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  1. 500 mph isn't all that impressive really. A fully grown mountain lion could exceed that in a sprint.
  2. Christmas is coming. Take Prime now, on a pay monthly basis. Use the enhanced delivery to help at Christmas. There are some great shows to watch on Amazon. Less good overall than Netflix, yes, but unique and good ones nevertheless. Man in the High Castle , S4 is soon. So lapse your Netflix for two or three months - they wil retain your data and lists for ten months max. I've said this before but it really is one of the best tips I have for you and now is the time. If yojr tv isn't set up for Amazon you simply plug in the easy to use Amazon firestick, a one off cost now at very low money.
  3. Yeah we've been meaning to for ages. .............. waiting here for someone handy with Photoshop to mock up something ............
  4. I'm not having another one. I'm fed up of cookers, me. I know nowadays you must have an electrician connect up a cooker, but here I'm just getting rid. Do I still need an electrician ? If knot, what practical steps must I take ?
  5. Free standing electric cooker. Doesn't work. Want rid. Won't be replacing it as I cook on other devices. It occurs to me there may be an electrical safety issue involved. What do I need to do with the wiring ? I mean, I don't want to slip on Fairy Liquid and end up with live ends embedded in my gob, or up my bum. ( in case you're wondering, I thought I'd line the space with wood pieces and use it to store stuff ). Will it take an electrician, if not for practical reasons, perhaps for legal or insurance purposes ?
  6. I''ll start us off. How about ............. - John Mcafee - Richard Dolan - Ron Paul - Dweezil Zappa
  7. Who'd you like to see do a long-form cross the desk chat with Joe Rogan ?
  8. .......... Or the one in Ukraine about a decade ago, when a fighter jet showed off a bit too much and sliced through the crowd, leaving arms and legs lying all over the place, as survivors looked on astonished, still holding their plastic bags of bumpf ( I'm sure the videos are still out there somewhere )
  9. Excuse me for asking, but, what's wrong with the existing release ? Is this not just churning exploitatively , at least at the price stated, surely ?