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  1. Roadster25

    Probably a silly question regarding a hum

    Progress has been made! Although I’m not entirely sure why. Arm was sent back to OL, and was returned exceptionally promptly with a full internal rewire. Sadly no improvement on the hum, although sounding very nice when playing. Gave up, bought an old Planar 2 locally, mounted the same cartridge, enjoyed music. All was OK. Got the multi meter out on Monday and fiddled a bit. Initially it seemed there was no electrical connection between the arm tube / end stub and the head shell end earth contact, but after a bit of further testing (or clumsy prodding) this seemed to resolve itself. Fitted the old Rega cartridge from the Planar 2 and now listening to lovely hum free music. Not sure if it was the clumsy prodding or the change of cartridge, but all is well at the moment.
  2. Roadster25

    Nice cart for slightly difficult phono stage

    Sorry chaps, been away from here for a couple of days. AT33 ordered on Sunday, delivered today and mounted an hour ago. Only 1 lp in so far but sounding very good. Thanks to all for their advice.
  3. Roadster25

    Nice cart for slightly difficult phono stage

    Thanks for the comments all. Although the idea of a headamp definitely appeals as a long term solution, I think I’ll start with an at33 and see how I get on. Now to find a good deal...
  4. Roadster25

    Nice cart for slightly difficult phono stage

    Thanks Myles, that’s encouraging.
  5. Chaps, Following the demise of my Hana SL’s stylus I’m considering my next move. The sticking point is the phono stage in my Exposure pre-amp: although excellent, the inputs are fixed at 470pF MM and 470 Ohms MC. The Hana was very good, but if I’m honest was a bit too polite for my taste. It consistently sounded very nice, but I often left me wanting a little more excitement. Stopgap is a VM95ML, which is astounding for the price and lots of fun, but a little bit thin, probably down to the Exposure’s input capacitance (sounds very different with a different phono stage). I’m drawn to the AT33ptg/ii. Most forum folk seen to go for about 100 Ohms, but I’ve seen Serge’s comment’s on here that 470 is correct for the cart. I do prefer a clean, lively sound, so this may work for me. Any experience of loading the AT33 like this? Is there anything else I should consider? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  6. Roadster25

    SME IV with Michell Gyrodec setup issue

    I’m currently using an AT VM95ML on my Gyro / Tecnoarm, bought as a stopgap when my Hana SL died. I have to say it is surprisingly good for £150. Not as good as the Hana, but astounding value for money.
  7. Roadster25

    Denon dl-110, AT VM540ml carts for sale

    Denon now sold
  8. Roadster25

    Denon dl-110, AT VM540ml carts for sale

    And replied to. Denon sold STP.
  9. Both cartridges are pretty new with very low use. A few big bills in my old car habit have prompted a bit of a clear-out Denon: bought new in November or December last year. Very little use in a second system since then, maybe 50 hours. £95. Audio Technica: bought in a fit of enthusiasm two weeks ago. Forgot about the rather high capacitance of my pre-amp. A superb tracker, and sounds great in the right system but not a happy match for me. Maybe 40 hours use. £140. Cash on collection would be great, or PayPal Gift if you would prefer me to post.
  10. Roadster25

    Probably a silly question regarding a hum

    The earth lead is the puzzle: it’s a full fat OL RB25O with internal and external rewires, so has an Earth lead. Maybe rubber socks are the answer.
  11. Roadster25

    Probably a silly question regarding a hum

    New tone arm cable arrived today, so been tinkering again. New cable helped, but also tried Uzzy’s suggestion, which has made a huge difference. It’s all nice and quiet now, apart from when I’m touching the arm, when there is a bit of noise. This goes away if I run a wire from any shiny metal part of the arm to the amp earth, so perhaps a wiring issue. Almost there! Thanks for the help.
  12. Roadster25

    Probably a silly question regarding a hum

    Thanks for the pointers. Going back to the Gyro last night, there was in fact still a hum, just quieter with the Exposure pre. Connecting the Brio to the Gyro / OL RB250 combination and the hum was the same as with the Brio / Systemdek / OL RB250. Putting the Tecnoarm back on the Gyro and connecting it to the Brio solved the issue. Cartridges were not the same (AT VM95ML and AT VM540ML), but both have been used without issue on the Teconarm. It seems like an issue with the arm or cable, so a cheap and cheerful cable has been ordered for more testing. Finding this both frustrating and enjoyable for some reason.
  13. Roadster25

    Probably a silly question regarding a hum

    Thanks, an interesting read. As a further test, I’ve just mounted the arm and cart on my gyro, plugged into a different preamp and all is quiet. The gyro has a small grounding wire from the arm board to the chassis, the Systemdek does not. Might this explain things? Next test is swapping amplifiers...
  14. Gentlemen, Been fiddling with the Systemdek today, fitting a cartridge and generally adjusting the setup. There’s a hum I can’t get rid of which I think has been there for a while. Tried different cartridges (DL110 and VM95ML) as well as two phono stages (Angle Audio and Brio) without success. The earth is definitely connected to my amp, as the hum gets quieter. The same cartridge has been fine on my other turntable with a similar arm (Tecnoarm and OL RB250) When I touch either the RCA plugs at the amp end or the din connection at the other end of the Tonearm cable the hum is significantly worse. Is this a shielding issue, or is it time for a rewire? Or something else? Unfortunately I don’t have another Tonearm cable to test, and don’t want to fork out for one if the problem is likely to be elsewhere. Thanks in advance.
  15. Roadster25

    Kralk Audio Speaker Club

    The stands were also made by Alan. They actually have another mid bass driver inside and are rear ported, turning the BC-30s into compact floorstanders. Their character is the same, but with another octave or so of bass. They cost a bit, but add to the package nicely! I tried them at Vinyl Passion, not sure if they carry the TDB range though. Didn’t try the Russell K speakers at the time, but did listen to ProAc Tab 10s, which I found a bit soft and warm.