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  1. Krell FPB 300c. Sounds phenomenal. Cost new was about £10,000 iirc. £3500 ono. Location Chichester, W Sussex UK.
  2. The Egg

    SALE Krell

    Ok thanks, In that case it looks like 06/99.
  3. The Egg

    SALE Krell

    How can I tell the age? The previous owner died in 2004...the speakers that were used with it were Infinity IRS Omega(currently on eBay) Which I know he got in about I would think the amp is around the same age. But anyway..been away working..and it's still sitting in my cupboard. Anyone? Offers?
  4. The Egg

    SALE Krell

    Offers invited
  5. The Egg

    SALE Krell

    offers invited!
  6. The Egg

    SALE Krell

    Ahhh... He lived in Switzerland but sadly passed away. I'm selling items from his recording studio. Although this was used on his home cinema system. Not Keef, allthough he lives a couple of miles up the beach from me Still available btw...
  7. The Egg

    SALE Krell

    Krell FPB 300c. Cost new was about £10,000.. One rock star owner. £3500. Location Chichester, W Sussex UK.