Noise

    Thats what they said about async usb. From my own experience firewire has been the best connection, Weiss 202.
  3. sq225917

    Computer USB +5V Power Noise

    That's a step too far, all it says in that different laptops (servers ) have different amounts of noise on the USB line. That doesn't mean the noise is audible at the output of the dac, conversely it doesn't mean it isn't either. I can hear my mouse scroll through my dac, interestingly though its via the switch mode psu for my laptop, unplug that there's no noise. If we understand one thing, it's that we don't understand a thing.
  4. sq225917

    Computer ‘transports’ can they make a difference?

    To answer the question, "yes they 'can' make a difference, but usually not unless you've chosen a dac with poor input noise rejection on its inputs". Fitting the best power supply you can muster to the analogue and digital stages in the dac, yup that's likely to be a sound investment unless you're at the cutting edge.
  5. sq225917

    DIY Turntable?

    I use a Maxon motor in my current deck. I've had two previous decks with DC motors, one Maxon, one not. I have nothing against the brand at all that would warrant your Simon vs Maxon comment. Simon vs none compensated speed controllers, yup fair enough.
  6. sq225917

    DIY Turntable?

    I didn't state that it did, hence the electrical feedback part. it could even be simply current compensated, it's still feedback. The point was that DC motors need a control loop.
  7. sq225917

    DIY Turntable?

    Isn't oscillator derived electronic commutation just electrical feedback?
  8. sq225917

    If you did believe in power cables..

    A mains filter need only keep your psu caps full to not limit dynamics, no more no less. The chance that it somehow starves the components' psu can only happen if its woefully under specified, like putting a 3 amp filter on a 13 amp power supply amp. Otherwise it's a non existent issue. That one may have grown used to the sound of the distortion that it now removes and somehow softens the sound by removing high order harmonics is a different issue entirely. Many people prefer a certain distortion signature over reduced distortion, no harm or foul in that. Just accept it for what it is.
  9. sq225917

    Homemade cables.

    |Worth the time...
  10. sq225917

    DIY Turntable?

    Cre, The Tacho threads are pretty deep lots of big math and programming, not my skillset either.
  11. sq225917

    DIY Turntable?

    How do you know, what's your test measurement set-up? Any manufacturer who claims perfect speed stability with a DC motor without optical, magnetic or electric feedback and control is just plain wrong. It's an inescapable engineering truth. DC motors drift with load and temp variance.
  12. sq225917

    DIY Turntable?

    I'm running a Mober, good little unit, speed stability is spot on and the motor is physically quieter than the Rega 24v unit it replaced. That was run with a DIY sinewave regen unit with dual mono chips amps driving the output, speed, adjustment and and phase offset in 0.01 hz and degree steps. The lighter and smaller DC motors all drift with varying load and temperature. I run thick, 20,000 weight silicon oil in my bearing, this utterly swamps stylus drag variation so the motor sees a constant load, the tacho just has to comp for temperature. There was a fair bit of fine tuning the viscosity to deliver enough drag, but not too much to upset the fuzzy logic of the feedback from the tacho.
  13. sq225917

    Buying a Balanced Mains Power Supply

    AIUI all of Richard's gear is Class II, all his pre-amps, power-amps and phonostages. His balanced mains unit is also Class II. No other UK maker offers a Class II balanced mains unit, though nearly every single one of them uses an Airlink transformer inside the box, and charges a far larger mark-up than Richard does for their time and effort. Hell, even Airlink use an Airlink transformer inside the box and charge you more for the finished BMU than they do for the transformer on its own. How very dare they...
  14. sq225917

    DIY Turntable?

    Don't worry about LP12 bearing wear, just use a teflon thrust pad, 5% glass fill will be enough to stop droop. Then you can dick around with mag levving the sub platter and all sorts. Thick silicon oil to load down an AC motor to eliminate cogging, all sorts of stuff. This is mine with the old AC set up, now running a DC tacho control. Kuzma stabi s 12" with LP12 bearing, subplatter and outer.
  15. sq225917

    Forum old wives tales

    Maybe I'm not old enough for this, but I've never seen statics described as a capacitive load. Can anyone point to an example of this claim being made