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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Ease in to the week gently.....
  2. Streamer/DAC options

    Just out of interest, there is a secondhand Project Stream DS on eBay that has been upgraded to “Net” which gives you Spotify Premium integration for £295 from a Audio dealer in Tiverton.
  3. Streamer/DAC options

    There are apps for both IOS and Android, I only have IOS devices so cannot comment on the Android app. I use Spotify connect which runs on the Project as does Tidal and vTuner. The IOS app is a bit basic but does the job, I haven’t used a Bluesound Node 2 or Auralic Aries Mini but they were the other two on my hit list and I suspect there apps are probably better than the Project. I have attached a screenshot of the app displaying album artwork from the Synology NAS. I have to say the sound quality (to my ears anyway) is very good, in fact I cannot tell the difference between the CD player and the Synology/FLAC/Streamer combination. I’m sure the other two are equally good in the sound department and you will be happy with whichever one you choose. I do like the LCD screen on the Project though.......
  4. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    As always thanks very much for your help, I have now successfully manage to copy my iTunes music on to the NAS so that the Streamer can easily access it, luckily all "static" devices on the network are hard wired so it didn't take as long as I had expected....... I only have about 400 ripped CD's unlike most of you who have considerable more. Thanks again David your help has been invaluable.
  5. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    The NAS drive is a new addition to the network and is intended to be a central repository for all data including music, photo’s, word/excel docs etc so all devices can access it, iPads, Music streamer, laptop. I want all music to be on the NAS so it’s always available to the Project Network Streamer. iTunes is installed on the laptop and all I have done is rip cd’s in ALAC format purely in anticipation of a NAS arriving. What I am trying to achieve is copying (trying to keep metatags/album art etc in place) the ripped ALAC files to the NAS. ITunes is only used as a ripper and syncing some music to my iPhone, it’s not used to play music. I guess the other option is to download dBpoweramp and rip all the CD’s again straight to the NAS in FLAC format. Hope this is clearer....
  6. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    Currently all my CD’s have been ripped to iTunes ALAC format and are arranged in a classic “Artist Name Folder” with sub-folders for each album name. I would like to replicate this on the NAS. There is currently about 20 CD’s ripped in FLAC already on the NAS arranged in the same format as above. I want to keep the CD’s on both NAS and Laptop as I sync some of my music to my iPhone. Hope that makes sense....
  7. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    Just need to persuade iTunes to talk to it now......
  8. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    Cheers David, I have now managed to MAP the drive successfully..... thanks for your time, I am very grateful and a happy bunny !!
  9. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    No false alarm, I typed in the IP address properly and it actually went to the next stage of asking for login and password to the NAS but then came up with the same error code again.... very frustrating this.
  10. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    When I click on the disk station icon it brings a new internet explorer window for the Synology showing the IP address. I ha e tried mapping both the IP address and the name disk station and each time the same error code comes up, see images below. OK got it working I think.... !!!!
  11. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    When I try and MAP the NAS it cannot find the "shared device" do I need to be in Admin to do this?
  12. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    Is this what you mean? If so yes. Shows both the Synology Diskstation and the Project Stream DS Net streamer
  13. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    Thanks David, yes it’s already turned on
  14. Windows 7 talking to NAS problem...

    No idea, you are talking to a complete numptie, where do I find it?