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  1. hexx

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    Interesting details from 6moons, the article talked about 250/400 non S versions. For me switching from 250 to 250S (thank you Elite Audio for great trade-in offer) was an upgrade worth every penny. Never had a chance to listen to 400S but would like to know what the differences are. But 400S slowly approaches the price of Luxman 550II AX - I’d think really hard about that one. What is also worth experimenting with are power cables. I’ve WireWorld Status, Electra and Silver Electra - all from 7 series together with Matrix 2 block. My setup is rather strange as block and cables are Schuko and from the block one single Stratus with UK plug goes to the wall. These experiments are based on some comments (audiogon?) where somebody mentioned that somebody from Gato recommended them WireWorld cables. Each cable produces different result, would like to try Shunyata Delta NR one day.
  2. hexx

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    What amp do you have now? That would, in theory, help to describe how you’d find Gato. But last thing would be a description of aggressive and forward. More like control, easy going and enjoyment. I went from Rotel to Rega to Bel Canto and then to Gato. I’ve listened to many amps during the last 25 years and I’m happy with the sound, but what I like could be miles away from your preferences.
  3. hexx

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    Another interested one, also does anybody know the cost of upgrade?
  4. hexx

    Gato Audio Owners Club

    250S owner here, upgraded from 250 thanks to the same gentleman from Elite Audio who made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. It’s driving another Danish products - Davone Audio Ray. Really can’t complain and the upgrade is worth it.
  5. hexx

    SOLD - Nagaoka MP-300 phono cartridge

    Item has been sold, thank you
  6. The item has been sold, thank you
  7. hexx

    SOLD - Nagaoka MP-300 phono cartridge

  8. Happy New Year to fellow Michell owners and other WAM members watching this thread
  9. Aaahhhh... this is so tempting, I’m keen to try this out - what would be the full cost? (or shall I keep this in private messages)
  10. Interesting findings, I purchased the ones from solidairaudio (pylons) and hear similar things: - better separation - lower noise floor - calmer presentation (everything sits in place) - better/larger soundstage - great mid/high frequencies with superb dynamics - but not sure about lower frequencies, they aren’t as impactful as before Unfortunately I haven’t had enough time for a proper comparison yet, busy weekends, travelling but am planning to install original suspension for comparison. Something tells me that the solution from Pete will be even better as solidair uses only cotton string, so in theory not much of a suspension.
  11. hexx

    SOLD - Nagaoka MP-300 phono cartridge

    and bump
  12. hexx

    Hi - Fi Racks

    I managed to find on eBay a couple of years ago rack from AudiophileBase, good price too - http://www.audiophilebase.com/hi-end-series - cost me less than half of your budget for 4-shelf unit.
  13. hexx

    SOLD - Nagaoka MP-300 phono cartridge

    Price reduced to £300 (also on eBay now but for more)