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  1. You’re right. There has been no credible, technical explanation in this thread as to why Linn cannot, or refuses to utilise RAAT. And RAAT is not Open Source because Roon have spent time, effort and resources in developing the software to sell commercially. And, IMO the purchase price is worth it. Linn have obviously remained silent on this matter, but Roon have been the opposite. You will have to draw your own conclusions after reading this thread...
  2. I don’t think you’re wrong about the High Street there. My local town had four Hi-Fi dealers ten years ago, one of which was a Linn dealer. Two have closed their doors in the last few years, now leaving Audio T and Richer Sounds. My nearest Linn dealer is now forty miles away. And the only ‘busy’ store in town is Richer Sounds. Ken Kessler published a fascinating editorial piece in this month’s ‘Hi-Fi News’, calling for ‘brand consolidation’, i.e., the justification for a smaller number of brands on the market. I think this needs to apply to the retail sector too. Superfi bit the dust earlier this year, and I can’t imagine the other retail independents, and even chains are finding it easy at the moment. Perhaps there needs to be a wholesale rethink on who sells high-end audio, and how it is sold? In the UK, the London ‘market’ is almost a law unto itself (hence Harrods, etc) but the rest of the country is very diverse. I think bricks-‘n-mortar shops will always be needed when selling high-end (expensive) audio products, but it’s how that is achieved. That will be the challenge facing dealers over the next few years.
  3. I don’t see Harrods and traditional dealers being in conflict/competition with each other. The type of customer going to each outlet will be very different. Traditional dealers will just end up selling different kit to the Harrods outlet, that’s all. It’s called Market Segmentation.
  4. Coincidentally, just after the Selekt was launched. They must be trying to get ahead of other manufacturers such Naim, with their Uniti range, among others.
  5. I can imagine that they’ll sell lots of Selekt/530 packages in Harrods. Maybe the Tweed covers will be especially popular? I wouldn’t suppose they’d have much Urika II stock!
  6. Hahahaha!! You’re so funny! I asked you to provide evidence to back-up your assertion that Roon is the ‘block’ to Linn DS/DSM’s being ‘Roon Ready’. But you can’t. Probably because there isn’t any. As to me expecting ‘total submission’ (whatever you mean by that!?), I simply expect Linn to ‘keep up’ and provide users with the option of using/utilising RAAT. Personally, I wouldn’t call that ‘total submission’. Are you sure you’re posting in the ‘right’ forum...??
  7. Implementing RAAT does not displace, or substitute/override existing protocols. Other manufacturers give users a choice as to whether or not to use/engage RAAT. Linn does not give their users this choice. For example:
  8. On your first point: That is true. They don’t. On your second point: I disagree. Your so-called ‘experience’ does not, on the evidence provided so-far, provide you with the credibility to state, as you have done previously in this thread, that it is indeed Roon who represent the barrier to Linn DS/DSM players being certified as ‘Roon Ready’, and adopting RAAT. Your statement on this is pure speculation, nothing more.
  9. I understand your opinion. But your opinion is hardly definitive in terms of what a manufacturer such as Linn can, and can’t do, with their products and technology. This is not meant as an insult. Far from it. But your opinion on this matter is nothing more than that: opinion. You have no corporate credibility, or mandate, to assert that it is indeed Roon that Is preventing full integration of Linn DS/DSM Players into their ‘Roon Ready’ category of product. It’s very interesting that Linn are very silent on this matter, when IMO they should be vocal in justifying their position within the marketplace, especially when there are plenty of prospective buyers out there who are looking for certain features, such as ‘Roon Ready’.
  10. Other manufacturers have chosen to embrace, and work with Roon and RAAT. You have clearly stated that this was Roon’s decision/stance on the matter, but you have provided no evidence as yet to support your spurious claim. Therefore your assertion has no credibility. Other manufacturers have products that work with, and support UPnP, OpenHome AND RAAT. Why not Linn? Can anyone from Linn shed some light on this please? You obviously are incapable of doing so.
  11. Enough of the unsubstantiated insults, and incoherent analogies. You have clearly stated, as a fact, that Roon are the block/barrier to full integration of Linn DS/DSM products into their ‘Roon Ready’ category of products. Where exactly is your hard, indisputable proof and evidence that Roon are the ‘block’ to such full integration?
  12. Pure speculation, on your part. Where’s your proof that Roon are behind such a block to full Linn DS/DSM ‘Roon Ready’ integration?
  13. I’m not proposing that link as ‘proof’ that Linn are behind such a ‘block’ to ‘Roon Ready’ integration of Linn DSM/DSM products. What I’m asking is for @Tin is to provide proof behind his assertion that Roon are behind such a block.
  14. You seem to be of the opinion that Roon is ‘blocking’ such a development? Do you have proof of this?