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  1. I wonder if falling listening figures to the more specialist stations such as Radio 3 might focus the Beebs attention. Just cancelled the sale of my FM tuner on eBay.
  2. In both cases the transfer of data was optical and therefore my deduction was in this particular instance the difference was the output from the streamers, suggesting the streamer outputs varied in some way even though the music played and the source remained the same. I am not disputing your comments just quantifying what I heard in my particular case.
  3. I was wondering if using the Node output to feed the REM and Qutest might have caused all three DACs to have a similar resulting sound. Reason being, I recently tried feeding my Musical Fidelity Digilog DAC from two different streamers, 1) a Musical Fidelity Encore & 2) a Cambridge Audio 581n. Both streamers used my Innuos Zen as their source. The resulting sound was very different according to which streamer was being used and caused me to conclude that the digital input source to a DAC has a marked effect on the DACs output.
  4. wHIZZY

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Hifi, or good quality music reproduction is not dead it's just adapted to the needs of a younger generation. What rule says high fidelity has to be static, If you have a phone and good quality headphones you can take your music anywhere and listen to an almost infinite musical library via your chosen music streaming service.
  5. If anything I found the opposite with my gear were it just seemed to produce more clarity without causing any hardening but then it often seems to be about synergy between equipment.
  6. I'm also currently using an AG 1500 and am impressed with the extra clarity it provides, particularly at both frequency extremes. So If you end up doing a comparison then it would be interesting to know your conclussion.
  7. Not too much risk if you fancy trying it in your system as apparently the company offer a money back guarantee if it fails to impress.
  8. Perhaps a little more space above the amp would be a good idea.
  9. I have a Musical Fidelity Encore that uses the M6SI circuit boards in its power amp section. As I currently have active speakers fed from the Encore's preamp output I don't use the power amp section. Despite the power amp section not being used the Encore ran very hot which led me to assume that the M6SI boards must be heavily weighted towards running in type A bias. So I would assume that your amp running hot would be perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. I my case I have cooled things down a bit and reduced my carbon footprint by disconnecting the power amp section.
  10. Studio Connections ( formally Abbey Road) 1.8m long 6 way extension lead. £125 + postage
  11. wHIZZY


    Umm, not sure that's always the case. When using my Innuos Zen I found I get a better sound quality using its network output into a streamer to feed my DAC as opposed to feeding the USB DAC input directly from the Zen. Personally I feel usb outputs are probably quite noisy or challenged in some way.
  12. Made my own 4m extension for about £10 using Van Damme XKE tour grade microphone cable (eBay) and a plug and socket from CPC. When using my Shure headphones I can't tell the difference between using them directly plugged in or via the extension. However, the extension wins ever time as I'm able to sit down in my favourite chair.
  13. Yes 1m now added to ad.