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  1. leroyd

    Thiel CS 2 2

    Interesting speakers. What do you use to isolate them?
  2. These speakers are on ebay for less than half price https://bit.ly/2Kjoin3
  3. Agree and that is my experience with the vast majority of rock recordings from the Zep era. Therefore me being a classic rock nut, I mainly stick to vinyl. Every so often I listen to the porky/pecky cut of Deep Purple's 'Made in Japan' and it is sonically superb, even when compared to the much lauded DCC CD version. Recorded all of 47 years ago on the cheap, it begs the question, where did it all go wrong?
  4. No I would not start a vinyl system today. However I have had a vinyl set up for up on 40 years. My Vinyl collection is mainly classic rock and prog from the 70's. IME these recordings have not transferred adequately well to CD, even when remastered. I recently acquired the much lauded DCC of Van Halen's first album and the DCC of Deep Purple's 'Made in Japan' , both on CD. When compared to original vinyl pressings of these albums (played on a Clearaudio Concept/Dynavector P75/ Dynavector 10x5),I am afraid the DCC versions do not stack up to my ears. The vinyl versions just brings the mid range of my system alive and at volume (Lets face it, these releases were meant to be played loud) the listening experience is much more comfortable. The DCC alternatives on CD sound comparatively harsh (played on a Primare CD32). So a Vinyl set up is crucial for me to get the best out of these older recordings, I have no interest in the Vinyl/CD debate. Both have their place, and get their turn on my system, though the so called 'Loudness war' has not done CD any favours.
  5. Thanks for the response. Ideally I would like to go for floorstanders. Maybe the SCM20PSLT which are the passive version of the SCM20ASLT? http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/hi-fi/loudspeakers/tower-series/scm20aslt/
  6. Love my Primare Kit CD32, Pre32 and A 30.2 power amp. I have been running this set up with a pair of System Audio 1750. I think it is time to replace the 1750's with a new pair of floorstanders. My room is 14 feet by 15 feet and the speakers will be each side of the fire place in two alcoves so positioning is compromised. Because of my rural location and the general lack of HI FI stores in these parts, it might mean that 'try before you buy' will be difficult. Any suggestions from the Primare posse?. The issue wiht the 1750's is that the do not get down very low and sound a bit sparse in terms of bass, particularly at low volumes Thanks in advance
  7. Another happy Project RCM owner here. Indeed the vac is noisy but so is my Harley so big deal. I have only used Projects own cleaning liquid. Are there any better alternatives or is the Project liquid as good as it gets?
  8. Thanks Halvis. Pm'd you back
  9. I live on the west coast of Ireland
  10. I use Van Damme Tour grade Classic microphone cable with XLR plugs between my CD/Pre/Power, Nordost flat line speaker cable and Nordost solar wind for TT
  11. Good point. Any recommendations?
  12. Currently using System Audio 1750. My speakers are positioned each side of a fireplace, so essentially in the alcoves created by the fireplace. (Not ideal I know), The speakers sit 18 inches from the side walls created by said fireplace. I listen primarily to rock music and although the 1750's were a good used buy, the bass is lacking and they do not work listening at low volumes Interesting. There are ATC SCM 11's on sale locally, so maybe worth checking out, though I am a sucker for floor mounted speakers. How did the SCM 11's sound in terms of bass?
  13. Thinking about a Speaker upgrade and these have me interested. Seem like a real bargain despite the damage and high shipping charge. However I have never hear ATC's. Any opinions?. My kit is Primare cd31/pre 32 and A30.2. My TT is Clearaudio concept with Dynavector 10x5/P75 My kit is set up in a standard living room 15 foot wide and 14.5 foot long