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  1. 2.5 m Tellurium Q Black Diamond Speaker Cable on offer. One of the best speaker cables worldwide. Numerous awards, e.g. "Best Speaker Cable 2014" by Hifi World. Spade connectors on both ends. Excellent condiction - hardly any signs of use. 4 yrs old. 1900 GBP (vs. 3150 GBP new). Buyer pays Paypal fees and shipping. I am frequently travelling to London - personal handover or shipment w/in UK can be organised.
  2. Selling my nearly new Vitus Audio SIA 025 integrated amp. First owner, bought at authorized dealer. Original pack, accessory, etc. all available. Excellent condition (9/10), no signs of use except base plate (use of Stillpoints Ultra SS). Price new: 19.000 GBP, my price: 13.300 GBP (-32% vs. new). Buyer pays potential Paypal fees & shipment. Vitus SIA 025_Factory Checklist_Photo.pdf
  3. Paso De Lobo

    SALE High Fidelity CT1 Enhanced Speaker Cable 2.5m

    Price reduction to 1.900 GBP
  4. Paso De Lobo

    SALE High Fidelity CT1 Enhanced Speaker Cable 2.5m

    Thanks for the comments, that sounds like a very nice journey you are on. I started with a CT1E interconnect - after stumbling across the endless HF CT thread in Audiogon - and this was a bit of an eye-opener with regards to what cables could do. So hoping for the next step now. And yes, I believe the price is fair.
  5. Paso De Lobo

    SALE High Fidelity CT1 Enhanced Speaker Cable 2.5m

    Hi, I would like to upgrade to High Fidelity CT1 Ultimates speaker cables - hence the sale. I had Tellurium Q Black for a while before but no competition.
  6. Selling my 2.5m High Fidelity CT1-E (Enhanced) speaker cables. 2000 GBP vs. 4500 GBP new/RSP. 3 yrs old. Spade connectors on both sides - with 4 additional banana connectors (easily changed/screwable) I am based in Berlin but frequently travel to London. Personal handover or shipment possible. Shipment in "bulletproof" original case (pls see photos). Buyer pays Paypal fees.