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  1. Albums of 2017 .

    Love the Morrissey album, also Cigarettes after Sex. Aldous Harding too. Overall I think 2016 was a better year than this one though.
  2. Having just slagged Amazon off I've just bought the Cigarettes After Sex album for £12.99. 😁 Absolute bargain.
  3. Other than some of their special offers, Amazon are rarely that cheap. Often shop prices are lower, never mind other websites.
  4. Free

    I've heard that remaster is very good.
  5. Free

    There was a full box set released about a year back.
  6. Are there any decent USB TT's out there?

    There was a Chinese USB TT that HiFi world were raving about a few months back, will dig it out.
  7. Yep. Rip off of a rip off. 😊 They make a bloody good job of it though.
  8. Thanks for this. They are excellent.
  9. Got my tickets for Manchester. About £75 each for the upper tier. Agree totally about yours. Just a greedy, exploitative way to make a living but they're the times we live in. It's not been mentioned on this thread but Scarlet Mist and Twickets good ethical alternatives.
  10. Thanks everyone for the responses to this. I used UPS in the end. It was delivered on Thursday and not had any complaints yet.
  11. Yes it is but they don't have as much. The albums they do have in FOPP are mostly £13 but in HMV they're 2 for £25 and HMV has more in the sale. I ordered a few in the post yesterday including Saucerful of Secrets, and when I was in there today I picked up the Grateful Dead album Workingmans Dead for £9.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Much appreciated. I have looked into a few of the options but still not decided on which one to use.
  13. Who is the best courier to use for sending amps etc in terms of cost, carefulness and level of insurance? Couriers like My Hermes don't allow electrical equipment and Parcelforce are very expensive. Plus the fragility of equipment is also very important and I want to ensure that if they do damage it they will at least cover the cost of replacing it. Thanks
  14. A Real Reggae 4 Album 2 CD Box Bargain

    Agreed. Brilliant band Culture. I met the late Joseph Hill in Jamaica in 92, really sound bloke he was. His son Kenyatta now tours with the band and sounds just like his dad.
  15. Liam Gallagher Back Stage Pass

    As a Mancunian I agree with the comments about them being contrived. The whole professional Manc thing is incredibly fake, and many people who knew them have commented that they hardly ever went to City games and that the City obsession was all part of their OTT working class act. Another thing that irritates is that they made out Burnage was like Compton or something, when in reality it's nowhere near that rough. It does have a council estate, but is also bordered by Didsbury and Heaton Moor which are two of the most affluent parts of south Manchester. Burnage is quite tame by Manchester standards but it was all part of their false scally image to pretend to be a pair of scrotes. And that accent Liam puts on is ridiculous, nobody in south Manchester talks like that (Incidentally Ian 'Altrincham Grammar School for Boys' Brown is just as bad in this regard). I do think they were a decent band though. They made quite a few records that will be played forever, which is something not many artists from recent times can say.