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  1. Tom1980

    Wanted Proac response D15 or D2
  2. Tom1980

    FS Rega RP3/ Elys2/ fono

    Can you PM me please? It seems I can't send messages. Thanks
  3. Tom1980

    FS Rega RP3/ Elys2/ fono

    Great. Will pm you.
  4. Tom1980

    FS Rega RP3/ Elys2/ fono

    Would you be able to post them?
  5. Bump, selling AVIs (I purchased MF as Marantz are quite difficult to find)
  6. Bump. Also interested in PM11. My AVI set up is now listed on ebay.
  7. I was looking for a Marantz amplifier but ended up buying Musical Fidelity ... therefore for sell are my AVI S2000MP pre-amp and S2000MM (150W / 225W) mono-power amplifiers. Serial numbers : preamp - 97420 (no phono stage) mono1 - 97390 mono2 - 97395 They had very good review in 1996 in 'Gramophone', details can be found online on Apparently they sound very nice with ATCs although I used them with M&K, Dali and KEFs. Price: £650 + £50 postage (UK) or collection in person from Hadleigh/Ipswich.
  8. Tom1980

    SALE Marantz PM 17 integrated amplifier in gold

    You are right about the quality, it is built like a tank and I am glad that Marantz continues this approach in their reference line.
  9. Hi, For sell Marantz PM17 (mk I) integrated amplifier in gold. It is in very good condition and comes with remote and manual. Price : £350 Collection from Ipswich, Suffolk or can post it, although the cheapest postage price I found is £40.
  10. Tom1980

    Wanted - Marantz PM-14 mk II

  11. Tom1980

    Wanted - Marantz PM-14 mk II

  12. Tom1980

    Wanted - Marantz PM-14 mk II

    Hi all, I'm looking for Marantz PM-14 mk II amp (preferebly in champagne colour). Does anyone have one for sell? Thanks, Tom