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  1. Mightyquin

    Thorsten Overgaard's Leica Articles & then some!!

    I have met them both, actually quite 'normal' (whatever that is) and charming people.
  2. Mightyquin

    Thorsten Overgaard's Leica Articles & then some!!

    He's a Scientologist and his partner is the Trump supporting Joy Villa who was in the news recently for wearing another controversial dress to the Grammy's. Not that that's got anything to do with photography!
  3. Update for anyone interested. I bought an Airport Express today and linked it up, ripped a couple of CD's to iTunes as ALAC files (for some reason they didn't save first time so I had to do them twice!!). Express hooked up to my amp and it was all very simple to set up. I'm pleasantly surprised by the sound, I'm really not sure if I can tell if the CD direct or over iTunes is better. I think the CD has a slight edge but it's minimal if anything. How can an old laptop and wireless sound transfer to the amp sound so good?
  4. Just read this FAQ on Apple's site; Can I use other applications, like QuickTime or Windows Media Player, to send sound to AirPort Express via AirPlay? No. So I can only use iTunes if I want to play music from my Macbook through my hifi via an Airport? Confused again now!
  5. I'm thinking I'll initially go with the Macbook, an external hard drive, Airport (or one of the other similar options) and one of the third party free music players so I can rip my CD's as FLAC files and then I'm not tied to iTunes/Mac environment down the line. As I said I want to keep it simple as possible for now, and without the need to spend too much on peripherals and programs.
  6. Hi, I googled and found this https://www.mysqueezebox.com/download So the download will work with anything, not just their 'Squeezebox' ?
  7. I switched to Mac for my home computer a few years back and it is a learning curve, but it starts to make sense after a little while so don't get too frustrated with it! Apple stores run lots of free tutorial sessions too. I replaced the laptop with a new Windows machine but also have a Mac Mini for my desktop. I've heard that the Apple built in DAC is very good and yes, they all have optical outs via the jack.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions, that Yamaha DAC looks interesting. I want to keep this simple as I can so I'm not going to tinker with Raspberry's etc. I intened to get an external hard drive to store the music on, rather than upgrading the Macbook.
  9. Hi, Grateful for some advice/suggestions. I'm finding all this stuff about various ways to store my music digitally a bit confusing so please keep it simple. I have a fairly large collection of CD's. I have a Macbook laptop, 2007 model that I've just replaced for daily use as it was becoming too slow and couldn't take latest software upgrades. I'm thinking of wiping everything off it and using it (with an external hard drive) to store and play my CD's I don't like itunes and it can't take the latest versions or lates OS. I'd like to download an alternative program to rip and play the CD's, and hopefully be able to make various playlists. I understand I can use an Airport Express to connect to the amp so the laptop doesn't have to be tethered to the amp (and can therefore sit on a table or whatever to act as the 'jukebox' - I'd rather do this than use my phone as a remote. So can anyone help me please - how should I connect laptop to hifi (express or something else?), what program could I use instead of itunes? I want to download the CD's and keep the same quality. Yes I know it will take ages to do but I'll do it over time. Thanks in advance!
  10. I was a first time visitor to Scalford last year and really enjoyed the show. I thought about it earlier today and just looked on the site to see what information there was for this year and shock horror it's not Scalford any more!! Must admit I was looking forward to returning. I stopped at a pub in Melton which had live music on the Saturday night and had in mind to do the same again. The park and ride worked well last year (for me) and I personally thought it was all really really good. It was also nice to wander about in the grounds to get fresh air and have a break between sessions of room roaming! That said I can understand from an exhibitor or non-driver point of view the benefits of a more accessible venue, and I'm hoping to be able to visit again this year at the new venue. Excited to see what the 'new' Scalford is like.
  11. Mightyquin

    Glastonbury 2017

    Foo Fighters smashed it! I've seen them live a couple of times but that was something else, just wish I'd been there.
  12. Photographica is a large annual photo fair, basically lots of dealers selling used gear, mostly collectible stuff but there's lots of more recent film and digital equipment too. http://www.pccgb.net/photographica_fair.html
  13. Mightyquin

    Anyone here used a Canon 5D (Mark 1)?

    I bought a 5D a while ago, wanting to try FF digital (I had a couple of 50D's). The 5D is old by digital standards, but by imaging standards it's still a very impressive camera. I heard that there's a National press photographer who uses 5D's not having had the need to upgrade to newer models. I kept one 50D but am thinking of changing it for another 5D.
  14. Mightyquin

    Where to buy film

    Try your local Boots, they usually have a 3 rolls for the price of 2 offer going. Also Snappy Snaps branches sell film. The Agfa film makes excellent B&W conversions, but I've got a freezer drawer full of Konica Minolta film which has a lovely bright colour range. Just a pity after it was discontinued I could only find batches of 24 exp rolls. Tried Ektar and wasn't that impressed with it. I should give it another go.
  15. Mightyquin

    Hanwell Hootie

    Hootie was excellent as always. Diverse range of music/bands and venues. It's a 'must' on my calendar now. I love that you just wander from pub to pub, to church to park as you please, and have live music all day! They'd taken over a local church as one of the venues and I saw first band in there, such great acoustics. They'd even managed to set up a bar inside!