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    Experts - An ex is a has been and a 'spert' (u) is a drip under pressure.
  2. A dedicated forum for all EAR enthusiasts.
  3. WHF is a brand, it may not be a product, but by giving a dedicated to space to users that were dedicated followers of a particular brand 'until they find there feet and comfortable to move about and post freely' within what has been known in the past as a pretty daunting forum as was the 'old wigwam'.....then I feel that's only a positive step. Consider it a 'space to feel they belong' amongst people they know rather than in the big wide world of The Wam, then in time when they make new friends I'm sure there private space will become unused. At that stage and maybe not at all but we can consider removing it. It's the same I would do to any other forum or group of hifi enthusiasts.
  4. The Wam is evolving and as it does many different brands, forums, hifi businesses all have one thing in common, hifi and music. So at this stage I will accommodate the needs of that common denominator. I also feel that as we initially give safe haven to closed sites, forums, blogs, the sheer size and diversity of what The Wam has become will soon see our new members venturing into all the thousands of topics available. The new special clubs are a great addition, they are a dedicated space that allows members with passion for the same brand to discuss. These clubs 'can have' very tight security and invitation only if needed, at the moment I have kept it open to see what happens. If there are some members and haters of a certain products that simply want to 'have a go at the brand' and spoil the threads then of course we can stop that should we need to. The future of the Wam I see as primarily the forum of choice for all hifi enthusiasts and in addition special owners clubs so as to chat, discuss and learn about specific brands they are associated with. In addition, we are getting a lot of interest from brands for product reviews which means those in each specific clubs will have the ability to test their favourite branded products and share their experiences throughout the club. The Wam is the Teepee tent under which all lovers of hifi reside.
  5. Will be able to get full logistics to everyone after visit tomorrow.
  6. HiFiWigwam

    Wam spotify playlists

    I'm offended by your comments. There are archives here that go back nearly 20 years, its heritage and most importantly took a lot of effort by one of our members to compile it. As I said at the beginning of my ownership here, plenty of moaners who aren't prepared to post positively, if you want to add or update it then I'm sure everyone would welcome it. If you are simply here to complain and moan, do it somewhere else.
  7. HiFiWigwam

    Music Streamer Problems

    No worries at all, its been a trying few days and a huge effort from my team to make this happen. Really appreciate your kind comments. If there are any other headings anyone wants then please just ask/PM me. All the very best and really hope you enjoy the best of both worlds. Peter
  8. HiFiWigwam

    Music Streamer Problems

    That was an example post when I set up the forum so you could see what this section was for, but great response from Timster And the helpline is working fine.
  9. Many thanks for the comment Billz, its work in progress and we'll try to make sure everyone has an input.
  10. Okay, myself and the tech guys have been working since last night to add a dedicated space (Club) which currently is up and running. I have populated some topics from the old Linn forum but as we want you to join in with the bigger Wam forum we would like you to participate in sections like, gigs, music, vinyl etc. on the main forum. We will spend time moving current threads across to the dedicated space so for a few hours it will be a little confusing but I ask you to be patient while this happens. Eventually we will do all of the owners clubs so that members can discuss 'specific' brands in one place while still having the rest of the main Wam forum to enjoy and meet old/new friends. I feel it's the best of both worlds. In Troubleshooting you will find a direct link to Linn's 'helpline' which has been provided to us direct from Linn. I really hope that this provides the dedicated space and the ability to be part of a much wider group of hifi enthusiasts. Here we go. It is a public forum and you'll see the CLUBS link on the top nav bar on the right hand side of the Facebook and Twitter icons. Then just Sign Up If you need a new Sub Topic then let me know and we will add it.
  11. Could someone get back to me regarding an issue with my Linn Music Streamer, I have contacted the helpline. If anyone in the forum can help also please get in touch.
  12. I am pleased to announce that we can now offer independent Owners Clubs with sub sections similar to forums we are all used to. The tech team are working on it now and we should be able to migrate and include everything written so far so we keep a stable structure to all topics and posts.
  13. HiFiWigwam

    Linn Forum?

    We started with that as everything was quite sudden. All owners clubs will have an independent section very shortly.