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  1. Dubious Stu


    Hope John Nettles doesn't call......what with the wife on a girly weekend in Spain and all that work I've done on the patio recently.
  2. Dubious Stu


    Thanks Marcus, another option to add to the list. Just have to say thanks to all those who took the time to PM me. The spirit of the wam prevails or is just one of those things warmers sympaphise over......a bit like getting your nuts caught in a zip
  3. Dubious Stu


    Yep, my man cave is being used to store the late mother-in-laws hand me downs. My beautiful wife was sorting through some stuff and placed a box containing brasses, a bronze statue and a vase on the squint, on top of an old bureau then laid some man traps. I went A over T the box and its contents sprayed my hifi like a scatter bomb. The Acci's got some external flesh wounds as has the Eso, then came the noise..... I'm not even sure who the distributor for Eso is anymore. Found a Teac approved service centre online and dropped them an email. Fingers crossed:oops:
  4. Dubious Stu


    Let's pretend I'm not a knob and have not caused untold damage to my amp and cd player........slight accident you see. Anyhow my X03SE is now very noisy when spinning discs, anybody had this issue and who do I send this thing to for repair? BTW big up to Nationwide insurance for not judging or even laughing.....
  5. Dubious Stu

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Holy s**t, that room looks the nuts
  6. And...............
  7. Dubious Stu

    Mogami XLR cables

    Thanks gents, been playing with the 2534 xlr cable this afternoon. It comfortably bests the Linn silver and Chord cables I've been using thus far. Build quality is fantastic as you would expect. My mate gets his cables from the Polish Mogami distributor who makes up looms using EIT bullet plugs I'm going to borrow his speaker and rca leads whilst he's on holiday and have an extended listen, very impressed so far
  8. Dubious Stu

    Mogami XLR cables

    Thanks Kevin, a friend of mine has a full Mogami cable loom and swears by the stuff. He's going to kindly loan me a couple of bits to try, should prove interesting................
  9. Dubious Stu

    Mogami XLR cables

    Good to know, thanks Chris
  10. Dubious Stu

    Mogami XLR cables

    Ok thanks Alex. I get the whole pro thing but we tend to be a little more discerning as audiofools don't we . I guess I'm looking for impressions from folk who've laced their systems together with this stuff.
  11. Dubious Stu

    Mogami XLR cables

    Any thoughts on these as they seem to fit the bill. Any users on here? Ta very much
  12. Dubious Stu

    Newbie Intro's

    Thanks for the welcome..........you all seem like a well balanced bunch of friendly folk.........ah just read the cock punching thread.
  13. Dubious Stu

    2nd timer show thoughts . . .

    I feel your pain Fatmarley. Years ago I demo' some WB arcs at a dealers they sounded stunning, purchase made I set them up at home wow, wonderful bliss. Unfortunately we had a death in the family and my listening room soon turned into a store for boxes furniture etc, I could play music but let's say it was less than optimal. My mate used to visit sneer, call me a tosser for spending so much when his Bluetooth speakers sounded just as spectacular. The time came to declutter and redecorate, harmony returned and my mate popped round on the way to the pub. He didn't get to the pub we ended up with a take away curry and a bottle of JD. As he left still musing over the sounds he'd heard asking if he could bring some choons the following night I obviously told him to f**k off back his Bluetooth speakers, tosser. We're still mates btw
  14. Dubious Stu

    scalford impressions from a noob

    Another noob, first time at the show and I have to say every room was excellent. The different flavours of achieving the same ultimate goal fascinated me. In this world of disposable media, iPods, mp3's and the like it was refreshing to spend time with like minded loonies. Well done to all.
  15. Dubious Stu

    Was the show cancelled?

    After show party then, no wonder there's been no posts. Didn't remember seeing that many examples of the fairer sex there tho'. Each to their own n all that.......whatever tickles your respective pickles