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  1. I use an iPhone as my primary source for music. The rest of my kit is a little further along the hifi journey than you are, but I will say this.... I have had no issues using airplay to an Airport Express and then a cable form that into the back of a standard 2-channel amp (was Cyrus, now Primare). For great sounding speakers at a good price, try some KEF - although do beware that some can be a bit on the bassy side if that's not your thing, or you have very little space! Good luck - and do let us know what you end up with.... Oh, and another thing, the poster recommending NAD is spot-on - my first ever amp was a NAD, and my daughter has a NAD CD player - great kit, and can always be found for a good price. If you are anywhere near a Richer Sounds, get in there and tell them what you're after - they're always super helpful, and deal with that part of the market really well.
  2. Not sure about amps, but I am rather partial to KEF Blades (I know they're "cheap" in this context). I would 100% by after one of these bad boys though:
  3. Right then - success!!!! I have re-attached the pulley with a dot of superglue, I have installed a white belt, and I have replaced the whole sub-platter and bearing assembly, and BINGO!!! All is well in the world, and it sounds almost as if I have a new turntable!. Thanks again everyone for the hints and tips.
  4. Happened to notice that Fanthorpes have some PMCs reduced in price - not to mention the ex-dem pair of KEF Ref1 which I would looooooove to have!!!!
  5. If I can drag this back on topic.... My experience with my children is that they simply don't have the attention span to actually sit and LISTEN. They both have separates systems in their rooms, with a cable to allow playback from iphone, and they also each have an Echo Dot. Yet, I find them sitting with that shit tinny sound coming out of the bottom of their phones, or with those shit earbuds that come with the phone (I have also purchased them both reasonable starter headphones). Neither of them actually use their hifis, and yet we are a very musical household. As well as me being very keen on my own hifi - and having a room dedicated to it, we are also all musicians. I don't think I'll ever fall out of love with having a hifi. My very first proper one was a NAD 310, Kenwood 5-disc CDplayer, and a pair of JPW Mini Monitor. I despair. Also, I wish I could un-hear Ed and Adele.
  6. That actually made me laugh out loud.... But, each to their own. I'd rather buy records.
  7. Not sure how, but I had never noticed this before - must have just passed me by - and I love checking out hifi shops online!!! I just spent money on Chord Speaker cable in spite of not being sure whether it's worth it or if I should have just bought some 79 strand. I don't think I'll be replacing fuses any time soon. Still a fan of a free market though!!!!
  8. Please excuse my ignorance. Can someone please let me know why there is a fuse in the classifieds that is having £35 asked for it? Is it not a fuse like I would have in a plug? What is it? Thanks very much...
  9. Update!! Spoke to Rega yesterday - they were very helpful. As a result I have ordered a new bearing and sub-platter assembly (much less hassle and probably cheaper than sourcing oil, bearing etc.) and have also checked and found I can simply slip the pully off the motor spindle. So that will need to be super-glued. The upshot is that by this evening, I should have new sub-platter assembly, glued pulley, and new white belt. If that list doesn't solve the problem, then I will be worried!!!!
  10. Those Gales do look rather lovely. To the list of others' favourites, I'd add the more recent stuff such as the Rega Planar 8, KEF Blades (and the REFs, and even my own R3s - which are piano black gloss). Diapason standmounts look pretty spectacular, but have never seen a pair on the flesh. Also Clearaudio high end turntables. For boxes, I was a massive fan of the Cyrus half-width stuff. I first saw them when I was about 16, and it wasn't until I was 25 that I could buy some. It was a Cyrus 5 Integrated, and I loved it!!! Kept it for 19 years, and it never stepped out of line.
  11. The belt was my first stop. I put one of those expensive white ones on... On Saturday, so I know it's not that! I will source some oil, and possibly a new ball....
  12. Yes it does, thanks - but will see if there is something I can nip to shops and buy....
  13. So, it appears that the speed is indeed slightly slow. I also think I have found the culprit - the bearing has a slight "gritty" sounds when rotating the spindle by hand. I'll clean it out and replace the oil (I hope I can get just a tiny bit) when I have time over the next few days.... I hope that sorts it!!! Thanks again everyone.
  14. Thanks again everyone... will have some time to play this evening, so will see if I can work out what's going on. I appreciate the hints.