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  1. Richdirector

    Arcam cds 27- half price yes or no?

    CDS50 is £700 I think so NAS Ethernet hub and CDS27 will still be cheaper - not often a days wage will bring so much joy
  2. Richdirector

    Arcam cds 27- half price yes or no?

    For that price yes - I have newer CDS50 which has better DAC - it plays / streams in my smaller lounge and in all honesty although a slightly darker presentation is only a bit less enjoyable than my LINN Klimax streamer. I would try use as streamer though this is where the quality will change a lot - you just need a NAS drive and go Ethernet looped into hub and modem. i ripped about 4000cd 8 years ago when I first got into streaming and also make side A/B recordings in 24bit when I get new vinyl (I can play using fiio player when on the move) but £200 is a bargain in..... CD player pretty fine too but Arcam sound (less so with streaming)
  3. Richdirector

    Leben gold plated knob appreciation clique

    Which Croft you using - I kept my 25r pre for main system but was toying with trying 7/7R/7rs later in year
  4. Richdirector

    Leben gold plated knob appreciation clique

    Leaving leben in small lounge with Falcon LS3/5a 15 ohm ..... main lounge has tannoy ardens which means I will sell the harbeth 30.1 soon ish
  5. Richdirector

    Almost bought a Leben

    I am lying here listening to leben CS300xs driving my small falcon ls3/5a - was just forced to look up as I heard bass punch not something a speaker of 50hz-15khz should do ..... and headphone use superb too. BUT tried in ,sin system with tannoy Arden legacy and it wasn’t quite as nice as my Croft / ATC amps driving them.
  6. Richdirector


    Aaaah ARDENS those could have been mine or ones born at the same time - they only arrived last week
  7. reduced after advice
  8. Richdirector

    Leben CS300SX vs Croft with Harbeth P3ESR

    Leben CS300XS wasnt enough for my 30.1 (i know it's harder to drive ) They and the Tannoy Ardens which replaced the 30.1 are great with the Croft 25r and a ATC P1 power amp - my room a lot bigger though 7m x 5m and 3.5m tall - and the Leben sounded 'fine' but couldnt really compare. My guess is that the Croft 25r/7 will win the day Leben however superb with Falcon LS3/5A 15ohm
  9. And another - ones in the middle obviously but shows stands
  10. I have changed speaker (again) so these ones bought in Feb 2017 are for sale. Not a huge amount of use as this was main listening lounge but between family and work wasn't used enough compared to smaller TV system .... But that hasnt stopped me buying monster Tannoys and having a new Year resolution to listen to more music 30.1 are nearly £3k now and then stands are about 350-400 so selling these mint at £2300. Would prefer collection in Glasgow but have daughter in Birmingham and will be planning trip south soonish if you are part way. Very happy to demo (over skype/whatsapp video) as well if you prefer. Message me or email if you need more info
  11. Richdirector

    Where's your sofa

    My main listening room is 7m x 5m and firing up the length. My sofa in 6ft off back wall with 3 absorption panels on back wall .... speakers are 1m off side wall and 1.8m off front ...... also use 2 movable GIK acoustic panels for 1st reflection points. No issues
  12. Richdirector

    From Harbeth to Tannoy in a 15' x 9' room?

    So speakers with 30 hours in them now and last night swapped in Leben CS300xs amp in place of Croft 25r/ ATC the tube Leben does give a bloom and space around the mids that make sparse voice and more acoustic music sparkle but as soon as music is denser and more detailed it lacks the neutrality(but still musicallity) of the Croft /ATC pink floyd money - heard the chatter and clarity of effects better than ever before . paul Simon - ‘diamonds on the sole...’ this was a complete eye opener with Croft ATC such a dense perfect recording and heard retrieval that was superb but had to force myself to listen ...... most of the time I was just foot tapping away..... tried more modern tracks like James Blake ‘wilhelm scream’ this has a dense driving bass with sharp percussion but the Croft ATC revealed everything and here the Leben seemed to cloud the bass a bit more and seem unable to reveal as much detail .... Leben was a bit fatty on bass if that makes sense. so Leben back to small lounge where it powers falcon LS3/5a speakers and here the presentation just work with the confines of near field listening and lack of bass extension. Dont get me wrong Leben is classy but can’t compare to croft ATC with the tannoys
  13. Richdirector

    From Harbeth to Tannoy in a 15' x 9' room?

    Well speakers arrived today on a crate - luckily had pal at mine to help carry each 50kg box up 1.5 flights. Setup toed in to just in front of nose on sofa and been playing music for last 5 hours. played some pink floyd and Paul Simon Graceland last and honestly heard things I’ve never heard before. Leaving on lower overnight with LINN classic radio playing as I will whenever out over next week. Here initial pic of in situ .... they’re big
  14. Richdirector

    From Harbeth to Tannoy in a 15' x 9' room?

    They sound fabulous with the Harbeth 30.1 but croft is valve hybrid and ATC class AB. The chat elsewhere suggests class A or valve for Tannoy Arden (it recommends 20W+) but think the Leben might be fine too. The room is 7m x 5m and 3.5 tall so the tannoys should push air that wee bit better. Anyway will report back with pics ...
  15. Richdirector

    From Harbeth to Tannoy in a 15' x 9' room?

    Was very excited to read this as have just bought a legacy ARDEN which gets delivered today .... and my Leben CS300xs will migrate into the large lounge .... was planning on using the existing Croft 25R / ATC p1 power (currently with harbeth 30.1) but will try both out and then decide which amplification route is best. And then whether to sell ... what to sell.