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  1. Pretty sure our current system of FPP rather than proportional representation means the concept of majority rule is breached every election.
  2. J Macquarrie

    Is HiFI Dead?

    Add in the fact very few younger people have any sort of assured tenancy and the idea of having to move and set up your system in a different sized space every 6 months to a year becomes very unattractive.
  3. Somebody's clearly never heard of venture capital.
  4. Credit: @Reinh (via twitter)
  5. Salad leaves need picking regularly to keep the plants going so best have these as close to the house as possible (ie not down an allotment). Other than that trial and error, see what works for you and your garden. Oh and pray we don't get weather like this or the slugs appear as if by magic and try and devour everything. Of course if you do get hot and dry weather the flea leaf beetles and cabbage white caterpillars will try and devour all your brassicas anyway, I usually net mine for this reason.
  6. J Macquarrie


    Just seen that there's a reissue of Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol by Tradition. Hooray, I've always wanted a copy but could never bring myself to shell out the £250-300 an original goes for. Spacey Dub/jazz album from the very early 80s.
  7. Green hairstreak butterfly (not as good as the above couple but not bad with my phone)