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  1. New here and, as will presently become evident, new to Naim. Can the NAT05 XS Tuner be used with an older, Flatcap 2? If so, does the Flatcap supplement or replace the tuner's power supply? Put simply, does the NAT05 XS / Flatcap 2 duo require one or two power cords? Thank you in advance.
  2. Since you asked, I’m partial to the SME IV.Valhalla. This is an already relatively rare SME IV.Vi, factory re-wired with Nordost Valhalla. I know of only two.
  3. Mark P

    Roksan TMS3

    Yes, the Vertere SG-1MD by-passes the TMS's internal XPS V.
  4. Mark P

    Roksan TMS3

    I’m loyal to light and rigid, so my TMS 3 rests on a thin MDF platform, modeled on Roksan’s Upgrade Plinth. Supporting all, is the company’s tall, triangular stand. I was surprised by the improvement offered by the Vertere Pulse B cable that now links the TMS 3 to its Caspian DX2/DS1.5. Touraj contends that a Vertere SG-1 Motor Drive trumps that of the 3 and I hope to hear that soon, maybe with a Pulse HB link. I’ve yet to try it on my TMS 3, but an A.R.T. Audio Q-Damper resting along the main bearing – tone arm pivot axis of the original TMS was remarkably effective.