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  1. Pomster

    System thoughts

    I'm no expert or connoisseur by any means in fact i'm just a noobie. I just want to build a good quality system that suits me. I'm not really into cranking it up mega loud like a teenager, or a boombastic bass head, i'm more interested in the quality of sound from different genres of music Years ago i worked for Polygram and then Universal but their test/listeninging systems are way way way out of my price range. Hifinutt, Birdbrain yeah i went and had a demo of the Harbeth M30.2 at Doug Bradys in Warrington and i thought they sounded brilliant, infact I thought my system would'nt do them justice hence this confusion and uncertainty.
  2. Pomster

    System thoughts

    I have the Audiovector M3 super floorstanders, wanted some Harbeth for some time now though but they're just out of my grasp money wise at the moment.
  3. In a bit of a dilema here and would like your thoughts please Currently have Roksan Caspian M2 intergrated amp with Caspian M1 cd player, Logic dm101 table and Audiovector speakers I must admit i also like the Quad 606 and 909 power amps My dilema is that I also have Naim Nac 32.5 and a HiCap too. Would i be better keeping tha Roksan or using the Naim with a 250 or with quad power amp/s Long term plan is to sell the Audiovectors and buy a pair of Harbeth M30i speakers later in the year
  4. One film i can watch time and time again is, is ..... The Last Samuri But their are so many outstanding and iconic films, it would be impossible to say which is my favourite The problem i'm finding now that i'm getting older (56) is that the action films are so far fetched and unrealistic that i find them boring
  5. Pomster

    Bass gone south

    Yeah, suspended with insulation between floor and 18mm engineered wood
  6. Pomster

    Bass gone south

    I must admit , it's take me aback somewhat ... Not perfect by any means but It is like night and day! I've cut back the old speaker cables an inch or two on both ends and reconnected back up. Moved the router and Virgin box well away, these are going to be fit at a higher/ceiling level. And as has been suggested i've put the speakers on something more stable (heavy travitine tiles with dense felt underneath to protect the floor). I'l order two large granite chopping boards this week, I can get hold of some heavy thick rubber matt from a friend who owns a gym instead of the speaker spikes. It's made a huge huge difference, thanks guys! PlasticPenguin I have a fairly decent turntable, a Logic Dm101, i'l connect it up and compare .... Have to get some brownie points first though and make a start on finishing the decorating haha! Once again another noobie is indebted to the knowledgable Hifiwigwam contributors ... Thanks again!
  7. Pomster

    Bass gone south

    And finally 4th
  8. Pomster

    Bass gone south

    So I spent most of the day playing around trying different speaker locations, I placed felt under the travitine tiles under the speakers, amp and cd player. I moved around the amp and cd player too. Big big difference in sound quality to be honest but still could do with more improvement? Anyhow, heres 4 videos, note the different placements etc. Amp is at 9 oclock or 1/4 turn what i usually listen to Your thoughts and advice are welcome 1st attempt
  9. Pomster

    Bass gone south

    Greybeard, no switch on mine. Would of been a good shout though
  10. Pomster

    Bass gone south

    No, i've never been satisfied with the bass from the start, and it's not as though I'm a bass fiend by any stretch. I've thought maybe it's the type of music I listen to ... Jan Zimmer, Gary Numan, Alan Parson Project and just general 80's etc. Cant really see it being thsi though?
  11. Pomster

    Bass gone south

    Your comment is still welcome tuga ... Northern English wit, but then again maybe not
  12. Pomster

    Bass gone south

    I'm going to move things around abit this morning and see if anything changes? I have some Travitine tiles left over from when i did my bathroom, i'l put them under the speakers (speakers have spikes fitted) for now until i can get some proper jobbies, or would granite chopping boards be a good idea? When i said ... Gone south on holiday never to return, i guess thats my idea of joking but with alot of added frustration Rayymondo yeah the bass has always been a problem, its always been loose and wollowy Maybe I'l plant a seed in my wifes head about a rug?
  13. Pomster

    Bass gone south

    PlasticPenguin, Yeah I've checked for phase and is set up correctly. I borrowed some cable which is better than the Linn with a view to purchase but it sounded no different. Newlash09 The floor is 18mm Engineered wood flooring on insulation above a suspended floor. I will try all of the above later today when the Mrs goes shopping lol Thanks for the reply