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  1. Nightrax

    Lodgesound update

    I knew Stewart for 17 years and it was a great shock to learn of his passing. It's been a pleasure to know him and listen to his extensive knowledge of all things R2R and l will never forgot the first time l heard (and fell in love with) LS5/8's at his house! Unfortunately l never got to do a Scalford Hi-Fi show with Stewart, l did the the 2016 with Phil and loved every min of it. Here is a video Phil did of Stewart talking about the 2015 show, hope you all enjoy it: My condolences to Stewart's family. You will be missed my friend! But not forgotten
  2. Nightrax

    First time at the show!

    First off l loved it! From helping my friend exhibit Lodgesound get all the stuff out and ready and tearing down all the stuff at the end. My friend always said that the event was very special and he wasn't lying, just seeing people appreciate great equipment and music on different systems was magic! The Sat night was nice to see everyone who had setup there equipment just enjoying themselves and talking tech stuff + rugby. Sunday was very interesting for me just to see the amount of people who still want to see and hear different audio setups! Unfortunately l didn't get to see a lot of the rooms on show but the ones a peeked into and walked past sounded great I have definitely caught the Scalford bug and will be back next year! Thank you to the organizers and all the exhibitors for there time an effort!
  3. Nightrax

    scalford impressions from a noob

    This just this! It was my first time at Scalford this year, fortunately the room l was helping exhibit didn't have any random people saying silly things, but l really do feel for any room that had that! I now fully appreciate the amount of work that goes into a single weekend after setting up on Sat and then the tear down on Sun evening plus a lot of travel time for a lot of people. But all that aside it was a magic event and l will be back for more
  4. Nightrax

    Thoughts from a hifi show virgin/my mini review

    This was my first Scalford event and it wont be my last! Very impressed at how well the Hotel catered for everyone laying out chairs and tables for the exhibitors. It was a pleasure helping my friend (Phil) represent Lodgesound (unfortunately Stuart couldn't make it, due to emergency surgery) in the Lounge area, first of all the area was amazing! Couldn't of asked for a better room to spend most of my Sunday in! It was really nice to talk to some of you on Sat night and Sunday, your all such a friendly bunch just drawn to the event for the love of your and other exhibitors equipment/music which is fantastic. I spent most of my day in the lounge with the reel-2-reels and it was wonderful to hear the LS5/8's in such a large room, l have heard them before in a pretty big room bit no where near the size of the lounge they filled it with little to no effort and when the levels were pushed up a bit sounded sublime, plus with the Quad 405 MKII's it was effortless to listen to them for hours. Personally out of the three reel-2-reels I think the Sony APR-5003 was the best sounding with the Studer A80 and Nagra T not far behind. The highlight for me was listing to The Dark Side of the Moon album Phil and I mastered on the Thursday before coming up on the Saturday, never heard the album sound like that before a truly memorable/audio experience! I did get a change to have a wander around some of the rooms and was amazed at the diversity of equipment from smaller setups to some insane setups! Looking forward to 2017!