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  1. GLB

    Devialet vs Naim

    Soundstage in Barnet London stock both naim and devialet , I love the devialet sound , when I was at a demo of the original bowers and wilkins nautilus at soundstage the subject came up the dealer said the top naim gear surpasses the devialet but the price also as you need there higher end pre powers dacs phono psu ect ect ect to do so , the devialet / 800 D3 combo was a wow .
  2. Ahh penny sunk sjs ians lovely valve amp also for the horns beautiful I should imagine , so we are having a nice comparison with the art and the sjs with the horns , after that would it be agreeable to set the mastersound up with the revolver cygnis , if so what size is the room ? , I would like others opinions as to if they would like to hear this combo as you can imagine packing moving setting up speakers and the all again back home is hard work so only want to bring them if they will be used .
  3. Going to bring the Revolver cygnis to partner with your mastersound amp after we have heard brooks Art and your horns , I would have thought the plinius shoot out would take place in your main room with your beautiful charios ?
  4. So with the willie waving comp going on in the main room , along with the onken / art combo in the other room I feel that my euphya symbiosis 320 would be redundant as it will have no place in either , so I would like to add my Revolver cygnis / and your mastersound combo after the onken / art combo .
  5. Thanks Jason as you know I am a cable whore and am after a more exotic wire , thanks for your kind offer though pal , get yourself on the bakeoff list for Johns .
  6. After a nice pair of biwire speaker cables min 2 metres max 3 metres , must be 2 + 4 and bananas amp end , max budget £300 , a pair of matching interconnects would be a plus from 50cm to 1 metre ,
  7. Hi,

    Bit of a strange one, this.

    i sold it on eBay at the end of July. Guy paid for it straight away with PayPal. Said he was very busy & may not be able to collect for a couple weeks of weeks.....He still hasn’t collected it!

    I’m abroad on holiday until mid-sept. He said he will definitely collect it soon after I return.

    If he doesn’t, I will refund him & re-advertise it.

    So if you’re ok to wait a few weeks, I will update you when I get an answer.

    As I said, it’s a strange one.

    Best regards,


    1. GLB


      Blimey it is yes defo let me know I see it sold on Ebay for 1400 will you honour that price ?

    2. manicatel


      It was £1600, but yes, I would honour that price for you.

      lets see what happens over the next few weeks. I really have no idea which way it will play out! 

      The buyer has got very good eBay feedback including Hifi/ music related items & when he does communicate, it seems genuine. It’s just that he doesn’t communicate that much & seems to go AWOL a lot. But I’ve already got his money and a beautiful amp which is just awaiting collection.

      I will update you one way or the other as soon as I know myself.

    3. GLB



  8. Hi Ed you need to put a location up , nice Dac .
  9. last chance for a wam taxi from west Sussex heading north to York leaving sunday
  10. not on ebay but hifi for sale , I know there was a shout out for some but cant find it