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  1. Thanks chaps. Now to start selling stuff to fund the acquisition! Anybody bought from MasterSounds at all? They seem sensibly priced.
  2. Gentlemen, I am strongly considering taking the Tecnoarm / ATVM95ml off my Systemdek 2 and attaching them to an sl-1210 (yet to acquire). Would this be a sensible plan? If so, who makes the best bits to carry out such an operation these days? Thanks, R25
  3. Any interest before they go on the dreaded auction site this evening?
  4. Possibly, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. However, as somebody needs to take a risk here, happy to say £52 for each if PayPal Goods is used, £50 cash or PayPal Gift.
  5. I believe it can work both ways. I suppose cash on collection is the safest way for all.
  6. Chaps, Having a bit of a clear out to help fund a tonearm rewire. Q Acoustics 3010 speakers: Recently bought ex-dem, in super condition. Complete with box and accessories. Nice little speakers. £50 plus postage, or collection welcome. NOW SOLD Chord Rumour 2: 2 lengths of 2.5m, factory terminated. Classic cable, good sound and very flexible. Also £50 plus postage, or collection. Located in sunny Rugby at the heart of the English motorways. Also close to Leamington Spa if you are heading that way in a few weeks. Cash or PayPal Gift please.
  7. Apologies for being rather quiet on this. I decided to give the Witch Hat N2 cables a go, being designed specifically for this issue. The no quibble returns policy also helped. They arrived today, and so far so good. The Exposure seems much happier driving the Kralks, staying much cooler. I’m probably imagining it, but the Heybrooks sound a bit livelier too. Thanks to all for the help.
  8. They’ve been playing for a few days now and have opened up nicely. After a spot of tinkering this morning I have ended up with the ports bunged, just under 5 inches from the wall. I’ve had better speakers, but probably never better value. Thanks to all for their advice.
  9. 3010s are here and hooked up to the Brio. They really are tiny! Initial impression is that they could do with being rather more open and a bit less ploddy, but I suspect they have seen very little use. I have left the radio on, so hopefully they will improve soon enough. I have bunged the reflex ports which does appear to have helped.
  10. Thanks. I have what is in the picture, which I prefer to the previous model. Hopefully combined with the 3010s it will give me the sound I am looking for in my slightly boomy room. Fingers crossed!
  11. It’s a current model Brio, which I think is a little more balanced than the R. Hopefully a good match for the 3010s in my small room. Port bungs are included, and will be used if all else fails. I’d prefer not to though, as they do seem to suck the life out of some speakers. Years ago I had a pair of 2020s, which I can remember nothing about whatsoever (probably a good thing). They must have worked well but were sold following a change of decor. I then had Concept 20s, which were outstanding in some ways, but did something funny to the bass, in that room at least. Hopefully the 3010s will strike a good balance. I shall keep you updated.
  12. Found a nice looking ex-dem pair on a certain auction site for £65, so will be able to try them for myself next week. Rather looking forward to it.
  13. Wow, thanks. That is great to know. Thanks for trying it!
  14. Excellent, thanks chaps. I shall probably give them a go once I’ve sorted a few other bits.
  15. If so, how were they? I’m half thinking about a pair for my smaller room. Space limitations mean they would probably end up on stands about 5 to 6 inches from the back wall. Q acoustics suggest a bit more, but they say the same for the bigger ones too. Had a look at the many reviews online, none seems to cover this point. A trip to a dealer is not really practical at the moment. Prefer a fast tight bass over a big boomy one. Room is about 12’ square, amp is a Brio. As ever, thanks for any advice.