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  1. Thanks but as predicted the parcel arrived and it was too good to be true and a scam but got my money back through PayPal. I still live life half full though... One day a bargain will surface
  2. You are both incredibly kind.... Its a box of 30 I believe... will need to check this weekend so if offer stands I can ping money for signed for return and enclose a suitable gift. I am hoping for diamonds in the pay dirt. 🤞
  3. My fear normally but if I can get 4 good ones out of the box then I'd be happy.... Will try find someone to test.
  4. Bought a charity job lot of old mullard el84 valves for super cheap. What is the easiest way to test if I don't have a machine... Someone before mentioned using a multimeter to check continuity and for any shorting. Is there any other way apart from in amp itself that peeps can let me know about? Ta Rich in stormy glasgow
  5. Aaah missed that.... Was looking for closed matched pair....
  6. I'll take these please to try in my Leben cs300xs.... Dm me payment details please
  7. I would give a But here I have had Majik DSM and still use a Klimax renew DS and a Sneaky Dsm.... But I have the amp switched off and just use as streamers.... I have never got on with Linn amps... There may be clarity but I feel they don't have any emotion(some may say colour).... To me they are just a bit Mheehhhh... Bland. Again depends on music choice and preferences... I prefer Naim but don't own any and smaller makers like croft/tron/robson and rega/cyrus
  8. I have a leben cs300xs that I tried in my main system but didn't think it controlled the bass well enough... I mean it was good and loud and midrange excellent. But tron seven valve pre into Robson a class mono sounded better and that it was missing nothing..... Leben mainly in smaller Louge for headphones and have tried various speakers with them falcon ls3/5a (nice but really??) fostex full range in horn customs but recently got some (as someone mentioned above) Art speakers - older Skibo models with bass units and these work fantastically with the Leben. Volume control about 11oclock gives 70db so fine for flat listening..... I did attach cables at back lower to give that treble knockoff... But seems more flat to me now.... But it is only day 2 but very happy for now. Rich
  9. Thanks everyone.... Pinged off for some estimates.... Might just DIY it. From tannoy guy if not too complicated. Richard
  10. 11hr roundtrip just a bit too much..... But a bump for you
  11. OP here - went with a lightly used Apheta 2 in the end .... magnificent
  12. Thanks for link.... Even in his piece he says his radford more suitable for music that is my preference.... Radford revival ordered sta25 v5
  13. Which version are these...? They go 1 to 4 I believe
  14. Friends father offered me old tannoys but can't recall what monitor they are.... Look like Berkeley 15 HPD.... But needing refoam and maybe a good service, crossover upgrade and check over..... Any idea on A what that would cost B best place to get it done Pickup nr Cambridge and coming back to Glasgow so happy to drop off en route