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  1. Ghetto Tone Controls

    Meant to post this at the time but better late than never!!! http://glass-ware.stores.yahoo.net/tilt2control.html
  2. Has anyone actually bought one of these?

    Wish I had seen this on Monday as Bottlehead had an offer on the Crack ending on Monday! Even at full price the Crack and Speedball FTW you would need to pair it with some high impedance cans though Sen HD650 or HD600 or if you want sealed Beyer DT150s would work.. If your not fussed about valves and handy with a soldering iron this is a nice little amp http://www.pmillett.com/butte.htm
  3. I have used an Airport Express analogue out direct into a power amp using my iPhone for volume control and was surprised at how good it sounded..
  4. Couldn't you integrate the circuit board with something like this! https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/263204772022 Once it's made you just have to swap out the batteries once a year?
  5. Will there be any headphone exhibitors?
  6. Help needed for cheap DAC

    I don't know the Voltage of your nackered power supply but an Ifi Ipower might be worth investing in if they make one with the right specs?
  7. DAC/Streamer Project

    This one might be easier to fit with horizontal tubes? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282551971546
  8. My set up

    Bottlehead Crack with HD650s
  9. Which Quad amp to use with their electrostatics?

    Have no experience of the VA-One but had a PA-One which was quickly sent back as was the replacement. Quad Quality Control isn't what it used to be..
  10. Soldering help needed in Leeds area

    I would normally be able to do this but currently the man cave is full of stuff and the house is a diy nightmare and even my own projects are on hold but these guys could do it! https://m.facebook.com/leedsproaudio/?locale2=en_GB
  11. Which Headphones?

    I would go with Momentums or B&W P7s if your sharing a room and if you want wireless they both come in wireless for a bit more cash... I would also demo Beyer DT150s if you don't mind looking like Smashy or Nicey?
  12. Which Headphones?

    For home use I use Sennheiser HD650s but they might not be suitable if your sharing a room!
  13. Almost on my doorstep I will come if the wife lets me?
  14. Are Headphones a Viable Alternative

    It's a Starting Point Systems Dac3
  15. Are Headphones a Viable Alternative

    They are for me! Do most of my listening on them! Although currently using an Objective2 as the Bottlehead Crack is just to interesting for my 21month old