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  1. I am delighted to announce that Purité Audio now represent the Technics ‘Reference’ range of products including the gorgeous ,SL-1000R And the equally gorgeous SP-10R Keith
  2. Length 6m width 3m what is the height? https://amcoustics.com/tools/amroc?l=600&w=300&h=220&r60=0.6 Keith
  3. Could you post a plot with and without the bass traps, I wouldn’t worry too much about the cancellations, you can’t really hear them and you would have to have massive amounts of trapping to correct them, are the peaks audible, can you hear overhang at those frequencies? Keith
  4. You will be able to see what causes the 80Hz cancellation if you use the ‘room sim’ and the brain doesn’t really register narrow cancellations is is the large peaks 25 and 50Hz have some resonance. Keith
  5. Before you physically move the speakers, open REW’s room simulator , enter your room’s dimensions, and click the ‘full range loudspeaker’ box’ then drag the speakers and the listening seat into the virtual correct positions, once completed you can move the virtual speakers or listening seat and you will see the FR change. It is a very useful feature. Keith
  6. Yes left and right and show us the whole FR. Keith
  7. Mola-Mola ‘Kaluga’ 20% reduction on list. Here we have a Kaluga driving Cessaro Liszt Keith
  8. PuritéAudio


    Yes in or just outside Holt. Keith
  9. PuritéAudio


    Isn’t that the reason more or less why Kevin never stocked the ‘top of the line’ m1000 pre? OB ( of this very forum) at Winters Audio Norfolk is also a Kondo retailer. Keith
  10. PuritéAudio


    Did the new range not distort have enough valve ‘life’. Keith
  11. PuritéAudio


    Steve at Select is the new distributor, there are always two sides to every story, I have heard Kevin wasn’t very keen on the new range. Keith
  12. Mola-Mola’s ‘Tambaqui’ the finest measuring dac currently available, better even than The £55k DCS. Keith
  13. After you adjusted to the new sound. Keith