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  1. Cloth-Ears.

    airshows 2018

    Had the pleasure of conversing for a while with a couple of young pilots of the current team. When you get older they sometimes look like they are hardly any age at all, but obviously they were both operational fast jet pilots before going to the team. Saw the whole team congregate on their royal blue jumpsuits( they are actually known as the Blue Arrows;the pilots themselves ) and looking at them you'd think it was a team of athletes. They may technically sit on their arses for their job but you have to be very fit and strong to be a fast jet pilot. There were actually two or three female pilots among them too. I think the RAF now has quite a lot of operational female pilots.
  2. Cloth-Ears.

    airshows 2018

    Yeah Duxford, the static displays are amazing too. To be allowed on board the aircraft, including the engineering Concorde is great. I've been to many aviation museums, including Hendon but I don;t think I've enjoyed any as much as Duxford. I think it is because of the access allowed. I don;t know if it is a year round things,m but they have a private owned collection of iconic airliners out on the tarmac. Again, access was allowed Various aircraft that as boy I would wonder about, Trident, 1-11, Viscount etc, but never get to fly. Interesting to see interiors from long ago. At the 75th anniversary Battle of Britain year show, they had I think it was either 13 or 17 Spitfires doing a display all together. Probably not that many together for several decades. RAF and helpers, going around in WWII uniform , sandbags, the vehicles, the lot. Terrific atmosphere. At the time for the Spitfires to go up, they had the pilots in deckchairs and sounded the scramble alarm like back in the day and the pilots ran to their aircraft. Duxford, being an operational station in the war, also had an interesting hanger serving as museum to the base history.
  3. Cloth-Ears.

    airshows 2018

    Were you at the 75th at Duxford ? So many Spitfires at once, doing mild aerobatics. Amazing.
  4. Cloth-Ears.

    one word daily

  5. Cloth-Ears.

    one word daily

  6. Cloth-Ears.

    Awesome You Tube Music

    JJ Cale doing one of his best. Satisfying rhythm and half spoken singing, both common trademarks of a JJ Cale song. First the interesting video of a live performance of it, then the lovely album version with just a still of the cover. Fate of a Fool
  7. Cloth-Ears.

    Cd player advice

    Meridian G08. Wow great player. And looks terrific too. Trouble is, can you trust it ? i.e. well why would seller be selling this kind of difficult to better player ? / maybe there's something wrong, etc
  8. Cloth-Ears.

    Interesting and Unusual Facts

    In his early life, Jesus Christ had the option of doing his joinery in Nazareth at 5 Shekels an hour or in Jerusalem at 9 Shekels an hour. He chose to stay in Nazareth. He said, " Its all very well the 9 Shekels, but there they hammer you with tax " But eventually he did move. .......... Turns out he was right !
  9. Cloth-Ears.

    Blade Runner 2049

    He missed out Love Thy Neighbour
  10. Not a deep fan to the extent of reading mags but good luck with your sale. Just wanted to comment on what a MARVELLOUS thing is having days out riding the various heritage railways around the country ( and overseas ). Plus give you an idea - see bottom. Two links for Wammers bookmarks : UK - USA - You might want to Google railway societies / forums, where you might get a higher price / easier sale. But good luck here too.
  11. Cloth-Ears.

    What films have you watched this week

    Bagpuss has been released on a remastered version dvd. You should watch that instead. That or, The Cat From Outer Space, which a great film.
  12. Cloth-Ears.

    Captain Pugwash

    Oh I don't know. I mean, men lonely at sea and all that. Maybe we should ask Black Beard.
  13. Cloth-Ears.

    Captain Pugwash

    Is it true, what a "pugwash" actually is said to be ?
  14. Cloth-Ears.

    Awesome You Tube Music