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  1. Bigman80

    Bigbottle MM/MC DIY Phonostage PCB Interest Check

    A couple of pics of the prototype PCB
  2. Hi All, I am tentatively opening this up to an interest check. I haven't been very active here so thought it was time to venture further afield than my regular haunts! Firebottle (AoS) and I decided to do a joint project together a little while back. The goal was for me to have a hybrid valve phonostage that didn't cost the earth and could hang with the big boys. Alan (Firebottle) suggested I try a DIY project which would keep the cost down and could be built over time when funds were available. I decided to try a PCB I found online and spent the £9 it cost to buy and get here and I built it. The biggest issue I had was the lack of PSU. This needed building from scratch and pretty soon I was out of my depth and in need of some assistance. However, this got me thinking. I wanted a DIY phonostage board that was so easy to build that anyone could do it from start to finish, practically unaided. I searched the internet and there were a few SS ones which might have been a possibility but I wanted valves. I couldn't find anything that was easy enough so I approached Alan about starting one from scratch. Luckily Alan agreed and we set about the BIGBOTTLE phonostage. I wanted to eliminate the need to build a PSU separately from the main PCB. I don't have the knowledge to build one and as I am a noob, I felt this could be a limiting factor for anyone else with my level of experience. I decided that the PSU must be included on the main PCB. Following the same 'paint by numbers' approach as the original DIY phonostage I built. We took a decent lump of the design from Alan's Vivant phonostage but added a few tweaks. One being the EQ. I wanted a split Eq so that's what we did. The other major difference was MM/MC capability. I didn't want it, so it was made MC only. We got as far as we could and then needed some help. We had a P2P prototype which I was very pleased with. It has been to a couple of bakeoffs and when compared against some stuff opposition, it was well received. Unfortunately, neither I nor Alan had the ability to convert the practical or theory into a PCB. The original PCB was designed by JPS of DIY Audio, to whom I am very grateful, but things have moved on and the ability to have MM&MC capability has now been added. This is largely down to the interest in this PCB if we could add the option. We have done this and are now building up one of the prototype PCBs. The New PCB has been designed by Andy (DIYaudio), who was the layout designer of the current F5 PCB available on the DIY Audio shop. We are a few weeks away from being ready to roll these out so this is purely an interest check at this point. We need to check the BOM and fault find before I order any "Production" PCBs, so please keep that in mind. Included with the board will be a BOM. I will also do a Noobs build guide, which should be simple to follow as I have proved lol. I am unsure of cost at the moment but will advise in due course. Also, this is a non profit venture. I will add a few pictures of the current unit as I go and a few of the current unit I am using.
  3. I'd love to but I'm scheduled for surgery (shoulder rebuild) in August thanks to a motorbike crash. I will definitely keep an eye on proceedings and your schedule.
  4. Ha! Boisterous, I love that description. The current revision (v3) phonostage has received a little reduction in gain as it was reported a couple of times that gain could be too high. I think we are at about 58-60db now but I need to get it measured to be sure. The new revision has the added bonus of MM operation so will be far more flexible for bakeoffs etc. I'll keep an eye on what's happening bake-off wise and when the new one is built up, I'll try and get it out and about for a listen.
  5. Hi, A bit late to the thread but I only just found it! Really nice to read the positive feedback on the Bigbottle Phonostage. Thanks for getting it out and about Barrington! A bit of background info: The version Barrington has is the first prototype we built (Red PCB). We are now into our third revision (Green PCB) of the Bigbottle, which has added MM capability to the existing MC circuit. The Jfets are now of higher performance figures and we have identified some components which can be upgraded if you are that way inclined!. I have also added a DC trap in my personal Bigbottle, bought from ATL and I use SPOTFIRE wiring throughout. The bare PCB's are a non-profit venture. Forum members from, Artofsound and DIY Audio have contributed their time, effort and money into creating a DIY project that anyone can build. If you are capable of soldering, and using a multi meter (very simple level of use) you will be able to build your own. We even have a very comprehensive BOM with part numbers for Mouser and Farnell. Over 30 of the original "Production" PCB's (Blue PCB) have been sold worldwide, which may not seem a lot but I'm hopeful of more positive feedback once they are constructed. I am proud of the project and the HiFi community for coming together. Oliver
  6. 80 delivered 75 collection A steal!
  7. Bigman80

