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  1. Thanks but I bought these sh some years back so the warranty has expired / doesn't apply
  2. I have some Russ Andrews Crystal Cu interconnects which I like but unfortunately there is now no sound through the rh cable. Obviously a connection has gone. Does anyone know the weak spots here and any easy repairs ? Thanks
  3. OOOPS in the link I've just pasted it says - TIDAL is only available in the United States on Alexa. That means you need an U.S. account on Amazon. Stay tuned to find out about availability in more countries.
  4. I lodged an inquiry with Amazon who say that Tidal isn't supported In direct contradiction to the Tidal website
  5. Tidal is now supported by Alexa, apparently Trouble is that i can't find it under Music Services - only Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Tunin, and Apple Music Any ideas ?
  6. Amazingly this offer is still open
  7. I prefer the richer Harbeth sound
  8. Reluctant sale of these fantastic speakers as I don't have room; £2750 Excellent condition. Matched serial numbers. These are about 4 years old and little used. Custom Design sq404 Stands in black are filled, and specifically designed for these speakers. I have the original boxes and packing but these have been collapsed to store in the loft, and would need reassembling. The speakers are heavy so pick up from Guildford, Surrey preferred (close to M25 J10). Or for a small extra charge tba and pre payment I may be able to deliver to M25, M40 or M11 corridor, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, West London. Please PM me. Thanks
  9. Glad you've achieved perfection but oh dear, by way of update I've recently acquired some Harbeth super HL5+. Obviously a big step up in price and size, they sound fantastic - but they've shown up the lack of dynamics and smaller soundstage of the Stirling LS3/5a's. Unfortunately the Harbeths are too big for my room so they will have to go and I need to start searching for some smaller speakers ! again
  10. An interesting comparison is SACD v's CD. Might seem slightly better, not sure though.