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  1. You were able to reliably pick each cable unsighted? keith
  2. Isolation on the cheap

    You have to trust that the loudspeaker’s designer has made an enclosure which does not store energy that leads to audible resonance, isolation will not cure this, stored energy will not be magically drained away. Keith
  3. Isolation on the cheap

    Isolation may be beneficial under a loudspeaker, if that loudspeaker is creating an audible structural borne resonance , or if the resonance is being propagated to a neightbour for example. Speirs engineers visited here some years back and took some measurements using a three plane accelerometer we discussed loudspeaker isolation , I have some photographs somewhere, it was interesting. Keith
  4. Isolation on the cheap

    I don’t expect you to believe me, write to these people, http://www.speirsrobertson.co.uk/microscope-platforms-and-tables/2-active-air-isolation-tables.html Speirs make isolation devices for laboratories ,universities, these products have to work. Keith
  5. Isolation on the cheap

    Bless, have you been reading those marketing brochures again... Keith
  6. Isolation on the cheap

    Unless the speakers are creating an audible resonance there is no need to isolate, it won’t intrinsically improve the sound of theloudspeaker. keith
  7. KEF LS50 wireless ex-dem

    Bump! keith
  8. Furch Guitars at Purité Audio

    I am interested in the ‘sound’ of guitars, I have three models all the same size and internal capacity, spruce/rosewood, cedar/rosewood and spruce/mahogany I am going to attempt to measure them and see whether there is any correlation between subjective and objective. Furch make an ‘open pore’ finish which is their natural finish, we have a couple of Faith guitars here also with which to compare. https://www.furch.cz/eu-en/blue-series/blue-series-kategorie/blue-plus-cm/
  9. Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    If a metal tweeter rings at a certain frequency then it should not be used to reproduce that frequency. ‘Bright’ is not determined by the material of the tweeter but by the frequency response of the loudspeaker and the room in which it is used. A loudspeaker may have a wonderfully flat response when measured free field or anechoically but that response, particularly below a few hundred hertz will be changed dramatically by its interaction with the room. Keith
  10. Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    A low distortion solid state amplifier will not make tweeters or anything else ‘shreik’ , perhaps if the amp incapable of driving the loudspeaker or more likely if the high frequency response of the speaker has been lifted, or perhaps if auditioned in an extremely reflective room. Keith
  11. KEF LS50 wireless ex-dem

    A pair of ex demonstration KEFs super LS50 wireless loudspeakers ( active version) in white with ‘copper’ co-axial drivers. perfect condition complete with remote, cables and all original packaging. £1500 Keith
  12. I have been looking at guitars and a friend recommended Furch which are manufactured near Prague, they are exquisite, https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/forum/everything-else/furch-guitars-at-purite-audio Keith
  13. Yamaha NS5000 speakers.

    Also my experience unless the amp being used was incapable of driving the speakers, Keith
  14. Isolation on the cheap

    A spring without damping is pretty useless. Keith
  15. There is absolutely no benefit from expensive cables, as long as you are using something fit for purpose, the whole ‘loom’ idea is errant nonsense. Keith