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  1. PuritéAudio

    Cessaro ‘Liszt’ four way horns

    Current new price is $191000.00 https://cuong.audio/san-pham/cessaro-horn-acoustics-liszt-ii/ Keith
  2. REW ( room EQ Wizard) software is free to download, you will need a microphone, a USB mic such as the UMIK-1 is relatively inexpensive, then you just need to connect your laptop to the Hi-Fi, do you have a dac? Keith
  3. If you acoustically measured you would literally ‘see’ the problem, and the characteristics of the LV’s which are considered ‘rolled off’ it would be interesting to see if they are. Keith
  4. Dutch&Dutch 8Cs next to Kii THREE/BXT and Grimm’s super LS1 BE with motional control feedback subwoofers, perhaps the world’s three finest loudspeakers. Keith
  5. PuritéAudio

    Cessaro ‘Liszt’ four way horns

    Cessaro Liszt four way horns, Keith
  6. A quick measurement of both loudspeakers with REW software would reveal all. Keith
  7. PuritéAudio

    Cessaro ‘Liszt’ four way horns

    In terms of horns they are quite elegant , but I take your point! Keith
  8. PuritéAudio

    Cessaro ‘Liszt’ four way horns

    Weekly Cessaro Liszt bump, I didn’t think these would be quite so difficult to sell especially at less than a third of RRP. Keith
  9. If anyone would like to read Phil’s review in full, please drop me a line. Dutch&Dutch’s superb 8Cs are permanently available for demonstration at Purité Audio. Keith
  10. The bass issues are due to the speaker’s interaction with the room, there will be standing waves causing reinforcement and cancellations, I would acoustically measure the room, to discover the specific problem frequencies , then you could use a small processor not only to properly integrate the sub but also bring down any resonantpeaks. Keith
  11. Wouldn’t it be better to properly integrate the sub and at the same time fix the room’s bass issues? Keith
  12. PuritéAudio

    Fyne F502 pairing amp?

    According to their site they are a sensitive 91dB with a nominal 8m ohm impedance which is a benign load, that should mean they are easy to drive. Keith
  13. Another superb Dutch&Dutch 8C review from Phil Ward of Sound on Sound magazine, https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/dutch-dutch-8c Keith
  14. Phil Ward reviewed the 8Cs for Sound on Sound magazine, the full review isn’t available yet, However I do have a copy so if anyone wants to read it drop me a line, This is Phil’s Summary, Quote, ‘Reviewing monitors as capable as the 8C is a joy. Leaving aside all their technical ability and engineering quality, at the end of the day the result is fantastic monitoring and wonderful music. If you’re in the fortunate position of being able to afford the 8Cs, well, I’m envious.’ Keith
  15. PuritéAudio

    Bi Wire V Jumpers ?

    Neither, save your money, neither option will improve SQ. Keith