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  1. Purité Audio are delighted to announce that we will be representing Bacch's incredible cross cancellation range of processors. Bacchs sophisticated technology ensures that music signal from the left channel only enters your left ear , not your right! And music from the right channel only enters your right, the result is unbelievable stereo imaging, stereo as it was imagined . Bacch were in Munich where they shared a room with Weiss' new 'Livebox' loudspeaker which licenses Bacch tech. Keith
  2. Christof Faller of Illusonic used some acoustically transparent material to hide the speakers in his Munich presentation , the idea being to show just how effective is Illusonic's 'immersive' processing , the Illusonic processors can separate direct, reflected and ambient sound, you can adjust soundstage to your preference. Keith
  3. The KII THREE 'controls' the remote for the Kii THREE loudspeaker have literally just arrived ! If you have been waiting and would like one drop us a line. Keith
  4. Yes very much so, I am also disappointed that Bob Stuart is mixed up in this as I ( had) held him in the greatest respect. Keith
  5. Dutch& Dutch 8C next to Manger Audio's C-1, Keith
  6. The Dutch&Dutch 8C have arrived ( hooray) so these have to go, price reduction to £2200 inc vat and delivery. Keith
  7. Rear view showing two 8" bass drivers, Keith
  8. Dutch & Dutch 8C next to Kii THREE,
  9. After a relatively short ( 6 month ) delay the Dutch & Dutch 8C's have arrived! Keith
  10. It could be 'Audiogold' in Crouch End/Hornsey . Keith
  11. More Kii 'controls' arriving next week, the 'control' turns the Kii THREE into a complete system within itself and adds extra functionality over and above that of the speaker alone. Keith
  12. Actually dispatched and on their way should be here Friday, genuinely excited to hear them after such a long ( six month ) wait! Keith
  13. KEF's superb passive LS50s driven by PHISON Audio's A.120 stereo power amplifier and Benchmark DAC3. Keith
  14. To hear the superb range of Manger loudspeakers e-mail or telephone Purité Audio to make an appointment. Keith
  15. I will add some real photographs of the 8C's when they arrive, and write a short subjective comparison of the 8C's and add it to the Purité Audio BLOG. Keith