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  1. New PC required??

    Or you can save a fortune if you install Linux Cost nothing and for what you need is more than good. You should not notice any difference at all if you install distro like Linux Mint. I have been running linux on all of my computers for many years and never looked back to windows. Costs, speed, convenience... Its really a matter of install on your computer and you good to go. No drivers, most of needed software installed by default
  2. New PC required??

    All you really need is to freshly reinstall your operating system. Your HW is more than capable of serve your needs Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  3. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    sorry, my mistake. I made a typo in 1st line of code, the copy part. Please read it again as I have edited it now
  4. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    You can do with a little cheat workaround Follow the usual steps up to step.5 http://forum.audiophonics.fr/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1648&sid=2fee6999c806a70764d4b33e9d0d3fc4&start=75#p7027 As we can not edit the file we need in place where it is we going to copy the whole folder into different place, edit it and alter system so it finds the right one Follow these steps We make a copy of complete command folder cp -a /var/www/command /home/pi edit our restart.sh file in this copied location (in /home/pi/command/restart.sh) sudo nano /home/pi/command/restart.sh where we replace lines in reboot section by: exec "/home/pi/MoodAudio-RaspDAC-Script/softreboot.sh" andreplace lines in shutdown section by: exec "/home/pi/MoodAudio-RaspDAC-Script/softshutdown.sh" CTRL+X to exit nano and Y to save changes Now we need to add some lines into fstab by sudo nano /etc/fstab and add the following line to the end /home/pi/command /var/www/command none bind 0 0 and now just do sudo reboot And we should have all working now after reboot hardware PWR button for power ON/OFF/Reboot and software 'Restart/Shutdown' Let me know if this working for you
  5. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    looks I was wrong. It is working only partially. OLED is working fine but PWR management is only working by button(HW ON/OFF/Restart). The software shut down does not work properly. So only RPi is going OFF but board still stays powered(DAC). Not sure yet how to fix this
  6. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    Seems that the only steps 1-5 are needed to get PWR+OLED working All should work @Man in a van @Strider
  7. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    a bit of a search about 3.5 and 3.6 versions shows this http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pc-based/271811-moode-audio-player-raspberry-pi-704.html#post5051889 So this would required a bit of digging deeper into this About 20-30 pages through and I have not found any response from Tim on this
  8. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    3.6 is free for those who bought 3.5. But exact as you saying, I am one of those who staying out of the game. I am not upgrade hungry just cos its new. I would like to try and see if it brings improvement. But with this politics I can do do as there is no trial offer. Would not mind paying this little money but after I find it worth it
  9. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    I would do long ago but cos Tim starts charging for each update from now(not a life time licence!) I still hesitate. He confirm to me these major updates will costs minimum of $10 USD each time! So I am still not convinced I would like to pay $10-30 USD every year for this
  10. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    sounds promising
  11. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    strange behaviour as its owned by root so sudo nano restart.sh should do it
  12. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    here is my list are you sure your card is not locked? Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  13. RPi3, Raspdac and MoOde, working!

    should be owned by root So you can not save when you do ? sudo nano restart.sh
  14. AURALiC Aries Mini or similar?

    +1 on this As I mentioned multiple times in other threads here or other forums, this little gem can sound as good as players/streamers for around £4k So is well worth of a little effort
  15. AURALiC Aries Mini or similar?

    this topic is pretty much covered already. So you may read through and ask mods to merge yours into it