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  1. Cloth-Ears.

    How to breed antisemitism at a young age

  2. Cloth-Ears.

    How to breed antisemitism at a young age

    Stupid ideological leftist behaviour, institutionally embedded everywhere, so up itself and full of it own sense of moral superiority. But they're really just stupid idiots. Unfortunately they have a lot of power. When confronted in the public square in modern places like Youtube, their ideas are exposed as shit and they have been well defeated online in recent years. That's just one battle however and unfortunately some people delude themselves that the war is won. Its not. The fact of their power in certain instituional parts of life remains very strong if not as strong as ever. Even the so called Conservative Party is infected with it today. Its both worrying and sad.
  3. Cloth-Ears.

    Worth watching on Amazon Prime

    The Billie Piper drama is called Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Thank you for mentioning this as when it was broadcast I missed it and I'll grab this now while I have Prime and get the horn.
  4. Cloth-Ears.

    Your Pet Photos

    All of these dogs need wheels. A dog is incomplete without wheels.
  5. Cloth-Ears.

    one word daily

  6. Cloth-Ears.

    Christmas Tree?

    No dogs come in here. If they did they would leave with wheels - and rabbit ears glued on just to take added piss.
  7. Cloth-Ears.

    Christmas Tree?

    I probably won't bother with a tree. I'm likely to be too busy wasting time with other stupid things. And its clutter. True story : A few years back, I had up a big tree, decorated and lit extensively. Taking it down was what I couldn't be bothered with. It was up till August, when one day in a temper because it was blocking my way into the fridge, I took it apart roughly in under a minute. For much of the summer, it had actually been up at the window, the lights switched on at night for all to see.
  8. Cloth-Ears.

    Pete Shelley The Buzzcocks RIP

    This is one of my favs. There's quite a lot of live videos on Youtube as well but this straight upload just shows the track and as I said above, the infectious melody and tightness of the band. Those familiar with me and my more commonly known musical leanings may be surprised to learn that for a good while this sort of thing was my staple to listen to. But my appreciation came many years after it was current ! Indeed, I was listening to the Pistols a whole decade late and at the time of their currency I just thought they were stupid and rubbish ( I was in primary school ) and the Buzzcocks were just a name but I had no familiarity with their music. Might post more just out of appreciation and actually, there are bound to be Wammers not familiar with the band at all who might like what is posted and go buy some. You could do a lot worse than get hold of the album depicted above - Singles Going Steady.
  9. Cloth-Ears.

    Pete Shelley The Buzzcocks RIP

    Loved/love their stuff. An actually melodically satisfying punk era band. Good writing and tight playing. Another good one gone from us.
  10. Cloth-Ears.

    In ear headphone advice please.

    If the whole job is done in the actual ear pieces, then they are likely to be bulky and therefore not good for sleep. Another nuuance to be aware of, is that what they refer to as noise cancellation might not be general active noise cancellation but rather using similar tech to clean up phone conversations via the ear set. I hope its the proper thing and not just that. I also hope that the ear pieces are small and that the electronics are in a litttle packge, at some point down the wires.
  11. Cloth-Ears.

    Worth watching on Amazon Prime

    I also recommend this interesting documentary about the disgusting Stasi. Stasi
  12. Cloth-Ears.

    Worth watching on Amazon Prime

    As a kind of follow up to Death of Stalin, I will recommend this intriguing documentary about the life of Stalin's daughter, Svetlana, who eventually came to the west but was always followed around by her legacy and by those who would seek to exploit her in relation to that. Satlin's Daughter
  13. Cloth-Ears.

    In ear headphone advice please.

    Actually, it occurs to me that active noise cacellation might work, if, the screetchy / wailey noises are distant, occluded, muffled. The more so, then such sounds tend into the background that the tech is capable of dealing with. Just depends. Regarding in ear pieces and their fit, it is of course a highly personal and nuanced thing. I myself have difficulty accepting ear buds comfortably. To deal with this I'll give you a company to bookmark - useful for this need perhaps but also for another future one. Even with my £280 assistive listening tv/pc set, none of the three supplied options are comfortable for me, but the Comply alternative made a considerable difference, to the point of at least being tolerable for a while. Enter your earphones model on the Comply web site and there will likely be a match and if there's not one listed directly you can find a more generic fit model to use ( that's what I defaulted to and thery worked ). Not cheap these are, but they are good. I believe Comply also do ear plugs, I think. A very useful bookmark to have.
  14. Cloth-Ears.

    In ear headphone advice please.

    Active noise cancellation won't be effective against higher up sounds like wailing. Unless a manufacturer has done something new here. To block such sounds you need physical blocking properties. Indeed some in-ear phones have a good degree of that if the are of the right material and form a seal at the opening of the ear. If he is to wear them in an attempt to sleep, then why not just ear plugs ? ( and also there no wires to worry about ). My reply is perfectly serious. I don't know exactly what frequency range a baby's screetches or women in labour fall into but I do know it is not the sort of thing the noise cancelling math tries to undo. For woken, actual listening to material, why not full size, "closed back" design headphones of quality and weight ? With the proviso that glasses won't make getting a good seal around the ears difficult - all depends, depends. But yes, there are certain in-ear phones that also seal up well. No harm in having noise cancellation for dealing with background noise in general, but I honestly don't think they are a solution to high up wailing type noise. Perhaps thought could be given to ongoing use too in regular life, e.g. during commute, on flights, etc
  15. Cloth-Ears.

    Worth watching on Amazon Prime

    Have you all watched all of my recommendations ? If not, hurry up then.