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  1. PuritéAudio

    Kii THREE versus Kii THREE/BXT

    One pair will be permanently available to demo here, in North London. I will ask the U.K. distributor, re shows. Keith
  2. PuritéAudio

    Not Holding Your Breath about...

    You have the CD/Record/file that is the only artefact, a linear-system in a benign/treated room will reproduce that pretty accurately. You as a listener decide whether you want to introduce distortion, coloured loudspeakers with a limited response, distorting amplification, untreated room etc etc. Keith
  3. PuritéAudio

    Kii THREE versus Kii THREE/BXT

    There is a new adjustable/levelling ‘foot’ design for the BXT, not on the Kii website yet http://www.kiiaudio.com/bxt.php I am genuinely interested to hear them they have the potential to be in unequivocally the world’s ‘best’ loudspeaker. Keith
  4. PuritéAudio

    March Audio from Australia

    Our first ‘March Audio ‘ stock should arrive just after Christmas, ESS Pro based dac, NCore based amplification, a superb headphone amplifier, streamer and Roon end point are also in the works, Superb measured performance , elegant design yet relativelyin expensive. Keith
  5. PuritéAudio

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    Very nicely written, the RME ADI units are superb , I also use their ADI -PRO which is an A/D and D/A as you say their versatility is astounding. Keith
  6. PuritéAudio

    Kii THREE versus Kii THREE/BXT

    Just this minute heard that the first Kii THREE BXT modules will arrive here on the 28th of this month . @Greybeard, the Kiis do already have superb bass, and in every room I have measured them in, they have been ‘flat’ at 20Hz , the BXTs add sixteen drivers, 4000 watts of power amplifier, they turn the Kiis into a line source, this eradicates floor cancellation , and the cardioid response of the speakers is extended lower into the bass. I haven’t actually heard the Kii three /BXT combination yet, so I am looking forward to them arriving. Keith
  7. PuritéAudio

    Not your usual audiophile, speaker recommendation

    That one is quite interesting because the reviewers reference system is relatively coloured, Boenicke , he seems though to like the 8Cs! Keith
  8. PuritéAudio

    Not Holding Your Breath about...

    The listener can have a hearing test, of course. Keith
  9. PuritéAudio

    Interconnect Surprise

    That article makes perfect sense to me, I can see why a cable salesman would find it upsetting though. Keith
  10. PuritéAudio

    Benchmark AHB2 amplifiers x2

    One black unit still available. Keith
  11. PuritéAudio

    Interconnect Surprise

    Fortunately science is on my side, snake oil salesman have turned HiFi into a joke, magazines have given them credence, it is time it stopped. The Internet has been really instrumental exposing the whole crock, Archimago, Monty Montgomery , Mans Rullgard, sites such as Audio Science Review, peopled are gradually realising that most everything they were told were just lies. Keith
  12. PuritéAudio

    Interconnect Surprise

    Yes ‘grounding boxes’. Keith
  13. PuritéAudio

    Interconnect Surprise

    Yes and I will continue until listeners realise they are being ripped off paying extortionate amounts for snake oil. Keith
  14. PuritéAudio

    Interconnect Surprise

    Rob Watts , he says, ‘I tried more taps sound quality improved’ unfortunately there was no unsighted testing to corobberate, so just anecdote, belief. Good marketing though. Keith
  15. Alan March really knows Hi stuff, superb measuring, beautifully put together yet relatively in expensive. https://www.marchaudio.net.au/ Keith