    FS: Posselt Albatross Speakers

    Hi Manny, Did you manage to sell these? I still look at them longingly lol O
  8. Continuing the sale of experimental speaker cables, I have this pair of Chord Rumour 4 cable. 2 connections for the Amp end and 4 for the speaker end. Nicely terminated with good quality parts. I'm looking for £90 Delivered (UK) £80 Collected. No price drop on these. They are very keenly priced.
  9. After hearing the effect the Chord Epic had in my system, i decided to try a few items from the Chord range. Here we have a 5m pair in good, not quite perfect condition. A little nibble on the heatshrink is visible on one plug but other than that, they're good! Complete with matching jumper cables. Here's the Marketing blurb: Chord Odyssey 2 The Chord Odyssey is a very similar design to Chord Rumour but features larger conductors. This brings real improvements to the dynamics of sound and music, particularly in the bass. Cymbals are shimmeringly realistic, acoustic guitars and pianos have natural weight and realism. The Chord Odyssey speaker cable is almost identical to Rumour. It features 19 strands of silver plated oxygen free copper per conductor surrounded by Teflon insulation and twisted together; the major difference being the overall gauge of the conductors. Whereas Rumour uses 16 gauge conductors, Chord Odyssey has altogether more substantial 12 gauge conductors and will carry significantly higher currents. Chord Odyssey is available in a two (Odyssey 2) and four core (Odyssey 4) version. Like Rumour, The Chord Odyssey is extremely compatible and is used across a wide range of systems. Because of its compact construction, Odyssey is a great favourite with people installing high-end audio and home cinema systems. As a point of interest, for reasons of cost, people who need extremely long runs of speaker cable tend to fit cheaper cables because of the cost involved. Better quality cables can really come into their own when the lengths required are longer than average. The Chord Odyssey brings real improvements to the dynamics of the sound, particularly in the bass, both in terms of weight and attack. This is also true of the mid and treble as well. Cymbals are noticeably more realistic and have greater weight and authority. The same is true of acoustic guitars and also pianos. The lower resistance of the Chord Odyssey also makes it a particularly good choice for longer runs. Heavy gauge silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors Twisted pair configuration Teflon insulation Silicon outer jacket provides outstanding mechanical vibration damping Priced to sell: £165 Delivered £155 Collected Very close offers on these will be considered.
  10. Bigman80

    SP10 advice

    For plinth recommendations, I'd go for Panzerholtz. Phonomac build my SP10 the plinth is a revelation. Incredibly dense, inert and I get no nasty vibrations through it. It's wall mounted but even so, it's a fantastic material. Tonearms...... I had the Alphasson HRS100 and really didn't rate it. It got mushy on the detail with tracks that pushed the envelope. I was never convinced by it and again, Phonomac loaned me a modified AT1010. The Alphasson was sold and I bought a Phonomac AT1010. I'm now on the MK6 version of the arm and I can honestly say it's the best arm I've come across. I have been told multiple times that there must be been a problem with the Alphasson if an AT arm beat it. It passed a full health check when I had a din connection fitted to remove the "dull as ditchwater" VDH captive cable. The AT in standard form was better than the Alphasson. That's my view on it anyway, and that of two other people I know, who have sold an Alphasson in favour of the AT1010. We must all of had a dodgy Alphasson 😉 oxide symbol
  11. Bigman80

    For Sale - [FS] Mission 774 wand

    *****now sold***** Hi Bill, need your postage address Thanks Oliver Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Bigman80

    For Sale - [FS] Mission 774 wand

    You have a message Bill. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Bigman80

    For Sale - [FS] Mission 774 wand

    Hi Bill, I'll have a look into it and contact you via a private message. Thanks Ps sorry for the late reply !!!!
  14. Bigman80

    For Sale - [FS] Mission 774 wand

    It's a beauty. Silver really elevates the positives. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Bigman80

    For Sale - [FS] Mission 774 wand

    It developed a much more defined mid band. Bass had very tight "kick" to it and cymbals really shimmer. It's a very good sound. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk