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  1. I’m old enough to remember the ‘CD is a lemon’ campaign. As for DSD, MQA and USB inputs on their DSM’s, I AIN’T goin’ there!! I love Linn. But I also despise their ‘We’re right, everyone else is wrong’ stance on some things. Why not just give the punters what they want?
  2. I’m just listening to the music. i really don’t give a s*** what Linn are releasing, or not. Does anyone else bother?
  3. This issue is serious, and is a major step BACK in the availability of services.
  4. I’ve never tried connecting the TT2 directly to the Majik 4100’s. It wouldn’t be difficult, as the TT2 provides a dedicated ‘AMP’ mode, with a built-in digital volume control. If the TT2 was my only source, then that arrangement would be a no-brainier. I use my TT2 in ‘DAC’ mode with a fixed, line-level output i too think there is something very ‘right’ about the sound of Chord DAC’s. I remember being completely bowled-over by their original Hugo a few years ago, and then bought a TT1 for the system. I use headphones quite frequently, so it suited me very well. The TT2 is a further refinement, and since adopting Roon, I’ve moved away from dedicated network audio players, and the TT2 is now my primary digital source. it would be interesting to know how you get on with the Qutest, especially in comparison to your ADS/3.
  5. It’s the BASS that is the most shocking. It’s like I’ve discovered a whole lower octave that wasn’t there before?
  6. Yeah, I must admit, the ‘jump’ from Majik Kontrol, to AK/1 last year was pretty big. BUT I’m absolutely awestruck about how much better the KK/2 is than the AK/1. It’s literally ‘night and day’! But, what I’m MORE amazed about, is how my modest 2 X Majik 4100 & 140 (Aktiv)/126 combo can make sense of this? After all, (by Linn standards) these are cheap amps and speakers, yet I’m amazed about how they’re able to resolve the differences in preamps.
  7. I’ve been listening to the KK/2 for the past few days now. I’m just in amazement as to how much better it is than my AK/1 that preceded it. EVERY source sounds so much better. Who would have thought that it could impact so profoundly on an ‘entry-level’ Aktiv Majik system?
  8. Mmmm... Cheers Paul! A pair of 350A’s would be lovely. I’ll have to keep my eye out for a pair. And once the nursing home calls, I would always do this:
  9. Cheers sunbeamgls! Yes, I thought that Linn had stopped producing Aktiv Akubariks. I thought that any purchase along these lines would be used/flea-bay etc. Linn seem intent on Exakt as the way forward. I just don’t want to ‘lock’ myself into that particular technological cul-de-sac, and I enjoy the flexibility of using other (non-Linn) sources. I fully appreciate your perspective, and if I ‘starting from zero’ as a twenty-something, then Exakt would definitely be the way to go. As it is, I’m an old bugger, with old kit, so I just don’t know? i know what you’re advocating, and for good reason - ditch the Roon Nucleus, TT2, KK/2, and Majik amps & the 140’s too, and just go for a nice, sleek DSM/Exakt Akubarik set-up with SO etc. It makes perfect sense. The ‘problem’ is, I use headphones an awful lot (small child alert!), and the TT2 not only sounds sublime, but also functions as a superlative DAC/headphone amplifier. And I don’t think I’m ready to chuck all my eggs in one basket with Exakt. Cheers though, for proposing a very rational, and very sensible way forward!
  10. Cheers for this. Much appreciated! I think the problem for me is, is that I’ve had my Majik Aktiv system for around ten years now. And it hasn’t missed a beat. I just love it. BUT I’m getting to the age (50) where: 1) I’m looking at my ‘end-game’ system, where I’ve probably only got a couple of decades left on this shitty piece of rock (!?), and 2) I have a bit of cash available (or I could even borrow a bit?), and I’m thinking that I really don’t give a fuck about the cost implications (within reason!) The injection of the KK has made me realise just how much this system can do, in its present state. Aktiv Akubariks would probably be the ‘end-game’ for me. i think I’ll need to have a listen...
  11. OK. So I’ve finally ‘bitten the bullet’, and gone from an AK/1, to a KK/2/B. I’ve been coveting one for a while. And MY WORD!! WHAT an improvement! I just wished I’d done it about ten years ago! It’s in a modest system, of 2 x Majik 4100’s, piped through to Aktiv 140’s with upgraded aluminium bases, with an additional Majik 126. And it now sounds sublime. i’m just wondering (as we all do, I’m sure!?) what if I ditched the whole Majik system, and piped the KK/2 into Aktiv Akubarik’s via XLR, would this be a big improvement? Has anyone made such a move? I’d be looking for purely Aktiv Akubariks, rather than Exakt. I don’t want to buy into the Exakt system, and would rather keep my Roon Nucleus/Chord Hugo TT2, and other analogue front ends.
  12. Why exactly can’t Katalyst DSM’s decode/accept DSD via HDMI? My aged Sony STR-DA5500ES can accept the DSD stream from my Sony UHP-H1? Why can’t DSM’s do the same?