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  1. clifton

    RDC Cones

  2. clifton

    RDC Cones

    Only RDC cones left now!
  3. clifton

    RDC Cones

    Bump again. Offers welcome
  4. clifton

    RDC Cones

    Bump! Offers welcome.
  5. clifton

    RDC Cones

    Bump. Offers considered
  6. Dan I've emailed you directly about these.
  7. clifton

    RDC Cones

    Sold 3 large RDC's so 6 left now. Bump
  8. clifton

    RDC Cones

    Hi, no the SOLID TECH are still for sale. The SOMETHING SOLID feet were sold and so I took them out of the post. 3 of the RDC small cones have also been sold
  9. clifton

    RDC Cones

  10. clifton

    RDC Cones

  11. clifton

    RDC Cones

  12. 1 x Tacima CS929 6 Way Mains Conditioner Review here Price: £20 Shipping £5. Local pickup welcome. Location: NW London
  13. 3 x SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH SR20 13A MAINS FUSES. Only 1 box supplied as pictured. Bought second hand quite a few years ago, unfortunately the condition they are in was the condition they were bought in, all fully working just don't look great. The seller was a bit of an ass sadly. Review here Price per fuse: £20 Take all 3 will do for £50 with free shipping. Local pickup welcome. Location: NW London