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  1. Take it in November for two months. Use Prime for deliveries leading up to Christmas. Save up shows on a list to watch during your short subscription period. Meanwhile lapse Netflix and/or other streaming service ( Netflix retains your settings and lists for up to ten months ). This is now my standard annual procedure for these services.
  2. Didn't find any issues. Your security software ought to catch any such. Probably just a freak thing. Or maybe your computer was just bowled over by her. edit : lol, I just realised you were joking ! yeah, she has that effect
  3. Oh c'mon now, everybody knows my recommendations are best. I haven't actually thought about Jet for a while. ......... I think I'll go away and have a good long think about her now
  4. Obviously, here is the best ..........
  5. Will watch that, cheers. Yep, one of the prime roles of Mossad is to get Jews out of trouble around the world. I would recommend, btw, a film about an Egyptian playboy working in diplomatic service, turned double agent and became useful in avoiding war. Forget its name but I'm sure you'll find it. I disagree about there being too many sub forums here. Its nothing more or worse than well organised filing.
  6. If they came to visit me, they'd be leaving with wheels.
  7. Cloth-Ears.

    Celtic Folk

    I must myself post in tbe Americana section. I intended to but am only quite recently back from a five month hiatus sulking, like this : Like anything else there's good and bad and in the case of Stories, while there are some great tracks, there's better overall awaiting you on some earlier albums. On Stories, check out the Chinese one, Gan Lan Shu - I think that's amazing.
  8. Cloth-Ears.

    Celtic Folk

    @whitehart I think you will also enjoy this Trees They Grow High by Anerican band, Misty River. A lot of their output was wonderful. The harmonising voices, the sounds of the acordions, double bass, etc. I imagine you may already know them, if not check them out. Good for hifi too. The only bad album IMO was a Christmas one that was a bore, otherwise all quite special. They do a mix of folk and country, particularly 'old timey' and bluegrass.
  9. over loud French horn in the mix of American action movies
  10. Rap / hiphop orwhateveritscalledtyperubbish yodelling screechy opera steel drum bands tuneless dark/thrash/satanic/whateveritssupposedtobecalled metal required-style talent show wail barber shop "funny" songs spoiling a folk music set
  11. Cloth-Ears.

    Celtic Folk

    Very pleased to see Altan posted in this thread. This is Daily Growing, pretty much like the more familiarly titled, Trees They Grow Tall you may be familiar with performed by Pentangle and others. This video is not only pleasing to the eye, it also has lyrics showing, so you can follow the dialogue between daughter and father and beyond in completion of the story. Absolutely stunning music this and one of the best versions of this very old tune.
  12. Cloth-Ears.

    Celtic Folk

    Ceolbeg's best I've heard, is their highly distinctive version of Johnny Cope. This is really good, listen up loud.
  13. Britain after Brexit :