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  1. Have no experience of the VA-One but had a PA-One which was quickly sent back as was the replacement. Quad Quality Control isn't what it used to be..
  2. I would normally be able to do this but currently the man cave is full of stuff and the house is a diy nightmare and even my own projects are on hold but these guys could do it! https://m.facebook.com/leedsproaudio/?locale2=en_GB
  3. I would go with Momentums or B&W P7s if your sharing a room and if you want wireless they both come in wireless for a bit more cash... I would also demo Beyer DT150s if you don't mind looking like Smashy or Nicey?
  4. For home use I use Sennheiser HD650s but they might not be suitable if your sharing a room!
  5. Almost on my doorstep I will come if the wife lets me?
  6. It's a Starting Point Systems Dac3
  7. They are for me! Do most of my listening on them! Although currently using an Objective2 as the Bottlehead Crack is just to interesting for my 21month old
  8. Rega Planet here! Looks as good as it plays!
  9. My bedroom system was about £750 plus the price of cables and a chromecast audio £250 for a Rega Clamshell Mira and Planet £250 for some Rega RS1 Speakers £250 for a Meridian Director.. My Livingroom System cost even Less About £150 for a Quad 405/2 and Dada upgrade kit About £150 for all the bits for a Pass B1 preamp £200 for some Snell K MkI Speakers £129 for a Meridian Explorer2
  10. I have found for some reason they seem to work very well with Spotify playback but not so well with Tidal but then again Tidal does not work as well as Spotify in General.. Wifi dropout isn't a problem with an ethernet connection as well!
  11. Have a few Dacs a Meridian Director and Explorer2(to try out MQA)an Arcam Rdock Uni for use with my iPhone and a Starting Point Systems DAC3 from EBay and it gets the most use and was the cheapest.
  12. Looks interesting, I have made his Butte amp before but scrapped it due to noise issues.. have since found that the noise was introduced by a belkin power extension I was using so may have to dig it out as the problem wasn't with the amp I also have his Engineers Amp PCB which was going to be my next project.
  13. having recently switched from Spotify to Tidal I did notice the improvement in sound quality and now Im in a bit of a quandary as Tidal sounds better but Spotify just works better? If they were both lossless and I couldn't distinguish a difference in listening then I would move back in an instant..
  14. Decided to bite the bullet and ordered an Explorer2! Will be signing up for Tidal when it arrives..
  15. Although I do most of my listening on Spotify due to laziness I do wonder if Tidal and MQA would be significantly better? I was hopeing Meridian would do a driver update for the Director but it doesn't seem to be on the cards so would an Explorer2 with Tidal beat my Director with Spotify? Might have to invest in one to find out? And then unload the loser?