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  1. PuritéAudio

    Cessaro ‘Liszt’ four way horns

    Easter Cessaro ‘Liszt’ bump. Keith
  2. PuritéAudio

    ATC Owners Club

    ATC are pretty solid loudspeakers , soffit mounted in a fully treated studio, ( British Grove for example) they can sound really superb. Keith
  3. PuritéAudio

    Digital Source Question.

    Home demo is always a good idea, when you compare, I am assuming it will be level matched ( if necessary) and unsighted also switch between inputs in case the performs better vis optical/s/pdif. Then you will be posting with some authority rather than regurgitating anecdote. Keith
  4. PuritéAudio

    Ed Selly reviews the Kii THREE

    I am pleased Ed liked them, and with extremely interesting products in the pipeline the future for Kii looks promising. Keith
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3lllkyxk7b48ov/HFC_449_BS_Kii_Audio_Three_Reprint-LOW-1.pdf?dl=0 Ed Selly reviews the Kii THREE for Hi-Fi Choice. Keith
  6. PuritéAudio

    Digital Source Question.

    Speakers and their interaction with the room is where the largest gains in SQ are to be found, also it is trivially easy to compare ‘transports’ but it must be unsighted . Keith
  7. Warwick Acoustics ( Sonoma) latest and greatest, https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/audio-shows/exclusive-warwick-acoustics-aperio-electrostatic-headphone-system-r792/ Keith
  8. PuritéAudio

    Digital Source Question.

    It may not sound great to you, it is your prerogative to add ‘colour’. Keith
  9. PuritéAudio

    So have speakers really got that much better?

    You should name and shame that dealer. Keith
  10. PuritéAudio

    Digital Source Question.

    Perhaps that was the case , but you only have to look at the dac measurements over at ASR to see spectacularly good but inexpensive DACs , such as the Octo discussed elsewhere. Keith
  11. PuritéAudio

    Digital Source Question.

    As long as the ‘transport’ sends bit perfect data that is it, although obviously dealers will try and sell you , external power supplies etc etc. Keith
  12. Our latest set of Kii THREE /BXT modules have arrived this set in a light metallic silver. https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/kii-bxt Keith
  13. PuritéAudio

    Anyone going to try the upcoming Okto dac8 ??

    Yup, that’s it, unless you deliberately choose a ‘different’ sound with NOS or valves. Keith
  14. PuritéAudio

    Anyone going to try the upcoming Okto dac8 ??

    Amir at ASR has been measuring all sorts of DACs at all sorts of prices, the Octo is amongst the best measuring , at any price. Keith
  15. PuritéAudio

    SoundStage review Dutch&Dutch 8C

    The measurements taken of the 8Cs from the ‘Soundstage’ review. https://www.soundstagenetwork.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2073:nrc-measurements-dutch-dutch-8c-loudspeakers&catid=77:loudspeaker-measurements&Itemid=153 Keith