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  1. Rather not - they're full of volcanic ash
  2. £99 Excellent condition. These are heavy and filled with specialist volcanic ash. Pick up from Guildford, Surrey
  3. £995 Excellent condition with box, remote, power cable, instruction manual
  4. £475 Sorry no box or grilles (lost in a house move) but they look and sound better without Collection from Guildford in Surrey, although for an extra £25 I may be able to deliver in the SE
  5. Bigwig07

    Warm Summer evenings and valve amps !

    Chrysamthenunanams This is getting silly
  6. Bigwig07

    Warm Summer evenings and valve amps !

    This code is something I understand not Being a recent convert to the Ls3/5a club though, I wonder what a nice valve amp might do Where should I start up to say £1k secondhand ? I would prefer a modern integrated I think
  7. Bigwig07

    Warm Summer evenings and valve amps !

    What the f. are you guys on about?
  8. Sorry just edited posts to show correct Marantz kit !
  9. Oops sorry I have the PM14 and SA14 S1 SE I think with the KEF LS50 its down to the metal dome tweeter, and you can probably dial it out in the right set up. The speaker is capable of stunning results
  10. Well, in case anyone is interested here are the preliminary views and results of my 'league shoot out' Source Marantz SA14 S1 SE CD player - fantastic soundstage and detail. I used to have the SA 8005 which is flat and boring in comparison. Amps Roksan Oxygene - Lovely warm sound. Seems a bit laid back and shut in but then instruments magically rise out of the mix in sharp focus. Very entertaining and fantastic bluetooth functionality Roksan Caspian M2 -Muscular sound. Fantastic soundstage and detail. Probably my best amp Marantz PM 14 S1 SE - Fantastic soundstage and detail. Sharp treble gives everything great architecture but without being too bright. I think I (only just) prefer the Roksan presentation. Phono stage yet to be explored. Speakers (with Partington Broadside stands) - I'm having difficulty choosing, each one seems to have a magic trick ! Its going to be down to my preference on presentation and what works well in the room ATC SCM11 V2 - Very neutral and transparent. Everything hangs together beautifully. It's a little light though and doesn't work well with lesser power amps (Oxygene) and lower volumes Kef LS50 - Powerful and focused. Great detail and imaging. Treble a bit bright. Focal Aria 905 - Fantastic weighty sound gives real presence to everything. Good detail and soundstage. I love the presentation. I must try the 906's Stirling LS3/5a V2 - I'd heard myths and legends of a magic box from long ago. The first time I tried them I wasn't impressed, but I now know those legends to be true ! All I did was turn my speaker stands through 90 degrees. Fantastic lush sound, vocals and midrange. Imaging is the best ever. Beautiful. How does such a big sound come from such a small box, and what on earth have speaker designers been doing for the past 45 years since then ? (The V2's are of course a modern clone of the old LS3/5a design using replica drivers) Kef R300 - Great all rounder. Meaty bass sharp treble. Monitor Audio Gold 50 - Fantastic imaging and soundstage, good detail. Treble is very sweet (ribbon tweeter) but a bit too prominent for my tastes.