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  1. Would love to know what peoples thoughts are about the London gig last night, the boss is really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow and I would like to know if I need to temper her expectations....
  2. Have to wait until Friday before I see him in Southampton..... really excited, sadly I never managed to see his old man.
  3. I take a blood pressure tablet and a diuretic in the morning with food. After seeing the article I thought I would discuss it with my Doc next time I see him (January). The medication I am on specifically states to be taken with food so not sure how this would work if taken last thing.
  4. I have a QUAD FM4 in my rack but it’s only there to balance out the look of the 34 Pre and 405 power amp. Really must get round to putting an fm aerial in the loft and get it going. I notice there isn’t a “tuner option” in the profile of this site either....
  5. Hope you all have great day, I would have loved to have been there but sadly I do not arrive in the U.K. until next Friday. Noticed you had a bake-off to celebrate your 60th at the beginning of Feb, if you decide to have another one around the same time next year I would love to come.
  6. Hi Barry, thanks very much for your kind offer to post me your copy but I did buy a second-hand copy for a couple of quid from After reading his book, I cannot believe what a poor judge of character he is for his so called friends and how much he has spent over the years on white powder...... he must have lost tens of millions over the years no wonder he still needs to tour every year. Enjoyable read though.
  7. I have used powerline WiFi extenders before, they utilise your house electrical circuit which isn’t ideal but they do work well. As stated before, ideally a direct connect Ethernet cable but that may be difficult getting it through 5 rooms.
  8. Very nice.... assuming it’s fixed wheel, technically it needs a front brake to be road legal.
  9. Absolutely stunning.... if I had a spare £2k it would be winging it’s way to you. GLWTS
  10. Well done Graham, I guess I will just have to wait until you decide to sell your lovely “Tannoy Eaton’s” !!
  11. As aways with your hifi kit, these look to be in lovely condition complete with the upgraded crossovers, I have always fancied trying a pair of these, sadly funds don’t currently allow me to buy them. Good luck tomorrow, but if you still have them at Christmas, pm me. Robin
  12. That looks very nice Graham, if only I had the spare cash I would look to upgrade the beautiful 405-1 I bought from you a few years ago. Buy with confidence, Graham is a great guy. GLWTS Robin,
  13. Tickets booked for Southampton on the 6th of Dec, 6th row, Mrs Fantasque is really excited as she is a huge Zappa fan...