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  1. Cloth-Ears.

    Another visit to the opticians.

    Go round there with a lion.
  2. No problemo, your posts honestly make me laugh! This place needs a little fun injecting into its prosaic patrons....

  3. Cloth-Ears.

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago

    Nein !
  4. Cloth-Ears.

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago

    I'd pee on his leg.
  5. Cloth-Ears.

    Clothy's trolling thread - new

    Its a bit like WWII in a way. By the 1960s you could make jokes about it more easily. By the millenium, even the Germans thought it was funny ! I think that buiness is so old and forgotten now, I think we can ironically post a pic for old times sake and get away with it. ................ unless Lizard Overlords is watching ........
  6. Cloth-Ears.

    Awesome You Tube Music

    One of my favourite Sabbath tracks. I searched for an orchestral version, just out of curiosity. Found this : - pretty good to listen to You can spin around this 360, individual tech depending.
  7. Cloth-Ears.

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago

    How does this relate to Trump, other than his new Secretary of Labour was in the Florida legal team at the time ? TDS again I think. On the Epstein thing, I'd say three things 1) Of those who are alleged to have been indulgers in what Epstein offered, they tended to be of the other side in politics or business/celebs nothing to do with Trump. 2) Trump himself has very very weak ties to anything of Epstein's sordid world 3) The background to Epstein and his money is very murky and it may be that the island was an operation to build control files. Depepending on who was behind this, if true, could explain; why sofew have been indicted so far, why Epstein got off so lightly, why we may never know the full truth. In the meantime until we know better its all speculation, including the fuel-by-TDS wishing, oh so wishing, he was involved.
  8. Cloth-Ears.

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago

    Indeed. The program was bigger than just vB and his rocket men. Also exgensive use in military intelligence around tbe world, vast wealth melding into legitimacy on Wall Street, eventual appointments in the corporate world. Meanwhile vast areas in south America where research continued in secret. Also allegedly the Germans secretly maintained thier own command structure they had during the war. The FBI tried to warn. Alleged sabotage of early rockets works, aiding of their Russian system counterparts in order to save them from being harmed. Very murky !
  9. Cloth-Ears.

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago, it won't be him that actually does it
  10. Cloth-Ears.

    Apollo 11, 50 years ago

    I wonder whose ships the big intimidating ones spoken of were. I'd love to know. My money is actually on other humans from a secretive group(s), sort of like Captain Nemo in space. At least I hope so, because if it was space aliens it might be a threat we can't deal with and their way of life may be unacceptable to free humans, like maybe they're commies or something.
  11. Cloth-Ears.

    Warm Summer evenings and valve amps !

    Washed, or covered in snot and bogies ?
  12. Cloth-Ears.

    Your Pet Photos

    Admit it gt, you have for them four poster beds and silver trays. An exercise wheel of course and a cat cinema, for their favourite Cattywood flicks.
  13. Cloth-Ears.

    How you can still travel about after the apocalypse

    That be in Amerika ! Land of the free to have horrendous accidents
  14. Cloth-Ears.

    Are my floors suspended?

    There's a flooring expert you could fly over from Sweden, who might be able to advise. And do you a lovely new real wood floor, not cheap rubbish mind and laid by a craftmsan who grafts all day and night, not an ounce of fat on him and got considerably more money than you ! Can you afford a Mustang ?
  15. Cloth-Ears.

    Clothy's trolling thread - new

    Great big huge gigantic transformers. Look, see - huge ! Not toy ! Better than [ insert competitor ] or your money back. Everything else just rip off. Look gigantic transformers !