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  1. These guys are also very helpful where TDL stuff is concerned: AOS Germany They were the main distributor in Europe for TDL back in the day- Axel (who runs the show) is very helpful with recommendations for maintenance and upgrades of the old TDL stuff. He knows what works and what doesn't, and knows how to upgrade the crossovers properly. He gave me plenty of advice freely about my TDL Monitors regarding recapping and I did purchase replacement tweeters from him. Service was good and delivered from Germany without issue.
  2. They always get a Good write-up, but such a rarity in the UK, its hard to know what they are like. Deep internet digging required...
  3. I will try and have a listen. Prog is welcome in my home- there never was a more unjustly-vilified genre...
  4. VanDerGraaf

    Is HiFI Dead?

    The idea of starting a "Music Club" for people is a great one and I'd love to do it. With a 3 month old baby at the moment it perhaps isn't quite the right time.
  5. VanDerGraaf

    Is HiFI Dead?

    I think this is exactly it. It amazes me that with everything else we have seen huge leaps in quality, but music reproduction is in a regressive phase and has been for a while. Similarly amazed when I see kids listening to utterly shit sound from their phone speakers. When I was that age I would have mocked that level of reproduction (and would not have accepted it either). I suppose one could counter that by saying that portable headphone reproduction is better than before, but the idea of at home enjoyment of music seems to have withered. People have made accurate assessments already about the cultural devaluation of music being a factor. Also- music takes time. Time must be taken for good quality music to be fully appreciated, tastes to be developed and insight into it to be nurtured. Our modern world is not conducive to this. That's why we have endless addictive ear candy/ADHD/producer-driven pop. something that takes 10 seconds for the addictive bit to appear. Aural instant wish fulfillment. The earlier comment about the teenager with "But I have got 70,000 songs on my device- you don't" says it all. I think people are far more visually-attuned now. Visuals are easy. That's why "box-set binging" is seen as almost virtuous today, it amazes me that it is common currency. When the last time you heard anyone outside of these type of circles telling you they listened to music for 10 hours?
  6. Jerry is still around but 11 years later I doubt that his Active Ones are!! (ps- would love to be wrong about that and find that he has put them in a cupboard somewhere! )
  7. Isolation all the way for me. My findings on trying this method with some Auralex platforms echo newlash09's. Clarity improves, definition too. My friend and I A/B'd a Depeche Mode track we both knew well, and were unanimous in our preference for the sound on platforms. Interestingly vocal intelligibility was much improved, as well as the expected low end benefit.
  8. Cabasse Kara? You lucky, lucky man. Sorry, I don't have anything for you, but I had to comment on the Cabasse!
  9. Well, this thread rumbles on in fits and starts. After a long search of around a year I have managed to snag some used Volt 10" drivers which I am going to use to bring my non-working pair of IAS Beaulieus to life. I had read the posts of the the (now sadly-departed) member British Composers, and felt this was a speaker that i would like to try out, and one that would appeal to my sensibilities (music, not hi-fi). I sourced a pair- all drivers working other than one of the Volt B250. Just lining up one Beaulieu and listening seemed promising. A immediacy of sound that put me in mind of control room playback. My enthusiasm was tempered though, by the fact that I could not resolve my driver issue with any ease. I initially reached out to Wembley Loudspeakers about a recone/makeover, had good initial contact but subsequently no replies, despite further inquiries. Disappointing. I then contacted Volt directly. They came back to me with a quote to recondition both drivers but would have cost close to £300. I decided to have a think about it. I kept my eyes open all the time for a used pair but didn't see a single one, never mind two. Last week, fedup of waiting, i resolved to send the two drivers to Volt for an overhaul. Fate intervened, and fortunes changed at the start of this week- a used pair have been acquired for a great deal less than the reconditioning would have cost. Sometime over the next week I am going to find the time to install these, change some internal wiring, and then see if the songs the Beaulieus sing move my heart. I dearly hope so!
  10. Great price...and good album choice!
  11. A brilliant, enjoyable and insightful read. I love reading things from a pro audio perspective- makes me feel more trusting of the given opinions. Thank you!
  12. I recently swapped some unneeded vintage speakers I had for a pair of Beaulieus. One Volt driver is distorting (which I knew about pre-swap) but all other drivers are working well. Looking forward to getting these working properly. David, do you have any knowledge about the crossovers? I understand that they were quite simple for a purer signal path.
  13. That's a brilliant introductory post! I have to say (slightly ot): why keep it short? if you have something detailed to say then why not express it fully as you have done! I personally always find longer detailed posts much more enjoyable and interesting to read. I'm sure there will be many others other than myself who would find uploads of the brochures most interesting.
  14. Podium Sound Model One This is quite similar to NXT- yet has quite high sensitivity compared to electrostatics. I love the sound of these- I think perhaps adding a supertweeter would make things "perfect" for me as I think they sound a little rolled off above 10Khz. The sound is just huge and enveloping, fantastic for classical music, and there's more bass (real bass, not low mids) than you might think (though quite dry and not at all bloomy). Rushing out just now but read the Six Moons review, it's very interesting indeed.