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  1. For my second system eg Spendor S3/5R2, Proac Tablette 10, Stirling or Falcon LS3/5a or KEF LS50(white only for the KEF please) Can pick up from the South Of England, thanks
  2. Hi the Chord Chorus are still available - almost forgot about those !
  3. Bigwig07

    Chromecast Audio as a Streamer... again

    Yes I've tried the top tier and it was very good. I'm currently stuck on a 3 month free trial offer of Cd quality, which is good value !
  4. Bigwig07

    Chromecast Audio as a Streamer... again

    Thanks, I guess I'll try experimenting. I'm a bit of a box swapper and my Chord 2Qute DAC is currently boxed away (doesn't fit on rack and couldn't get it to work properly), so I'm just using the DAC on the SA14 (probably almost as good). I also have a Roksan Oxygene amp with Bluetooth AptX HD so i'll give that a try too. And I have feeling that the SQ on Qobuz CD tier is not as good as Tidal.
  5. Bigwig07

    Chromecast Audio as a Streamer... again

    Hi Nopiano, No I haven't answered my question which was CCA V dedicated streamer, not CCA V CD player I have tried the CCA before with good results but it sounded pretty poor compared with a CD. I was comparing an excellent CD source (Marantz SA14s1se) which then links direct into the amp via RCA cable with - a Qobuz file which is recorded at Qobuz HQ, stored somewhere, transmitted over the internet to my router, transmitted to my ipad, transmitted to my CCA, then transmitted via digital optical cable to the DAC on my CD player before following the same route as the CD to the amp. Despite the fact that the original Qobuz file was supposed to be CD quality I suppose it was always onto a loser. So I know that CCA can sound ok but would it sound better to a use a dedicated streamer with for example Apt X Bluetooth, and no CCA ?
  6. Bigwig07

    Chromecast Audio as a Streamer... again

    No - same album though
  7. Bigwig07

    Chromecast Audio as a Streamer... again

  8. Hi I know this has been covered elsewhere, but I'm still not clear on the answer to - 'Is the CCA via its digital output and optical cable into a DAC inferior to a more conventional dedicated streamer (eg Arcam rplay, sonos, Cambridge cxn) ' Today I compared standard CD replay with a Qobuz CD quality stream to CCA and then via optical into the DAC - both on my Marantz SA14S1 SE. The Qobuz/CCA was very disappointing, I was expecting it to be comparable. I'm thinking of getting a dedicated streamer.
  9. Bigwig07

    Suitcase Challenge - Results

    It would be better if you actually said what the systems were, their strengths and weaknesses, and why you made the decision. And a solution to the Brexit crisis.
  10. Bigwig07

    Chromecast Audio DAC

    Make sure you use an optical cable with the CCA, not 3.5mm mini jack
  11. Bigwig07

    Roksan Caspian M2 Amp Power Hum

    Something else to worry about
  12. Bigwig07

    Roksan Caspian M2 Amp Power Hum

    Thanks - I wonder if the transformer bolt should be tightened to a recommended torque ?
  13. Bigwig07

    Roksan Caspian M2 Amp Power Hum

    Great thanks, I'll give it a try - I'll probably wear rubber gloves !
  14. Bigwig07

    Roksan Caspian M2 Amp Power Hum

    Mechanical - from the amp itself. I don't think its the mains as my other kit works fine. Is it possible to resecure the transformer ?