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  1. Well done , wont be long I might join the club , as I get older my tastes change and I like the quad esl sound touchable music .
  2. ive got some Kef Reverence 2 here I picked up for Lawrence he has kindly agreed for me to bring them along , I think theres some pmc going as well .
  3. pair of 2805 in London on the ebay .
  4. traveling up north on the 30th nov ,
  5. can pick them up as soon as you like , but cant deliver for 3 weeks .
  6. I will be traveling up north in 3 weeks if that helps if it was last week I could have done it , hove is near mine .
  7. As per title , anyone has one or knows of a used unit for sale .
  8. cool so now I know thank you i was looking on my phone and without going into your profile info that link isn't there , sorry for asking , but to save people on the mob app the effort maybe pop it into the listing , all the best Chris .
  9. And where might that collection be from ?
  10. Thanks for opening your home and beloved hifi gear up to us all was a very enjoyable day , loved the different sounds of all the equipment , my highlight although brief was summertime through the horns and joolzes beautiful sounding aloia 2a3 amp , hope to be the first of many bakeoffs at your great abode .