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  1. I have asked about wait time on the radford sta25 mkV reissue.... Here's hoping
  2. I am a bit Of a fud and curious if large Tannoys (like my Arden) work well with small SET and valve amps of the 150/300b variety. Currently using class A monoblocks but curious as to whether the fabled midrange will pop out even more.... I triedy other systems Leben cs300xs which is 18w el84 and it was different but not an improvement. And bass was less controlled Had my eye on icon audio 150monos and Audion 300b.... But do I need to look at higher power 805/845 Thanks experts
  3. I picked up a used linn klimax streamer for 1500 and SH seven preamp and Robson class a monoblocks for another 1700 these power my tannoy ardens with ease..... Secondhand can be easy as most streamers plug and play... I would look at class streamers secondhand and keep the amp and speakers you like. My previous linn dsm had amps built in but I never cared for them or using the linn streamer as preamp only - a bit too dry..... Must admit my pals naim Streamer and cyrus!!! Amps sounded pretty amazing too.
  4. When I click on link I get this.... Made me think 1000 was very cheap but then thought it would cost me a lot more in the long run 😂
  5. Are you using this with Leben cs300? If so please can you dm / pm details Pics not coming through on my phone
  6. And was bought for 160 complete.... This is all 10 years ago as well.... I know they go for stupid prices now
  7. I once sold a naim an old Naim NAC preamp 62 and power 140 that I couldn't give away to friends (I know) sold o. The bay and went to Japan for 800 pounds.....
  8. ATC P1 POWER AMPLIFIER MINT. Condition is Used but excellent. Except there is the smallest scratch back right had speaker side just for absolute clarity and nit pickers. Happy for collection Glasgow This amp replaced a quad QSP for my Harbeths and its split mono design and effortless 150w can power anything from electrostatics to low impedence and difficult loads with ease. I have since changed for the improved (slightly better at low whisper level) Robson 50w class a monoblocks and was going to keep this as a spare but I am trying to declutter my life. Also selling linn dsm - I used that just as pre amp (bypassing internal 4x33w amps) into this power amp and that easily bests most mega dosh systems. One word of caution if your speakers aren't at a good level then this reveals every flaw. It does the same for poor recordings....... No box but will box well for shipping..... Any questions just ask. Ta P1 – Dual-Mono Power Amplifier True dual-mono design delivers full power simultaneously from both channels, with minimal crosstalk Grounded source class A/B circuit topology as found in ATC’s renowned active loudspeakers. Ultra wide bandwidth, low distortion and high dynamic range ensure tonal accuracy and perfectly timed transient. No compromise, high performance power supply and large heatsinks guarantee outstanding stability and long term reliability. Neutral fidelity ensures excellent product compatibility. Hand built in the UK and supported by a 6 year warranty. “…if you want to hear the important musical detail presented in a coherent, clear-cut fashion this pairing has remarkably little competition in the two box arena. There are a few integrated amps which give them a run for their money in one respect or another but nothing comes to mind which seems like a better overall package.” Jason Kennedy, Hi Fi Plus No.75 P1 – Dual-Mono Power Amplifier
  9. It was a mit2 biwire pair secondhand - in fact googled and it was this exact pair
  10. I recently bought a SH Nordost Purple Flair rca cable and decided to do some cable rolling. Test tracks: Bill callahan - rococo zephyr (his voice is deep and has a resonance which can sound fluffy when wrong) James Blake - wilhelm scream (bass and transients need to be sharp on this) Pink Floyd - money(great production values and a test for soundstage and seperation) Suzanne sunfor - for crystal female voice Existing cables are a: Van den hul the second RCA - from pre amp to monoblock Nva SSP (linn klimax streamer to pre amp) Linn black (from phono stage to preamp) I played my 3 test tracks back to back and first Subbed out the Nva SSP from streamer to preamp.... Audio level on these 2 cables is identical. The similarities far outweighed the differences. The differences very subtly were the Nva treble was a touch more pronounced (or the Nordost Purple Flair was a tad flatter or recessed through the treble) Nordost Purple Flair had slightly sharper bass delineation not deeper just a bit more defined. Sound stage was wider - not really evident on 2 tracks but noticeable on PF Money.... So Better.... I then swapped back in the SSP and used nordost between pre and power. This didn't work and cable was picking up a lot of hum... The SSP is too short to try here as only 40cm... But van den hul works well here. Then finally nordost onto the phono stage.... Amazing and a huge leap up from the Linn Black... It stayed in place and the black is in spares case. On my 5th record now enjoying this lovely twilight and celebratory whisky (kilkerran 10yo) I haven't gone too deep into cable £££££ but a balanced expense against my system I think. And this after all is just an exercise in incremental improvements Rega RP8 / linn klimax DS Tron seven pre amp Robson monoblocks 50w class a MIT2 speaker wire 6m Tannoy legacy arden