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  1. seanm

    FS: Michell Orbe turntable

    Great, thanks, although don't go to the trouble for my sake alone: I wouldn't be able to collect, so I'm really just registering my interest in case you can't find a buyer who can, and reconsider the possibility of posting. Perhaps Michell could supply a box.
  2. seanm

    FS: Michell Orbe turntable

    Hello. Can I ask what age/version it is?
  3. seanm

    New Amazon shop question

    I think the direct contact thing is a known scam, I looked into it when buying a laptop.
  4. seanm

    Updating a standard TD125 MK.II

    I have a Roksan Nima on mine. It's the only arm I've tried, so can't offer any comparative judgments, but I like it, and it suits the deck aesthetically, despite being historically very incorrect: it has a kind of '60s space age look to it that doesn't seem out of place. Killie's does look great with the Jelco though. The Mission arm you mention is the Low Cost one, which I understand is much less impressive than the original 774. I looked for one of those for a long time, but decent examples seem quite rare.
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a late Quad 34 with MM stage. Sean
  6. seanm

    Shure m75 cartridge dimensions?

    15mm and 17.5mm approx. This is with a Jico aftermarket stylus that leaves a gap of around 1mm between cartridge body and stylus, don't know if the original article was a snugger fit.
  7. Supposed to be good on the classic Thorens. I think someone (maybe on AoS?) makes improved mounting collars for Jelcos, for those worried about the oval.
  8. seanm

    Musical Information above 20kHz

    There's been a fair bit of churning: Oohashi et al have written up the same or similar experiments in other papers, some of them open access, e.g. here: Fairly lengthy discussion of methodology there, haven't read it in full myself.
  9. seanm

    Musical Information above 20kHz

    Don't know. Might look into it though. The experiment seems to have enjoyed a rich afterlife: the authors themselves are still publishing papers on it, and there are plenty of citations. I had a quick look and they seem to be allusive and of the "You know there's a lot more to music reproduction than you might think" variety. But still it's interesting, and regardless of the validity of the results, the paper cited does develop basic theoretical arguments for not reducing the listening experience to conscious hearing.
  10. seanm

    Musical Information above 20kHz

    From the paper linked to by the OP: "Oohashi and his colleagues recorded gamelan to a bandwidth of 60 kHz, and played back the recording to listeners through a speaker system with an extra tweeter for the range above 26 kHz. This tweeter was driven by its own amplifier, and the 26 kHz electronic crossover before the amplifier used steep filters. The experimenters found that the listeners' EEGs and their subjective ratings of the sound quality were affected by whether this "ultra-tweeter" was on or off, even though the listeners explicitly denied that the reproduced sound was affected by the ultra-tweeter, and also denied, when presented with the ultrasonics alone, that any sound at all was being played." I'm not sure what to make of this myself. But I do like a bit of gamelan.
  11. seanm

    Musical Information above 20kHz

    Unconsciously! Freud's iceberg.
  12. seanm

    Musical Information above 20kHz

    Why? I mean, why insist that only sound that is consciously registered is significant to the listening experience? I'm not arguing otherwise, but it is quite an assumption.
  13. seanm

    My dear old Rega P3 - time to let her go?

    Might be worth it, just to satisfy curiosity. Opinion seems to be divided on whether or not the arm works on Thorens. You can always sell the plate on.
  14. Speakers-position-room makes sense of course. But moving to a more expensive phono stage made a much bigger difference to soundstage in my set up than playing around with my speakers, within the admittedly limited scope that my room allows for that. Previously the music sat within the speakers, as it were, and with the new PS it was out in the room.