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  1. JunglistJut

    IOS 12

    My old iPhone 6 got noticibly faster with iOS 12.
  2. JunglistJut

    Why do so many folks seem to hate iTunes?

    I have no time for people who want to argue over Apple vs Android, no matter what equipment they use. It’s childish and bores me to tears
  3. JunglistJut

    Why do so many folks seem to hate iTunes?

    It’s also very fashionable to hate on Apple at the moment. I have a friend who never stops buggin me for using an IPhone.
  4. JunglistJut

    Why do so many folks seem to hate iTunes?

    I get on great with it, after figuring out the special “Apple” names they give to regular features. I mostly just buy CDs, rip them to Apple Lossless and store them on a NAS hidden in my loft. Itune remote + Airplay allow me to listen in any room and control from my phone.
  5. JunglistJut

    iPhone 7 does not connect to Airdac

    What router are you using ?
  6. JunglistJut

    ARCAM AirDAC drop outs during playback

    What do you mean by drop outs ? Does the music cut in and out or do you lose the connection completely ?
  7. JunglistJut

    AirPlay 2 is out today

    I use AirPlay, what are the new features ?
  8. JunglistJut

    Optical Cable

    I bought a cheap 3m one from eBay, TV to DAC run through the wall. Been there for 2.5 years with zero problems.
  9. JunglistJut

    Shure to stop making cartridges

    Shame, they made the best needles for scratching
  10. I’ve got a fat PS3 in the cupboard somewhere, I should dig it out and try this.
  11. Very good point here, not to be missed. My Panasonic 902 was set to digital and played very loud white noise on certain shows. Took me ages to work out this was the problem.
  12. JunglistJut

    Rationalising 2 channel system control

    Mini wireless keyboard with a trackpad ?
  13. When me and the woman got our bungalow I told her the place can be decorated how ever she likes, however my speakers and tv will be placed exactly where I want them and this will never be up for discussion.
  14. JunglistJut

    AudioNote DAC making funny noises

    When I said “swapped the interconnects” I meant left to right and right to left. I wanted to see if the problem moved and it did. I’ve always left my equipment running 24/7 for the same reasons you listed, I have almost zero knowledge about vacuum tubes though and wondered if the rules were different. Thankyou for clearing that up for me. I tried soldering a new valve in, but it looks like it’s either been replaced before or whoever did it originally was very heavy handed. There wasn’t much trace left to solder onto after removing the old one, did my best but got no luck. Went back and had another go with the soldering iron, got a small jolt and gave up In other news, my new Arcam DAC sounds lovely and it’s nice to have a remote for volume again
  15. JunglistJut

    Amazon Echo Plus

    I wasn’t interested in this stuff, until I discovered that the machine will respond to “computer” just like Star Trek. This is the high tech future that pop culture promised me as a child