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  1. Reducing the bass room modes would be simpler, and cheaper with a touch of EQ. Keith
  2. You are not hearing a difference because audibly there isn’t one, re your room you need to measure with REW and post the results. Keith
  3. What do you want to use ‘DSP’ for? Is there bass ‘boom’ in your room, EQ ( DSP) is perfect for curing that and a few DACs have built in EQ filters. Keith
  4. DACs should be audibly transparent, most are see the ASR measurements , but some prefer adding distortion to their replay. Keith
  5. That’s more or less correct, the main difference to explain sound differences between two competent oversampling designs would be un-matched level and cognitive bias . Keith
  6. Did he design this one? Keith
  7. It is simply a question of audibility, the Node is ‘good enough’, while I admire and pursue excellent engineering, the improvement may just not be audible. Keith
  8. March Audio’s new P701 ( Hypex Ncore 1200 ) are £1495 inc vat per monobloc. Purité Audio have the P701’s and the rest of the March Audio range in stock. Keith
  9. We mostly sell speakers where the DACs ( and everything else ) is built in the Kiis have for example 12 per pair, I would buy a dac on its measurements and the features you require. Keith
  10. We are specifically discussing DACs, here is a chart showing relative signal to noise/distortion measurements. Keith
  11. That just isn’t true, more expensive products might offer more features, and there is the ‘pride of ownership’ factor but in terms of sound quality there will be no improvement. You can corroborate this with a level matched , unsighted comparison. Keith
  12. DACs don’t all sound the same, but properly engineered oversampling designs may only be differentiated by the type of reconstruction filter. Dacs are after all converters they shouldn’t be adding or subtracting, if you want to add distortion then you must turn to valve, R2R or NOS designs. A well engineered , transparent dac which will sound as good as anything available can be purchased for $100. Keith
  13. I would thoroughly recommend you spend some time over at ASR, maybe start a thread about ‘variable impedance’ USB cable. Keith