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  1. chris_bates1974

    John Lewis media chest

    No longer available.
  2. chris_bates1974

    John Lewis media chest

    I could really use the space - anyone interested at £95?
  3. chris_bates1974

    Next time your wife says.......

    I get both reactions... The roll of the eyes when spending is suggested, but then recently, after a new floor came the "I don't like those speakers in there, never have really... why don't you get some standmounted ones that will look nicer and take up less space?" Arm twisted, KEF R3s bought.... Not exactly small though! Ha ha....
  4. chris_bates1974

    John Lewis media chest

    Solid dark wood cd and dvd storage chest. Holds many cds and dvds. Needs a new home as I am trying to declutter! Also on the bay, but happy for a wammer to get in and take it for £120. Or make me an offer... I’m located in south Leicestershire and happy to meet at a reasonable distance if it helps...
  5. chris_bates1974

    Little Turntable Stand

    Thanks all...
  6. chris_bates1974

    Little Turntable Stand

    Hi all.... I've seen system pics online (such as this: where the turntable is placed on a sort of little table so that it can sit over the amp on whatever furniture is being used. Anyone have any idea where I could get such a thing? Cheers...
  7. chris_bates1974

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    My recent addition in place for those that didn't see the other thread.... Yes, I'm pretty pleased with them! KEF R3
  8. chris_bates1974

    KEF R3

    No, not as yet..... Aaarrggghhhhhh!!! The number of variations!!!!! For clarity, I haven't owned a pair of standmount speakers (for my own set-up) since 2001. I had JPW Mini Monitor which were replaced by Mission M73, then the KEF Q700, and now I have the new standmount. So in all honesty, I'm not sure where to start in terms of playing around with them!!!
  9. chris_bates1974

    KEF R3

    The stands are on Granite chopping boards at the moment. Which is what the Q700 used to sit on. I haven't had the chance yet to test without them. I also am loathe to place the spikes directly on my floor which was fitted only one week ago!!!
  10. chris_bates1974

    KEF R3

    Can't upload any more as keep getting the 2MB error....
  11. chris_bates1974

    KEF R3

    A couple of pics. Fairly large toe-in just at the moment - will need to see how things develop further with more listening. Time is, unfortunately, very limited at the moment!!!
  12. chris_bates1974

    For Sale: KEF Q700 Floorstanding Speakers

    Please move this post to SOLD, as these now have been. Thanks.
  13. chris_bates1974

    F/S: SME Model 10a turntable and arm

    Gorgeous - would have been sorely tempted had I not bought new speakers on Saturday. GLWTS, someone is in for a treat....
  14. chris_bates1974

    KEF R3

    For those that contributed to, and read, the Monitor Audio PL100 thread.... So, I got the R3s home last night, and managed a set-up and listen (for about an hour). KEF recommend toe-in, so that is what I have gone for initially. I dare say I'll play with position. Intial impressions are that the demo did not lie. They are pretty thrilling, and with a replay of voices I've not heard before. Until last night, I don't think I had truly understood what people mean when they say that the speakers "disappear". I'm sure some running-in, and some position play will make things even better. And it may be that the bungs need to be adjusted. At this point, they are fully "bunged" due to the bass seeming a little much initially. However, it remains to be seen how this develops. Will try and get some pics added over the next couple of days.
  15. chris_bates1974

    For Sale: KEF Q700 Floorstanding Speakers

    Need these gone to free up the space, so will drop to £330 before I put them on the dreaded ‘bay....