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  1. robbie010

    Using Ferrite Cores to Reduce RFI & EMF

    That is a lot of ferrites to choose from! How would you go about determining what frequency of interference is the culprit?
  2. robbie010

    Using Ferrite Cores to Reduce RFI & EMF

    That is interesting. So ferrites would be useful when you have a spaghetti junction of power cables laying over interconnects and speaker cables? Would they lessen the effect of interference between cables in this scenario? They are very cheap and would appear to have little or no detrimental effect when not required so i suppose it wouldnt hurt to stick one on every cable.
  3. Just a shout out in appreciation to Cambridge Audio. I ordered a Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport late last week from their eBay store as B Grade refurbished item, a bargain at £175 with free shipping! Anyhow, I got a call yesterday from their Customer Services department apologising that all B Grade stock was sold out so they have sent me a brand new CXC and shipped it on 24 hour courier. Now thats Customer Service! ....... and it sounds great!
  4. robbie010

    Wanted: Classe Audio CA2300 Amplifier

    No good??
  5. Had one of these for a few years and can attest to the sonic quality, it was never fatiguing. Think I sold mine for around £500 so I cant imagine this would sell for much more.... a real bargain.
  6. robbie010

    Speaker noise when tapping turntable??

    Thanks all, it was indeed the gain setting on my new phono stage..... all is now well in the world!
  7. robbie010

    Speaker noise when tapping turntable??

    Thanks, I’ll check that as the phono stage is new and I’ve not looked at the dip switches yet. 👍🏻
  8. robbie010

    Speaker noise when tapping turntable??

    Turntable is Audio Linear TD 4001, it has spring mounted feet and sits on the top (glass) shelf of my rack which in turn is sat on 3 large sorbothane domes and the rack is on spikes. Nearest speaker is about a meter away.
  9. I spent a couple of hours earlier finishing the setup of my new turntable and SME 3009 arm, its looking great and sounds stunning. However, when switching records with the motor off and the arm in its rest I could hear a horrible noise coming from the speakers when nocking or tapping the deck.... It sounded like the stylus was being dragged across a record that wasn’t spinning 🥴, could this be an earthing problem??
  10. robbie010

    Henley Designs 5 tier solid cherry rack.

    Sorry AV8, I’ve already purchased this from Tristan. Not sure he’s on the forum too often so thought I’d let you know.
  11. robbie010

    Source to DAC Cable Confusion???

    Thanks all. I’ll give that a go. One question though, my amp is a short distance from the CD transport, is better to have a longer Toslink cable and place the Mojo closer to the amp or have a short Toslink and a longer line level connection running to the amp?
  12. robbie010

    Source to DAC Cable Confusion???

    Looking at cable options to connect to my Chord Mojo DAC and as ever I am just confused!! The Chord Mojo has a Toslink Optical input, a Coaxial input that looks like a headphone socket and a micro USB input. I have a Cambridge Audio CXC Transport that has a Toslink and a single RCA SP DIF Co-axial output. Am I best sticking with Toslink to Toslink or should I be using the RCA Co-axial out to Headphone thing?
  13. robbie010

    £2k Turntable.

    I too have a soft spot for the none conformist turntables. From experience I can recommend the Kuzma decks. I had the Kuzma Stabi / Stogi S12 for a few years and upgraded it along the way with outboard PSU for speed change and pitch control. Also added a second platter for extra mass and the results were stunning. The decks are pretty modular and easily upgraded with additional arms etc.
  14. First time SME owner here..... be gentle! I know this question has been asked before but I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for..... I will be setting up my new (used) turntable this weekend which came with an SME mounting plate / spacer in place and as such, I bought a used SME 3009 series 2 improved (fixed headshell) tonearm to fit on it. Now, although I know that the deck previously had an SME 3009 tonearm fitted to it, I dont know which variant and as I understand it, the detacheable and fixed headshell versions have slightly different alignment requirements. Unfortunatey, I dont have any original mounting templates or alignment protractor and all I can find on the next are scanned copies that are not to scale. Does any have a pdf mounting template and alignment protractor for this arm that they could kindly email on to me or is there a source of such pdf's on the tinterweb I haven't found yet?? Thanks in advance.
  15. robbie010

    Henley Designs 5 tier solid cherry rack.

    You have PM.