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  1. MickyP


    Any thoughts or anyone listened to Emerald Physics CS3 speakers. Weird looking things... :-)
  2. I think the key is you experiment and you decide. One man's meat, etc.
  3. MickyP

    qed xt cables

    I like the XT40 and still burning in some Revelation cables. Think I prefer the XT. This doesn't help you, right? Best borrow a set from a dealer. Obvs, as is tradition on this forum, a wealth of learned fallout will ensue. Just ignore it. :-)
  4. MickyP

    Music fidelity m6si

    I have an M6 and it gets pretty hot after a lengthy high level blast but only warm at low level. To me it seems to sound fine within a couple of mins, whereas I have had other amps/pre amps which benefited from being left on. Suggest you try some experimentation. A quiet USB fan seems a plan.
  5. MickyP

    Audible Fidelity in Daventry permanently closed?

    Ah so, ta. :-)
  6. MickyP

    Audible Fidelity in Daventry permanently closed?

    Obvs being stupid but how do I find the specific company info on Companies House? Entered Audible Fidelity and got a couple of hundred random results. :-(
  7. MickyP

    Anyone dealt with Unilet Hi Fi?

    Dealt with them (happily) for years and they are target orientated. Just seen some Kef R900s (with chips) which they were touting for quite a lot. It was a bit embarrassing. :-)
  8. MickyP

    Cable question (groan)

    And your recommendation would be? Not taking the pee, but if the op has the opportunity to try an expensive OR ANY cable on a trial basis, what's the objection? Try it, and if you don't like it, return it. Nothing ventured, etc. Nighty all.
  9. MickyP

    Cable question (groan)

    Hi Keith Sure you're correct. I'm no techie. But... amps sound different, speakers too. Or do they? What's wrong with just trying stuff on a returns basis? If cable all sounds the same, what do you recommend? :-)
  10. MickyP

    Cable question (groan)

    As mentioned. Cables do sound different (as obvs internal amp capacitors do, etc. :-) ) But that's not the point. The point is you try them on a full refund basis and make your own mind up. My amp a measures the same as his amp b so it must sound the same right? :-)
  11. MickyP

    Shout out to Cambridge Audio Customer Services

    Seconded re CA. I whinged recently that a filter led wasn't working on my 851N (and that I wasn't bothered muchly, so was registering the problem while under warranty), and they sent me a new unit within day of returning mine. They arranged postage for that too.
  12. MickyP

    Snake oil

    Ha! I like my 'X' cables and demo'd them with the 'y' cables. That's all that matters. :-)
  13. MickyP

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    1. Adding some Martin Logan SL3s 2. Then mounting them on marble plinths as, although I had a laminate floor, it seemed to bounce around like a mad thing. Taking a very long time setting them up. 3. Adding a couple of huge rugs in the 'play area'.
  14. MickyP

    If you did believe in power cables..

    As a few of us have mentioned a couple of times, just try them for yourselves, pref on a return if not satisfied. What is there to lose? End of!
  15. MickyP

    If you did believe in power cables..

    What was your stock cable? I'll try that and compare, ta.