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  1. Graphite Kiis arrive

    They have arrived photographs to follow ‘graphite’ is one of Kii’s standard colours alongside white, srp of the standard versions are just short of £11k inc vat. keith
  2. Kii THREE 'wireless'

    Kii THREE aren’t wireless and as far as I can gather from Kii they never will be, although on their site they show in their ‘block’ diagram a ‘WISA’ wireless module this feature hasn’t been implemented. Keith
  3. If you have any questions about the products we currently stock, past lines or indeed any question relating to sound reproduction check out the Purité Audio forum.https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/forum Keith
  4. Dutch&Dutch 8C

    A new delivery of Dutch&Dutch’s 8C arrive next week, with Kii raising the price of their ‘THREE’ by another 500 Euros the 8C ar £8995 inc vat is something of a bargain! keith
  5. Would these speakers work or just a dream?

    Some do. keith
  6. Purité Audio have temporarily sold out of Dutch&Dutch’s superb 8C loudspeakers but more stock arrives next week. The 8C is one of a very select band of radical new loudspeakers, compact in size yet full-range 25Hz upwards, their cardioid response brings studio-like clarity and resolution to your living room! https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/dutch-dutch-1 Keith ______
  7. New direction needed

    The wireless KEFs are the system, just add your phone, laptop, turntable etc etc. Keith
  8. Dynavector P75 Phono version 4

    Another confirmed sale to a valve phono user, the P75 is extremely quiet, £795.00 inc vat and delivery. keitj
  9. Dynavector P75 Phono version 4

    Customer reaction has been extremely positive already replacing two far more expensive phono stages including a Whest, one customer estimates that the P75 is 10-12dB quieter than his former phono stage. keith
  10. Dynavector P75 Phono version 4

    More stock of the superb Dynavector P75 arrives tomorrow! keith
  11. Benchmark Media Systems

    Benchmark’s website, https://benchmarkmedia.com/ Purité Audio have both the new Dac3 and the really superb AHB2 stereo amplifier available for evaluation, I use two of them to drive our Cessaro ‘Liszt’ horns! Keith
  12. Just a reminder that Purité Audio have both Benchmarks’s superb AHB2 stereo amplifier and their new DAC3 HGC on permanent demonstration further more both units are available for home evaluation. https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/benchmark Keith
  13. Soundbar or AV receiver (?)

    Optical is optically encoded s/pdif you will need a dc. Keith
  14. Dynavector P75 Phono version 4

    I added a PDF of the new Dynavector P75 phono stage. https://www.puriteaudio.co.uk/forum/electronics/dynavector-p75-version-4-arrives Keith
  15. Digital source

    Just choose a DAC that has the features you require, something with a built in attenuators perhaps? Keith