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  1. Evening All, I recently picked up a very clean pair of Heathkit MA12 Monoblock Tube Amps with what turned out to be a full complement of Mullard valves (EF86, ECC83, EL84 & GZ34). Thanks to recommendations from wam members, they are currently with Wilkinson HiFi in Nelson having an overhaul, re-cap, quad 4mm banana sockets, modern RCA connectors and new power cords. They should be ready for collection next week after testing and so I have been thinking about speakers........ again! The Heathkits are billed as 10watts output, so a fairly sensitive speaker is in order. I current have Infinity Kappa 600's which are 90db but have large 10" side firing woofers which I assume will not sit well with the 10watts available. Alternatively, I have Kef LS50's but at 85db, again possibly not a great match. Finally, I have Mordaunt Short MS400's, these are probably my best bet, however, I can't find any specs for these that state the sensitivity. Having done the obligatory google search, I see numerous mentions of vintage Klipsch and various Tannoy's that are fairly rare and expensive. Although I would love to give them a go in the future, right now they are a bit rich for my pocket, so I am looking for any recommendations that won't break the bank (sub £500). I will most certainly need to move on at least one of my current sets of speakers to accomodate them but not sure which just yet! Are there any brands / makes / models that are better suited to low power tubes, horns may be one way to go?? Any thoughts or recommendations much appreciated.
  2. PM Sent. I'll take this if you don't mind shipping to me?? Happy to donate to shipping fee.
  3. Just picked up a pair of monoblock tube amps that need repair / service. I'm in oldham, just outside of Manchester and looking for recommedations of local engineers / repairers?? Anyone with experience of local engineers ??? Thanks
  4. Pm sent RE quintet, if still available.
  5. Bump and price drop. £600 including delivery. Bargain!!
  6. Hi Mike, is this still available??
  7. Weekend bump. Now all boxed up and UK shipping is included.
  8. I’m listing these for a friend who isn’t a forum member but have seen and heard the speakers personally. He is selling the speakers as he has just purchased a pair of Spendor A7’s. For sale is a set of Dali Opticon 6 floor standing speakers in very good condition and working perfectly. These are the lovely walnut finish and have original boxes and packaging. One speaker grill has a crack but it is not visible and it obviously functions perfectly, as can be seen in the pictures. Asking price is £600 including UK shipping, personal delivery within 50 miles or they are available for demo’s and collection from Oldham (just outside of Manchester) The speakers are now all boxed up and ready for shipping. Any question fire away and I will answer as best I can.
  9. We’ll they arrived safe and sound and look just as good in the flesh. The full wood cabinets make them feel really sturdy and well made. I lashed them up with some new Van Damme blue studio grade cables and they sound great. As MartinC said, on their plinths they appear to sit a little low, with the tweeter at roughly shoulder height to my seating position. However, they present a very good central image and wide sound stage. They have a sweet midrange which is crystal clear, the highs may be a tad forward or bright, but they have plenty of bottom end in my small room, you can feel the extended low notes in your belly! I may try an additional plinth to raise them slightly or maybe try tilting them back slightly. Not keen on the old screws for connecting bare speaker cable so I will likely look to install some quality binding posts to take bananas and check over the crossover at the same time. Personally, I think they are screaming out for some lovely tube amplification..... the wife disagrees! 😳
  10. Just picked up a lovely looking pair of these speakers on a whim, anyone familiar with them? Are they supposed to be floor standers or are they best raised off the floor on some sort of stand?
  11. Hi Allan, Do you know what is recorded on them? Thanks.
  12. I originally post this in the "music for sale" section but thought it may get a better response here......... forum gods, if this is not allowed, please remove the post! I have just bought my first reel to reel deck and I am on the look out for any tapes and music that may be going for a song, just to get me started. If anyone has any old tapes / music / albums that they are wanting to part with, please PM me! Thanks.
  13. Evening all! I am interested in hearing any experience members may have of these two PMC standmounts, particularly direct comparison of the two? I’m also interested in the positioning of the speakers, whether their transmission line design really does allow close placement to a wall? Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks all, I have a couple of new Mark Grant cables winging their way to me courtesy of @Iceman 16 heads up.
  15. Thanks, I think you are correct. According to the BOM, CP702 is listed as: Encapsulated Component 0.1uf + 120ohms So it’s a surge protector.