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  1. BeeRay

    What are you listening to right now?

    Monument Builders - Loscil
  2. BeeRay

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    Excellent review Tim, great work. Did you try the ADI with the iFi power chord? I understand you did not try these using Tidal or Spotify? In tests balanced often come out better but I don't have on my system.
  3. BeeRay

    What are you listening to right now?

    That's Entertainment The Collection - The Jam
  4. BeeRay

    What are you listening to right now?

    Everybody, Anyone - Stone Foundation
  5. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars Question

    All of my LPs were bought in the 70s, maybe a few in the early 80s. Cds were bought mostly in the 90s before all this loudness issue. Others I have bought more recently have been checked that the sound quality is OK. Otherwise I just stream from Deezer or Spotify. Yes I have heard some of those Sheffield Labs and Dragon Records, few were to my taste unfortunately. This is the problem the high quality records are rarely to my taste, the nearest that is would be ECM.
  6. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars Question

    My understanding is they make a master tape, sometimes called studio master tape, then from that they product various formats, cd, mp3 and vinyl. So you will have a different master for cd and vinyl. If you go back to studio master you should be able to produce an uncompressed version?
  7. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars Question

    Of course I'm talking about before the mastering. How can it be compressed if you are using the tape for different formats? You think vinyl is cut from the the compressed master?
  8. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars Question

    Not quite, someone needs to get hold of the master before it has been compressed. Well there is more higher quality becoming available such as HiRez, 24 bit, MQA etc, streaming lossless etc, so maybe things will change.
  9. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars Question

    I agree with some of that but it can be uncompressed, it has been done with California, which is one of the most derided cds around apparently and the uncompressed version does sound so much better. Debating it may change attitudes, that is the point of things like the loudness wars and the drdatabase, it also helps when buying cds which ones to go for or avoid. I have seen some movement recently towards less compressed masters. Radio now has equalised volumes so it's no good making the music louder for radio. Yes vinyl is another matter, it is down to the cutting engineer how to fit it all on and not make the stylus jump off, less music per side helps a lot. CD have more DR but unfortunately it is rarely used, it's like having a car that can go 200mph and and only driving it in first gear. The problem is most music these days is not played on hifi and most people don't care about sound quality, in fact they would complain if you made their music less loud. Personally I think there should be 2 versions of every album, one compressed for car/cheap headphones and one for hifi.
  10. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars Question

    Don't think they were so bad, some ZZ Top if you bought in the 2000s were low DR.
  11. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars Question

    No but the less compressed version as in the case of California sounds much better than the compressed one and it's not really my sort of music.
  12. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars Question

    Do you have any Oasis or RHCP? They are generally compressed and sound awful.
  13. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars Question

    Yet most vinyl has a larger dynamic range than cds released in the last 20 years, if you look on the drdatabase you will see.
  14. BeeRay

    Curry anyone?

    Not so keen on Indian curries now, prefer Thai ones. Never had wine vinegar in curry and what is Fenugreek?
  15. BeeRay

    What are you listening to right now?

    Bring the Family - John Hiatt