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  1. yaba

    Tuck tong?

    Found contact with him tonight all is well quite a amazing to get hold of him though a friend
  2. yaba

    Tuck tong?

    The guy was quite known but a lot people I know also but last I heard he was not well
  3. yaba

    Tuck tong?

    Picked up some hi fi made by tuck tong in Coventry anyone know out about it? Thanks Says b.a.s on rear? The insides are stunning
  4. yaba

    leak stereo 20 caps

    hi there i have a stereo 20 amp recapped it all left to do is the 2 on top are these a replacement ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/32-32uF-500V-Twin-Double-Capacitor-for-Marshall-Valve-Audio-Guitar-Amplifiers/111978240193?epid=856287510&hash=item1a126c58c1:g:aYwAAOxyoahSXBiD steve
  5. yaba

    tannoy Berkeley recone

    lockwood will have them tomoz cost 40 to send um 180 for the refoam
  6. yaba

    tannoy Berkeley recone

    got some 15 inch 385/8 that need a refoam.. is there anyone local to coventry that do these as getting them to lockwood and wemberly loudspeakers is a bit far
  7. thin sounding them gyros rather a lp12 anyday
  8. selling due to got 2 whites now boxed perfect this is a single one mega cheap £300 coventry
  9. yaba

    Sonos system help

    all set up not bad gonna order a few more
  10. yaba

    Sonos system help

    bought a sonos play 5 and a ipad 4 16gb what eles would i need?
  11. yaba

    Sonos system help

    ok sweet can i use the speakers to work in stereo ? like a pair ?
  12. yaba

    Sonos system help

    cool boss wil get on to it and no will be buying it all tho just somit to play with along side the hi fi system it self just a gadget i guess
  13. yaba

    Sonos system help

    also i seen a ipad being used as the source ?
  14. yaba

    Sonos system help

    anyone use these room things? am looking to put 1 upstairs and one in front room,, few question what dose the play from where is the amp? i think you can use your own ? am not sure but if so nad do a small one? not sure how all this works or what i need to get me rocking thanks steve
  15. i just clicks untill you tilt it back from the front click every 2 secs tehn when ya lift up front 5 inch up it starts to kick in and read