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  1. These devices are to acclimatise us for things to come later. Make it cool and convenient and we will choose it ourselves. We won't notice the harm that it will eventually do us. Like boiling frogs, see.
  2. Upvoted for the comment about wheels and runflats. My biggest pet peeve about the motoring industry and UK importer arms of premium makes particularly, is the automatic "upgrading" of wheels as you go up general spec or engine while not giving the consumer the choice to say no, plus the general pushing of big bling wheels ( which yes, many people do seem to want - stupidly ! ). Just give me the bleeding choice. Also, if it weren't so popular and so pushed and buyers boxed into corners with it, in the first goddamn place, then in the second hand marklet it would be easier to find a decent car not spoiled by stupid wheels.
  3. @gintonic Your cats, live the kind of idyllic life I seek ! Lucky, lucky pussycats
  4. This afternoon I went to visit my aunt.
  5. Flybe point out the tax deferment is a facility open to other businesses in similar difficulty. An abandonment of APD if it comes, will the government has confirmed, have to apply to all airlines. There has already been an injection of cash from the new owners consortium. There is also a loan involved and it is this that remains somewhat murky. We need more information on that.
  6. EMPTY as well
  7. Thanks. I'll enjoy that. I think you get more public info films on that dvd though. You know, I wish I could talk like Charley straight off without practicing or gearing up to it. There is a documentary called Trinity and Beyond, featuring Russian made ( well obviously ) film of the test. There is a PBS series called Secrets of the Dead and one of the episodes is about Tsar Bomba. But I would think all footage of the event is fuzzy regardless of the media used. I actually designed a device with an even larger yield. The only reason I didn't build it was I couldn't be bothered.
  8. Well its too late now. I've already given my approval. Its going ahead.
  9. As I said, I want an end to APD for all. In the meantime, there is an URGENT case to prevent a disruption to business and life and at the time when much will be disrupted in the coming months at that. Yet, is a viable business ongoing. Btw BA don't do regional flying beyond the major population centres, several of which are well connected by train as well. Flying to these places is often a marginal thing to maintain and BA couldn't as they used to in an era of high fares. Now the smaller ones who took them over are always at a struggle with them. Flybe serve a wider and more remote range of destinations. Like I said, it is a sort of defacto regional carrier. As for Flybe doing European connections, yes I know and I offer no argument to counter that point; it just as an as well thing and not he main point, I think. I think with all circumstances considered, the refief on APD is appropriate, which combined with the infusion from the new owners will hopefull be enough to maintain continuity until Virgin Connect gets off the ground. And hopefully it will usher in an end to APD.
  10. To a degree. Its also about maintaining continuity in the tricky post Brexit early stage. We don't need further grief like the defacto regional air carrier failing. But look, its not like a gift of money, just some lee-way over the payment of APD. Leading I hope, to an ending of this bullshit tax for all airlines.
  11. You could add a third image. Maybe Beavis did get laid after all.
  12. It gives you excess earwax thats for sure.
  13. As I know everything about aviation, I will comment. Its a different situation from Monarch or Thomas Cook. Its bound up in the continuity of regional connectivity for business crucially and socially as well. Its UK based flying mainly. The holiday airlines involved discretionary leisure spending and people still need to go so will be carried by someone else as its not as if they can easily go by car or take a train. The business is viable with the forthcoming Virgin Connect plan, but there is a particular financial difficulty right now that threatens to spoil things with great fall out consequences. I'm not a fan of "government bailouts" not just because of the money at the time but because of the long term consequences involved in setting up the expectation elsewhere and downstream. However the government AFAIK are not giving the airline money but rather giving relief on Air Passenger Duty, the tax on UK airport departures per head, that disproportionately affects low short haul fares. It is an unfair tax anyway and the environMENTAL lobby can go and get stuffed anyway can't they. If the government go further than deferring tax payments and get rid of APD altogether, I say good ! They already waive it for certain places. I say get rid altogether ! There's also the context of post Brexit stimulus and protective action, to counter the inevitable shock disruptive forces involved in separation. Regarding legality of getting rid of APD, this is a UK tax so yes they can do it, but, they'd have to get rid across the board with all airlines to not breach agreed competition rules. So do it ! APD is a damn disgrace anyway. . As for Willie Walsh, its mainly sour grapes LOL and most of us know the history involved there, not to mention the history of government support for BA in the past, including regulatory favouring. And sure, some routes would be taken over by other airlines, for example, Loganair ( itself an airline with a troubled past ) took over some BMIRegional routes when it folded. But that would only go so far. The extensive Flybe network, which includes now what used to be Eastern Airways, would only partially survive, leaving several regional place high and dry. Some have complained that the Virgin consortium ought to stump up, well if you read, they are to significantly, as part of the package. I support the arrangements. I phoned Boris this morning to give my approval. I also commended Richard by text.