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  1. GLB

    fs Triangle titus tzx speakers

    give me a def and I will make sure they get there mate
  2. GLB

    fs Triangle titus tzx speakers

    these can be brought to the Henley bakeoff
  3. GLB

    Wanted - Hovland speaker cable

    nice choice in cable my staple around here those at Heathcote have been there a while so might be sold , try them if not I used to deal with 15 audio in lewes , no longer there but I can prob find a phone number for them , they had a lot left over when closed down .
  4. Yes found those 2 but def want the 100 version chears jason son
  5. As per title woukd like to try one second hand / x dem to save a bit on new any one know of a 100 for sale anywhere
  6. would like to come along , just spoke to lurch he has room for me in his car
  7. GLB


    For Sale a 1 metre length MIT SL - MATRIX usb cable a/b rrp over £500 bargain £65 delivered £60 collected bn17
  8. GLB

    For sale - Ruark Solstice speakers

    sorry lee these are being collected sunday
  9. GLB

    For sale - Ruark Solstice speakers

    yep can get them in my e class boot and back seats spare so I am willing to door to door them for him
  10. hi I am traveling back next sun through Nottingham to west Sussex and if the boxes fit will kindly do a door to door , I to love the solstice so would love to hear them , what is the dimensions of the boxes , 

  11. GLB

    For sale - Ruark Solstice speakers

    ime going past there Sunday scunphrpe to littlehampton ,might fit in car what's the dimensions . ?
  12. GLB


    Withdrawn from sale
  13. GLB

    Musical Fidelity A200