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  1. Shuggy, I'm not too far from you, and I have quite a few sets of speakers you can listen to, including the B&W DM2s and KEF 105s mentioned by uzzy (and a few other ones too). It is perhaps time to cut the herd down a bit so maybe a happy solution for both of us awaits....
  2. I have to agree, it's a great forum with a wealth of knowledge on all things KEF.
  3. As requested guys, anyone have any spare binding post screws for TDL Studio range, ie 0.5, 1, 1m, 3, 4, Monitor, Reference Monitor. I am in need of two. These are the brass type, not the cheaper plastic as used on the RTL range. Similar era KEF Reference ones look almost identical, but are slightly wider diameter and don't fit. Will try and post a picture later. Thanks!
  4. Very nice! Any specs? I wonder if these are related to the name Klark Technic which is popping up in my mind for some reason... Correction- Klark Teknik (British, surprisingly), pro audio innovators. i recalled the name but couldn't remember what they had made.
  5. SOLD

    A fantastic little speaker. So musical, just sounds indefinably "right". My pair were donated to my girlfriend, who found that they helped her rekindle her love for music. Here they are alongside my "old faithful" KEFs.... Tempted to get these for my parents. GLWTS!
  6. The thing that some people don't realise about the mono on stereo versions is that...they are actually different mixes of the now-legendary album. From what I recall reading in the past, far more time and care was spent on the mono mix, as in these days stereo was still new and something of a novelty. You can hear the differences if you listen to both. Of course, by the time of Abbey Road, the idea of stereo had become more accepted as the way forward. But for me I would much rather listen to mono versions of any Beatles album up to and including Pepper- I believe they more closely reflect the wishes and intentions of band, producer, and engineers.... I love DSOTM just as much, and Yes' Close To The Edge for that matter, as being somehow very significant albums. But for Pepper (and indeed the Beatles themselves), it is not just a case of creative genius, but also very much one of....right place, right time.
  7. This is what I have always told my best friend (a fellow music-lover, but admittedly a bass player)- they are an unhyped presentation. I tell him he is biased. He heard a set of TDL Monitors in my room and thought they had the right sense of scale. Perhaps a more accurate translation would be "gigantic bass".
  8. Giving another thumbs-up for the Leema Elements here. Very together sound-wise, detailed without being harsh. The dedicated volume control means you can do away with a pre if you desire (it has remote control too). Plenty of input options, balanced XLR outs if you need them. Great value secondhand relative to the £1200 new value.
  9. I thought about this many times actually, as I mentioned in the original post. I was very impressed with the refurbishment/improvement he did on a pair of Impulse H2 that was well documented. He always seems to be highly spoken of! I see the consensus is "don't change/modify them in any way". I was never one for consensus thinking but I try to be a follower of common sense too, so will take those opinions on board. As I mentioned they have already been recapped unbeknown to me before I got them...some fancy-looking Wilmslow Audio jobs. So regarding the other part of my I missing anything by not listening to more modern speakers? I would not be looking to sell the 105s, ever. They have earned a place in my heart. But I definitely would consider a modern addition to the "fleet". About 6 months ago I had a set of Duevel Planets that were unfortunately just a little too small for my room, but I did notice what i considered to be superior treble detail from the modern tweeters. So it's things like that that i am thinking of. I did give some details about listening preferences and circumstances in my original post. So (especially who knows the sound of this era of KEF and has changed/moved on), any recommendations to check out? I think/imagine the lazy/correct/obvious answer here might be Harbeth....but they would have to sound bloody incredible for me to get past the looks. Looks like that I can accept in a £200 secondhand gem from yesteryear, slightly less forgiving of this in a modern >£2k product....shallow, aren't I?
  10. Done....let's see what happens. Thanks for being kind about my ramblings!
  11. Thanks Everyone, for your varied replies. I have just gotten in from work but I will look forward to reading all of the replies in detail.
  12. Guys and girls, this is a long post, hope you won't be too bored. I do need your help. I've had my KEF 105.1 for 18 months now and they actually constitute my first proper hi-fi speakers (I can't believe I managed to live for so long with only some lowly Wharfedale Pi-40s!) I suppose there are a couple of threads of thought on my mind. One is, how much I am/am not missing in terms of detail retrieval/resolution compared to a good set of modern speakers? I do find that the 105's are slightly reticent in the top octaves for my taste (and I do mean very slightly, I am not a brightness freak). They have been recapped already with Wilmslow Audio Supersound caps (hopefully if they themselves did it, they will have taken care with cap matching, as I know about the KEF Reference series caps being fastidiously matched to each individual set of drivers rather than using generic values). In spatial/soundstage terms I think they are really still quite something. Holographic! Recently I have been a little dissatisfied with the sound. The first nine months was the honeymoon, haha! I began to feel in the last while that on busy passages of mid-range information, the sound somehow became slightly unpleasant. I've had a few other speakers through VanDerGraaf Towers, so it wasn't a priority to get to the bottom of it After a check yesterday, it seems that one of the B110 mid drivers has some voice coil scrape. Bugger. Yes, I could get a replacement, but sp0157 variant of this driver isn't easy to come by. Plus, I'd imagine it would be better to replace as a matched pair. So here is the question. Would it be wrong to modify this wonderful design? I feel that i am unlikely to ever sell these speakers, they are just iconic and a design classic. They are also a firm favourite amongst friends (and indeed also my girlfriend) who love the "droid" vibe! So resale problems due to "authenticity" isn't an issue... I know, I know, replacing those Bextrene drivers with something else will change the sonic signature a bit. I am not precious about this though. I wouldn't even be precious about the T52 tweeters going either. I'm thinking about an RFC-type modification here. Something that looks the same but sounds bang up to date. As I said, they are pretty much holographic enough in my opinion, the imaging is brilliant and they can cast a big soundstage. The other idea is to go for something more modern to replace these as my main listening instruments. Something that would show the 105 a clean pair of heels in all departments. Some pertinent info: My room is about 6.5 metres by 4.3m, I listen along the long wall at a distance of about 2.5 -3 meters (does that make me an Audio Physic candidate?) I think I like a reasonably forward presentation but not completely in-your-face...sort of iron fist in velvet glove "when needed", to paraphrase. Warm, yet with detail and speed. Emotion. I don't want "hype". I like larger scale to the presentation (as a musician, you get used to the acoustic "size" of sounds of instruments and, frankly, a bit expectant of hearing it). Here's the thing: I am not a loud listener. I seriously doubt if I ever go over 90dB in listening. I value my hearing. Most of the time I would think it is more like 60 to 75 (at the listening position). I listen to everything, favourites would be prog rock, classical of most types, electronic music. Lastly, as my 105 ownership might indicate....I don't really like conventional "tower" shape speakers that much. I don't mind them, but unusual shapes and designs really get me enthusiastic. Mind you, just a sloping front like say, a Rega Ela, or a lovely Sonus Faber curved side, is enough for me to be happy. Just not such a fan of the conventional (boring) tower thing. No WAF problems with anything either (I'm a lucky man). Money...obviously less is better....but I would probably be prepared to spend up to 2k-ish. All offers of help and advice most welcome!! (Please) Rohan
  13. Congratulations, I'd been mystified by why these hadn't sold sooner!
  14. WANTED

    Hi, I have a pair of these in very good condition put away, I might be willing to part with them. Drop me a PM and we can discuss it.