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  1. Phew , woke up thought I'd see if anyone posted ! Jesus us audiofools are nuts about this stuff !! First off I've not really explained myself that well ,ie not looking if one has dirty if there's such a thing mains supply or earthing issues. Was more looking if they made a sonic difference to your setup ? And what was the difference ? I'm sat watching yep sad a vid on YouTube from isotek at a show doing the standard bake off on there products you know how it goes , anyways headphones on and there is a different sound each time small but different what I mean is the music is still the same but played back different ? I'll post later my finding and list my set up which never stays the same for long which is partly why I'd try them ( maybe stop me box swapping ) Cheers
  2. That made me laugh I've got four of the things ! Daisy chained them once just see what would happen .... Yer nothing ! The two I have here are isol-8 mini sub axis and isotek aquarius Evo 3 both suppled with there own power cables ,
  3. Not posted for a wee while still around but had a break from the sickness ! Looking for thoughts from anyone using power conditioner/ regeneraters or whatever else there called , I've got two such things on home demo at the moment along with isoacoustics Gaia speaker isolation feet ,thoughts also on those if anyone has them , I'm asking mainly because I was still a massive sceptic of such things always dismissed them at shows as pure ball ! Money making opportunity for the fools that's have cash to spend , now fast forward after a local dealer friend has persuaded me to give them a try take as long as you need were his words , don't do a/b just leave them in for a week take them out and use what you had before and let your ears decide ,ermmm ok so I have had them a week and tonight I'm talking them out of the chain and here if any difference can be heard , so as I've said any input from anyone , Cheers
  4. Wow ,oh my god That is a beast but one of pure hifi porn ! If I'd not just coughed up for my new beast a formidable new car ! Bull sacks That would of gone very well with my marantz na 11s1 !
  5. Price drop £ 700 plus postage ,
  6. Not realising that Rick and I lived 218 miles or so apart or the fact the poxy wife yer I can say poxy she never see this boom I'm in control ! ..... Anyway the wife threw a real hissy fit and put her two pence worth in I had to say no to rick , Just like to say never met the man but just texting the guy whom I've never met was willing to drive to meet and greet speaks volumes to the type of people us hifi nuts are , just saying Cheers Rick and good luck with the sale Shan
  7. A wee Sunday bump , A small wam price reduction £899 +postage In all serious I'm open to offers ,these are on the bay at £950 ,
  8. Did they sell ? Hope so saves me the made up story of how to get them in hooked up and playing like they been there for years and cost next too nothing my sweet dear beautiful wife