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  5. HOPE to new reality ...

    "Hope springs eternal in the human breast...", Chumpy, "Hope springs eternal...". I'll second that
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  8. R.I.P. Cheggers

    I only really remember him from the odd appearance on other people's shows. "Naked Jungle" passed me by somehow as this is the first I've heard of it. I'm not a TV watcher so a great many things pass me by! Sad to hear about though, especially the way he did.
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  11. Measurements v Listening Tests

    As ever with such posts this one has wandered off on to something else. It's a stick with two wrong ends. You are of course right in your statement re F1 cars. Even cars ordinaire can quite happily drive themselves if so equipped. In the OP however I was referring to buying a Joe Soap car as a Joe Soap consumer, nothing more. "Does Sir want a Fiesta? Corsa? Punto? Car X, Y, Z?", "Umm.. dunno, pass me some keys!" Perhaps some people CAN decide such a thing on manufacturers info and dealers blurb, but not me. Indeed data can be produced on all audio equipment but not on how it is heard by any individual. My point was regarding the data to brain result, not the data to ear result. I don't know of any way to measure that "full audio chain" in a way that can be used to decide what specific item to buy, it would just be a horrendously complicated amalgamation of different sets of figures. When my HF drops off a bit more, I'll probably prefer a brighter sound. Again, that is just my limited experience. It could well be that some people can look at sets of equipment data/ room data/ hearing data (I'm not aware that we can even measure what the brain receives) and know how they all act as a whole, just not by me. They act as part of a decision making chain for me, not the final arbiter.
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  13. iso pucks for standmount speakers

    They weren't really meant as HiFi, they were there to hear what was going on in a track. They served that purpose well enough at the time. I'd have to say that the bass is pretty good though, from such small speakers (Perhaps "small" isn't the word to use).
  14. iso pucks for standmount speakers

    My intent by using the ISO-L8R130 isolation stands was to decouple the speakers from the desktop, a nice ringy sheet of glass. I also thought the vibrations from a rigid coupling (ooh er missus) would not do any electronic equipment on the desk any good at all. Prior to that I'd only listened to the speakers on the books and on a pair of lead shot filled Atacama stands (on the floor) , to get them to ear height. The current arrangement is by far the best. No doubt there are many other alternatives that would be much better but a) I haven't tried them and b) SWMBO is perfectly happy with the sound and the aesthetics. That being the case, I'll leave as is for now. There is no problem, it was resolved.
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