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  1. BeeRay

    New album releases

    Just playing this one which seems pretty good so far:
  2. BeeRay

    What are you listening to right now?

    Only played the first 3 tracks, so far, so good.
  3. BeeRay

    Speaker cable and amplifier matching
  4. Interesting that most taxis seem to be diesel. I know there maybe problems with the particle filter but don't think you will get those on the age he will be buying. Think you will find proportionally diesels are more economical compared to petrol at lower speeds or tickover. You were lucky a kwikf#t exhaust lasted 3 years, had one once and it only lasted just over a year. Very surprised my Skoda original lasted over 10 years.
  5. Don't agree about diesels, they are at their best around town and at lower speeds, high speeds they are not so economical. Don't need to do that many miles to save money either. On 10k you should save about £300 a year. Car tax will probably be lower as well. Vauxhalls my garage says they have lots of problems. How long do you find exhausts last now, my last car was nearly 11 years and it not need replacing. Same for batteries. I've had Fords and Vauxhalls and these things only lasted a few years.
  6. It pays to check prices, Amazon are not cheap for these items. My TurtleWax was £3.04 Carspares4less, £10 Halfords, Amazon £13.71. I would complain to Amazon seems a bit too much.
  7. BeeRay

    Cd player advice

    This is from WHF XT review "This transport is fussy about disc quality. If your platters are not in top condition, or formatted to the precise Red Book CD spec, it may struggle to read them." So seems to be an ongoing issue with Cyrus. From memory people were pretty pissed off with their service and being without a cdp for months and still no fix. Some upgraded to the next model at cost. What's the point of a cdp if it does not play cds? A year or so ago I would have suggested a Marantz 8005 which were £500 but these are not available anymore and the 8006 is quite expensive still.
  8. BeeRay

    500 EUR notes

    That is a poor rate, I would insist on £ notes, smells a bit fishy to me.
  9. Yes UK, Carparts4less, free postage as well. Halfords have it for £14 at the mo. Are we looking at the same thing? Ultimate Fast Finish, comes with a micro cloth.
  10. BeeRay

    Cd player advice

    I agree Cyrus have had a poor rep, I would not touch them having read some of stories about customer service. Even in reviews some players would not play cds. I would also look at top loading ones as generally more reliable. The tray seems to be the least reliable part.
  11. Meguiar's look good products, will give them a try next, thanks. You can get that for £18 so not so bad.
  12. Well I got 57.8mpg over nearly 10 years, last 4 years I was getting about 63mpg, last trip was 73mpg. My previous petrol, same car but petrol only did about 37mpg, even on a long run never did more than 45mpg. Yes changing from 2l to 1.25 will make a difference. New petrol car are better but he is buying old about 10 years old so that won't apply. Anyway I saved about £3k, nearly enough to buy one that is 6 years younger.
  13. I had a Yaris as a holiday rental car in Iceland, one thing to note is the boot is very small. It also went wrong half round so had to change it for another one. Driving it was ok but I would prefer something a bit larger. Also Yaris will be pretty old. Also consider Seat part of VW. Have a look on Auto Trader in your area and see what is available.
  14. BeeRay

    Easy listening

    I don't do easy listening. If I want something relaxing I may play some classical or jazz. Hush puppies do they still make them? If you want to fall asleep try Norah Jones.
  15. Which car are you referring to? If Vauxhall I would agree, avoid, had one once. Mind you worst car I ever had by a long way was a Ford Fiesta. I don't agree about diesel running costs on previous post after switching to diesel it saved me a lot of money, about £3k over 10 years, mpg from 37 to 57 and car tax down from £180 to £30. Servicing costs were similar. Parts, what parts? Diesels could be cheaper to buy now as out of favour.