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  3. Arcam acquired by Samsung

    The fact is that, generally speaking, the great British public has little interest in what our once thriving industry has to offer. The clickbait terms in ads in all media are "the cheapest!" and "on trend!", etc.. Quality products are fading into obscurity and it's inevitable that any company producing such items will fade with them. To continue to create products for a shrinking niche market rather than moving to service public demand doesn't strike me as a good and sustainable business plan. I can understand that some companies choose not to move with the times and will have to accept the inevitable consequences. I'm sure Samsung has it's reasons for this acquisition, possibly for it's intellectual properties as mentioned above.
  4. Turntable Sales Dip.

    I'd be intrigued to know if the reported downturn in sales is of audio/hifi TTs, less serious TTs like the Crosley Cruiser type, or both. Have hipsters moved on to more obscure formats or have young teens become a bit peed off with their cruiser sound? There must be a finite limit to TT sales, only the most committed would have more than one (I guess that makes me VERY committed!). I think the only relevant metric is vinyl sales which may be a truer indication of the state things. Anyway, I'm not fussed about other peoples fashions and fads, I've got enough records and TTs to last me for the rest of my days. As such my outlook is pretty good either way because if vinyl is on the up then there'll be more vinyl to buy so Yay and if it's on the way out then there'll be lots of nice second hand albums to buy so Yay again . I'd have to say the needle on my " Giveaf***ometer" isn't even twitching.
  5. fuse technology

    "A load of dingo's kidneys", as Mr Adams may have said.
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