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  1. Why didn’t I think of that? Hoping to get to Kegworth, but if not I’ll be in the area anyway, so could easily meet up.
  2. Roadster25


    They had a room at Leamington last year. From memory it sounded very respectable for the money. Definitely worth investigating further.
  3. Having got a bit carried away buying more speakers last week, the collection needs thinning out! A good, useable pair of Minstrels. I bought these from their original owner last year. They had been in regular use in a family home until this point, so no gumming of the drivers but a few knocks and bumps to the cabinets. Nothing too serious, they are quite presentable, but certainly not pristine. They are huge fun to listen to. Looking for £90 collected from Rugby. Happy to demo, tea or coffee provided for free. Could be persuaded to deliver locally if it helps you out. James PS, why do some of my pictures rotate when uploading from my iPad, and what can I do about it?
  4. Always fancied something with a dynamic sonic cone system. I can but dream. I was talked into bi-wiring a number of years ago, using some weird Atlas stuff (different for HF and LF). Everything was neater, cheaper and better sounding with single funds of boggo OFC. I’ve not tried it since, as the money is better spent on records.
  5. Definitely not cheap, but they’ve made me cheerful!
  6. I am a very weak man with next to no self-control. I am also a very happy man with some lovely new speakers. We started the day at Wilmslow Audio, to listen to their rather lovely LS3 kit. It was very good indeed for the price. We then listened to a bigger, ported model, which didn’t really do it for me. After lunch we headed to Coventry’s finest hi-fi emporium, where I explained my tastes, room limitations and so on. After listening to a few different options it became absolutely clear that I had no choice but to buy the ProAc Tab 10s. Obviously way above budget, but they offered an exceptionally good deal on the demo pair. They have been out in the main system, and my Heybrooks moved into the small room. As I already owned those, my second system has been upgraded for free 😀. I think the man maths works anyway. Thanks to all for their advice and suggestions.
  7. It had never occurred to me that people fake speakers! I'll be in Melton at the weekend, maybe worth a look...
  8. An interesting read, but still to be convinced. Surely, as the two cables are connected to the same terminals on the amplifier end, all you are effectively doing is moving the jumper to the amplifier end? The “traffic jam” will still exist, just before the cable at the amplifier. Been a long time since I have thought carefully about such things though. Re the bass of the Concept 20s, I perhaps lack the reviewers vocab, but I found things could become rather ill-defined. Could have been my room, the rest of my system or the lack of bi-wiring I suppose. Neither Dalis I had before, nor the Revolvers I had after, suffered from this.
  9. I used them single wired. I must admit I’ve always been a bit of a bi-wire cynic, when using a single amp. Happy to be corrected though. It wasn’t so much a lack of bass, more that it always felt like it was half a beat behind the rest of the music. A side effect of their cabinet construction perhaps. Before these I had 2020s, which I think I actually preferred in this respect.
  10. Will definitely have a look into the Wharfedale D300 range. Concept 20s are a bargain at the current price, but they’re not for me. I had a pair in the past, and while they did many things well, there was just something about their bass I couldn’t get on with. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  11. How did you get on with the Oberons? Two appointments made for Thursday to listen to a range of stuff. Hopefully I’ll get a better idea of what I actually want, and how much I’m prepared to pay. Off to Frank Harvey in the afternoon to listen to what they have on offer, at a range of prices. In the morning I’ll hopefully be dipping a toe into the murky world of DIY with a visit to Wilmslow Audio.
  12. I did suspect that may have been the case. Can’t imagine those selling. Was thinking along similar lines - I have a couple of days off next week. How did you get in with the Oberon? A little over budget for me, but I did enjoy the Zensors.
  13. A little rough and ready for me. Bet they sounded great once though!
  14. Nothing wrong with vintage, I have a faithful pair of HB1s in the main system at the moment and am very fond of them indeed. Second hand can make availability and auditioning tricky though, and to be honest I like to buy new from time to time. Some of us need to so that everybody else can buy second hand! After a weekend of listening, the Elacs are going back. Excellent mids and treble which suited Thursday night’s jazz and blues selection well, but sometimes a bit muddy in the bass. Not really suited to faster stuff. They’re nice, but would just be a sideways step from the Minstrels. Now to find the next candidate.
  15. Left them playing quietly over night, then a bit louder when I was work. Came home to found them quite underwhelming, sounding very compressed. Then remembered the source was minidisc. They are now in the main system, where they’ll get more use. They are either opening up or I’m getting used to them.