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  1. PuritéAudio

    Chord Hugo MScaler announced at CanJam London 2018

    Is it anything more than an upsampler, which you can perform ( although why would you) with software for nothing? Keith
  2. PuritéAudio

    ATC / Bryston/ Chord Hugo TT system!

    The cables are Atlas Ascent 3.5, 4m with expanding plugs. The XLR interconnects are Ascent 0.5m Keith
  3. PuritéAudio

    ATC / Bryston/ Chord Hugo TT system!

    Bryston amp and Chord Hugo TT are silver! both just over a year old and purchased new. Keith
  4. PuritéAudio

    ATC / Bryston/ Chord Hugo TT system!

    Every item is just over one year old, June last and in perfect condition. Keith
  5. PuritéAudio

    ATC / Bryston/ Chord Hugo TT system!

    Looking for around £3500 for the Bryston 4B( cubed) and £2600 for the ATC SCM40’s in Cherry, photographs to follow. Keith
  6. Arriving soon, ATC SCM40’s ( cherry) Bryston 4B cubes amplifier, Chord Hugo TT ( silver) and Atlas speaker cables ( 4M) and XLR interconnects, details and photographs to follow! Keith
  7. PuritéAudio

    Active Crossover with DSP for dummies

    A U.K. loudspeaker manufacturers told me that their active versions measure and sound better than the passive version, but there is still a demand for passive speakers despite their limitations and that’s why they continue to manufacture them. Keith
  8. Courtesy of Stereophile, https://www.stereophile.com/content/roon-labs-nucleus-music-server Keith
  9. Ed Selley reviews Roon’s ‘Nucleus’ server, https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vcmeksdo72z8bj/HFC_439_Roon_Nucleus_Reprint-LOW.pdf?dl=0 Keith
  10. PuritéAudio

    Manger c-1 Active monitors

    Purpose designed stands are included as are the ‘holoprofile’ wave guides. Keith
  11. PuritéAudio

    hearing 20 years of room or budget limits

    Essentially a new breed of active monitors, cardioid response, multiple drivers, DSP crossovers, completely phase coherent, full range, independently adjustable output allowing you to place the speakers anywhere, built in tone and EQ, ‘Roon Ready’ so a system could comprise of just a box running Roon and the speakers, check out KiiTHREE and Dutch&Dutch’s 8C both are new companies, Bruno Putzey is behind the design of the Kii . Both companies had no existing demographic or speaker range to protect so they just designed the finest loudspeaker possible using the latest technology. Keith
  12. PuritéAudio

    hearing 20 years of room or budget limits

    Loudspeakers and the room are the two largest determiners of sound quality, modern active speakers are relatively compact yet completely full range, 20Hz up. They have boundary filters which enable them to be placed anywhere in the room and then optimised, even if you room is not symmetrical, some even have in built EQ allowing you to ameliorate any room issues, ‘boom’ for example. Any number of similar size pair of traditional loudspeakers driven by a capable solid state amps will sound pretty similar. Keith
  13. PuritéAudio

    Audio Express review Kii THREE

    Tony try the link rather than the embedded media, http://www.audioxpress.com/files/attachment/2609 Keith
  14. Really comprehensive review of the Kii THREE loudspeaker, http://www.audioxpress.com/files/attachment/2609 Keith
  15. PuritéAudio

    Mivera Audio ‘Superstream’

    Still available and open to offers, Keith