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  1. JunglistJut

    Traditional Amplifier to Apple Music

    Plenty of them on eBay
  2. JunglistJut

    Traditional Amplifier to Apple Music

    Airport express has optical and analogue audio out and will show up on your IPhone / Mac as an AirPlay speaker.
  3. JunglistJut

    Fake Vinyl in Wales

    Ofcourse, but that’s when you don’t have a master and / or you want to do things properly. They were copying records that were already out there. Perhaps they just went to a cutting house like DJs used to when they played dubplates. I think the stamper is the only machine they would need themselves.
  4. JunglistJut

    Fake Vinyl in Wales

    Would they even need a lathe ? Could they get stamps made from unplayed vinyl ?
  5. You’ll need an upgraded Netflix package to get 4K. The basic one won’t do.
  6. JunglistJut

    Boys can have periods!

    A man with a jerky knee is easily lead. Don’t fall for it, you’re better than that
  7. JunglistJut

    Boys can have periods!

    No, you commented on a headline, not an official statement. The headline is a little disingenuous, in order to provoke a reaction and it worked. They should really explain the logic a little better. Nobody is claiming that regular boys from birth can have a period.
  8. JunglistJut

    Boys can have periods!

    Well the article is correct in a technical sense. A transgender boy (ie: a young person who was born a girl but now identifies as a boy) can indeed have a period.
  9. JunglistJut

    Very good 4K HDR Blu Ray player?

    Some people rate the Panasonic players over the Oppo https://youtu.be/6Ys6mpdhaZI
  10. JunglistJut

    what serversoftware are you using

    I use iTunes with my music stored on a NAS. I played around with Bit Perfect but can’t get it to work consistently. I tried Apple Music for a bit, but the sound quality was awful. I cancelled it in disgust when that last Eminem album was released.
  11. JunglistJut

    4K movies

    What a guy !!
  12. JunglistJut

    Facts vs Myths

    Everything in HiFi is an unnecessary luxury
  13. JunglistJut

    Infinity Kappa 600 placement

    My missions have a side firing bass. After a bit of fiddling, I find the bass is nicer with them firing outwards.
  14. JunglistJut

    8K TV

    I have a Panasonic Dx902 TV in 58 and Panasonic player to match. Everything is setup correctly, 4K / HDR games looks amazing. It’s the content at fault.
  15. JunglistJut

    8K TV

    Which is exactly why I find it so disappointing. What’s the point buying a 4K set, player and paying extra for the discs when most of the movies are transfered from a 2K intermediate anyway ? I have that Planet Earth 2 disc, and while there are parts of it that look great, most of it doesn’t. It was shot on 6k, but the majority of the wildlife scenes are zoomed in from such a distance it becomes a waste of time. I have one single disc that’s actually worth it and that’s the Ghost Busters remake that came free with the player. Shame it’s the worst film I’ve ever seen.