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  1. It's too many different prices. Choose one price, its for charity.
  2. Great idea. Let's do £1 per clean to charity which is:
  3. Thank you George for the note above on here and PFM.....they have been busy. I fully understand the need for information and everything will be ready on Saturday 1st Feb. The show was a sell out not long after last years event which was a huge success and we have plenty of time to make sure all rooms are allocated properly and the BIG Systems are given the correct space. It is and will remain the most unique event of its kind anywhere in the world, showcasing the best of hifi sound by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. It's trademark, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where friends get together and play immense music through amazing systems. The reason why I have put both Saturday and Sunday is that we have an increasing amount of visitors who want to come and see/listen to the set up (which we all agree is the fun day.....night!!) Some of you even make it a three day event, well why not? I believe in flexibility and as I book the hotel for two full days, there is availability on the Friday too and more are enquiring every year. As per last year no tickets are issued, you simply turn up and pay at the door and as ever there is FREE PARKING. Payment for rooms etc. as per last year will be via BACS and the spreadsheet which along with an updated site will be available on Saturday 1st Feb Friday 13th - Turn up and have a great dinner and a few beers with the early doors crowd, book through me via PM Saturday 14th - Set up, help with lifting gear, have a few beers, watch the rugby, listen to some great sounds, food and banter (Open to anyone who pays Sundays entrance fee if not exhibiting) Sunday 15th - Open to the public, massive sell out event, then for our fantastic traditional curry (may need a bigger restaurant this year). Monday 16th - Pack up and drive safely home Hope that satisfies the grumpy old farts!! Can't quite believe (however I should know by now) all the negativity created by leaving it till now to get started. It means that its considered the most important event and that by leaving it to announce its already created a buzz. Long live The Wam. PS. Writing this while on morphine as just had one knee replaced and the other a half knee inserted yesterday.
  4. How do I limit my  search to the Linn Owners Club and Forum?

    The drop down box in the main search engine does not show this forum (or others)

  5. The best wishes of The Wam go to Nadia and family at this difficult time. Any character assessments or unsavoury comments will not be tolerated on this forum and deleted immediately. Rest In Peace - Rachel and Peter
  6. Put the request in the special comments section on the spreadsheet and it'll be noted when allocations are done.
  7. It means that we'll have some rooms away from the 20 year olds ,with systems just playing classical, if you wish to join them add that as a special request.
  8. After so many requests for rooms at next years event I have added an initial bookings list for 2020. It's going to be a bigger show with many more great challenges, in addition to the great systems we already have. Even if you haven't figured out your kit list just get your names down so I can plan the size of event and spaces needed. I would like all the rooms on all three floors taken up with music. I am also interested in developing the Kit for sale area with even whole systems being on show so visitors can come and simply buy the whole system outright, without having to worry which amp or speakers goes best with what!! I'm sure there are plenty of new first timers that would like that. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iNtWFYXzMRhWC8ZKOkw6KUHNjYjEm_SgJTYz8sZG4v8/edit?usp=sharing
  9. I think the day after and everyone is tired naturally those thoughts spring to mind, however as we are promoting many newbies to exhibit for the first time as we did this year, you will have lots of help both setting up and packing away as its part of the Wam spirit as I'm sure you have read.
  10. Every year the effort of all the exhibitors is brilliant and the comments people are saying as they leave is that the music production is far superior to any of the professional trade shows. Well done everyone, its been bumper numbers and very busy. Already the requests for rooms for 2020 coming in. This years visitor number was 482.