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  1. 'Aluminata' sounds expensive! Nothing better than finding something costing much less but which satisfies you at least as much. Sadly I haven't managed that very often!
  2. Thanks hifinutt - Jack doesn't carry Gryphon anymore to the best of my knowledge. I missed some cables he was selling.. If you ever get the chance to hear, it's a worthwhile experience.
  3. I don't see a dedicated corner for Gryphon, here. So thought I'd have a stab at starting one. Would be interesting to hear the experiences and thoughts of other owners who are at any part of their journey with the brand's many different products, tricks you've learned to optimise performance and perceived synergies outside the brand; from cables to speakers and everything in between. I'm at 'starter' level with Melco/Resonessence Mirus Pro/Diablo 300/Mojo S/VIP spkr cable. But this combination is on another plain compared to my previous Naim 252/250DR/Dyn' Contour 60 system - though I was perfectly satisfied with it until I heard Gryphon. Most exciting upcoming UK date is March 21st when the new Essence Class A separates debit just outside London. I'm in no way affiliated to Gryphon; just passionate about it and impressed by the excellent people behind it and the time they have for their customers.
  4. Supply and demand; supply and demand. SOLD. Thanks.
  5. Selling my 3m pair of Naim SL speaker cable owing to moving to all-things, inc. cables, Gryphon. Previously I had an all-Naim system. SL took it to a higher level, equivalent of a box upgrade. If you've got an SL interconnect you know what SL does. If you haven't and you buy this, you'll want the SL I/c.. Superb condition. Used carefully in non-smoking home. In its original Naim box with original Naim packing carton for protection, too. The nearest thing to buying new. £1450.00.
  6. A used Gryphon cable has come up and I want to match it to my Gryphon amp so this stunning 3 mth old cable is surplus to requirements. Everything you've read is true. Vocals come forward on the stage, bass gains slam and depth; quieter background so more detail yet it's smooth, not glaring; music just becomes much more emotionally engaging. 15A fuse. I A/B'd it to a Hurricane and preferred the Thunder. Hurricane removed a bit of the sparkle from my music while Thunder added to it. Perfect condition. £495 inc. postage.
  7. I'm expecting to join the club in December - RI-100. I'll be feeding it via Melco N1ZH2 and Mirus Pro dac; then through Naim Super Lumina into Dynaudio Contour 60's. What balanced XLR's are folks using other than HFC? Has anyone done the Entreq grounding exercise and what were the results? Thanks, Ian
  8. Price reduction to £4300! NOW SOLD. THANK YOU.
  9. 2016 model Naim NAC 252 bought ex-demo by me in April this year. My dealer only used it at one show before selling to me. As new condition with burndy, snaic, power lead, remote, manual, original boxing.. The newest unit in the UK right now. £4300 o.v.n.o. I'll pay 48hr uninsured Parcelforce in UK only. (The pictures were shot in a rushed lunch hour - shading on the top of the box is dust I failed to wipe off properly and any weird marks are from my awful retouching to brighten otherwise too-dark images! This unit is unmarked.) My 2013 mint condition Supercap DR is listed here separately at £3,000 o.n.o.
  10. Revised listing to focus on Supercap only. PRICE REDUCTION! NAC 252 listed separately.
  11. Naim Supercap DR. 2013 model. Bought from my dealer as ex-demo' in Feb this year. Unmarked, mint with all original boxing, power lead, manual etc. £3000 ono and I'll pay Parcelforce 48hr. uninsured. UK only. Serial numbers 342468. (In the images, any shading on the top of the box is dust I missed in my rush to take the pictures during a manic lunch hour! It's unmarked.) Also my new 2016 Naim NAC 252 listed here, separately.
  12. Hi, this 1.5m standard length IC is less than 2 months old - I just bought a Mirus DAC which means I no longer need a DIN/DIN IC. But, until I did that, this IC was just outstanding in my system - NDX/252/250. Clarity, detail, bass control, holographic imaging, size of soundstage all went to places I thought not possible. It's the ultimate IC. I A/B'd it against a Sarum SA which it saw off, leaving it sounding flabby/loose in the bass and with less information in the midrange. If you want an upgrade equivalent to a black box but at half the price, this IC is indistinguishable from a new one - except it's run in! £1750 new. Will accept £1500 o.v.n.o. Thanks, Ian [ATTACH]16146[/ATTACH][ATTACH]16148[/ATTACH][ATTACH]16147[/ATTACH][ATTACH]16149[/ATTACH]