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  1. I see a problem with this method, where are you going to find a nice juicy wasp this time of the year.
  2. Hang on a minute, if you can't tell the difference then how do you know it wasn't two Wasps or two Bluebottles. Hardly scientific is it. Of course you could have done it properly and used measurement data as everyone knows that Wasps are physically bigger than Bluebottles, or is it the other way around?
  3. Think I'll hang on to my tuner, just in case the BBC do eventually decide to totally turn off iPlayer. Mind you by that time the government will probably have achieved their goal of reclaiming and selling off the VHF frequencies.
  4. Once you have the ability to stream from the internet you have access to thousands of stations giving far greater choice than offered by a tuner. You could even compare it to the increase in choice that digital television offered over analogue. Currently I notice there are over 3k used tuners for sale on eBay.
  5. Has anyone used a balanced power supply and If so what's your opinion. Thanks Dave
  6. I read this as the price quoted for just the mod or am I wrong?
  7. You tease, if you're not going to tell all, then at least give us a few clues.
  8. Great, would that mean free internet and hifi for everyone? 😀
  9. Everyday typical example of why you should pay your taxes. Wife and I just had a great night out at the ballet, great dancing with superb music. Decided to go home on the bus as had a few wines, as you do. Group of around 25 quite intoxicated youngsters got on the bus and started to get very rowdy. As we we getting off at our stop the driver said think 'I had better go and calm them down'. As we were walking away we looked back to see the driver had turned off the engine and was in trouble and had probably bitten off more than he could tew. We decided to call the police on 999 and it took over 4 minutes to get through whilst being told there was a high volume of calls. Once through the call handler seemed concerned but indicated there was no resource immediately available, but they would do there best to get someone there as soon as someone became available. Just hope the driver was OK. So obviously not enough police and next time could be you or your family that needs them.
  10. Think you might have overlooked a few - Blind testing versus sighted All DACs sound the same/not the same Measurements versus subjective listening Can anyone think of others?
  11. Agreed, returning it would have been the sensibly solution and one I would have liked to have taken. Unfortunately I bought it through an unofficial trade connection at what I thought was a bargain price. Just goes to show bargains may not always be what they seem. Still one consolation is at least it sounds good. Having said that I think it's important to publisise areas such as poor software in order to encourage manufactures to improve it and to warn others of weakness so they can make informed purchase decisions.
  12. That's basically what I was suggesting without knowing what programmes could be used.
  13. I'm not suggesting it would be easy just feasible given the right resource and equipment. If alternative cable plots showed a difference using any audio source then however small that difference it would indicate a potential to effect the audio signal and resulting sound. Using cables of different materials such as copper or silver and/or different construction such as solid or stranded might help to highlight potential differences and make the task easier. I'm not for one minute suggesting how any differences might or might not affect the sound, just they would have the potential to do so.
  14. I would have thought if you could capture oscilloscope like visual plots of an identical audio signal using different cables then superimposing those traces would highlight any differences in the plots and hence the potential for cables to effect sound. That would then prove or disprove cables have an audible effect. Having said that not at all sure how you would go about it.
  15. Perhaps this type of licenced software will follow the trend of mainstream computer software where you don't own but effectively hire it. Might even be a good thing if it were possible to run any developers software.