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  1. There are no published ratings for the W4’s but when I spoke to Paul at RFC about the crossovers he suggested they would be in the 95db range . Regardless, they won’t be staying in my system so will need to be replaced with something that will work well with the low power tubes. Realistically, what would you think the amps are rated at? 6 watts? ps. Where was the for sale ad? I bought the amps on ebay.
  2. So, I just picked up these amps and can’t wait to get them lashed up! The gent I bought them from suggests they are 1.5 watts but the modern versions is rated at 6 watts according to the website. Has anyone used, heard or owned these amps and can comment? I am now thinking of the best speakers to pair with these amps, possibly horns. I current have a set of old Wharfedale W4’s that are 15ohm and rated at around 95db so should may work well but they are currently for sale at the behest of the wife! Any experience of these amps?
  3. robbie010

    DIY record weight

    Phwoar...... me likey! One of these would look lovely on my 401. Are you making any to sell?
  4. Why oh why do these pop-up when I don’t have the funds! GLWTS
  5. I always love the MFSL pressing of Crime of The Century by Supertramp. I was a bit of a late comer to the classic rock scene but this record really stands out for me.
  6. I had previously removed these from sale having really enjoyed listening to them. However, I am now reliably informed that they will not suit the “decor” in our new home, to which we move at the end of the month and as such, I am now offering them for sale again. I don’t want to go in to the work that I have done to these again, so I will simply post a link to the previous sale ad: I am now offering these at £500 ovno, collection only. However, I am willing to travel a short distance from Manchester to meet-up, if this is helpful. Any questions, please PM.
  7. Just a quick line to thank Nigel following our long weekend at his wonderful apartment last week. Such a lovely warm and welcoming place and a great location for exploring the local area. Not to mention the fantastic hifi setup! Good on you for the very kind open invite to fellow wammers to share in this fantastic apartment you have and at a very reasonable cost! It was much appreciated
  8. Plenty of interest but still no takers. One last bump and a small price drop before this gets packed away for the house move...... £220 Plus shipping or collection welcome.
  9. I’m just looking for some clarification as to whether the pre amp and power amp could be used together, but not at the same time i.e with two sets of speakers?? The Audiolab has pre-out connections, A Speaker connections that are always on and B Speaker connections that are switched via a button on the front. My thinking is that I could connect the Audiolab to my tube monoblocks via the pre-out, which in turn will be connected to my Vintage Wharfedale W4’s. At the same time, I could connect my KEF LS50’s directly to the switched speaker connections of the Audiolab. This would achieve three things, 1) The KEF’s would be better driven by the 60watts of the Audiolab, 2) I can drive my 15ohm Wharfedales with the matching 15ohm output of my tube monoblock amps and 3) no faffing with cables. Obviously, I would not be using both sets of speakers at the same time, when using the KEF’s I would not switch on the monoblock amps and when using the Wharfedales, I would switch off the B speakers on the Audiolab. Does this sound plausible?
  10. Hi Norman, the amp measures 19” wide x 11” tall x 8” deep. thanks.
  11. There are full build instructions available online: 👍🏻