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  1. Thanks James. The amps have both been recapped as part of the overhaul. I think the issue for the repairers is that they could not replicate the motorboating and thus could not fix it. The preamp is a solid state Audiolab 8000A. I use an Audio Note tube dac, if that could have an impact?? The power amps have been switched on now for the last 2 hours and there is no motorboating, so it definitely has something to do with the Audiolab preamp.
  2. I’ll try and keep this long story short, a while ago I bought a pair of old heathkit monoblock tube amps as spare or repairs and following a request on the wam for local engineers to repair and upgrade them, the amps have spent many weeks with Wilkinson hifi up in Nelson. Anyway, I paid a fair amount to have them overhauled and had some modern banana terminals and RCA sockets fitted. I got them home maybe 8 weeks ago and immediately noticed that one of the amps was motorboating. So, a few weeks later off we go back to the hifi shop (another 2 hour round trip). Fast forward another 4 or 5 weeks and they are done. I collected them yesterday and was told that when they were testing them they could not reproduce the issue but they added some small value caps here and there to stabilise them - not sure of the exact details. Today I get them lashed up, plug them in and bam, motorboating in the same amp!!! I have tried to do a little testing, switching tubes, switching connections etc, nothing worked. However, I have found that the issue may be caused by the preamp. I have switched the heathkits on alone and just left them without playing any source and there was no motorboating, as soon as I switched on the preamp the motorboating started and the only way to stop it is to turn the heathkit amps off for a few seconds. Once the preamp induced motorboating occurs I can switch off the preamp and the motorboating continues so its definitely not coming from the preamp but does seem to be caused by it!?? Just to elaborate a little, if I switch the preamp on first then the power amps the motorboating does not start immediately but will occur at some point over a period of time. Can anyone suggest what could be going on here?
  3. withdrawn from sale. The more I listen, the more I like. 😀
  4. I will shortly be in the market for a new rack for my gear. However, my ply plinth 401 is larger than most at 60cm wide and I was hoping to find something wide enough to accommodate the deck and a pair of (small) tube monoblock amps on the top shelf. All told, I’m going to be wanting something around 100cm wide, if not a little more. However, that said, I will not be spending wads of cash on a rack, so I was wandering whether there are any budget friendly, wide than the norm racks out there, or whether anyone knows of an alternative piece of furniture that fits the bill? If I cannot buy something suitable within a budget of around £250 I will likely look down the DIY route, so any pointers for DIY options would also be welcome Thanks in advance.
  5. It has to be! I have had quite a bit of interest and happy to negotiate on a package deal with all the new components that I bought for it. The new parts alone cost me in excess of £250 so the amp is basically for nothing!
  6. Another great find, I have just got a pair of these for near on half the price of the "NOS" tube. Thanks.
  7. I'm looking at £95 for a single NOS replacement of the same type and vintage. It urks me to buy it when a pefectly good pair of modern tubes will come in at around £40 or £50, but I think I would rather buy a matching tube for originality. I know the mis-matched tubes will bother me too much as every other tube is NOS Mullard!
  8. Thanks James, my first thought was NOS but after forking out for the repair of the amps the extra dough was putting me off. I am assuming that I dont need to replace them as a matched pair so I may be tempted to go for the Mullard in an attemot to keep them original. Well spotted, John! I'll keep my eye on that.
  9. Having had my tube monoblocks repaired, I am told that one of the original Mullard GZ34 rectifier tubes has gone milky and needs replacing. I would love to replace it with another original Mullard but I am not keen shelling out £80 plus for one tube! Obviously, there are other options, cheaper NOS of a different brand, Russian made items, chinese made items........ I am aware that the rectifier tube has not impact upon overall sound signature but what in everyones opinion is the best route, NOS GZ34? Cheap chinese, Russian, alternative tube 5AR4 maybe??? Is there anything I should avoid at all costs?
  10. Bought these a while ago and never got round to using them. Great quality and supplied with power button, iec terminal and feet. Size is 22x12x31 £80 the pair plus £5 shipping.