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  1. robbie010

    WTD: 7m pair Speaker Cable

    Thanks all. I’m currently using a set of bastardised VDH 6mm cables, 3 2m lengths soldered together!! 😂 The VDH cable is very good but I can’t live with the botched job. I am now sorted for cables thanks to wam member @jlc cheers.
  2. robbie010

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    They are the black & copper 50th Anniversary Edition, should be with me on Wednesday or Thursday. I’m off to collect the stands later today. There is a set of these for sale on ebay......
  3. robbie010

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    Ok, so following nopiano’s lead, I decided to put my money where my..... thoughts were! I’ve picked up a set of LS50’s and some Custom Design RS302 stands. We are normally a one in, one out household but I won’t be moving on my floorstanders just yet so watch this space. To add to that, I have just set up a new pre/power amp, Technics SU-C800U & SE-A900S MKii. First impressions with my floorstanders is that these amps will have no problem driving the kefs
  4. robbie010

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    Come on now Nopiano, in for a penny etc etc.... if something is worth doing etc etc..... 😬
  5. Surplus to requirements due to new pre-amp. In as new condition with original box. Fully adjustable gain and loading for both MM & MC cartridges. £180 firm inc uk shipping, PayPal friend or bank transfer.
  6. robbie010

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    Any news on your new purchase!? Initial thoughts?
  7. robbie010

    WTD: 7m pair Speaker Cable

    As per title, I am after a 7m (or more) pair of speaker cables, great if terminated but not essential. Not looking to spend a lot, no more than £100ish. Thanks.
  8. robbie010

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    Looking forward to hearing what you think, these speakers obviously split opinions somewhat!! 😂
  9. robbie010

    Revolver Audio Cygnis Speakers

    I have bought items from this gentleman through ebay before and have heard these through his high end all naim system.
  10. robbie010

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    Can I ask what stands you were using?
  11. robbie010

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    I had a fleeting listen to these at another wammers house recently, it was very breif but the experience has stuck with me. They seemed to have a big sound for a small speaker and I am tempted to try some myself. Is anyone using these or have in the past and can comment of strengths and weakness's? From what I have read they can be difficult to place. Thanks.
  12. robbie010

    Sonus Faber Spare Parts?

    Email Absolute Sound:
  13. Robbie010 - Not sure if you are getting my messages, could you let me know what is happening with the speaker cable i bought from you on Tuesday as i haven't anything since



  14. robbie010

    2 x 4 metre speaker cable needed

    I have a roughly 9m length of Van Damme LC-OFC 268-506 (2x6mm) cable. Great cable, just add your prefered banana plugs and away you go. £50 shipped.
  15. I know that interest checks are not allowed within the For Sale section, however, as this is the DIY section I thought it may be ok to ask the question!? Mods, if it is not allowed, please remove the post and I will consider my self reprimanded! I have a Pass DIY A40 power amplifier that was intended for repair/upgrade and is partly finished. However, this was my first DIY project and before finishing the amp I decided to use it as guide to build a new A40 in two enclosures - a-la monoblocks. As such, I have the vast majority of parts needed to complete the new project but have run out of steam and have decided that it may be best to pass the gauntlet to someone with the drive and knowledge to complete the project. Ideally, I would like to sell as a job lot, either for someone to finish or maybe salavage parts. The parts include:- The original A40 project amp - This is a beast of an amplifier and the enclosure and heatsink alone must be worth £200 - £300. The amp will come with all the original parts and components. 2 new aluminium enclosures - These cost nearly £150 with shipping and import charges and are very good quality 2 stereo sets of professionally made A40 PCB's (4 boards total) - 2 boards are required for an amplifier (i.e. a stereo pair), so there are 2 boards for the new amps and a spare set. These cost around £50 imported from America 5 x New Epcos 22,000uf 63v 105 degrees power capacitors - 4 capacitors are required for the new amplifiers so there is one spare. These cost around £125 with shipping etc. 4 x New Audio Note Keinsai 470uf 25v signal capacitor - These cost around £30 In addition to the above, for the new amplifiers I have all other PCB components as per the published parts list (attached), including the output darlington transistors and the mounting hardware. These parts have been sourced from various places all over the world over many weeks, easilly costing £200 + and most components are supplied in pack sizes of 20+ for easy matching. In order to complete the new amplifiers, the only other parts required are heatsinks, transformers, your choice of speaker binding posts, RCA connectors and a couple of fuse holders. I am aware that I won't get back what I have spent, as is usually the case, but I would be looking to acheive £500 as a job lot and could potentially ship it at cost. Would there be any interetst from the DIY community?? Pass A40 Published Info.pdf