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  1. Damn it, I wanted one of those but at that price they are probably already sold out.
  2. SOLD MHDT Labs Orchid NOS Valve DAC in excellent condition. Supplied with the original valve and a Raytheon JRP 5670. Uses the Philips TDA1541 chip and produces a sound as analogue in nature as is possible from a DAC. Toslink, RCA, USB and BCN inputs Selling as I have another 1541 DAC and want to try something new. New cost is around £1150 new when VAT and import duty is added Can be collected from Exmouth, Devon or posted.
  3. wHIZZY

    Jon Myles review is rubbish again .

    Duplicated reply
  4. wHIZZY

    Innuos Zen Mini

    Duplicated post.
  5. wHIZZY

    Best app for Chromecast Audio

    Thanks Ronnie.
  6. wHIZZY

    Best app for Chromecast Audio

    Thanks everyone for your input but I should probably have framed my question better. I intend to use the CA to wirelessly access the content of my Innuos Zen. The CA will be plugged into a very modest system and used in an exceptionally infrequent basis. I have no problems with the practicalities of setting up the system but what I'm struggling with is finding a decent app with which to control the CA, as everything I've tried so far seems quite basic. So what I should have probably asked it the first place is- what is the best app with which to control a CA. Sorry for any confusion caused but my wife is probably right when she says I have an ability to over complicate everything.
  7. wHIZZY

    Best app for Chromecast Audio

    Thanks for the suggestion but I should have said the second system is very modest and will get used on a very infrequent basis, so although Room would provide an ideal solution in many situations it's probably overkill in my case.
  8. wHIZZY

    Best app for Chromecast Audio

    I want to use a CA in conjunction with an Innuos Zen in a second system. Unfortunately I've been unable to find a decent android app to control it but I've got an idea that someone out there will have a solution. Thanks.
  9. wHIZZY

    Anyone going to try the upcoming Okto dac8 ??

    Sounds like a great bit of kit. The only issue for me is it's USB only. I've found in several setups that my Innuos Zen sounded better via the Ethernet output compared to the USB output. Personally therefore I would wait for the soon to be released Okto 2 channel version which I believe will have multiple digital inputs.
  10. wHIZZY

    PS Audio anyone?

    Bought a second hand PS Audio GCPH Phono stage after reading a review that rated it highly. Found it quite ordinary and sold it after a short while.
  11. wHIZZY

    Doubt Castle speakers

    Owned Castle Richmond's and liked them very much but on older Castle speakers the foam around the drivers deteriorates and almost turns to dust. If buying second hand check the foams first.
  12. wHIZZY

    To preamp or not

    I was using my DAC directly into active speakers but after various recommendations decided to try a preamp and settled on a Townshend Allegri TVC preamp. Bought it on eBay at a good price on the basis I could sell it on if I didn't like it. It made an incredible improvement to both dynamics and clarity. Don't know if it would work for you but certainly worked for me.
  13. wHIZZY

    Snake oil

    Sir, I see you are a man of taste and what you really desire is the SE version which is indeed solid gold and housed in a wooden box lined with the very finest Indian silk. As such I have reserved you two units and these will be dispatched immediately upon receipt of your payment. Rest assured you will be delighted with your purchase.