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  1. They had a wide selection of LP12’s at ‘House of Linn’, and I went yesterday with a very large dose of skepticism. I hadn’t really heard another LP12 for over thirty-years, since I bought mine. But I was also of the mindset: ‘Can it really get much better? How can a different motor improve the quality of reproduction?’, etc. I was both surprised and delighted about the improvements different upgrades made. I’m not a ‘serial upgrader’, so in the end I just thought ‘Go for it!’ I’m now looking forward to rediscovering my vinyl collection, in the time I have left on this bit of rock. And Brian & Trevor at House of Linn are absolutely great guys. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them!
  2. OK. Radikal & Keel ordered! I’m NOT telling the wife how much!! lol
  3. Thanks for this. My rationale for staying with the Adikt are twofold. One is that is just sounds ‘right’, and I’ve been very happy with it. And two, are the running costs/convenience of owning a MM compared to MC. I want an interchangeable stylus, low running costs, and don’t want the hassle of exchanging my cartridge every time it needs re-tipping. I also need to be mindful that vinyl is now effectively a secondary source to me now. The vast majority of my listening is via Roon/streaming, but I just adore spinning vinyl when the opportunity arises. I’ve had my LP12 32 -years now, and have around 3,000 LP’s, and I wouldn’t ever consider dispensing with it, no matter how little use it gets. So, the ‘day of reckoning’ is here. It’s all packed-up ready to go. I must admit my ‘head’ says Lingo 4/Kore, with the amount of use she gets, and will get, but I’m still open to the idea of Radikal/Keel, if the improvement is marked. After all, you only live once, eh! lol
  4. Yes, a Klimax Radikal would be nice, and it would match my black KK/2 nicely. It just seems a lot to pay, that’s all. I’ll see if I can compare the two this weekend.
  5. Hi David, Yes, my Ekos is a Mark I, and I love it. Plus the Adikt too. It works perfectly with the Uphorik. Thanks for all your advice. It’s really helpful!
  6. It’s exactly the same electronics, just in different cases. i don’t understand how the Klimax Radikal could sound demonstrably better than the Akurate Radikal?
  7. I’m off to Bryan & Trevor’s in Manchester on Saturday to take my beloved LP12/Valhalla//Cirkus/Ekos/Adikt in for an upgrade. In the context of the rest of my system, an Akurate-level upgrade to: Lingo 4/Kore makes the best sense. However, I am tempted to think just ‘F***’ it’ and go for Radikal/Keel. Decisions, decisions...
  8. Roon 1.7 very stable, and playing very nicely from my Nucleus => M Scaler => TT2. Great new features too, such as Roon Radio, and ‘Recommended For You’. Very happy
  9. I haven’t had time to ‘play’ with it yet? Looking forward to it tonight
  10. No harm taken! There’s no doubt about it, M140’s are Linn’s budget offering, and it’s clear that the Aku-line are clearly superior to the Majik line. Without a doubt. And I agree. There really is no point of putting loads of Klimax gear ahead of M140’s. I think in my case, I’m very happy that I’ve taken my Majik kit as far as it will/should go, and I’m very, very happy with what I have now. It’s a nice place to be in this ‘hobby’
  11. There’s no doubt about it. The Akudorik/Akubarik line are clearly superior to the M140’s, in so many ways. I was considering going for a pair of Akubariks a little while ago, either passive or Aktiv (not Exakt - I don’t run a Linn DS /DSM). But the cost of upgrading my 2 x 4100’s to Akurate-level amps put me off. Plus, I was a bit skeptical about buying Aktiv Akubariks, as it would mean me getting-rid of my power amps also. I thought long and hard, and as I love my setup so much at the mo’, I decided against it. But as I say, the Aku-line are clearly superior to the Majik line. Let us know how you get on!
  12. There’s no doubt about it. The Akudorik’s are by far the superior speakers. However, put the best front-end ahead of M140’s, as per Linn’s (past?) philosophy, and you won’t be dissapointed either.
  13. I fail to accept that the Akudorik can deliver the ‘quantity’ of bass that a M140 can deliver. Better quality/better defined bass? Undoubtedly. But in a large listening room, it might sound underwhelming, without the addition of a subwoofer/bass reinforcement speaker. In support of the M140’s, I listen in quite a large listening room (roughly 10m x 10m) and I run M140’s Aktiv with an additional M126. In this room, this combo sounds perfect. And I think Akudorik’s on their own would be swamped. The choice is probably dependent on your room size. Another great thing about the M140’s is that they ‘scale’ superbly. I recently changed my AK/1 for a KK/2, and added a Chord M Scaler in front of my TT2. And the improvements with both incremental changes were immediately apparent.