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  1. Billy Cobham - Crosswinds on Spotify
  2. Let sleeping dogs lie, sorry for the rubbish quality images, taken on a very old iPad.
  3. Had an email reply back from ProAc and they recommend “Atacama stand HMS1T” for their Tab 10’s.
  4. I had ruled out second-hand Tab 8 sig as they are rear ported and they will have to be positioned pretty close to the rear wall otherwise I would definitely put them in the mix. LS3/5a’s are I guess the obvious choice, the challenge is trying to find a good pair at a sensible price !!
  5. Thanks for that resounding endorsement, I was starting to think there was something people weren’t telling me, what stands do you use?
  6. Small Faces - Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake
  7. They look very superb but the boss has now got used to the size of the Spendor’s and to try and get anything larger past her is going to be somewhat problematic..
  8. OK... about 3 metres across the narrow part of a a room roughly 4x3.5 metres. They will be about 1.6 metres apart and as close to the rear wall as possible hence the interest in sealed enclosures.
  9. Having just moved house at great expense, it’s going to be a while yet before I have the funds available, I have (on pretty much a permanent loan) a pair of Spendor s3/5r’s so am in no hurry.
  10. Good evening all, we have recently moved into a much smaller house and therefore I need to downsize my speakers. I am considering some ProAc Tablette 10’s and am wondering what stands would work well. I have trolled ProAc’s site for suggestions but can’t seem to find any, slimmer the better as must pass the WAF test. Any help/suggestions most welcome. I’m a ProAc virgin so please be gentle with me...
  11. Needs no introduction really..... sadly missed.