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  1. Naimkiller

    Neat Ultimatum MF5

    Did they sell ? Hope so saves me the made up story of how to get them in hooked up and playing like they been there for years and cost next too nothing my sweet dear beautiful wife
  2. Naimkiller

    Quadral Aurum galan 9 speakers

    Thanks ,
  3. Naimkiller

    Neat Ultimatum MF5

  4. Naimkiller

    Quadral Aurum galan 9 speakers

    Good shout ! There a one off specially made weigh in about 20+ kg each and no there not included in the sale ,I do have some fs 104 I think that's what there are on black that I could add to the sale for a extra £50 if any one's needed stands
  5. Up for sale is my ariand auklet kt88 integrated amp This has been a real pleasure to own stunning in looks and sound , an opportunity to purchase another amp has pushed me to sell this beast . It's 50 watts of power ,self bias for which there's a blue led on top of the amp and a few switch's to check valve's on each side see photos. Has vu meters on the front which can be turned on/off and a light switch to , Has the usual inputs with the added extra xlr balanced inputs ,two sets of speaker binding post's , it's in as new condition a small scuff to one transformer top , Has a remote for volume duty only which the back plate no longer screws in so I've taped it works perfectly mind I have the box for this but it weighs over 30kg so it's pick up from me or maybe meet half way depending on where your from ! In in Ringwood Hampshire Looking for £950 which is firm ,
  6. For sale ,stunning pair of aurum galan 9 speakers . In as new condition no marks dents etc smoke free home .I've been so impressed buy them hence I'm Selling them to purchase there bigger brothers sedan 9's . I have the box so can easily post them They really do shine for there size ,when I first played them it was one of those I wasn't expecting that moments very few speakers do ! Size wise as follows Height 32cm Width 21cm Depth 29 cm Grills are magnetic which gives a nice clean look think ,built quality is top notch looking for £900 +postage costs there £2000 new so a good saving can be had I'm in Ringwood Hampshire if your local and want to here them first
  7. , nearly pissed my pants when I first read it , £750 what's that for the stand spikes lol
  8. Indeed or as per normal on this forum listing , price drops are compulsory !
  9. To be honest I'm more than happy with my eltax terminator beasts tempo , transients to die for , these exotic speakers are in my opinion no more than makeup on a pretty women u meet at the pub wake up in the morning and just smack yourself In the head , there all the same underneath ! They play music yer so what mine do too many people comment on how good mine sound and for only £199 boom why upgrade , Ermmmm the above is all compete bull Eltax owners should be shot on account that there so crap lol ( my opinion of course ) Them pictures are in my eyes pure hifi porn stunning don't cut it ! I'll hang on till they hit my budget in about 10/15 years I reckon
  10. Naimkiller

    FS : Scansonic MB-1 & Dedicated Stands

    It's not a game but a very expensive illness for which I've yet to find a cure
  11. Hi Be interested in what your replacement is ? I've just sold my wyrd for sound DAC se v2 which for my ears was way to forward for my liking , looking to buy something a little less forward but still digs out detail , Shan
  12. Naimkiller

    Jas orior grand speakers

    I'd be amazed if you have not sold them at that crazy price ! I bought a pair in 2008 paid ermm a shed load more than your asking , they use German drivers Acton or something like that I blew one driver and had to replace them cost best part of £500 for the two drivers from falcon acoustics , They hit down too 29hz and a sweet warm top end , stunning to look at too , Like a twat I sold erm ! Still have one driver in the cupboard brand new as I had too buy two lol Bargain Glwts S
  13. Naimkiller

    Tannoy Revolution xt8f gloss white speakers

    Sold Cheers
  14. A change in my set up requires me to sell these speakers , They are about a month old and in as new condition ,used for I guess thirty hours or so , I have the boxes but are massive and posting would be a mare ! So local pick up (Ringwood Hampshire bh24 area ) I paid £750 four weeks ago How's £500 bargain My phone doesn't drop below 8mp so it won't upload pics but please email if you need photos Thanks