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  1. I agree about Sebastião Salgado, he is has some interesting work, saw his exhibition in Bangkok a few years ago, his Brazilian mining images are worth a look, meant to be a compassionate person. Also saw Steve McCurry exhibition also. I would include Michael Kenna also.
  2. Here are my favourite albums in chronological order: Motherland - Natalie Merchant Miles from the lightning - Jeffrey Foucault Under Wires and Searchlights - Marconi Union Till the Sun Turns Black - Ray LaMontagne Sloe Gin - Joe Bonamassa Just a Little Lovin' - Shelby Lynne Carried to Dust - Calexico Sea of Tears - Eilen Jewel Harrow & the Harvest - Gillian Welch Dark Black - Kristina Train The Weary Traveller - Holly Arrowsmith Southeast - Jason Isbel Colfax - The Delines Lost in a Dream - War on Drugs Maritime - McGraw/Fer The Currency of Man - Melody Gardot Rockingham - B.J. Barham Freedom Highway - Rhiannon Giddens The other side of Blue - Tom Baxter Out of the blues - Boz Scaggs I tried to limit it to 20, only 1 album from each artist and I have stuck to rock/pop genre, excluding Jazz and World music, even so there are quite a few more I would have liked to include, it was a difficult choice as very little between many albums. Anyway hope this helps members discover some new music. Please list your favourites in the last 20 years, this is for recordings not re-releases.
  3. Not found any yet, a very poor year so far. I will try out the above tips. Last year was for me far better. Tool is probably the best find this year.
  4. It's important that when comparing that it is exactly the same album version, problem is there are many different masters of the same album, I have never used Amazon so I don't know how it compares to Spotify or Deezer or Tidal. One advantage in theory with Tidal is the masters but many albums are not available yet and I'm not convinced they are that much better. I agree louder will initially sound better so volume matching is important.
  5. WHF always says Tidal has better sound quality than Qobuz, not tried Qobuz for a long time, Tidal sounds ok to me. Qobuz had many missing albums when I last tried it.
  6. I have free trial with Tidal, coverage does seem better than before but £20 pm for HiFi is too much so I will not continue after trial ends. I will give Amazon a try then.
  7. Radio Paradise is the best sound I have heard.
  8. I agree charging £80 for a cd is a p#ss take, some fans are not happy. The Hi Res download does seem good value, not that I buy downloads. I wonder how much the vinyl will be.
  9. I don't think you can appreciate it if played at background levels, needs to be played loud. I have played it again and I must say I quite like it but the lyrics are very limited.
  10. Come On Home - Boz Scaggs Never heard this before, it's not at all bad.
  11. BeeRay


    But the other parties are playing politics to suit their own needs. Labour don't want to leave and want a general election so they can get in power. The Liberals want to remain.
  12. BeeRay


    Because most MPs were remainers, the Govt. did not have a majority to push through the agreement.
  13. Hope you are right but I find it sad now that at "live" festival you have people playing recorded music and so many are going down the mainstream pop music road.
  14. BeeRay


    If they left over 15 years ago why should they vote? Do they vote in general elections?