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    Modified MF F15 x2
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    B&W 801M S2
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. General Factotum

    one word daily

  2. General Factotum

    one word daily

  3. General Factotum

    one word daily

  4. General Factotum

    one word daily

    "No,no,no,must resist..." Class
  5. General Factotum

    one word daily

  6. General Factotum

    one word daily

  7. I'm sure it will be welcome (Sorry, couldn't resist the opportunity of my first, and hopefully last, crappy Gaelic pun)
  8. General Factotum

    one word daily

  9. General Factotum

    Three Words Daily

    Very 'Dub sounding
  10. General Factotum

    Cyrus owners

    Just the way my luck goes TBH. I bought a Royal Enfield once that didn't have an oil leak, I had to get one installed under warranty! (With apologies to whoever thought that one up many, many, years ago)
  11. General Factotum

    Cyrus owners

    Interesting indeed, I bought a DAD1 (feel free to titter) in a sale more than twenty years ago as a second line item and it's been in regular use since then. It did finally grind to a halt after two decades of abuse but it was a quick repair and it's back to working just fine. Certainly, for me, reliability hasn't been a serious issue.
  12. General Factotum

    Good Schiit

    Yay!, it's working again, the PS wasn't well but now replaced, so back to the same old Schiit
  13. Ah, will we see the long awaited HMV 102 Owners Club? It should be good for wind up merchants
  14. General Factotum

    Maybe I'm no longer an audiophile?

    Indeed, it doesn't half get messy when you turn it on
  15. General Factotum

    Three Words Daily

    Witch's worst nightmare