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  1. A pair of 19 inch with handles Bryston 7 bsst. A beast of a power amp and totally transparent and with all the grunt to drive any speakers you may own. Can be subtle with finesse and then next minute it grabs your speakers with a vice like grip. Maybe your last quest for perfection? They retail around £12,000 a pair now I'm downsizing and going more AV than hif and my new speakers are 97 db sensitivity and need around 32 watts to drive them to reference levels so I'm thinking the 600 watts into 8 ohms or 900 watts into 4 ohm might be a bit overkill? Excellant condition with original boxes and with warranty until 2024. I'm in York so would prefer collection or could deliver or meet half way etc and at a last push would post but would have to be fully insured. i would swap for a lower powered Bryston with a cash difference. Ideally a 9bsst or 3bsst 3 or 5 channel £4000 for the pair
  2. Dvddvd

    Wanted - bloody good speakers for little dosh

    I have a pair of mint kef reference model 2 with original boxes. The bass drivers were refoamed about three years ago. If I told you they were 2 weeks old you would believe me they are in that good condition. They are in Santos rosewood finish. Which has a zebreno type of grain which makes it a bit more modern looking than the other finishes. I may sell?
  3. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    But speakers placed near a wall start to have boundary effect, the bass will increase? If they are passive speakers there is no way to turn the bass down as in a sat /subwoofer
  4. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    What levels does it produce 37hz? I've heard "full range speakers" that produce bass but as soon as you turn up the volume the bass volume lags behind?
  5. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    Full range as in 20hz to 20,000 or down to 40hz?
  6. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    But bigger full range speakers need space around them? You can not put them up against a wall? Even more so if they are rear ported. Try telling the wife you need your speakers 3 foot from a wall? I think speaker manufacturers have missed out not designing speakers that are more accommodating to where they are positioned? Or more flexibility in where they can be positioned
  7. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    They are not many full range speakers around? If we are talking 20hz to 20,000hz and the ones which can do that are not suitable for English size rooms....hence a subwoofer
  8. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    It was designed as a home cinema speaker really, I'm trying to work how good they are with music? They are very impressive, they look massive in the flesh and all the components are over engineered and heavy. The designer is an American who started the whole thing off on the mainly American AVSforums web site. I think they were sold as a no profit venture They work out around £300 each after delivery and all vat and import duty. If they were £3000 each I think your brain would be saying they are fantastic. But because they are so cheap you keep having doubts.
  9. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    They were designed to be used with a subwoofer even though having a 12 inch driver. I think speakers nowadays are designed to look pretty and be wife friendly, small footprint. In the 1960 speaker seemed to have bigger drivers and gradually they have got smaller and narrower in design. I listened to Daft Punk on them today, never listened to Daft Punk in my life not my type of music but I played the full album and the speakers produced a hypnotic sound I was impressed...
  10. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    A set up subwoofer is a great, a badly set up sub is bad. Most people buy a sub and they want to hear what they bought so have it too loud to blend with their main speakers. The same with surround speakers in av set ups, if you have paid £800 on a pair of surround speakers people want to hear them. A set up thats set up correctly you should hear no speaker just sound
  11. Dvddvd

    Room correction or speaker correction?

    Yes the calibrated Umic-1
  12. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    I don't believe any full range speakers work in normal sized English rooms. I think to get good bass from the outset is impossible. Every room is different, size, construction, materials, furnishings etc if it does work you are very very lucky. Then there is positioning, most people don't have the luxury of putting the speakers in the perfect spot and have to work around living arrangements. I used to laugh when speaker manufacturers used to give you ideal positions for their speakers "works best 4 foot from a rear wall" try telling that to the wife... You are better off, getting a sub/sat system then you have the chance to make the bass suit your room. Even better if you can change the crossover frequency and have some room correction.
  13. Dvddvd

    Room correction or speaker correction?

    I read that most of them don't do much with the bass? I do have at present a miniDSP which is a tweekers paradise. I bought the added plug in as I had three subs at the time( it will eq four subs)
  14. Dvddvd

    Deciding on two sets of speakers ?

    I'm not saying not to my taste, but none had me walking away thinking I'd love some of those? Some were very beautiful looking pieces of hifi. But I suppose you get to a point when choosing/ buying and setting up hifi to your preference with all the tweeting where do you go now? Also the laws of disminishing returns start? Also we are confined to the size of your room. . So the £100 grand speakers sound fantastic and look wonderfully engineered but would never work in your space
  15. I read that room correction programs installed in HIFI amps and AV processors can do wonders to set ups? Dirac, Audyssey, Room perfect, Arc etc Anybody use them? Are they correcting the room or the speakers? Or are both the same really? They measure the output and then put filters to get a preferred frequency curve and then you can adjust to your liking, I suppose it's EQ with the added bonus of altering phase, levels etc