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  1. I am pleased to announce that the pavilion will be packed full of goodies from the following: MCRU/The Vinyl Adventure Stamford Audio Diverse Vinyl Wavelength Distribution/Supra Cables Ake & Humphris - Specialist Wine & Whiskey and new exclusive discounts for Super Wammers.
  2. Could everyone double check the spreadsheet that there names are down and correct. I can't be responsible if your names are not included as we will be working from the existing document.
  3. Dates and more details to follow shortly but we are very pleased to announce that the majority of both trade and members have already signed up to come next year. In addition, during the weekend we had visits from other major companies expressing an interest to attend next year including KEF, iFi, Bowers & Wilkins and Russell K I wish to thank all the members that came along and look forward to welcoming you again next year.
  4. Now that we have the Harrogate Show done and dusted, focus has now changed to what is promising to be the best Scalford Show of all time. I urge anyone who wants to come to put their names down now please as we only have a certain amount of availability.
  5. I'm not quite sure that after last year we could ever be on the road to breaking it, in fact quite the opposite. I can however inform everyone that next year it will keep the same format as a one day show. There is a big job to do here as it has been taken over by a big hotel and resorts management company, the rules have changed and I'm due to meet them as soon as Harrogate is over.
  6. Busy and head down all day doing room signs for all the kit, 10th coffee already.........PM me today with exact list of changes please as I'll start printing tonight. nervous and excited at the same time and looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new faces, we've done our very best, there is some truly amazing kit coming and it's a retail and public music show so very different from the rest. I know we are covering room costs for 3 days BUT I just wanted to personally say a huge thank you to you all for supporting and coming so far. Hats off!! And of course a big thanks to Danny (and Caroline for putting up with him) Stuart (Cambs12) a big thank you also for making calls and collecting info for us, he's very ill so hope he gets better and can make it. Let's have a big party!!! See you soon.
  7. Don't worry, the amount of changes I've had with room numbers and kit since the printing
  8. VERY URGENT - due to family circumstances Rob has had to pull out, so we have a room available should anyone want a cracking weekend. can you all ask, post etc. It's time for the wine!! Thanks Peter
  9. Not long to go now. Gpoint Audio wanted to let everyone know that the new Lampizator website is up and running.......check it out at https://www.lampizatorpoland.com/pacific-dac
  10. Click and like their page and let them know you are going, private one to one discussions available.
  11. Now, after all the kind and thoughtful messages re errors in the past I thought I'd just leave them in for the one's that go through it with a fine tooth comb ......an old saying ......doesn't matter what they are talking about as long as they are talking
  12. An interesting challenge with exhibitors coming, not coming, changing rooms, changing brands and products they are bringing etc. so apologies if this has confused anyone......we certainly have been. This is the first Northern HiFi Show in Harrogate since the late 70's and we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are. 0264_HiFiGlobal_A5_16pp_Brochure_Web.pdf
  13. G point Audio are proud sponsors of The Home Hifi Show 2017 and we firmly believe this will be one of the greatest shows on the UK calendar. You will find us in the Foxhunter and Bramham suites on the ground floor where we intend to entertain you with spectacular music in a stunning room. We have pulled out all the stops for this show. We will be presenting the UK debut of the spectacular LampizatOr Pacific DAC, representing the crowning achievement of its world-renowned designer/proprietor Mr Lusasz Fikus. Also present will be the latest-generation of the astounding Golden Gate DAC, the “GG2”, and even more. Lucasz will be present in-person. Also present, another of our heroes: Ms Eunice Kron, proprietor of KR Audio, Prague. Our main system will be powered by the astounding Kronzilla VA680 power amplifier. A range of KR tubes will be also available. Speakers in our main system will be the sublime hORNS.pl Universum MKIII. We also will present the superb J.Sikora turntable and valve electronics from Thöress, cables from Albedo Silver and Skogrand Cables, plus other major surprises! We look forward to meeting you all there!
  14. Harrogate Show

    Just wanted to remind the photography forum that at the show in Harrogate there will be over 30 'before they were famous' shots of rock legends in an expo by Paul Berriff, all A0 and A1 size prints. There have only been 50 of each image printed so are rare collectors items. In addition to this I have tasked the Harrogate College photography degree students with selection of 10 images with the subject 'a celebration of sound', all students that have produced these will be at the show and both these and Paul's photography will be available to buy on the day.
  15. New Show Interest

    Don't think twice Barry, we are just in the zone trying to make it the best we can and understand you guys need the info. The members are just as important to us as the trade and its certainly not our intention to drag things till the death but it's the trade still not making their minds up about whose coming, who they are partnering with, waiting until they see if they can screw me on prices...........its been a real eye opener thats for sure. But it'll be alraight on the night as they say .....and that spelling mistake was left on purpose if only that was all we had to worry about eh?