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  1. David Wright’s preamplifier design is a massive two box design, power supply and control box. Keith
  2. Question for Recording Engineers

    I can put you in touch with a mixing/mastering engineer who works chiefly with classical scores for Harmonia Mundi, he came to compare some loudspeakers and was absolutely fascinating. Keith
  3. If anyone ,with a strong back would like to try David’s preamp in their own system , just drop me a line. Keith
  4. Yes David and I first discussed the project many years ago, I was dissatisfied with the amps we were representing I just wondered what would be possible without any cost constraints ( wish I hadn’t said that now of course) inside it has huge Dueland silver ‘cast’ caps, bespoke transformer, a Bendix valve David likes silver wiring, the attenuator is again silver and bespoke, we discounted a Penny @Giles pot ,a Tribute autoformer, copper Dueland all of which I will be including if/when I sale. To be candid my thinking has changed over the years , I have very few passive loudspeakers here and I really have no use for it, plus it is enormous! The power supply is massive and heavy ! the control box is slightly lighter but not much! It really needs to find a good home in a traditional system. Keith
  5. I asked David Wright to design the ultimate cost no object preamplifier :- https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/forum/electronics/david-wright-s-ultimate-pre-amplifier Keith
  6. Silly me. I've upgraded my amplifiers.

    How can one not comment, it is not every day one sees the laws of physics rescinded!. Keith
  7. Silly me. I've upgraded my amplifiers.

    ‘Speaker cable upgrade that increased the bass so much’ ! Keith
  8. A truly remarkable speaker indeed! https://www.gearslutz.com/board/high-end/1185112-dutch-dutch-8cs-remarkable-speakers.html Keith
  9. Another pair of 8Cs sold this morning having both the 8Cs and the Kii THREEs together is extremely revealing, soon I hope to add a pair of Geithain 944s /901s to the mix! Keith
  10. Kii THREE ex-demo

    For sale a pair of ex-demonstration Kii THREE speakers in white current SRP is £11k we are asking £7500 inc vat. we also have dedicated Kii stands and Kii ‘controls’ ,please telephone or email for details. Keith
  11. Purité Audio ‘clearance’

    Yes you bet quad core neglex, some of the very finest cables made!
  12. PHISON PD2 arrives

    Phison’s PD2 dac/phono/preamp in action! https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/forum/electronics/the-new-phison-pd2-arrives Keith
  13. Purité Audio ‘clearance’

    Kii THREEs ( white) and Kii ‘control’ still available. Keith
  14. PHISON PD2 arrives

    PHISON’s new PD2 preamp/phono/dac and their superb A120 stereo power amp are here available for permanent evaluation. https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/phison-audio Keith
  15. Dynavector P75 version 4.0

    It is a great little stage of anyone would lie to try one just telephone or email Purité Audio. Keith