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  1. DON’T skimp on cables! And no, I don’t want to divert the thread... lol It’s just that cables DO matter. Well, analogue ones anyway. There was a massive improvement when I substituted all of the Linn Blacks in my system for Linn Silvers. And as for the Chord Sarum Super Aray XLR that now connects my Lumin A1 to my AK? TRUE alchemy!
  2. Saying that, I can’t see a Majik DS going for much (if any) less than £500. If it did, it would surely be a one-off?
  3. Stand-alone network players seem to becoming increasingly out of fashion. That probably explains the low prices. Obviously, the Linn DSM has effectively replaced pre-amps and the stand-alone DS, but it’s also interesting to note that Cambridge’s new ‘Edge’ pre-amp also has a network streamer built-in.
  4. My question is: WHY have you attempted to do this yourself, instead of taking it to someone who knows just what they’re doing? They’re called ‘Dealers’ for good reason...
  5. kelly200269

    Searching for a rich vinyl like sound in digital music

    If the OP is after a ‘vinyl-like’ digital source, just get a Lumin A1. i assure you, you will NEVER look back.
  6. I’m with the gang on this one. Forget the Numerik. Absolutely ancient tech. Sneaky or Majik DS IMO. That’s if you absolutely insist on Linn.
  7. There’s an interesting article written by Andrew Everard in this month’s Hi-Fi News & Record Review. i couldn’t agree more!
  8. Digital and vinyl can coexist nicely in most systems, as long as both sound half-decent! i wouldn’t advise going the ‘whole hog’ with just one, whilst ditching or neglecting the other. Both have their uses. I love vinyl when I have plenty of time, and the inclination to spend some dedicated time to choosing and listening. It sounds sublime, and I have a very modest LP12. But digital sounds awesome too, and I can get a tune playing in seconds from my streamer, and just a minute or so longer from my SACD player. AND it sounds ‘as good’ as vinyl, just different. And anyway, the vinyl ‘resurgance’, or whatever they call it, is a flash in the pan! Digital IS the future
  9. I think the old forum was ideal in many ways, because Linn employees often contributed. They were more-often the ones who sorted out a query, without it being a major issue. It is their expertise and input that is now severely lacking. It’s all about a manufacturer of high-end audio having a good relationship with its customer base. Linn does NOT. I’ve already mentioned my great experience with Lumin, but had anyone else seen the PS Audio podcasts on YouTube? Now THAT’S how you foster a great relationship with your customers folks! Credit to PS Audio. I’m not holding my breath on the Linn channel for the same approach...
  10. I am heavily invested in Linn. And always have been. I always remember my delight in buying my Ekos in 1991. OMG! Has it been that long? BUT I own a Lumin A1, rather than a DS, and for a good reason. Lumin’s Customer support is top-notch. You have a query about your player? You just ask, and you get a quick response. From the manufacturer. With Linn, it’s ‘hit-‘n-miss’, but the forum ‘filled the gap’ for members looking for answers to their questions. The old Linn forum was a community. But it’s gone now. Without being judgemental, IMO Linn is becoming more ‘closed off’ and insulated. First Exakt, then no more passive pre-amps, and now more a stand-alone DS players. Oh, and the forum’s gone too. I think Linn is now closed-off and almost in a ‘world of it’s own.’ But from my perspective, I’m not sure I want to be there with them. I think I’ll pass on Exakt. Which means I’ll probably pass on Linn in the future.
  11. I’ve heard that the Schiit is much better than these.
  12. God, at times I really do miss the old Linn forum!
  13. I really am scratching my head about this thread? What is the point? The OP starts by staying how much he loves his system? If so, then why disassemble it and break it up? Nuts, if you ask me. I run a very similar system, and wouldn’t change anything for the world. If the OP is insistent on changing, just hook the DSM passively to the 140’s. BUT it probably won’t be a patch on Aktiv 140’s.
  14. Oh yes, so I see. You can stream the MQA stream from Tidal though. For better or worse, it looks like MQA’s gaining traction in the streaming marketplace...