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  2. There is one on ebay at £1800 but its been on there forever , not interested in a px on my el34 valve amp advertised by any chance ,
  3. Thanks mate , not only quality build and sound , it is almost new , the 2700 euro new price is without the import duties and other expenses , in reality a 3k amp as almost new with less then 100 hours clocked up 50 by me , if it mated with my speakers ide def keep it .
  4. Price now Reduced to £650 bargain price Reviewer said this was better then the Art Audio pre / power .
  5. Cheers for the add let me know if we need an amp can bring my euphya 320
  6. SOLD Arte Forma Zaya el34 pp integrated amp , very low hours less then 100 , vgc , 2017 model original double boxed , standard European power cable , brought xdem 4 weeks ago selling as not quite enough power to realize the full potential of my Revolver Cygnis . Output Power : 25w + 25w Class of Operation : Class A/B Frequency Response : 12 – 40k Hz Inputs : 3 x RCA Dimensions (W x D x H) mm : 350 x 300 x 180 Weight : 35 lbs / 17 kg – shipping weight is a bit more… Tube complement: 4 x PSVane EL34 tubes, 2 x JJ 12AX7 and 2 x 12A genuine 230v/240v unit although casework is marked 110v Arte forma audio has won many hi end best in show awards Google the company , they have a uk importer , the zaya is there entry level amp that retailed at 2700euros arte audio are renowned for punching above there price points a beautiful sounding well built hi spec amp I am after sold plus post ,now reduced to sold total bargain , reviewer said this is better then the Art Audio pre / power , meet up for cost , personal delivery if within 100 miles for cost , location is Littlehampton West Sussex ,
  7. ive been after an uptone lps 1.2 for ages second hand
  8. Wanted a nice quad set of el34 or equivalent , ive currently got psvane el34b as stock but am looking for a good upgrade , don't want stupid money valves though .
  9. I Have an Arte Forma Zaya el34 integrated amp that just might squeeze in to your budget it is ex dem plus 1 owner with less then 50 hours on it and going north , pm if interested .
  10. Thanks mate also a fair price no rush though mate ime away until then also .
  11. Can I ask what audionote cable it is and a fair price .
  12. did you get a reply or have any joy ?