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  1. Has anyone got a Musical Fidelity Digilog dac they are willing to sell? Thanks
  2. Power Inspired AG1500 Mains Regenerator (Mk 1 version) 1500VA rated Boxed and in full working order with accessories Bought from a fellow Wammer in order to stop an annoying mains hum but not longer required due to a change of preamp. Side of case has a slight dent which is hardly noticeable and purely cosmetic (see last picture) Located in Devon but can be posted. Price £299 + £20 postage.
  3. Not necessarily the whole decision, as some systems my have a alternative to TuneIn available. Guess we will just have to wait and see.
  4. If they allowed Linn to retain the service but denied a manufacturer(s) of similar systems/products then they would be giving Linn a commercial advantage.
  5. Would have thought this must apply to similar platforms as anything other would be anti compliant.
  6. I currently use a Musical Fidelity Encore streamer which has TuneIn for streaming radio. Currently it seems unclear whether or not I will be able to listen to BBC stations after the end of the month. Given the number of streaming devices using TuneIn the change could certainly affect thousands.
  7. This certainly does seem to read that we will still be able to listen via TuneIn, that is provided that the technical communication between the BBC and TuneIn is up to scratch. However, the term alternative way of listening could result in only low Res streams being available. Although this topic originally started as a Linn thread it's worth remembering that this could affect many manufactures equipment, Cambridge Audio, Musical Fidelity, and NAD coming to mind.
  8. Tony, I wonder if this issue is rather tucked away in the Linn section and would be better off in 2channel were it would get more views. Also, if response were great enough whether the WAM could organise a petition that we could sign?
  9. Given the large number of UK listeners who use Tune-in and may not have a alternative source I wonder if the BBCs action might be considered unreasonable or restrictive. On that basis it may be worth those of us affected putting in a complaint to OFCOM. If a handful of complaints can get an advert banned then it shows complaints can bring about change.
  10. wHIZZY


    Never lose hope. Just because the Tory government have failed to find a workable solution after just a measly three years doesn't mean that someone as talented, trustworthy and statesman like as Boris can't sort it the next month or so. Fingers crossed then.
  11. wHIZZY


    Well I actually voted to remain but if you are going to stop buying our hi-fi then I'm going to stop buying your Belgian buns .
  12. wHIZZY


    Never mind the food, I've already stockpiled three DACs two streamers and a large box of continental din plugs which are apparently in danger of becoming in short supply.
  13. wHIZZY


    Yes we will be able to listen to our American bargains when eating our chlorinated chicken whilst contemplating the high cost of our private healthcare following the sale of the NHS to American Insurance companies.
  14. wHIZZY


    Another off topic. Unless things change then due to a dispute between the BBC and Tune-in radio, BBC radio stations will no longer be available via Tune-in after the end of August.