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  1. I’ve got a fat PS3 in the cupboard somewhere, I should dig it out and try this.
  2. JunglistJut

    Help with audio on new Panny tv

    Very good point here, not to be missed. My Panasonic 902 was set to digital and played very loud white noise on certain shows. Took me ages to work out this was the problem.
  3. JunglistJut

    Rationalising 2 channel system control

    Mini wireless keyboard with a trackpad ?
  4. When me and the woman got our bungalow I told her the place can be decorated how ever she likes, however my speakers and tv will be placed exactly where I want them and this will never be up for discussion.
  5. JunglistJut

    AudioNote DAC making funny noises

    When I said “swapped the interconnects” I meant left to right and right to left. I wanted to see if the problem moved and it did. I’ve always left my equipment running 24/7 for the same reasons you listed, I have almost zero knowledge about vacuum tubes though and wondered if the rules were different. Thankyou for clearing that up for me. I tried soldering a new valve in, but it looks like it’s either been replaced before or whoever did it originally was very heavy handed. There wasn’t much trace left to solder onto after removing the old one, did my best but got no luck. Went back and had another go with the soldering iron, got a small jolt and gave up In other news, my new Arcam DAC sounds lovely and it’s nice to have a remote for volume again
  6. JunglistJut

    Amazon Echo Plus

    I wasn’t interested in this stuff, until I discovered that the machine will respond to “computer” just like Star Trek. This is the high tech future that pop culture promised me as a child
  7. JunglistJut

    16 bit streaming through Blue Tooth speakers

    Bluetooth through an iPhone will always be lossy. As you suspected the signal is compressed before being transmitted. There is a newer, lossless version of Bluetooth but I don’t think our iPhone support it. You have Apple, use airplay instead
  8. JunglistJut

    bi-amp vs pre/power vs pre/2-monoblocks

    I did a bit of messing about with Arcam amps in various bi amp and tri amp configurations. The only real improvements came after going active.
  9. JunglistJut

    netflix - anything good on there worth watching?

    New Star Trek is pretty good, HDR too
  10. JunglistJut

    An audiophile restaurant?

    Love me a bit of DJ history, need to look him up.
  11. JunglistJut

    Kef subs- are they all unreliable crap??

    Sonus Faber make a nice sub, passive radiator design. It’s the only sub I have enjoyed music on. Often seen on eBay under 300 quid.
  12. JunglistJut

    Towing trailers

    I bought a cheap car on eBay years ago that needed a new cambelt and therefor a trailer to collect. My friend, who runs a burger van, took me to pick it up in his Vito van. We were doing about 90 down the right hand side of the dual carriage way when I looked over at the speedo and said “going a bit quick aren’t we mate ?”. “Nah, do it with the burger van all the time”. As soon as he finished his sentence a tyre blew out on the trailer and we had a little wiggle about. Lessons were learned
  13. JunglistJut

    AudioNote DAC making funny noises

    I think the problem is I leave the thing running 24/7. It’s a prototype model, so in theory about as old as it can get. I’ve found a Phillips tube on eBay for 11 quid shipped
  14. JunglistJut

    AudioNote DAC making funny noises

    Sounds like you know your stuff. Just had a quick look and you are correct, the board is marked ecc822 but the valve itself says 6111wa. Thank you for pointing that out, very helpful