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  1. hope you didn't mind me answering on your behalf , I love Reference 3a sound , they are crossover free using high quality silver caps and high quality Van den hul wire .
  2. These are not the Be variant for which you would pay more then twice this price , a pair of be sold yesterday on ebay for £1800 these are very well priced ,
  3. put the Wilson Benesch actors on the kit list , like to hear them on the Hegel as well , can the hegel be used as a power amp only ?
  4. picture taken from his ebay if you put your hne plinths on ebay I will down load to here
  5. GLB

    Goldring Power cable 1m

    Sold stp
  6. GLB

    Goldring Power cable 1m

    now a £20 bargain really is a nice cable for all you Goldring owners or anyone in need of a good source power cable
  7. GLB

    Goldring Power cable 1m

    Goldring power cable 1m in black vgc £25 plus pp , don't know much about this but was using as a stop gap on my dac and it had a lovely smooth (non digital sound )
  8. he is always welcome ime sure there will be a car full of us south coast crew
  9. GLB

    Wanted (almost) Any power amp

    Sorry was late lol mods cleaned it up for you
  10. GLB

    Wanted (almost) Any power amp

    Please take of these details and send through pm as its unsafe on an open forum
  11. GLB

    Power Regenerator for Sale

    so its not the s variant as per the review model its the original one ?
  12. GLB


    they look like 1 m ?