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  1. acheter

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    Glad to see the stand is coming in handy.
  2. acheter

    Too neutral sounding...

    I'll play a bad recording of good music, but never a good recording of bad music.
  3. acheter

    Close to wall speakers...

    Nola Boxers, rear ported but that doesn't prevent them being close to a wall.
  4. acheter

    Guide to Using a Mac Mini for Audio

    Connect the laptop to a DAC via cable or a streaming device like Airport express.
  5. acheter

    Focal Utopia speaker clone with active crossover

    They look amazing! Great job.
  6. acheter

    Pioneer A400GTE taken to the max...

    Perhaps changing components might take away from the other upgrades TE has done?
  7. acheter

    Watts - Quantity v Quality

    Both with low distortion, so perfectly usable at 4 ohms.
  8. acheter

    Frugal Horn XL Build

    I expect to like them most for nearer field listening bit that might just be my preconceptions.
  9. acheter

    Frugal Horn XL Build

    They are however constrained in both Bass AND highs to be perfectly honest. Ugly frugal boxes help.. some.. in bass but not with highs.
  10. acheter

    Frugal Horn XL Build

    I'm waiting for my MAOP drivers to arrive at the moment.
  11. acheter

    DIY Resources Really excellent mains cables for a fraction of the cost of 'brand' names.
  12. Should I have to consider "compatible speakers"? With DEQX, all speakers are compatible, for both speaker correction and room correction. The former may be limited in part by the presence of a passive crossover, but these can be removed at some point once enough amps are on hand for driving each driver from a monoblock.
  13. acheter

    FREE AMC 2445 power amp (2 or 4 channel)

    The RCA input corresponds to the speaker sockets above it
  14. acheter

    What's the best 'classic' CD player/s to buy today?

    With some cheap CD players they seemed to make a difference but not so much with the better sources.
  15. acheter

    Cancer Research UK "Bring & Buy" sale at the Show

    Well done and a good a place as any.