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  1. 2 x Studio Connections Mains lead(s) £70 each plus £5 postage Payment via Paypal (F&F) or Bank Transfer
  2. Owned the MK1 version for several years and it had a very natural sound. Used it with both Dynaudio Contour 1.3s and usher 718s and sounded good with both. Only negative I recall was the amount of heat it gave off which ment in summer you had to open the windows when listening late at night. I also recall that even the MK1 came out as the best sounding amp in a group test conducted by HiFi Choice magazine where it was compared to some very exotic and expensive competition.
  3. wHIZZY

    Dedicated HiFi circuit design

    Because it keeps you compliant with the regs. You can add extra sockets if needed. Don't forget if you are wiring a whole house which includes the kitchen and bathroom you will need the installation tested and signed off by an approved electrician so you will have to stay within the regs. Not to get it tested would be simply foolish. I am assuming you do realise a ring circuit using 2.5mm has a higher current carrying capacity than a radial 4mn?
  4. wHIZZY

    Dedicated HiFi circuit design

    Just wiring a dedicated ring with six sockets on it using 2.5mm T&E would be far better and keep within the regs.
  5. wHIZZY

    Can I use an audio lead for digital signals?

    Brilliant, worked a treat. All my bits are now firmly in place with absolutely no sign of Jitter even when I move my delicate equipment.. Now, if I could only sort out those under-stains.
  6. wHIZZY

    Can I use an audio lead for digital signals?

    Is that what the noise was. Just looked and you are right my undercrackers are totally knackered. Does anyone know where I can get them re-hung?
  7. wHIZZY

    Can I use an audio lead for digital signals?

    It's worse than that, it also dramatically reduces the efficiency of the wash cycle and goes a long way towards explaining why my under-stains are getting so difficult to remove.
  8. wHIZZY

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    Really pleased with the Trichord Pulsar (circa 1994) which came with the external power supply (not pictured). It gives a very detailed and musical presentation with no hind of digital glare. It has a slightly darker presentation compared to my Tim de Paravicini designed Musical Fidelity Digilog (circa 1988) which I believe was claimed to be the first ever commercially available stand alone DAC ever produced. Also pictured is my B&O Beogram 1700 record deck from 1982 but still sounding excellent.
  9. wHIZZY

    Are you music or hi-fi first person?

    Think they are called sand yachts
  10. Trichord Research Pulsar 1 DAC. I recently acquired one of these and can recommend it. Even up against modern high end DACs it holds is own and has a very natural non digital sound quality. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trichord-research-pulsar-1-dac-and-power-supply/233234103176
  11. wHIZZY

    Are you music or hi-fi first person?

    There are two distinct elements for me. First comes listening and enjoying music. Second, the elements of buying second hand gear and swapping and playing with it to see how it changes the sound and whether I can create an even better system. Like many others I can amuse myself for hours swapping cables and various bits of kit, wonderful fun.
  12. wHIZZY

    Richer Sounds gives free shares to staff

    Segment can be found around 2h:44mins
  13. wHIZZY

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    The Digilog uses the Philips TDA1451 chip and so far it's been my personal favourite DAC. Chord Hugo and DiDiT 212 have been and gone but the Digi is going nowhere. I will keep you posted on the Pulsar and how it compares to the Digi.
  14. wHIZZY

    Are you keeping your old stuff alive?

    Just bought a Trichord Pulsar two days ago for that exact price (£350) and looking forward to hearing it when it arrives later this week. By comparison to my favourite DAC which is a late 1980s Musical Fidelity Digilog the Pulsar is almost modern. It will be interesting to see how they compare.