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  1. twinpot

    £1000 challenge

    Have you considered active speakers? Something like the Kef LSX or Wharfedale Diamond A2? Or some active Dali Zensor 5 AXs, or Tangent Spectrums? Other than that, there are some Cyrus One and Quad Vena amp/speaker packages that would meet budget.
  2. We went to Netgear Orbi units more than a year ago, coming from an old Airport Extreme (802.11n) & Airport Express setup. The Orbis are not a true mesh, but use a dedicated wireless backhaul (can also use ethernet) between the units. The coverage is fantastic, across all 4 levels of the house, and quite a way down the road too. I like them since the router and satellite both have 4 (LAN) ethernet ports.
  3. twinpot

    What is Streaming?

    Deezer also offer a CD quality streaming option. Take up the free or cheap trial periods that most of the services offer. In the end, it'll come down to which service works best for you. A slightly "better" SQ may be for naught if the interface is a royal pain to use. For me, there's not enough difference in SQ in most conditions, so I go for the user interface, selection and the recommendations functionality.
  4. The top comment is pretty funny too!
  5. Yes, most mid to high end Android phones do, LG in particular with its top range phones. Both my older Sony Xperia and current Huawei Mate 10 support hi-res through their on-board audio hardware, and both can connect to external DACs with USB OTG cables. You do need to make sure that the music player software supports the format. Some of the HTC phones also have in-built Airplay support.
  6. Airplay and Airplay 2 (can) work differently. Some Airplay devices can be updated to Airplay 2, but not all. Airplay is in the audio chain, so if you turn off your mobile/tablet/computer or move out of range, then things stop. The mobile/tablet/computer connects to the music service and sends the output to the Airplay receiver. Resolution is 16/44 for Airplay devices like the Apple Airport, or 16/48 for the Apple TV. Airplay 2 is (or can be) more like Chromecast/Spotify Connect in that your mobile/tablet is just used as a remote, telling the Airplay 2 device to connect to the music service directly and play the chosen music. Spotify Connect is similar in that you use your mobile/tablet/computer to tell the Spotify Connect device to connect to Spotify's servers and play the music. You can turn off your mobile/tablet/computer or take a call and the music keeps playing. Chromecast works similarly for supported music services and supports up to 24/96. Over the years as services evolve and upgrade, sometimes there comes a point when the old streamers can't be updated. Sometimes due to the manufacturer preferring you buy a new device, going bust or hardware limitations. For example, the NAD D7050 supported Spotify Connect when it came out, now it doesn't and NAD won't/can't update it to support the newer Spotify Connect protocol. Given the pace of change, I prefer the streaming support be on a separate device, rather than built into a super-integrated amp.
  7. If anyone has a Quad Vena, and finds that the iOS USB stops playing after a few minutes with later iOS versions, you need a firmware update to v.0.39. I believe it would ordinarily be a return to factory, but you can do it yourself with the appropriate STLink programmer.