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  1. BeeRay

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    Floyd Toole did some room treatment actually "the carpet is dense clipped pile with a half-inch of felt below it, acting as an acoustic absorber. Toole believes that the wall immediately behind the listeners should be acoustically absorptive, so the drapery at the rear of the room is heavy velour. Above the velour drapes, Toole has completely disguised five inches of fiberglass, which acts as a broadband absorber, removing any opportunity for sound to bounce between the front and back of the room." He also designed speakers to sound good in most rooms ""In speaker design, we treat sound above 300 to 400 hertz very differently than sound below this frequency range," says Toole. I agree some rooms you can get used to the sound and ignore it but some rooms need some sort of treatment, I think rdale's would be one of them. My room would benefit from some also but not sure I want to spend the money to do it but I will probably be getting some thick curtains for the window as it is a first reflection point and most of my listening is in the evenings.
  2. BeeRay

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    Yes if you have a problem at one frequency then EQ can work. Yes I realise you can ge moveable panels but storing them for a patio door could be an issue and blocking up a window/patio door in daytime could be a problem as well. Can EQ cure frequencies issues on one side of the room?
  3. BeeRay

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    The problem with active treatment is it is only for one position, if you move a few inches then the frequencies will change. EQ can help but is perfect as some make out. Ideally you need both. Using panels in your living room may not be acceptable or very difficult, would you cover a window or patio doors which panels?
  4. BeeRay

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    Does this: answer your question?
  5. BeeRay


    True North _ Michael Chapman New album out last week, not too sure about this one, british singer/songwriter makes an Americana album, it is top of the Americana chart.
  6. BeeRay

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    Yes I have heard similar comments about Chord, I recall at one bake-off last year a couple of attendees said they could live with all the DACs but not the Chord. Not got to hear one yet, I may have a demo soon. RME is tempting but I will wait for a used one. Not buying new hifi anymore unless I have to.
  7. BeeRay

    DAC Off Part 2: Qutest vs RME ADI-2 DAC

    No Jazz in general is not so compressed as most pop/rock records these days. ECM are very good recordings. Classical also are not compressed very much. Nearly all records have some compression, but nothing like most pop music, there are a few without compression which have warnings on them.
  8. BeeRay

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    Who is Jon Myles anyway?
  9. BeeRay

    CD Alive and Well?

    I don't use Roon, so I don't how good it is with covers. Yes you will need some device to show it of course unless you print it off. CD covers I find fairly poor compared to LPs. Many cds I have have hardly anything apart from the front and back of the sleeve.
  10. BeeRay

    CD Alive and Well?

    Can't you get all the sleeve notes online?
  11. BeeRay

    CD Alive and Well?

    It used to be sellers on Amazon loads for 1p + postage but now most are over £1 + postage. Charity shops, never seen anything worth buying even for a £1, it's all stuff nobody wants, I think they put the decent stuff on ebay now. Never scratched my cds, I've had a few scratched ones I bought cheap but most play ok, the one that did not I got a free replacement for. Most of the stuff I want is not mainstream anyway.
  12. BeeRay

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    I think there is a lot more to it than that. It depends how long the music is, how many minutes you will fit on each side of the record, if only about 15 minutes per side you can fit a lot more onto the record, if you are cramming 25-30 minutes on then the sound quality will be compromised and the bass will be reduced. Bass has to handled differently on vinyl, also the high notes to avoid siblence. There have been complaints from record buyers that some records do seem to be using the same master on the LP.
  13. BeeRay

    The Truth About Vinyl - Vinyl vs. Digital

    I agree, too many variables but the cds will sound a lot closer than the differences with vinyl, by which, I mean if you just change the cartridge will make a considerable difference to the sound. Putting a digital master straight onto a vinyl record is not a good idea. It should be mastered for that medium. Best to compare a decent LP v CD. Led Zepp the original UK pressings were meant to be good, I never found Led Zepp that good on CD.
  14. BeeRay

    Loudness Wars

    So one band member says they don't compress their music, not a lot to go on. I know someone who has his own studio, he says many bands do ask for their music to be loud, he says most have not got a clue, usually ask for it to sound like some other group. Most modern music is over compressed to my ears. It started in the mid to late 90s, probably to get noticed on the radio, just like adverts were always louder. Most modern music is not mastered for hifi.
  15. BeeRay

    CD Alive and Well?

    What do you call a good cd player? Many people have got rid of their cd players because they found streaming better.