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  1. PuritéAudio

    isolation newbie

    To isolate you would need to use :- visco elastic, spring in gasket, active air ,rolling air diaphragm, the marble/granite may change the natural frequency of the speaker but will not isolate. Keith
  2. PuritéAudio

    Mivera Audio Superstream

    Optical connection from switch to the Superstream, set up at the moment as a Roon server, but also has an ‘airplay ‘ option. The unit can be used as a Roon core with just a change of micro SD card. Keith
  3. PuritéAudio

    Is there any point in owning CDs or vinyl

    You should try it. Keith
  4. PuritéAudio

    Is there any point in owning CDs or vinyl

    Perceived differences often disappear when compared unsighted, you should save your imagination for something creative! Keith
  5. PuritéAudio

    Is there any point in owning CDs or vinyl

    I have only seen evidence of two watermarked files, when I compared some UMG releases through audacity I couldn’t spot any differences, but I only looked at a couple of titles. Keith
  6. PuritéAudio

    Is there any point in owning CDs or vinyl

    Not my experience at all, my CD, played as a CD sounds identical to the ripped lossless version of the CD which sounds identical to the lossless streamer version of the CD, as you would expect them to, seeing as they contain exactly the same data, all three the same mastering and played through the same dac. Streaming offers me the opportunity to hear the music I don’t own, it has re-vitalised my listening. Keith
  7. PuritéAudio

    Illusonic introduce ‘Clarity’

    One of the Illusonic’s features is its ability to. Upmix Stereo into multi channel, here is a tr-field Kii THREE set up using the Illusonic IAP as source , imaging was spectacularly solid. Keith
  8. Illusonic have introduced a new feature with their Summer 2018 firmware update,’ clarity’. https://www.illusonic.com/iap-summer-2018-update/ I have just downloaded so will report , Illusonic IAP proctors are the most advanced audio kit on the planet, they literally do everything, replacing seven or eight boxes with one. Want to integrate subs, or create your own multi channel DSP crossovers, bespoke EQ perhaps, phono stage, preamp, dac, adc, upmix two channel into multi channel, sophisticated tone and bass management the list goes on and on, superb quality kit, Keith
  9. PuritéAudio

    First impressions of my new ATC SCM40A speakers

    May I ask why you just didn’t purchase the active version of your speakers? Keith
  10. PuritéAudio

    Sonoma Model ONE at Purité Audio

    Sonoma Acoustics’ website, https://www.sonomaacoustics.com/ Keith
  11. PuritéAudio

    Kii Audio @ Purité Audio

    G yes I first heard the Illusonic IAP processor in Munich some years ago now, they conducted a very simple ‘stereo’ versus ‘Tri-field’ demonstration , it was astonishing Stereo seemed flaccid in comparison! The Illusonic literally does everything, Chrifof ( Christof Faller ) creates your EQ for you, he does a superb job, dac,a/d , phono, EQ, tone controls bass management you name it the IAP does everything, including multi-channel all in one neat box, it can even create your crossovers for you! Keith
  12. PuritéAudio

    Mivera Audio Superstream

    For sale my ex-demonstration Mivera Audio ‘Superstream’ . The Superstream is an extremely high quality streamer which is optically isolated, everything is included the Superstream comes in is own flight case and I will include the optical cable ant Ethernet switch. I have been using it with ROON software and it has worked flawlessly. SRP is £1400 I am asking £750 which includes vat and postage. Keith
  13. PuritéAudio

    Kii Audio @ Purité Audio

    Don’t look Monders, This is experimenting with three Kii THREEs and an Illusonic IAP processor , one of the ( many) qualities of the Illusonic is being capable of upmixing oredinary two channel to multi-channel, it can separate direct, reflected and ambient sound. This tri-field experiment was incredibly impressive, with an amazingly solid image. Keith
  14. PuritéAudio

    Kii Audio @ Purité Audio

    I collected most of the Kii Three’s reviews here, https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/single-post/2017/02/16/Collating-Kii-THREE-reviews Keith