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  1. I have a pair of the Stirling Ls3/5a V2's and I love the sound so that the one to go for if you like a rich sound and superb detail and imaging. I'd say they are comparable with the P3 ESR but with a less aggressive treble and they are slightly less dynamic. Still fab though Contrary to misconception they are great with rock music (meatloaf sounds sublime) and at up to medium volumes, but not high volumes / party level Avoid Kef LS50 in my view which need proper stands, a good amp and still have a bright aggressive top end. Fab on some music when they're set up right though.
  2. At that price I’d wait for the sales on Black Friday and get a new one at not much more
  3. I love my Focal Aria 905's for a rich meaty sound, comparable to my LS3/a's and not like the more expensive Focals which I understand are a bit bright.
  4. I think the first challenge is to work out what is going on. Oh, its some kind of hi fi show, next March I think... Then it's to try and work out where the actual show is... ? Perhaps you can then try and figure out what the spreadsheet is and how it works..? Then you can figure out if there's tickets or not and how much to see if its worth going …? If you can find those answers maybe you could think about exhibiting... ? Or perhaps not be bothered with the whole thing at all
  5. Interesting - as the Harbeths are about 10 times the price ! I think the Q acoustics 20s give a tight fast sound, but lack the fullness of the Harbeths
  6. Or for a more mainstream sound for higher volumes try Focal Aria 906
  7. I’ve tried loads of speakers too - mainly bookshelf and don’t like the aggressive treble and intrusive base of ‘hi fi’ speakers Try a sh pair of Ls3/5a’s or their modern clones. I have a pair of Stirling Ls3/5a V2’s. Fantastic
  8. Hi they are the usual blue. Lot nicer than black and gold !
  9. If I was doing an impression of an LS50 I'd paint a frying pan gold then hold it up in front of my face, then crouch down with a black sheet over me covering everything but the pan. To complete the scene you could have three spectators - two audiophiles and a woman. One audiophile would say he thought they were fantastic, the other would say he doesn't like them as they are a bit bright sounding, and the woman would say she can't tell any difference.
  10. Immaculate and about 18 months old Boxed with instruction book etc Collection only from Guildford, Surrey although I may be also able to deliver in the SE. £525
  11. Not sure what you mean by smooth in this context. I'd say the sound is a bit more clinical than the Roksans but has excellent soundstaging and detail I need to listen more but so far it feels like a powerful amp so I feel it magnifies what your speakers do if that makes sense. It seems to demand good speakers, and my Focal Aria 905's (max recommended power 100w) sounded a bit overblown and strained. It sounds great with the Stirling Ls3/5a's but again very occaisonally it sounds a little overblown and strained. I estimate it's producing 112w into 11 ohms here which is above the recommended power output for the Stirlings but I don't turn the volume up much more than a quarter of a turn. I read a Hi Fi Pig review which says the amp is very fussy with speakers.
  12. Yes it sounds good - feels like there is a rocket ship put into the speaker drivers ! I need to compare with my other amps to decide which is most enjoyable
  13. Further update. Continuing to enjoy the LS3/5a's and have now bought the sellers Leema Tucana II amp. This is described as a 'high power amp' with 150 wpc into 8 ohms. I don't want to turn the amp up too much incase it blows the speakers now !