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  1. BeeRay

    This proves I'm not an audiophile.

    "Never heard of these brands" So how do you know of them?
  2. BeeRay

    What are you listening to right now?

    Eternal Beams - Seahawks
  3. BeeRay


    Just seen this. Have ordered it but will not be cheap, delivery is 6-12weeks, what?? How are they sending it?
  4. BeeRay

    A week in Hong Kong

    I agree some cracking images. I did try the Fuji X-T10 on one trip and I really struggled with it. I have used Nikon, Minolta and for the last 15 years Canon, I never had a problem changing cameras until the X-T10, I have even used a Sony compact without any problem. I thought the AF was poor, missed quite a few shots and there is often a delay, quite a few were out of focus as well, the failure rate was far higher than with my Canon 5D2. The manual focus is not good, no marking on the lenses and you have to turn the lens focus ring around a lot, it not very easy to see what the focus setting is, everything is the opposite direction as well which does not help. Not keen on the viewfinder image and if you use the screen can't hold it so still. The grip is far too small even for my hands, you can buy an optional larger grip. In the manual it says you can reverse this but I can't find the setting in the menu. A lot of the settings are buried in the menus. It did some weird things in low light as well, mind of it's own. There were several issues, images did seem quite noisy in low light, I guess that's one limitation of a smaller sensor. I'm was thinking of selling mine but may give it another go. For street photos I see a few are using the Ricoh GRs. For me it has not replaced the DSLR although I may use one for trips I'm not going to take many images and for street type images. For countries like Japan and Myanmar I will be taking my 5D2 or I may replace that with a newer version. My advise is if thinking of replacing your DSLR is buy a used one and try out for a while then if it's not for you you will not lose much money.
  5. BeeRay

    Recording vinyl

    Well you can download songs for off line streaming with Spotify Premium on different devices. Most streaming services have offline playback.
  6. BeeRay

    Recording vinyl

    I was replying to Guzziboy!!
  7. BeeRay

    Recording vinyl

    Can you not just stream offline?
  8. BeeRay

    Talk Talk. Any live recordings?

    Just had a search and there is a DVD: Talk Talk - Live At Montreux 1986
  9. BeeRay

    Whatever happened to DAB?

    Cars still use analogue and new cars can use internet radio. Demand for DAB does not seem strong so I guess not much money will be spent on developing it. I have far more problems with digital TV reception than I ever did with analogue. I think internet radio is the way to go, stations such as Radio Paradise have far better sound quality than you will ever get with DAB. UK radio I find very poor music choice anyway.
  10. BeeRay

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    "works best 4 foot from a rear wall" Can't see that working, don't they mean front wall? But yes I agree most rooms in the UK are not really suitable. I had bass issues in my last house, only way to solve it was to cut the bass without spending loads of money on room treatments. Subs can be terrible, next door had one, I would avoid unless you have a concrete floor.
  11. BeeRay

    What to upgrade first?

    B&W have been said to have slow bass, so that sounds like it could be reason. I would try and have some demos at a HiFi dealer if you can.
  12. BeeRay

    What to upgrade first?

    Larger speakers should produce more bass. Believe yours are fairly small bookshelf ones? Don't think it's the CDP, I found changing the speakers made the biggest difference.
  13. BeeRay

    What are you listening to right now?

    That Lonesome Song - Jamey Johnson
  14. BeeRay

    What are you listening to right now?

    One Flight Up - Dexter Gordon Great album, not as well known as Our Man in Paris and Doin' Alright but well worth hearing.
  15. BeeRay

    Acoustic panel/treatment recommendations

    Interestingly the floor is the main culprit for reflections: " Peter Lyngdorf who participated in it said the following: "I’ve done a lot of testing on the effects of reflections in rooms, and there was a big, big project in Denmark about twelve years ago, with a lot of companies involved in investigating effects of reflections in rooms. I had the pleasure of being a test person, where we could actually simulate the audible effect of the floor reflection, sidewall reflection, ceiling reflection, and so on independently. The single most disturbing reflection in the room is the floor reflection. That is what makes the speaker sound like a radio and not like the actual event. ... The floor reflection absolutely must be handled" Not a fan of laminated wooden floors, too noisy and sound is reflected all over the room.