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  1. I started this thread and went on to buy this sort of thing: It really is rubbish. The front pillars are founded upon some threaded rod of about 5mm. The rods pass through the glass shelves with a system of tubes and spacers for each shelf. It took ages to build and was worryingly fragile throughout. The ONLY thing supporting the shelves at the rear is a single flimsy metal clip screwed in the the MDF pillar. Yesterday I accidentally nudged my rack and it collapsed. Two pairs of hands were required to gently tease the precious HIFI equipment from the collapsed shelves. I now have one of these which on first sight appears to be a much better option for about twice the price:
  2. I think you are all being a bit harsh - the price does include shipping.
  3. Love them both but not got that album - now on the shopping list. I was privileged to see Mr Peterson play at the Albert Hall not very long before he died. It was a fantastic evening. In the intermission and in the bar I chatted to a chap who was going to ask if he could see Mr P. after the concert. He said that Oscar was 'quite good at seeing people - particularly music students'. I was not a music student so chickened out of trying to say hello to one of my heroes. Should have blagged it!
  4. What's needed here is a Fish Face 400 isolation platform system. Hand crafted to your turntable's 'footprint' for only £400. Alternatively one might have B&Q chop up one's own piece of MDF, carefully paint it black and then experiment with Focul Pods etc. I'm loving mine! P.S. Apologies for the great lump of dust on the stylus. P.P.S. The FF400 looks much better in real life.
  5. The link, (any link?) on this forum goes 'sort of nowhere'. I think it's because the forum operators are trying to make money from us! More here, (link should work because it's to another thread withing this forum):
  6. I've tried to post a link to Amazon but there's something odd going on. I think with my browser. Anyway, have a look for ' hif-fi news test LP'. I find it useful but there is a danger of driving yourself mad with adjustments..
  7. Hi Serge Thanks for the information. My father used to have a GL75 and would proudly tell anybody nearby that it was 'the only production TT with constantly variably speed from 33 to 78 RPM'. I dunno about 'only' but I think it's correct that the Lenco would do all of those speeds - and everything in between. How did people work around the EQ? Or was performance o.k. but not optimal? Or was it a bit a marketing thing and by then people weren't using the 78 speed anyway? Thanks, FF.
  8. I remain deeply in love with my Thorens and SME arrangement so the 20 year old P3 with RB300 is unlikely to be used again. But second hand values are too low to justify selling. Then today I had a brain wave - always dangerous! I have a box of 78s which used to belong to my grandfather. I should have chucked them out years ago but can't make myself do it. Has anybody converted a 33 rpm Planar to a 78? Are 'only' differences the motor, pulley and cartridge? Anyone here used this type of Chinese motor in a TT: Anything else? Thanks, FF.
  9. Thanks for the interesting post and R.I.P. Rod Temperton. Mention of Heatwave brought back memories of this, (which was not played as the opening track on the low powered band 2 pirate radio station I never had for a very short time):
  10. fish face


    I've a small collection of watches - mostly mechanical. I'll post pics as I wear them. Today off for a hike so this 1960's Swiss Roamer seemed appropriate:
  11. I went to a Grammar school and hated every minute of it and then departed at age 16 with a single O level. At my junior school, in one of the mock tests I scored 94%. The teacher assumed cheating and I got a rocket! There was no cheating. Make no mistake you lot, I'm a clever fekcer and have gone on to earn well. But in an educational environment which is wholly focused on the average exam result I sank. I would not wish the same upon my son. P.S. No idea why I've got such odd line breaks. Perhaps I'm too stupid to work it out :-) P.P.S. Odd line breaks not present in actual post.
  12. Some of us newbs or, like me, born again newbs, are not aware of these shows. I know about Bristol,and Heathrow from years ago but had no idea about Windsor or Whittlebury, or indeed the 'audio jumble'. That sounds like fun.
  13. Hi SCIDB I'll call you that because that's your 'name' here and we've not met and I don't know you. I want to tell you that your dad would be proud for you announce his passing with, 'He was fine father to my brothers and I, and a great husband to my my mother'. Many people are not fortunate enough to have a father like that. Condolences.
  14. Only this evening I heard on radio 4 an account of how the Beatles refused to play to segregated audiences in the south of the U.S.