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  1. johns

    *SOLD* Chord 2qute black. Ex condition. Boxed.

    Hi Paul I would like to buy this. It is a fair price. John
  2. johns

    CD player help

    My Wadia 301 uses the Pioneer stable platter I think it sounds good I haven't heard the sony but I did have a meridian GO6 before and the Wadia is a step up.
  3. johns

    Multi room using speaker switch box

    Some speaker switches have protection circuit built in which should protect the amp it does mean you wont be able to play very loud.
  4. johns

    LP12 Arm Cable Length with MM

    I would think you would be able to use a longer cable, how long do think you need, if you have a separate phono stage you could use longer interconnects.
  5. johns

    compact floorstanders that fill a room

    what about a bake off you could get to here the speakers in your room
  6. johns

    Hifi damage your hearing ?

    I have the same problem, chord amp and B&W 804 speakers means it goes very loud. I'm thinking of adding a rel subwoofer to under pin the bass. I think I run it loud to increase the bass as the 804s can be a bit light.
  7. johns

    How old is your present cartridge?

    I also use Ortofon kontrapunkt A it must be 10 years old now still sounds good not sure how many hours but must be in the thousands.