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  1. Wondering if there is a charge/discount for children? I'd like to come and check it out this year, and suspect my daughter may want to join me! Thanks...
  2. chris_bates1974

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    I’d also like to know the cost for one of these cleaners please?
  3. chris_bates1974

    Kef Reference Owners Club

    A HiFi store in Hull has some ex-dem Ref 1 with 25% off, and whilst I can in no way afford them at this point, it did make me think... Would my amp (Primare I22 DAC) actually drive them effectively? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks....
  4. Retail price of my (vinyl only) set-up is split 18:46:28:8 but apart form the cartridge and the phono pre-amp, everything was ex-dem or reduced. Actual paid price is split 16:46:33:5 Not sure if that adds anything to the conversation, just found it interesting as I'd never considered it before. As I've mentioned on another thread, I'll likely be upgrading the front end some time in the next 12 months. That would make the split very different indeed. From what I've seen, my budget would stretch to a 3k (new) front end, although I wouldn't pay that. Splits would then be: 50:28:17:5 or 53:26:18:3 But then I'll be looking to upgrade the speakers.........
  5. chris_bates1974

    Piano sounds odd

    Thanks everyone, will check out the hole placement on the discs I hear it on, and report back!
  6. chris_bates1974

    Piano sounds odd

    I don’t actually own a CD player since I sold my Cyrus 6 to friend with my Cyrus 5 Amp.... don’t miss it, and I have the safety net if a decent NAD unit my daughter has in her room!
  7. chris_bates1974

    Piano sounds odd

    Ha ha... at this point, no budget.... as for the mat, I use a rubber mat. And there are zero issues with any other instruments, or with voices. Even on the same track.
  8. chris_bates1974

    Piano sounds odd

    I’m using a Rega Planar 3, Ortofon 2M Red, Rega Fono MM MkII, Primare I22, and KEF Q700. Whenever I play records that feature live piano, such as Placebo Unplugged, or a couple of tracks off the Loud Like Love LP for instance, the piano sounds odd. At first I thought it might be the TT was running a little slow. It’s not. I thought it might be a dodgy pressing. It’s not. Nothing else ever sounds off like this. Currently spinning Nirvanas Unplugged set and it’s sounding great.... Any ideas please as to what might be causing the issue? Thanks.....
  9. chris_bates1974

    FS: Michell Gyrodec, Upgraded ** REDUCED **

    I wish I had the budget now! GLWTS, this is a stunning piece of kit, and certainly on my list!
  10. chris_bates1974

    Cosmetic Damage

    Some interesting answers, and scary stories... I guess in the end, it does just come don to how much people care about their stuff. For me, cosmetic damage buying second-hand equipment would be an absolute red line. For new equipment that may have picked up a small ding in the shop, I'd be wanting a decent discount.
  11. chris_bates1974

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    My understanding is that Sainsbury's is now the biggest retailer of records in the UK. Having seen the prices at HMV, I am not surprised. I certainly only go there when the sales are on and I have my Christmas voucher! I much prefer to use my local record shop, but fear he will shortly be out of business. Online is king, whether music is streamed or a physical format is purchased. Those of us who prefer browsing the racks are fewer and fewer in number, and as mentioned above the pricing on new releases doesn't help. £27 for a record is simply too much for most people. The question is whether records are mainstream. As a physical format? Probably. As part of music consumption generally? I'd say niche, and likely to stay that way.
  12. chris_bates1974

    Cosmetic Damage

    I've noticed on eBay, on the selling part here, and elsewhere, HiFi bits for sale in what can only be described as terrible cosmetic condition. Given that surely, HiFi sits on a rack and is barely touched, I genuinely do not understand how it can be the case that an amp (for instance) can end up with chipped and scratched facia, or a speaker can have had a spike snapped off, or a torn cover, or a damaged driver. I'd love to hear from people how on earth this stuff happens! Lastly, I am genuinely asking this - not trying to be provocative. I sold an amp to a friend last year that was 17 years old, had been through several house moves, and was cosmetically as new, so I just don't get how stuff gets so damaged. Cheers.
  13. chris_bates1974

    £2k Turntable.

    Right up my street that is.... However, it's just not the right time. Hoping that when it is, some of these beauties will be available..... I was thinking new, but some of these would be too good to resist!!!!!
  14. chris_bates1974

    £2k Turntable.

    That's certainly a very tempting offer - although about ten months early in budget terms!!! It's a stunning looking piece of kit, but battered is what I'd be if it suddenly appeared on my rack in the hifi room!!! Hope you manage to find a loving home for it though!
  15. chris_bates1974

    New multi channel ncore amplifier

    I see this has now reached the target - congratulations! It's not something I'm in the market for, but I follow these threads with interest, and the product certainly looks fabulous. I hope it's a great success!