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  1. Bigwig07

    Cd player advice

    Hi Yes in Guildford if you're interested My other recommendation is a 20 year old Marantz cd 52ii - technically not quite as good as the Roksan, but gives a great warm meaty sound. Available from c£50 sh.
  2. Bigwig07

    Cd player advice

    second hand Roksan Caspian M2 - the best CD player i've ever heard
  3. Hi the cables are 1m long. I am selling 1 pair of cables.
  4. I am rationalising my hi fi, and have a reluctant sale of ;- Roksan Caspian M2 CD Player :- Fantastic CD player. Those in the know realise this is one of the best you can get. 4 years old and mint condition. Balanced XLR outputs. RMX Learning remote control (hardly used). Handbook. Power Cord. Sorry no original box but I can find a suitable size one if required. £825 Chord Chorus 2 XLR - XLR interconnect - Ideal for above. Mint condition and boxed. £160 Buyer collects preferred from Guildford, although for a small delivery charge I could deliver in SE or East England, or M25 corridor (not London). Sorry I don't trust couriers. PM if interested.
  5. Bigwig07

    Chord 2Qute DAC playing audio at half speed - help !

    Thanks I may give that a try. Can you stream Qobuz through something like Audionirvana though ?
  6. Bigwig07

    Chord 2Qute DAC playing audio at half speed - help !

    I'm still experimenting with it, and want to try more hi res stuff. I bought it from Nintronics. I am perplexed as to how to play hi res files for this device. I tried the digital out on SACD from my Marantz but that is copyright protected and doesn't work, and of course SACD's are limited in availability and expensive, so I'm looking at hi res downloads - but it doesn't work ! Very frustrating.
  7. Bigwig07

    Chord 2Qute DAC playing audio at half speed - help !

    i'd rather get it to work
  8. Bigwig07

    Chord 2Qute DAC playing audio at half speed - help !

    The 2Qute is 4 months old
  9. Bigwig07

    Chord 2Qute DAC playing audio at half speed - help !

    I've tried that too..
  10. Bigwig07

    Chord 2Qute DAC playing audio at half speed - help !

    Yes I have rebooted. I have previously tried playing a hi res file downloaded from HD Tracks, and the Chord apparently could only play that at CD quality resolution so I gave up on that one. Very frustrating.
  11. As above - sounds like that old trick when you're playing a record and you switch off the motor, or play a 45 at 33 rpm. Entertaining for about 4 seconds.. I'm streaming hi res music from Qobuz via a USB cable from my laptop. Playing via my Marantz SA8005 DAC is fine - correct bitrate displayed on the Marantz panel etc, so the laptop output seems fine. But the Chord plays at half speed despite the correct bitrate showing on the 2Qute light display. Any ideas ? I suspect the Chord driver or settings but can't seem to find it
  12. Wow thanks to everyone who's responded on this. Seems to have struck a chord ! I currently seem to be an obsessive ebay hi fi box swapper, and seem to becoming a hi fi collector. I only have one main system but the spare room and garage is getting filled up with spare kit ! But in 2019 this thread has inspired me to source /try some high end Marantz kit, some better speakers, and get my nice Project RPM 5 Carbon turntable out of its box and squeeze it onto the rack to compare ! Next i may try some NOS Dacs.
  13. Hi yes I've noted your previous posts on the SA14s1se and PM14s1se products, and I have a lot of love for the Marantz name from my cd52ii and lovely old PM8200 amp, but more recent Marantz products seem to me to be a bit too neutral / boring. I'm seriously interested in the 14SE's. Any idea how your PM14s1SE amp might compare to my Roksan Caspian M2 ?
  14. Have you tried the Qutest ? They're supposed to give a warmer sound, and could be on my future shopping list
  15. Yeah i think they are an emerging classic. I have two, still going strong but you have to replace the cd drawer belt after a while