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  1. I recently tried a Hegel 90 (amp/network player) but for me the sound difference didn't justify the cost. ie the sound when connected to my CD player wasn't a great deal 'better' than with my old Rotel amp that I'm using whilst trying to find what to replace my (expired) AA Pucinni SE. So, I bought a CA CXN to try, which I've been doing (with FLAC files) back to back with my CD player (AA Meastro) playing CDs. But, I much prefer the sound of my CD player; it has a smoother, warmer, fuller sound that is easier to listen to. I'm finding the CXN/FLAC lacking in these attributes and even a little hard on my ears at times. Is there a streamer/network player that would give me a sound more like my CD player? Primarily looking for the convenience of using it as a network player for my ripped CDs. Any streaming would only be for 'looking' for new stuff! Cheers chaps. PS. Speakers are Neat Iota Alpha
  2. Tempted with the Bel Canto S300i mentioned above or an Abrahamsen V2.0 UP - thoughts please???! Cheers
  3. I'd like to add a streamer/network player to my system. Looking at s/h probably with budget of ideally up to £400. Considering: Linn Sneaky, BS Node 2i and Auralic Aries mini. I'd mainly be using it as a network player from my PC, which is in another room to the hi-fi, to play ripped FLAC files, currently set-up with dbpoweramp to rip and dbpoweramp Asset, with Bubble upnp on a tablet. I'm looking for thoughts as to which offers the best sound!...and if there would be any issues in running any of them - I'm looking for the path of least resistance please! Many thanks Cheers
  4. Thanks very much for all the replies chaps
  5. Thanks very much for all the replies chaps
  6. Thanks very much for all the replies chaps
  7. I know there is no longer a UK dealer for their products, but if I found a secondhand one, is there anyone in the UK who could repair if there were any issues? Cheers
  8. No, I decided it wasn't really economical; think it was going to be around £500 to repair iirc
  9. The A75 went a few years back now. I've just edited my info!
  10. I've asked 'which amp' before!...but I'm struggling to decide if it's worth spending in a higher price range, so I thought I'd ask which amps offer the best "bang for buck" in two price ranges; sub £500 and sub £1000 and then if the price step up is reflected in performance, eg. Roksan Kandy K2, approx £4/450 second-hand Vs a s/h Caspian M2?...I'm willing to spend in the higher bracket if the SQ would be noticeably better. I'll also add in a couple of new options to the mix! I'd be adding the amp to an Audio Analogue Maestro CD player, Neat Iota Alphas and plan to add a network player/streamer at some point (BS Node 2i, Aries Mini, Linn Sneaky) and I'd like a remote and head-phone socket if poss. Demo's are difficult for me, for two reasons; ill health and looking at second-hand stuff!...I may have to buy to try! Also, looking, as I am at a lot of secondhand kit, service/repair support would be good to have just in case. My thoughts so far... Sub £500... Exposure 2010 - seem to go for about £250 s/h Cambridge CXA60 - £300 s/h or £399 new Musical Fidelity A3 - £350 s/h Roksan Kandy K2 Rega Brio - £500 s/h or £599 new Sub £1000... Sugden A21aL - £650 ish Nait 5Si - £6/700 ish Caspian M2 - £800 ish New... I've been offered a good deal on a new Elex-R at around £800 I've also recently become aware of the Abrahamsen V2.0 at £799 or the V2.0 UP at £999 which appear to have received good reviews. Thoughts as ever very much appreciated thanks chaps Cheers
  11. Thanks very much for all the replies After some not particularly constructive email correspondence with Leema, I've decided that I won't be going with one of their products; second-hand or new. Correspondence copied below, reads bottom to top ...... Hello Martin, Not in the UK Regards...…………..Lee Taylor -----Original Message----- From: Martin Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2020 2:42pm To: lee@leema-acoustics.com Subject: Re: Pulse 1 Amplifier Thanks for your reply Lee Is there an approved repair centre that could look after a Pulse 1 if you are unable to do so yourselves? Kind regards Martin -----Original Message----- From: lee@leema-acoustics.com <lee@leema-acoustics.com> To: wadsy CC: Ceri Lewis <ceri@leema-acoustics.com> Sent: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 12:58 Subject: RE: FW: Pulse 1 Amplifier Good afternoon, We only supply service documentation to registered distributors or approved repair centres. Regards.....Lee Taylor From: Martin Sent: 16 January 2020 09:19 To: service@leema-acoustics.com Subject: Re: Pulse 1 Amplifier Hi Ceri Thanks very much for your reply. Could you tell me please if a circuit diagram is available for the amp either on-line or from yourselves? Kind regards Martin -----Original Message----- From: Leema Service <service@leema-acoustics.com> To: Martin CC: Lee Taylor <lee@leema-acoustics.com> Sent: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 8:37 Subject: RE: Pulse 1 Amplifier Good morning Without the serial number of the unit I am unable to give a definitive answer to it’s age, although we now produce the Pulse IV so I would assume it is over ten years old Unfortunately due to discontinuation of certain components and ungraded units we no longer support the earlier models Kind regards Ceri From: Martin Sent: 14 January 2020 18:15 To: support@leema-acoustics.com Subject: Fwd: Pulse 1 Amplifier Hi I'm considering buying a second hand Pulse 1 integrated amp. I've been told it's approximately ten years old; would this be about right? Also, are you able to offer support for it; ie. service/repair etc? Many thanks Kind regards Martin
  12. Don't know; I've had a quick look on-line and have also emailed the manufacturer.
  13. In my on-going search for a 'new' amp I'm considering an older amp that, having been in contact with the manufacturer is no longer supported by them as it's a discontinued model. My question is: are there independent repairers out there who could service and/or repair such an amp?...and any recommendations? I'm in the west Berkshire area. Cheers