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  1. Seriously life just keeps giving.... I will let him know. I think he is considering changing the cartridge, apparently the cartridge on his old deck is a fairly new AT95e which has a 3.5 mV output so should help a bit.
  2. Thanks guys, I will pop round round this morning and see if this makes a difference.
  3. Thank you both Colin and Graham, not sure I want to get too involved in swapping cartridges I will let him know and he can decide on a course of action...... told him to buy a Rega or ProJect but the good folk at Richer Sounds knew better !!
  4. My next door neighbour has just replaced his old turntable with a new entry-level Denon DP300f T.T (I told him to get an entry level ProJect or Rega... ) It’s connected to the phono socket on his Technics V500 amp exactly the same as his previous TT but the volume is significantly lower than his previous TT. I know it’s not HiFi but it’s driving him mad so any thoughts would be really appreciated. ps) it came with a factory fitted Denon MM cartridge, the phone input on the Technics is for a MM cartridge.
  5. But can it do gapless with Spotify Connect ?
  6. Billy Cobham - Crosswinds on Spotify
  7. Let sleeping dogs lie, sorry for the rubbish quality images, taken on a very old iPad.
  8. Had an email reply back from ProAc and they recommend “Atacama stand HMS1T” for their Tab 10’s.
  9. I had ruled out second-hand Tab 8 sig as they are rear ported and they will have to be positioned pretty close to the rear wall otherwise I would definitely put them in the mix. LS3/5a’s are I guess the obvious choice, the challenge is trying to find a good pair at a sensible price !!
  10. Thanks for that resounding endorsement, I was starting to think there was something people weren’t telling me, what stands do you use?
  11. Small Faces - Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake
  12. They look very superb but the boss has now got used to the size of the Spendor’s and to try and get anything larger past her is going to be somewhat problematic..
  13. OK... about 3 metres across the narrow part of a a room roughly 4x3.5 metres. They will be about 1.6 metres apart and as close to the rear wall as possible hence the interest in sealed enclosures.