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  1. Is it true mono? I have heard of wide mono and narrow stereo. If it's mono won't it all be right in the centre? I have not got that album available, I did try another Nat King Cole mono and it did not sound mono to me.
  2. Can mono have a huge soundstage?
  3. The Jazz groove is my favourite so far but too much vibraphone music for my taste.
  4. Thanks I tried the Audiophile ones, Rock and Blues was awful, both sound quality and music. The Jazz is a better but I don't think audiophile maybe just the tracks I heard. Linn Jazz is better quality but limited choice.
  5. Well there are lots of posts about RF and Chord DACs here is one: Now the Dave is their most expensive DAC which Rob Watts has done a lot of work to reduce RF. In another posts he says these devices are sensitive to RF, often through a USB cable, he even suggests using ferrites on the cable to one user, wonder where I have heard that before
  6. Yes they did say they had a problem.
  7. But Chord Qutest DAC is one of the best measuring according to that site you use.
  8. BeeRay

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    When everybody is talking about something then is has usually peaked.
  9. BeeRay

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    I agree this is just a trend, like most trends it will fade and diminish. Even cassettes are becoming more popular again, can't see that really taking off. I think vinyl is nearing it's peak.
  10. BeeRay

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    Yes you could be right, but that's the point, if it was mainstream then everything would be readily available, all the current music. Just a few records in a supermarket does not make it mainstream. I will have to check my local supermarkets but I have certainly not seen any. It seems many young vinyl buyers don't even have a record player.
  11. Does anyone use Wolfgang's, used to be Wolfgang's Vault?
  12. BeeRay

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    No record shops near me. We have a weekly record fayre but prices are far too high for used records. Nearest Sainsburys is about 20 miles away. Nearest record shop is about 30 miles away. Problem with online is the high postage. I can't see vinyl becoming mainstream. Cds are a lot cheaper and easier to buy. Downloads and streaming is where music buying/playing is going. Hifi is a very niche way of playing music.
  13. I’m not pigeon holing anything. I just don’t find it progressive, it’s a copy of 70s style prog, that is my problem with it and most rock these days. All music describe as a tribute to 70s Prog. There is music I like, a lot of music I quite like and loads I don’t like.
  14. BeeRay

    What are you listening to right now?

    Only 25 thought it was older than that. Very late night music for me.